Really Shooter Jennings? Bucky Covington?

July 23, 2012 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  189 Comments

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, your hero, the lord of underground roots, the savior of independent music, Shooter Jennings, is releasing a duet single and video with the most pop-ity pop of pop country uber douches, the “Nickelback of Country Music”, American Idol’s Bucky Covington. The song is called “Drinking Side of Country” and all indications is that it will suck hard enough to send a golf ball through a garden hose.

For those of you who have no idea who Bucky Covington is (and I would like to think that is the majority of the Saving Country Music readership) you could make a serious case that he is one of the worst artists pop country has ever seen, from numerous perspectives. The only difference between Bucky and Jason Aldean is people actually listen to Jason Aldean. There’s nothing more failed than a failed pop country star, and that is what Bucky Covington is.

Last week folks were in a tizzy because Jason Aldean dropped the tidbit that he simply listens to Nickelback. Ha! Bucky has him beat by 1000 miles. In 2010, Bucky Covington actually recorded and released an entire Nickelback song, “Gotta Be Somebody.” And no, this was not just as some demo bonus track, it was a full fledged radio single with a big budget video. Watch, if you dare:

The world first learned about Bucky Covington’s flowing locks of highlighted hair and his Dirk Diggle mustache when he was a contestant on American Idol in 2006, finishing 8th. Since then he’s been slaying America with his bland and generic take on the most formulaic of pop country and garnering tepid commercial success. He’s also pretty notorious for being dumb. In April of 2010, he recounted a story to The Boot about actor Billy Bob Thorton, proving just how dumb he is:

I went to his house and hung out drinking lukewarm Coronas. This guy is the epitome of cool. We were talking movies and music, and he brings up the movie ‘Sling Blade,’ and I said, ‘Were you in ‘Sling Blade’? That was a great movie!’ And he thanked me. I asked who he was in ‘Sling Blade,’ and he said, ‘Carl.’ I said, ‘That’s the main character!’ I didn’t even know he was in it! But actually technically that’s a huge compliment to an actor, that I watched the movie, and I didn’t know it was [him]! And he wrote the dang movie as well!

Bucky also has a twin brother, Rocky, and together they like to do stupid shit and then lie about it to the cops. In 1998 they were arrested for hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident, resisting arrest, giving fictitious information to a police officer, and driving with a suspended license. Brother Rocky was in a car accident and had a suspended license at the time, so he dialed up Bucky who raced over and told the 5-0 that he was actually the one driving. The cops sniffed it out, and eventually they confessed. Then in July of 2011 they both were charged with grand theft for stealing $1,500 from the cash box at a Florida show. The charges were later dropped from lack of evidence.

Shooter Jennings has been trying his little heart out to earn scene points with the “roots” underground after his glam rock, industrial rock, and mainstream country projects tanked. So why now is he buddying up with Bucky Covington? Because of corporate politics and cross marketing. Both Shooter and Bucky are signed to Entertainment 1 Records, which ironically is one of the biggest hip-hop labels in the world. As much as Shooter wants to talk a big game about how corporate music sucks and he’s for the little guy, here he goes trying to re-cultivate his mainstream legitimacy. Or even worse, he’s doing it because he wants to.

But I don’t blame Shooter for pairing up with Bucky Covington. That is what he should be doing. When it comes to country, Shooter has always been a mainstream artist with mainstream songs. Where he doesn’t belong is acting like he fits into anything that is related to underground roots music. He doesn’t record DIY. He releases his music through big corporate labels. And up to 18 months ago, he admits himself had no idea underground roots music existed.

And no, Kellie Pickler’s name is not relevant here. Apparently she has a cameo in the Shooter/Bucky duet video and she used to be an American Idol pop country product too. And yes, I’ve grown very fond of her last album 100 Proof, but nobody is saying Kellie Pickler should do a duet with Hellbound Glory or headline the Muddy Roots Festival. That would be out-of-context, just like anything Shooter has to do with “underground” country. And if this Bucky Covington business doesn’t make you realize that, then you have been completely duped by the Shooter Jennings cult of personality.

