Party Down South Cast In Labor Dispute / Cast Member Arrested

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UPDATE: Mattie Breaux of CMT’s “Party Down South” Wanted By Police / Show Gets Kicked Out of Pensacola

Party Down South, the new CMT reality show from the same producers of Jersey Shore, is the show that CMT is banking on being their signature franchise in an aggressive move toward adding four nights of original reality programming to their lineup. Party Down South was one of seven new reality shows to debut on CMT this season, and has been heavily advertised across all of Viacom’s cable channels as well as across the internet. And now the show is facing serious trouble.


Lyle Boudreaux, from Maurice, LA Police

It was revealed Monday morning that one of the show’s eight stars, Louisiana native Lyle Boudreaux, was arrested in Maurice, LA for burglary of a vehicle. According to police, while at a Mardi Gras parade, Boudreaux found an unlocked car, rifled through a purse, and stole a credit card to fund the night’s drinking. When he went to the 2nd bar on the night and tried to start an open tab, bartenders noticed the name on the card and alerted police. The 28-year-old Party Down South star was arrested, and eventually released on $10,000 bond.

But that’s just where the Party Down South trouble begins.

Party Down South has been a ratings blockbuster for CMT since it debuted in January, and is now the network’s highest-rated show. However the cable channel appears to not be willing to share their Party Down South spoils with the cast.

According to TMZ, the eight stars of the show were dramatically underpaid for their first season of work, and are holding out on CMT, demanding more money from the network and the show’s producers before they will sign contracts to appear in a scheduled season two and three. The cast members were only paid $500 per episode for their services, while the cast of the similar Jersey Shore were making six figures a piece in the later seasons of that show.

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Though the cast has agreed to a “reunion” show at $1,000 a head, there appears to be some question whether CMT will be able to bring back the original cast for future seasons. The cast has hired managers to represent them, and apparently the negotiations are not going well. On Friday, one cast member Mattie Breaux got in a heated exchange on a conference call and then hung up on the producers. Now producers are said tho be willing to let go some of the cast members instead of paying them. Part of the concern from the cast is CMT and the producers are demanding they shoot two new seasons back to back, making it difficult for them to maintain regular jobs.

The approach CMT and producers are taking with the cast speaks to the criticism from many that people from the South are seen as expendable by the entertainment industry. The gross discrepancy between the pay of the Party Down South cast and the cast members of other highly-rated reality TV shows, as well as their flippant attitude of replacing the cast if necessary, is the type of disrespect prevalent towards Southern talent in show business. Though it is not out of the ordinary for the Party Down South cast to receive minimal compensation during the first season, it is once the show has proven to be a ratings success.

party-down-south-adParty Down South has received widespread criticism from Saving Country Music and other outlets for misrepresenting Southern culture and perpetuating negative Southern stereotypes. Ben “Cooter” Jones, one of the original cast members of The Dukes of Hazzard has also openly criticized the show, especially for showing commercials for the show with questionable content during reruns of The Dukes of Hazzard and other shows meant for a family audience on CMT and other networks. In an open letter to CMT and Viacom, Jones said about the show,

…without a doubt the most offensive and sleaziest thing ever to make it to a national audience already neck-deep in offensive sleaze, much of it courtesy of your corporation.

I am also offended by your portrayal of the South. Hollywood’s depiction of the South has famously been the stuff of scores of books, articles, and dissertations. We in the Southland are accustomed to being mocked, stereotyped and accused of all sorts of decadence and hatreds. The South has become a convenient whipping boy for the sins of the entire United States. But since we don’t produce the films and the television shows, your false version of us becomes the “accepted truth.”

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  • Dear Lord, please don’t let these worthless idiots be paraded around the ACM awards next month like the cast of Duck Dynasty was. Thank You

  • Viacom… Because two MTV’s just aren’t enough. They took what was once a perfectly good channel and ruined it.

  • I have never seen this show, but I was watching something last night which had commercials for this show and it looked awful.

    Watching druna bunch of drunk, unemployed (and unemployable) camo-clad crackers cavort with crack-whores with Southern drawls is not entertainment to me.

    I see this kind of behavior when I go to car races, and I probably behaved that way at races 30 years ago, but I don’t care to celebrate it as an art form.

    It’s only a matter of time until we see a reality show about a strip joint and the travails of Amber, Spanky, Princess et al and the lonely men who are their regular patrons.

