Outlaw Music Hall of Fame to Announce Inaugural Inductees

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outlaw-music-hall-of-fameThe Outlaw Music Hall of Fame first announced in mid-August and scheduled to be open in the Spring of 2014 in Lynchburg, TN will unveil their inaugural class of inductees on Saturday, October 26th, during a 3-day, 38-hour event transpiring this upcoming weekend in Altamont, TN. The event will feature 30 bands, and will be broadcast through a pay-per-view channel with all the proceeds going to The Hall.

The concert itself is a benefit for local Tennessee musician Troy Rector, who suffered a debilitating medical condition in 2010. After going in for a routine procedure to have teeth pulled, Rector ended up in a chemically-induced coma for 5 months, lost both his legs below the knees, all of his fingers and thumbs, his nose, and had 3rd degree burns over 80 % of his body from the antibiotics. All the artists scheduled to play the event have volunteered their time, and all ticket proceeds will go to help Troy Rector with his medical bills.

Saturday evening’s Hall of Fame inductee announcement will be able to be seen live through the pay-per-view channel, where viewers are asked to donate as a little as a dollar, or whatever they wish to The Hall for access to the live concert feed throughout the weekend. Saving Country Music will also run the announcement afterwards for folks who are not able to tune in live.

Interview: Head of New Outlaw Country Hall of Fame Gary Sargeant

The Hall of Fame is dedicated to those artists, both musicians and songwriters, whose work best exemplifies the qualities of the Outlaw movement that first began in the 1970’s and has gained renewed momentum as an alternative to the current Nashville pop country scene. In doing so it will place the spotlight on music firmly attached to the roots of country. Moreover, the Hall of Fame will educate the public about Outlaw country, memorialize founders of the genre—such as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Jessi Colter—recognize current Outlaw artists, and provide a platform for them and for the independent record labels who currently have little if any voice in the industry.

The facility, due to open in spring of 2014, will encompass more than 5,000 square feet and feature a state-of-the-art layout, including interactive displays. There will also be a studio to allow for live broadcasts to be streamed over the Internet. Located on the town square in Lynchburg, the Outlaw Music Hall of Fame will sponsor a concert series each April to November to showcase independent roots country artists.

Outlaw Hall of Fame’s Pay Per View Channel

***NOTE: Shooter Jennings has canceled his performance. 


16 Comments to “Outlaw Music Hall of Fame to Announce Inaugural Inductees”

  • Given the font on the poster, I’m surprised Michael Jackson Montgomery didn’t get a performance slot… I kid, I’m stilling pulling for these guys.


    • I’ve been meaning to offer some advise about the dangers of letting friends use the Bleeding Cowboy font. As Ray Lawrence Jr.famously said from the Muddy Roots stage in 2012, “If he’s bleeding, why don’t he just go ahead and die?”


  • Don’t forget Tompall Glaser and Billy Joe Shaver.


    • I agree.

      Tompall and Billy Joe Shaver are real gems and real country music outlaws.

      If I wasn’t going to be in West Tn this coming weekend, I would find Altamont, Tn and attend.

      What’s to not like about Billy Don Burns, Roger Alan Wade and J B Beverly?


      • Great call. All of those are true outlaw legends. I would almost add Tanya Tucker. She really was outside the Nashville norm, especially after she got a little older.


  • I think this could be a great institution. It seems like Gary Sargeant’s heart is really in the right place.

    I just hope that they can make it financially viable.


  • No Hank3?


    • THAT would be an injustice !!! …but I would also add Wayne Hancock, Lucky Tubb, Whitey Morgan, Hellbound Glory, DAC, Billy Joe Shaver, Gram Parsons . . .


      • Did I read it wrong? I thought the names on the side were inductees. Maybe they’re just performing.. No kidding though. No DAC, Hank3, Billy Joe, etc.. Means it’s a bogus HOF.


        • The names on the flyer are a list of performers. The inaugural class will be announced Sat. night.


  • Maybe at some point in JB Beverley’s career he will actually have his name spelled correctly.. :)


  • My guess for the inaugural members would be: Haggard, Jones, Cash, Willie, Waylon, DAC, Jessi Colter, Tompall, Hank Williams and hopefully younger faces like Hank III and Wayne Hancock!


  • 2 words…. Johnny Paycheck!


  • I nominated Spade Cooley, Leadbelly, Johnny Paycheck and Doug Supernaw


  • This is great news. Maybe there is hope for this HOF. I had my doubts but this looks promising. Can’t wait to hear the inductees, though. It’s good to see these artists donate their time, and all the other volunteers/sponsors, to Support Troy Rector. And to do it while kicking off the Outlaw Country Hall of Fame.


  • Just an FYI, if you get a ton of traffic it’s because SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country plugged this article.


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