And sure, Bucky Covington could’ve had a change of heart about his music just like Kellie Pickler did, but this duet song “Drinking Side of Country” is an old song Bucky released in 2010. It’s not new. It’s a stupid laundry list country song, and even worse, he named drops “Outlaws” in the song. Yes, Bucky Covington, Bucky Covington is talking about Outlaws, the same thing Shooter Jennings called out in his song “Outlaw You”. The hypocrisy is so incredibly-thick and undeniable around this song, but we’ll deal with the actual content of the song in due course, trust me. Meanwhile check out Bucky’s effeminate moves in the original version of “Drinking Side of Country” that make Luke Bryan look like a lumberjack:

And for all the folks that will say, “Gee Trig, why you always gotta be so negative?” I have no choice in this matter. My hand is being forced. When some artist who is touting themselves as a product of the underground/independent world cuts a duet with Bucky Covington filled with hypocrisy, or points a tank at the Country Music Hall of Fame, or promotes a Waylon song turned into a rap song, or buddies up with The Moonshine Bandits, I have no choice but to put as much distance as possible between those actions and myself.

I don’t think that Shooter is without talent. He has some good songs, and I recognize he is trying to do some things to help promote smaller bands. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And furthermore with Shooter, it’s the disingenuousness, it’s the talking out of both sides of his mouth, it’s the wanting it both ways, it is the Svengali-ing of independent artists by acting like he has any means to help them “make it” when really he’s using them to be promoters of his cult of personality. It’s the manipulation. And I’m sure Shooter will say, “Let me explain”, just like he says every time he makes a dumb move in his career.

Sure, Shooter has gotten some scant play in dark recesses of the dying corporate radio world in severely off-peak hours for some artists. This whole cross-exposure back scratching scenester bullshit isn’t outreach, it’s simply people trying to prove how cool they are to each other. Shooter doesn’t have the power to increase the exposure of any act any more than anybody else. And since he is a wickedly-polarizing character (who likely will even become more polarizing after this Bucky Covington mess), for every fan the Shooter Jennings name may bring to an artist, it scares away two more.

And no, “Hey I met Shooter, and he seems like a nice guy,” is no excuse for his endless string of bad decisions and overt hypocrisy.

There is no Shooter/Triggerman rivalry. He is an artist and someone rying to further his career, and I am a writer whose charge it is to tell the truth the way I see it. And right now, the truth in my eyes is that Shooter has no compass, no principles, will do and say whatever he thinks he has to to create support and traction in his career. And that has always been the case with Shooter, throughout his career, along with coming very close to stealing ideas and personas. Shooter cutting a pop country laundry list song with Bucky Covington is him jumping the shark, and showing his true colors.

But I’m probably just jealous.

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  • Just when you think you’ve heard it all. How bad this is

  • EXACTLY. Finally somebody gets it. Thanks trigger.

  • I’ll admit, it took me a while to figure out Dwight Yoakam was in Sling Blade.

    • he was? damn.

      • He was bad to drink. He got kilt with a lawnmower blade, mmhhmmm.

        • lawnmotors?? kilts?? lord, have mercy…

  • This oughta be a fun thread.

  • I’ve been telling people this all along…………but no one wanted to listen.

    • I think you can make a serious case for this being the worst move of Shooter’s career, one which has had many missteps. Hopefully this is the one that finally, FINALLY wakes folks up to Shooter’s true colors.

      • I’ve never been sold on Shooter as one to carry on the torch

  • In fairness, the actually recorded track makes no mention of outlaws. It instead says “Ramblers” So the mention of hypocrisy in regards to “Outlaw You” is mute.

    It it a great song? No.

    Is it a good song? I like it, but I’ll admit it took a few listens to grow on me, but is it horrible? I don’t think so.

    I can’t really defend anyone singing a Nickleback song though…Not even Nickleback, but it’s not as if he’s the only country musician to record one of there songs.


    • In the three versions of the original “Drinking Side of Country” I’ve seen/heard on YouTube, the line “Outlaws on the run” appears. Now if they changed the line in the new version, that’s even worse because that admits culpability at the hypocrisy of Shooter singing this song.

      Here’s some other videos of the song:


      And as for other country artists covering Nickelback songs, two wrongs don’t make a right. The reason my official nickname for Bucky is “The Nickelback of Country Music” is not just because he recorded a Nickelback song, it’s because he embodies the whole Nickelback identity, the doucher, shallow, materialistic way of life.

      • I disagree with you, but as a regular visitor to your site, I can see where you’re coming from.

        Agree to disagree.