    I have also never seen Duck Dynasty, Hillbilly Blood, Appalaichan Outlaws, etc.

    These Yankees must really enjoy seeing us Southerners confirm their notions about us.

    • Parading the wretched in all their wretchedness is not limited to the south. Wherever these money makers can find pathetic people (NORTH OR SOUTH)who want to display their patheticness, we get a reality show.

      • Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. Yes, there are some idiots like that from the south. And there are idiots like that from the north. And from the east and from the west. As much as they like to play up the “southern angle”, these idiots are just the same as idiots from all over the place. There’s nothing intrinsically southern about this show or these people.

    • “These Yankees must really enjoy seeing us Southerners confirm their notions about us.”

      But they would never consider stereotyping another demographic with that broadbrush, no matter how much “affirmation” they were given via music videos and other “entertainment”.

      • No, of course they wouldn’t.

        Except for Hillbilly Blood, Hillbilly Handfishin’, Appalachin Outlaw, Moonshiners, etc.

        • I’m thinking of gangsta rap and how a ton of bricks would fall on anyone who stereotyped young black men as thugs, and young black women as hos, because of music videos by self-professed “gangstas” and their fellow travellers.

          • I was talking about the subject of this article, but my comment was in jest.

            These shows are designed to appeal to voyeuristic and, presumably, very bored (or very simple) viewers.

            I feel badly enough about foregoing reading my book to watch Dateline or On The Case with Paula Zahn.

      • Ironically, the quoted comment stereotypes northerners, or should I say “Yankees,” more than anyone. What is it? Is the south still bitter about not winning a war that was fought hundreds of years ago? We NEVER refer to southerners as “Rebels.” The “redneck” reference is used more by those who believe they are indeed rednecks than by anyone in the north. The only blanket statement I ever make about southerners is the fact that they hate northerners and this comment reaffirms that fact. Also, can anyone say “Jersey Shore”? Those from NJ are belittled more than any other state in the nation and the residents are stereotyped in a way that is NOT typical of the vast majority of them. Most of the cast of Jersey Shore weren’t even from NJ. Yes, there are cultural differences between different segments of society, but why is it only negative aspects are commented on, most of which aren’t even true.

      • Melanie said: “But they would never consider stereotyping another demographic with that broadbrush, no matter how much “affirmation” they were given via music videos and other “entertainment”.

        Logic escapes the mind of the racist. Melanie, where exactly do you see these videos and other ‘entertainments’? On tv, right? So, in spite of what you are trying to sell us, tv does put embarrassing black folks on the screen. Still in doubt? What’s the number one reality show on the reality channel Bravo? Real Housewives of Atlanta. OK that’s black and southern. Still, they act like fools and are rewarded. You want more? Just turn on VH1 or BET and watch almost anything (both Viacom companies).

        You got a real issue with this portrayal. Southern Charm is not far behind. But, throwing your illogical personal beliefs and political leanings in the discussion is not very, polite or Southern of you.

    • Um they are not crack whores I have actually enjoyed watching this show and they never showed any reference of the girls of the house doing crack so get it straight and check your facts!

      • Agree, I enjoy the show for what it is, and I’m smart enough to realize this doesn’t depict EVERYONE else in the south. People get so dang defensive. As if people are too stupid to realize reality shows aren’t truly based in reality.

  • “According to police, while at a Mardi Gras parade, [Lyle] Boudreaux found an unlocked car, rifled through a purse, and stole a credit card to fund the night’s drinking. When he went to the 2nd bar on the night and tried to start an open tab, bartenders noticed the name on the card and alerted police.”

    Talk about a candidate for ‘World’s Dumbest’…

  • The labor dispute here serves as a great example of how the South is viewed as a third world country and a source of cheap labor. Unfortunately, by opposing unions and voting for economic conservatism, working-class white Southerners (particularly Deep Southerners) keep giving the green light to the corporate elite that exploits them.

    • Or they just don’t want to be forced to support the Democrat party via a union.

      • Forming a union in one’s shop does not necessarily imply joining a national umbrella union. If the workers keep their union local, they can decide for themselves who their organization should support politically.

      • I work for a business that has a large union presence (one of the big unions, but I’m not on the Union worker side of the house). During Obama’s first campaign they decided to use Union dues to print “[insert union name] for Obama” t-shirts for everyone. A large section of the Union members went nuts over that and they must have lost 30% (at least) of their membership during that time period (people that pay dues).

