New Justin Townes Earle ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change..’ 3/27

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Bloodshot Records has just announced that Justin Townes Earle will be releasing his 4th LP Album on March, 27th, 2012, and it is a mouthful, called Nothing’s Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now.

Produced by Earle alongside longtime collaborator Skylar Wilson, the 10-track album was recorded completely live with no overdubs over a four-day period at an old converted church recording studio in Asheville, NC. Of the new record, Earle says, “I think that it’s the job of the artist to be in transition and constantly learn more. The new record is completely different than my last one, Harlem River Blues. This time I’ve gone in a Memphis-soul direction.”

Indeed, NGCTWYFAMN is uncompromised, 60’s-era Muscle Shoals sound, accompanied by lots of brass, and we’ll think you’ll find this album a natural progression of JTE’s musical catalog.

Back in February, Earle told Billboard he wanted his next album to have a Memphis vibe, and intended to record it in London for a “change of pace”. Obviously the latter did not happen, but the idea of reviving the Memphis sound did.

I’m going to approach different forms of music that have come out of Memphis over the years, based around everything from Sun to Stax. I think it will be fun. I approached that a little bit by having ‘Move Over Mama’ and ‘Slippin’ and Slidin’ ‘ (on Harlem River Blues). I’m of the opinion rock ‘n’ roll and soul music are virtually the same thing, just with a difference in the beat. They’re the same chords. The songs are about the same things. One of things I like doing is finding those connections and running them all together.”

The other notable change between Nothing’s Gonna Change and his last album Harlem River Blues is this album will hypothetically be one Justin Townes Earle recorded while sober. Earle openly admits his last album was recorded during an extended relapse that ended with him being arrested in Indianapolis, and that his lack of sobriety can hurt his creative process as he told Blurt:

The abuse I put my body through never once helped me write a song. Luckily, I haven’t done any permanent damage to my brain. Often, drugs destroy your creative process.

After winning Saving Country Music’s 2009 Album of the Year with his second full-length release Midnight At The Movies, Saving Country Music openly questioned Justin’s sobriety when giving Harlem River Blues a mixed review. However the album was critically-acclaimed by most, and the title track won the 2011 Americana Music Awards Song of the Year. JTE also SCM’s Top Live Performance for 2011, and certainly Nothing’s Gonna Change is one of our most-anticipated releases for 2012.

Track List:

1. Am I That Lonely Tonight?
2. Look the Other Way
3. Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now
4. Baby’s Got a Bad Idea
5. Maria
6. Down on the Lower East Side
7. Won’t Be the Last Time
8. Memphis in the Rain
9. Unfortunately, Anna
10. Movin’ On

“It Won’t Be The Last Time” was the first song Justin Townes Earle wrote after getting sober.

Short film from Joshua Black Wilkins made during recording of the album.

12 Comments to “New Justin Townes Earle ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change..’ 3/27”

  • Exciting! I’m kind of glad it won’t be like Harlem River Blues, and I’m excited for the new sound. Although I really do wish he would delve more into the honky tonk flavors prevalent in his first two LP’s.


  • He played Won’t Be The Last Time in Jacksonville when I saw him, it was one of the highlights of the show. I have been looking forward to this album since last year.


  • I, for one, like to see a title with so many syllables! Brevity has dominated music for too long. I’ve had it with 2 minute 30 second songs with 4-syllable titles!


    • Regarding the title, it’s got nothing on that album by that heroin-chic girl (I’ve been a bad, bad girl… Nope. Still nothing) who’s name I can’t quite remember. I think it was a paragraph long. Yeah, I know. Nobody cares. Guess I’m just feeling chatty.


      • criminal- by fiona apple


  • Badass


  • From this track it sounds like it may be a return to form, however after HRB and his dreadful performance in Auckland this year I shall be reserving judgement until I hear the new album. Kind of sad really. As you know, I was pretty much the president of the JTE fanclub prior to both these things. Keen to know your thoughts about the song Trig.


  • […] Justin Townes Earle’s fourth full-length record, Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now, is scheduled for release on March 27. Saving Country Music has the album’s track listing. […]


  • Cool. Was just listening to The Good Life this morning.

    This is welcome news. I liked Harlem River Blues more than you did, although it’s not my favorite. Good to hear that he’s going in a different direction. As far as Muscle Shoals is concerned, I wonder if his buddy Jason Isbell had any influence on that direction.


  • Yay!! Should be good. Here are two more from the album on youtoob. To be honest the title track doesn’t grab me that much (I think his daddy’s “first song out of rehab” (Goodbye) is a masterpiece though.) Title tack is also pretty defeatist – no wonder the rehab didn’t stick. Boy’s got some demons. Hope current sobriety (if what I hear is true) sticks.

    I love these other two songs.

    Am I That Lonely Tonight?

    Memphis in the Rain


  • i had heard friends talk about seeing him around town a couple months back. stoked he recorded in my hometown. echo mountain is the name of the studio and it is a really nice space.


  • That is talent, through and through and I’m rootin’ for sobriety.


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