        Oh, and as a side note here’s a link where you can hear the track. (Just in case you haven’t yet)


        • Hey man, as I always say, you can’t argue taste. If you like the song or you think it’s ok, that’s your opinion and you shouldn’t let my or anyone else’s opinion sway that. I still hold to the point though that the original song mentions “Outlaws” and it was changed in the new version. They have a big video for this song that will be released soon, and as soon as they do that, I will review the song/video itself.

  • I knew from the get go what be was doing. Shooter used to talk to me like we was best friends then he got his song for his Comp and never even spoke a word to me again wonder why?

  • Tom VandenAvond’s dog Reno is more outlaw than any of these.

  • Did you try to get a quote from Shooter? This one is so odd, it seems like he might want to explain it.

    • That’s the thing Big A, like I said in the article, Shooter ALWAYS needs an explanation because he’s always doing stupid things. He had to explain “Put the ‘O’ Back in Country” because it was so close to a Hank III song. He had to explain the whole “Black Ribbons” thing. He had to explain the song “Fuck You (I’m Famous)”, the song “Southern Family Anthem”, why he is referring to music as “XXX”, why he completely ripped off my podcast format, why he pointed a tank at the Hall of Fame, why he promoted a Waylon song turned into a rap song, why he loobied a death threat at me at a Johnny Cash tribute.

      A lot of what Shooter does isn’t intuitive, and much of it is either insulting or incongruent from previous principles or statements he’s made. It’s because he’s got no compass man, no morals or values with which he approaches music with. Of course he will have an explanation about this like he always does, and when he posts it, in fairness I will post it here. But no matter what he says, it will be shallow because 10 years in, he should know better. We all make mistakes, but we all try to learn from them. But Shooter never learns, blames others for attacking him, and so he’s destined to make the same mistakes over and over. And for all the mistakes Shooter has made, this one is the worst. This is completely indefensible man.

      And no, I don’t have the urge to jump up and down and say, “See, I told you so.” I feel bad for all the Shooter fans and some of these artists who’ve buddied up with him believing that he truly shared their music values. This whole thing makes me sick and embarrassed. And as much as I have come out against Shooter over the years, I’ve also done my best to be fair with him as well, to give him credit where credit is due. But I feel Svengalied as well. I believed him when he sang “Outlaw You”. Now it all looks like marketing and an attempt to earn scene points.

    • As I predicted, Shooter’s explanation had nothing to do with the song. Instead it was that I’m the Perez Hilton of country music, and that I didn’t go to Farmageddon because I was afraid I was going to get my ass beat.

  • If you look at Shooter’s Facebook page you’ll notice all he talks about is himself. Never a mention of any other artist, not even the ones that open up for his shows. 100% LOOK AT ME!!!!! What a douche, he wants to play Outlaw but he doesn’t even understand the basics of our rules.

    • How “Outlaw” can you be when your dad is Waylon Freaking Jennings? Really his hard times are self induced…give me a break.

  • This breaks my heart. I want to like Shooter so, so bad because of who his daddy is. This hypocrisy is so disappointing!

  • i’m a fan of shooter and saw him play at a small festival in central nebraska last weekend. the show was decent, but i got the vibe that he didn’t really want to be there. he didn’t even set up a merch stand which was a huge disappointment to my uncle, cousin and i. this isn’t totally relevant to the post, but i was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. this tune with bucky seems to be shooter trying to pay the bills in the worst, most hypocritical way.

  • What a tool. I haven’t heard a song from him in several years that I have enjoyed in the slightest. Looks like he will continue to be irrelevant to me.

  • This is a big fat whatever for me. I like some of Shooters stuff a lot of it I do not. Bucky is a non-issue for me never listened to any of his stuff. Heck Willie made a record with Snoop Dog, SO WHAT! Like it or not there is a commerce/ money aspect to the music biz. Support what ya like ignore the rest. If we all do that there will remain at least a small market for the good stuff.

    • Willie and Shooter can’t be used in the same sentence.

      • Or paragraph, as it were.

      • Both Willie and Snoop Dogg can do whatever they want because they both have long-standing careers and have paid immeasurable dues in the music world. If Shooter really wants to do a duet with Bucky Covington, then hey, more power to him. But that also means that all the rhetoric, all the cheerleading for independent music was disengenouous, and after this and a parade of other examples of Shooter saying one thing and doing another, I just don;t know how anyone can trust or believe him any more.