        • Wow. Sadly I guess a specific “attitude” is prevalent in the south. I’m glad I’m from a region where we accept all people for who THEY are individually. The south is definitely living in the past.

    • Please. I would bet that the $500 isn’t out of the norm for a first season of a basic cable reality show and now they want more for future episodes and I see no problem with that whatsoever. If Viacom is unwilling to pay what they want then that is their choice. Let the market gauge their worth.

      And private sector union membership is at historically low levels nationwide not just in the south. So you make look down on the people of south as rubes but I think they are rational actors making choices that are best for them.

      • Based on the advertisements I saw on tv last night, $500 per episode is generous compensation for these drunks.

        CMT could probably avert the labor unrest, though, by upping the ante with a little weed and a few Lotto tickets.

        These clowns would take the bait and never look back.

      • I am not looking down on them or thinking of them as rubes. I am just questioning some of the decisions that most of them make when it comes to economic policy or workplace organizing.

        • Welp, because in the finest tradition and ethos of country music (just to stay topical:)), there are principles which matter more than money or material wealth in this world.

          • Yep, I sure saw a lot of ads for this show pop up online about a month ago, leading up to what I assume was the show’s premeire. But you know, that’s the last I’ve heard about it.

            To be fair, I don’t watch reality TV or care about pop culture stuff, but when something is truly a popular fad (Jersey Shore, Duck Dynasty, etc.) it seems impossible to escape hearing about it against my will. I might be wrong, but thus far it seems like ‘Party Down South’ has failed to capture the zeitgeist.

          • I agree.

            Perhaps the folks at CMT and other purveyors of this genre will one day televise a show which highlights values and not breaking the law, sexuality and drunkenness.

            The Andy Griffith Show did a good job of this and its residuals aren’t too shabby either.

  • This is completely off-topic but I’ll go ahead because y’all are most likely to know-

    Who sang a parody version of “Satin Sheets” and “Harper Valley PTA”? I keep wanting to think it was Ben Colder aka Sheb Woolley, but I can’t find a definitive answer. I’d also love to know where to buy those songs. TIA.

  • ” the eight stars of the show were dramatically underpaid” ….??? CRACKER PLEASE!!! the prostitutes that are the cast of jersey shore were and are continually absurdly OVERPAID!! . It is only the clever pimp producers of jersey shore that earned their wages by capitalizing upon the morbid interests of humanity that should cash in one time. The whores who make up the casts of these fad shows that sell themselves without conscience or merit deserve nothing. if i had $500 for each time i acted an ass when I was on a bender….. well I would only be worse off than I am today. the quote that crowns SCM was never more on point. shitty country music like shitty TV shows are partners in our demise as a nation and a culture. DRUNKARDS AWAKE!!

    • As much as I hate the show and wish it to go away (and this dispute, though not likely the show’s demise, certainly can’t be helping) in this specific instance I have to side with the cast. They may be a bunch of idiots, but it’s not their fault that some out-of-state producers picked them out of the crowd to make them instant stars, and then want to take all the money from their image and not compensate them in accordance to what this type of show pays. It’s a similar stance I take with Taylor Swift. It’s not her fault the industry took an average singer and made her into a superstar. She shouldn’t be taken advantage of or poorly treated, and neither should this cast, just because they their unfairly championed. Of course they don’t deserve any money for getting drunk on camera. But I’d rather them get it than CMT for exploiting them.

      • “It’s not her fault the industry took an average singer and made her into a superstar.”

        So if being a superstar was her dream, then there was something wrong with her?

        • That seems like a strange conclusion to come to from my comments. Though I admit maybe my analogy was a little forced.

          Of course Taylor Swift wants to be a superstar. It is not her fault if she has average singing talents, yet the industry props her up as a super singing talent. It is the fault of the industry. That was the analogy I was trying to make. Similarly, it is somewhat irrelevant if the cast of Party Down South are a bunch of dunces. It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be dealt with respect by their employers, or not be paid what is fair and equitable in their industry.

          • The comment struck me as rather condescending. From my interpretation, at least, it implied that she did not deserve superstardom. It basically comes off as an attempt to cater to Taylor’s numerous strident critics on this site.

            In any case, the industry never portrayed Taylor as a great vocal talent. As Borchetta once mentioned, Taylor was not a great technical singer but she could sing in a manner that others could easily relate to.

          • The word “respect” entering this conversation is mind-boggling.