        • “Both Willie and Snoop Dogg can do whatever they want because they both have long-standing careers and have paid immeasurable dues in the music world.”

          Goddamn right!

    • Jim,

      I totally understand and respect you not wanting to worry about the politics behind the music. But I just want to clarify, I am not attacking Shooter for wanting to make money in music. What I have a problem with is how he says one thing, and does another. It’s the hypocrisy. He tries to attract fans to himself by saying he’s an independent “rootsy” artist, and then records a song with the most pop country of pop country artists there is.

      Just be honest, that’s my point about Shooter. You may or may have not noticed, I’ve never written a negative review of Rascal Flatts. It’s because even though I don’t like their music, they’re honest about what they do and who they are. There is a place in country for pop, as much as traditionalists may hate to hear that. Where there’s not a place is people who manipulate the public and other artists about who they are. In that context, this has EVERYTHING to do with small markets and “the good stuff.”

  • bucky? … phhhahaha and i thought nickelback`s song was bad

  • I just feel the need to say this in a public forum: Because this Shooter/Bucky thing is virtually indefensible, what I anticipate the Shooter core camp to do is attack ME instead and try to discredit my name. This is what they have done many times before, spreading ridiculous lies about how I condone child molestation, insult people’s dead relatives, etc. etc. So just be mindful if you hear something. Regardless, it won’t change the facts.

    • Someone’s got a case of the me me’s!

  • hey triggerman i just want to say thank you. been listening to country music my whole life, but the last year and a half or so, i have had no good new music to listen to, everything playing on the radio sounds like shit to me, finally got sick of it and started searching the internet, trying to find something new, some real music, then i came across this website right before i left for deployment. i have discovered so much new music that is above and beyond anything played on the radio nowadays its amazing. keep up the good work, your message is getting across to people

  • shooter? … sucks ass – always has, always will.

    • Have some class dude.

      • The only thing that ties him with Waylon is his last name. Classy enough?

        • All I’m saying is regardless of whether or not you enjoy an artists music, there’s no need to insult his family, that’s rude and uncalled for, and bringing into question his mother’s fidelity is unquestionably tacky, and obviously I’m not the only one who thinks so, hence your original comment being censored.

          That’s all I have to say on the subject.

    • I do not comment here at all and I wouldn’t have even seen this article had it not been linked to on Facebook. However, I am wondering if that comment questioning the honor of the great Jessi Colter will take as long to disappear as the comment threatening the rape of Shooter’s daughter?

      • Adam Sheets, you’re a fucking lair, and you have no business on this website and you know that. That’s why you gave some stupid little explanation of how you got here, just like the last dozen times you’ve commented here, even though we all know you come here every day and regularly rip off my ideas. I’ll run this fucking website the way I want to, and I’ll police the comments however I see fit. I believe in allowing people to speak their minds over censorship. And if you one anyone else gets their pussy hurt by something said in the comments section, THEN STAY THE FUCK OFF THIS WEBSITE!

        Remember Adam Sheets when you LIED and said that an offensive comment about Shooter’s daughter was up here for two months? Remember that? When you said you came here specifically for two months to make sure it was still up, and yep, it was there? Remember that? And then remember how I proved to you that it was up for less then a week, and the only reason it was up for that long was because YOU were crying about censorship when I closed the comments section of the Shooter “Family Man” review?

        And then remember how you took this fictitious fucking lie and used it to characterize Saving Country Music as condoning child molestation? Remember that?

        And do you remember that Shooter also lied about the comment being up for a month? And then used it as the excuse to lob a death threat at me from the sainted Austin City Limits stage in my hometown at a Johnny Cash tribute night of all things? Do you remember that?

        Or did you happen to read the comment I left before yours that said:

        ” I just feel the need to say this in a public forum: Because this Shooter/Bucky thing is virtually indefensible, what I anticipate the Shooter core camp to do is attack ME instead and try to discredit my name. This is what they have done many times before, spreading ridiculous lies about how I condone child molestation, insult people’s dead relatives, etc. etc. So just be mindful if you hear something. Regardless, it won’t change the facts.

        I know what you idiots are going to do before you do. Since you can’t defend this duet with Bucky Covington, you will try to discredit me by somehow linking this site to some random comment that I have no control over. Do you remember when you left a comment on this site about how you wanted to beat the shit out of a pop country artists in a back alley? I do.

        Take your idiotic, young-soul political gotcha game, and your stupid platitudes about how “X is the best ever” or “X is dead”, or “All this” or “None of that” and acting like you’re smarter than all of us back to your dark corner of the internet that nobody reads.

        Why don’t you go run for Congress like you said once so you’ll stay the fuck out of my hair?

        Man how glad I am today that my name isn’t tied at the hip with Shooter’s.

        • I can easily defend the duet all day. It’s a basic approach that’s been around at least since Red Foley teamed up with Lawrence Welk. It opens up the artist to a new market. Simple as that.

          Is the song the best thing released this year? Not even close. But it serves a purpose beyond it’s face value.

          For the record, George Jones did two full albums of duets with pop teen idol Gene Pitney. Johnny Paycheck recorded several times with pop country star Jody Miller. Willie and Snoop Dogg has already been mentioned, but there’s also Waylon recording with Neil Diamond. Or David Allan Coe with Pantera. The list is endless.

          Run your site as you see fit, but acknowledge that this is nothing new and that it has a long history in the genre you claim to be saving.

          • Adam,

            Nobody is attacking the duet, or even the pop/country duet. Nowhere in this article is anything negative about duets said or inferred. Just because there’s a long history of duets doesn’t mean this one doesn’t suck.

        • And the comment was up for at least a month. Countless people can vouch for that.

          • You’re a fucking liar. Prove it. Anything. A link. A screen shot. You went there for a month and never took a screen shot to prove it? And by saying it was up for a month means you’re accusing Justin of Fifth on the Floor of being a liar too. What’s the reason for him to lie? I sent you the email. I’ve ponied up some credible evidence. Are you just gonna say something over and over until you decide it’s truth? Shooter’s accepted it, why can’t you? And now you’re saying it’s just a month? What happened to “at least two”?. Anybody can go to your Twitter account and see what you said. Here it is:

        • I have to ask.. Who on earth would even put a comment up about the rape of Shooter’s daughter and secondly why on earth would it be left up for ANY amount of time.. Who cares about censorship.. That is just messed up..

          • I can’t answer why anybody would put that comment up. The reason it was left up for 5 days was because I never saw it, and instead of Adam, Shooter, or anybody else alerting me to it, they instead have used it to attempt to discredit me and tie this site to child molestation. In fact, there are people on Twitter right now saying SCM = child rape.

            The reason I did not see the comment was because it was left when I was running sound on two stages and administrating a live broadcast for 15 straight hours as part of XSXSW in March for two straight days, and had an army of bands camped at my house. Any time I know I’m too busy to administrate comments and a comment section has the potential to get out of control, I will close it, which is what I did. When Adam Sheets and others accused me of censorship, I caved and opened it back up, which was my mistake and I take responsibility for. 5 days after XSXSW, Justin from the band Fifth on the Floor contacted me and alerted me to the comment. I immediately took it down. I have forwarded that email to both Shooter and Adam. I have also publicly and privately apologized to Shooter for the comment, and Shooter has accepted that the comment being left up for 5 days was a mistake. However Adam continues to not be able to let it go, and continues to insist it was up for a month, though he can produce no evidence backing up his claim, and his claim is against the word of me, and Justin of Fifth on the Floor who is personal friends with Shooter.

            All that said, I am the administrator of this site, and I take full responsibility for the comment getting through and being left up for so long. At the same time, the fact that people are STILL using Adam Sheet’s lies to construe that somehow I personally condone child molestation because a random commenter left a comment 6 months ago is laughable. In fact, they way Adam Sheets has perpetuated the lie, they’ve purposely made it look like I was the one that left the comment, or somehow condoned it or even promoted it. This is how vacant they are for a defense about anything.

          • Thanks for the clarification.. That has to be one of the most ridiculous stories I have heard in a while.. like soap opera weird.. … crazy stuff dude..

      • So what if she is great and famous! Waylon is even more , but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t messing around with other women, drinking and drugging. And one other thing. If questioning human with all his weaknesses equals threats with rapping someone in your book, than you need some serious counseling..

  • I have a problem with something you said.

    “I’ve grown very fond of her last album 100 Proof, but nobody is saying Kellie Pickler should do a duet with Hellbound Glory or headline the Muddy Roots Festival. That would be out-of-context, just like anything Shooter has to do with “underground” country.”