        • Yes Eric, there is something wrong with Taylor Swift. :)

          • Its just your opinion she has an average voice. I happen to think she is very talented and has a great singing voice!!

  • Where are my pants?!

  • Trigger, the mugshot is Lyle, not Mattie. Just a heads up

    • Thanks for the heads up.

  • In the entertainment business, being an idiot, or having no talent, are not related to how much money you should be paid.

    That can not be questioned.

    I won’t bother listing examples. There are far too many of them.

  • I personally love the show. As much a people want to think it’s so terrible, it’s the way it is. They are just living together and having a great time. Hell I wish I had the opportunity to do something years ago when I was younger. What I don’t understand is that if you don’t like the show, then why not just turn the channel, and not try to ruin something millions of other people enjoy. People try to make this show the root of the downfall of our country, but when you have an incompetent leader trying to ruin our country, this should be the least of your concerns. LOVE LIVE PARTY DOWN SOUTH!!! (p.s. if you ever consider hiring a middle aged man to the cast, hit me up!)

    • As has been explained many times, it is not just the show that’s the problem, but the advertising for it. It is being placed during other programming that is supposed to be family friendly. So just avoiding the show if you don’t like it is not an option. The advertising for the show has been so widespread, you’d have to pretty much avoid television and the internet entirely.

      • I understand what you are saying, but in the ads, what is so offensive? Any cussing? any nudity? The commercials just bait you into watching. Young children aren’t going to be sitting up at 9:00pm watching the show UNLESS their parents aren’t paying attention to them. Enough of trying to tell me what I should enjoy and what I shouldn’t. I’m actually a successful adult who enjoys watching these people be goofy and live life to the fullest. Another example of how parents should be responsible for how their children grow up and not everyone else.

  • I am from Georgia and do not feel at all like this is a horrible representation of the south. I really like the show and think it has great potential to be a southern jersey shore. All of these people are not exaggerated versions of southern people they remind me of several friends that I have had and people I have met from my 24 years of living in Georgia and Tennessee.

  • I dont care what anyone says this show was entertaining and thats what it was supposed to do… entertain people. Yes lyle was a dumb ass and mattie (martha) was a bitch… but it was still entertaining.

  • I think it’s a damn good show every body that drinks knows people like Lyle and maddie.

  • Here’s what I think, I think the creator of Party Down South should cast peoples that are actually from South Carolina, not casting people that are not from South Carolina. I’m from South Carolina, we don’t act like hot ass mess! This cast of people are from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. They get drunk, start fights, and acting ratchet! They are making South Carolina looks bad. Like I say, the creator of Party Down South needs to cast people that are ACTUALLY from South Carolina, I mean born and raised in South Carolina.

    • You ever see Southern Charm? It’s in SC with the descendants of some of SC oldest families. They are not the best reps either. Lots of unearned wealth (at least by this generation) and lots of drinking and foolishness. The only difference with Party Down South is this group is older, monied and have college degrees.

    • I’m pretty sure cmt wasn’t trying to trick people into believing that the cast was from South Carolina but I am from louisiana so maybe I wasn’t smart enough to catch on or just too drunk. Stereotyping Louisiana, Missippi and Alabama peole as people who just like to get drunk makes you sound stupid. Have you ever seen The Real World? Every year MTV cast people from all over the states and the cast acts the same way that the PDS cast acts. So just maybe you should chalk it up to young adults acting like plenty of other young adults act when they are paid to live in a house together, have fun, and entertain us and not blame it on where they are from. I’m also pretty sure that if the cast was from South Carolina they would act the same way and you are delusional if you think otherwise.

    • We know they’re not from South Carolina. They are just vacationing there! So what’s the big deal? Hell if the made a show about the Pacific Northwest I’d damn sure audition!

  • A good few have said that this show ‘misrepresents’ the south while I can back up the notion that it sure as hell doesn’t. The entire cast is a perfect example of a group of friends you could find together. No, it doesn’t put us out there as “uneducated hicks”. I’ll bet you about half of the commenters here haven’t even watched the show, maybe the ads. And if you did watch you would see that there are a few cast members about their wits (probably not one of them being Lyle). What my point is, they’re just a bunch of kids having a good time. You tell me what’s wrong with that. You were once young and having a good ole time. What it is is funny and it’s there for a good laugh at some young people being stupid. Also, the ads? Who keeps their kids up at 9pm, KNOWING something mildly inappropriate for a young child might be advertised (unless they’re okay with it) ? That’s all I have to say.

  • Party down south kicks ass!!!!!!!

  • I can’t believe how much time people spend on these comments. Get a life! If you like the show, watch it. If not, change the channel. “Yankees” or “Rednecks”, it doesn’t matter. As Popeye says, “I am what I am”.

  • I love party down south. It is fun to watch ! I was like them when I was young and I wish I had been paid for partying !!! Lol. I think if you find it offensive
    Don’t Watch It !!!! Simple as that. I don’t understand why people bitch about a TV show, when all they have to do is hit a button to either turn it off or chànge the channel !!! I think it’s entertaining and I don’t blame them for wanting more money ! I say pay them a reasonable salary and let the show go on ! For those of you bitching about it, turn it OFF !

  • I will not watch the show anymore if the original cast is not going to be casted Because it Crap that they don’t want to pay them it Crap

  • Im from Ohio and went on vacation to Ocean Springs Mississippi with family and friends a couple of years ago. Which by the way is basically where PDS is filming the third season so Ive read. We stopped at a liquor store to buy our weeks supply on the first day there. We started talking to the cashier who happily informed us along with about a dozen other customers in the store where the best restaurants and entertainment in town was. We were in that store for an hour and we had just rolled into town. We had a blast talking with the locals that day. And we had the best seafood ever cooked thanks to those locals. Please stop judging based on stereotypes. That’s no better than racism. I love the South!

  • I do not. care what pople r saying about there show but I like them I would lv to see them that party down south 2is a joke I donot like them get them off the air when will the real one comes on the air I.miss them please put them. back on I beg of u and am sure everyone agrees what do I have to do to see they staby on.

    • HUH? I think you’ve been partying down south way too much? And I happen to like PDS2!! Hunter is the nicest most GORGEOUS MAN EVER!!!

  • In just one viewing of this program, here is my view. I feel that if this show is a representation of a lot of today’s youth and all that’s wrong with them,I am deeply saddened, Their uneducated, morally deficient , lack self respect, and have less self control than animals. I cant believe they are crying for more $ and don’t realizing they are actually being overpaid by $499.50. I personally don’t blame them. Obviously they were not raised by decent parents who would instill morals and values in these kids. Lets reach out to these poor misguided souls and help them anyway we can .At my age of 16, I am appalled at the behavior of these young people. Thanks for listening, y`all have a nice day.

  • I don’t think you understand how show business works? They cut and put the worst if what these people do on camera!! Its called entertainment!! I watch and enjoy the show and in no way think that its how most southerners or for that matter most young people act!! You’re only 16? Live a few more years and then you can start judging someone for their actions. Now go to bed!!!

  • There is nothing wrong with theses people like you have never had a few beers and had some fun I think the producers are peace of shit tho, thinks all people from the south is ignorant but that’s far from the truth like u ain’t makin money pay them like the deserve all them yankies up there stingy as hell

  • I just think its bullshit they was paying thousands a show for each of them jersy show people who were yanie as hell just like them soon as some southerns get on tv just rip em off cause you think they don’t no any better I tell you one thing people from the south know our money we ain’t so stupid now I can’t speak for everybody but, I can tell ya I no some pretty fuckin stupid yankies to who think they know it all but they ain’t shit