    I think an artist no matter wether there mainstream, underground or from another genre should team up if they want to. If you don’t like it (and I dought I would like this Bucky/Shooter duet) then don’t buy it. Would you say Waylon ain’t an outlaw because he recorded songs previouly recorded by Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond & Neil Young? Would you condemn Joe Ely & Ray Wylie Hubbard just because they preformed with Cowboy Troy in concert? If Hank 3 did a duet with Holly Williams what would you say? Would you quit listening to Hellbound Glory just because Leroy vergil played a concert with Shooter & Jamie Johnson. You may not like everything someone does but that don’t mean they ain’t who they say they are.

    • That’s a fair point, but just to clarify, I wasn’t talking about the general idea of mainstream artists collaborating with underground artists, or any other specific artists collaborating with any other specific artist. I was making a very specific point about Kellie Pickler and Shooter Jennings. Yes, there should be no rules about who should be able to collaborate with who. But you just know when something doesn’t make sense. Kellie Pickler at Muddy Roots wouldn’t.

  • “Hey I met Shooter, and he seems like a nice guy,”

    True Story…

    In defense of the paths some artists choose to tread, I think people should be afforded a little leeway. Trig as amazing of a job as you do it’s very obvious your hard-on for Hellbound Glory has exceeded 4 hours and a doctor should probably be called, and your hatred for Shooter is well documented and becoming a little trite. The guy walks the line (sorry!) between commerical and underground “roots” music becuase I think he understands his place in the industry and is genuinely trying to use his position (as precarious as it may be) to help cultivate and bring to the limelight some great music. His radio show is a platform that I think he uses to the best of his ability and I am a fan of alot of the artists who got their first SiriusXM airplay thanks to him. He’s producing your boyfriend’s newest album as well as the next Jason Boland record I believe and I think this latest duet might just be the result of a couple of guys (who happen to be label mates) getting together, really getting along, realizing that neither guy is the guy that mainstream media or internet elitist sites make them out to be, maybe partying a little, and deciding to collaborate. I can’t wait until Kid Rock marginalizes your precious Leroy Virgil on his next White Trash muscle car pseudo-country pandering nonsense video which I am willing to wager will take less than a year.

    Give these guys a break is all I’m saying, in this economy if you’re lucky enough to be able to do music for a living I’m not about to shit on someone who might take a misstep or a gamble when the stakes are this high. I wish you two would kiss and make up already cause I love both you guys and if you could use your combined powers for good instead of uber-gay hipster internet breakdance fighting I think country music would be alot better off

    • Look, first off, make no mistake, I was not for Hellbound Glory going and playing Kid Rock’s cruise. At the same time, Leroy has spent years paying dues and doing the right thing to the point of where getting paid for a few days of work is probably something that I can’t blame him for. Meanwhile Shooter has been making these same exact type of missteps all his career, saying one thing, doing another, disappointing his fans.

      These two instances are not nearly the same. Kid Rock probably didn’t have a clue who Hellbound Glory was before that cruise. Kid Rock was just the franchise name on a cruise put together by a company that does that kind of thing. This is a straight up collaboration between Shooter and Bucky Covington. If Leroy and Kid Rock collaborate, then yes, I would probably have a problem with that, but I would still have to take it in context, and it still doesn’t mean I wouldn’t support Hellbound Glory as a whole. Every scenario is different, and hypotheticals are not fair to anyone. Neither are assumptions. So please do me a favor and don’t assume you know how I would react to anything.

      And for the record, though I have been a big Hellbound Glory supporter, I’m not so blind that I can’t be honest about them. I’ve said before I don’t care for their song “Rusted Up Ol’ Pickup Trucks” and a few others. I try to be as honest about my opinions at all times as I possibly can.

        • And there’s the thing. I don’t listen to Shooter, his music is just not for me. But the guy seems pretty legit in his love for underground roots music. Now I may be saying this from afar where I’m not seeing the full picture, but if J.B. Beverley, one of the most honest and uncompromising artists in the movement doesn’t find him offensive then I gotta say, as a person, he’s probably okay. J.B. would be the first to call BS on anyone that compromises the integrity of real roots music, no matter what they may be doing to promote him, as would any of the guys on the Farmageddon roster. At the end of the day Shooter is what he is, his music is pretty middle-of-the-road stuff, which is why it doesn’t really surprise me that he’s doing this collaboration. At least he’s not donning a Hellbilly hat or a wig of dreadlocks and a washboard and trying to be hardcore when he’s doing things like Farmageddon Fest. I don’t see why his reasonably new found love of underground roots music should place him squarely in that camp. His tastes in music and what his musical output is shouldn’t have to correlate at all.