  • Obviously this is all old news now, seeing as they have already filmed the 2nd season with this cast and are now going onto the 3rd, and having a whole new season with new cast members as well with Pds2. First thing I wanted to point out after reading some of the other comments left on this blog from people, is that this isnt just happening because the show is about the south, with a southern cast, etc. If you look up alot of other reality shows, this is a very common thing that gets disputed between cast and producers. Of course they arent going to pay any of the cast memebers that much for the first season, seeing as they dont know how the show is really going to take with viewers. I wouldn’t want to be paying each cast member thousands of dollars each right off the bat when its not for certain what you’re going to be getting outta each member, or if this show is even going to make the station itself a nice chunk of money. Alot of the cast members are young adults and at first are just excited to be on the show, and meet new people and get to live in a nice large home, partying the days away. Im sure once they get back to their normal lives and get all this attention and see how much the show really has taken off, they see that yes they need more money, espeically if they have to film back to back like stated and cant support themselves in the time they arent filming for the show. And of course the producers know that its going to be brought up to them too…its not as if they arent aware. But of course they are going to try and play hard ball with the cast and not give in to what they want right away. I’m sure if they did, all the other reality stars that have had this d list type fame go to their heads, make such extreme demands that just aren’t realistic. I think that when the producers first came out with the show, they wanted to see how things went and which way they should even take the show in the first place. Should they go the way shows like the Real World went, and cast different members each season? Or go with how they did their Jersey shore show and keep the original cast throughout the series. Theres a lot of different ideas the producers could have been tossing around when the show first kicked off, that lead to some of the disputes or things said such as getting a new cast. I’m not exactly trying to defend the producers, because I know that workers in this type of industry can be ruthless and not care about the people but more so the ratings, and I dont think thats right at all. You should treat the cast well seeing as they are the ones really making these producers behind the scenes money. I also think that if someones going to be followed around with a camera and mic on 24\7, especially whiling partying and making asses outta yourself for all the world to see, you should probably get a decent check at the end of the day. Even though its their own fault for choosing to air their dirty laundry, it just makes it a whole lot easier to do at the end of the day when you get a nice pay day for that embarrassing drunken night that your poor grandmother had to see on tv. lol. But the dispute of money for reality stars will never be anything new, and rightfully so when the show makes bigger money every season the casts crew should too. But for the ones on the show whom barely are on it, and just seem kinda there..like Lauren on the show..I believe her check should be somewhat different than say Matties, as for shes the one that probably brings in alot of viewers for her crazy ways.

    My next thing I wanted to say was, I dont think this makes the south look bad at all. Like alot of other commentators have said, its younger adults having a good time. Im sure theres more than a handful of people who posted on here that can say they have done so dumb things while being young and naive and to top it off adding alcohol to a situation. People do it all over the world, but just have different ways of doing it sometimes.. I think that just might be what the point is of the show is about..Jersey shore showed what people in Jersey like to do, like going to the boardwalk, and the beach and club..but that doesnt mean that everyone that lives in jersey clubs every night or even likes the water for that matter..and Id like to believe that in this day and age that we all know well enough not to think that just because you see a group full of people from one area with the same similar ways, doesnt mean thats how every single person in that state or coast does it. I have never heard anyone judge the south by this show or any show, or country music. Maybe I just dont know that many insecure or judgmental people. But as I see the show, it brings to light all the amazing things about the south. How much fun they have with little to nothing. How polite and well mannered they can be, but at the same time dont take shit that dont have to. I love any of these type of qualities in a person no matter where they come from…I never looked at this show as a buncha hillbilly rednecks or anything of the sort. Whomever does look at it like that obviously isnt much for thinking for themselves, and are very ignorant, and I wouldnt get my feelings hurt by someone who thinks like that anyway!

    I dont think anyone thinks southerns are idiots either Hunter. I think one thing the entire would has in common is money. You could put a penny and a quarter in front of a 3 year old, and damn sure that 3 year old is probably going to go for the quarter if they dont try and snag both. Everyone knows more money is better. Yes, Im sure its not hard to find people that are willing to get on a tv show for less money than other people, but that doesnt come down to the fact of where youre from…that just comes down to you as a person..some would go on just for cheap maybe because theyve always wanted to be on tv, but others want alot of money because they know they are gonna make asses of themselves. thats really ignorant to think oh this persons southern Im gonna pay them less…lol i really laugh at the thought of someone thinking that! There are those situations where someone is from a plcae where poverty is a problem where they will accept barely any money to do things, but once again I believe thats the person choice..and this is one reason why alot of people in the entertainment industry hire managers because they dont know what is good for doing this type of work…and thats 1005 ok!! But if you’re going to argue about people judging southerns, I dont think you should make yourself look hypocritical by calling people that live in the north “yankies”. It doesnt bother me, but just saying thats probably not gonna help your case much.

  • Give me a break its just Tv its entertainment for christ sakes …I don’t relate the actions of these dunb kids having a good time reflecting the was the south is…ppl wory about that to much .. Its TV… where shows r designed to entertain us ,draw us in to c what happens next ,make us come back next week to c what hppens ,GIVE ME A BREAK,,,,,, hell I am 65 years old and think Party down south is great .. It makes me want to go down south to visit ,, am i going to stay drunk there ? Hell no .. Most ppl wouldn Pay the original cast porn money and will b looking for party down south 6 in a few years …PS:::Lile and Maddie get your head out of your but and don’t mess it up…

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