          • I’m not sure that JB Beverley knew about the Bucky Covington collaboration when that picture was taken, or that he even knows who Bucky Covington is. I respect JB’s opinions greatly as well. At the same time, I try to not let anyone’s opinions effect mine. I can respectfully disagree with people, and not let it effect my opinions of them personally and/or musically.

            Also, some people, including Shooter, seem to want to construe this article as some shot at Farmageddon Fest. This has absolutely nothing to do with Farmageddon Fest, it just happens that he played it this weekend and this collaboration between Bucky Covington and Shooter was announced about the same time. Though I do understand how it could be misunderstood that way, and Shooter’s appearance at Farmageddon does in a very minor way have a tie in the story, this is about Bucky Covington first and foremost, and the fact that he is cutting a song with Shooter. In fact, someone (maybe Adam Sheets) wondered why I posted this right now instead of late last week when the duet was announced. Part of the reason is I didn’t want to cause a big stir going into the Farmageddon weekend over this.

            Shooter asked on Twitter why I did not attend Farmageddon Fest or why I didn’t try and cover it remotely. Some of us were not born with a silver spoon in our mouths and unfortunately it was a financial decision for me and I couldn’t attend. However, I have contacted numerous individuals in hopes that someone can write a review for the site. People can assume what they want, but you can’t find a quote from me saying I’m against Farmageddon Fest or anything of that nature, all you can find is articles and links attempting to help promote it.

          • Triggerman, for what its worth I do remember seeing you offering gas money to bum a ride out there a few days ago. I would have loved to be there too but it just wasnt possible this.year.

          • Don’t get me wrong Trigger, I didn’t even consider that you were having a go at the Farm crew. Just pointing out that J.B. and all those guys find him genuinely caring enough about the music to include him at their festival. As I wasn’t there, I can only assume that he played mostly his own material, some of daddy’s songs, and some old standards maybe. It’s not like he whacked on the grease-paint and went all Viva. So he was just doing his thing, basically. Certainly, I would have picked him as the odd duck at the fest, but that’s just my opinion.

            I too, saw your post on FB trying to organise a method of getting to Montana and don’t blame you at all for not attending. If Shooter thinks you deliberately excluded Farm Fest from your attention because of him, then I don’t think he knows you very well. Like I said, Shooter don’t do it for me, and I definitely don’t know all the ins and outs concerning his career. I’d never heard of Covington before this article. This doesn’t shock me though. Maybe Shooter has to earn money to feed his family too?

      • Hey Trigger I actually talk to Leroy last week about going to the cruise with Kid Rock. He told me that he was invited cause Kid Rock is a big Hellbound glory fan and wishes he can make music like them but cant cause of the record company. He said he was cool dude and a country boy. And Mr in defense of shooter I am a big Hellbound fanatic and I dont give a dam. Their music is amazing. Shooter even thinks so. Another artists that I seen last week that went on and on how cool Kid Rock was is David Allen Cole when I saw him in Floores country store last Friday. I think he even played a song they collaborated together on. So the conclusion I see is that Kid Rock music sucks but many of these cool artist like him cause he just a cool dude. Heck he even married Pamela Anderson and divorced her cause he wanted to be a country boy. Now about Shooter his music is just mediocre. And his call for XXX music is just southern rock. Why do we need a new name for it. I like what Shooter does for the cause but I think he wants to be mainstream but with an outlaw image. I like hearing Bob Wayne, Hellbound Glory, T Junior, Folk Ulke, and Whitey Morgan on the satellite radio cause of Shooter. When I heard the rap song though with Waylon’s Music the other day, I thought it was the worst piece of crap i ever heard. So he does somethings I like but he doesn’t fully commit to it. Like make that “Outlaw you” video but does not put it on his cd in fear of offending some girly man artist that might actually help him get in touch with a mainstream media hound.

        • I’ve had some fun over the years at Kid Rock’s expense, but the simple fact is nobody is all good, or all evil, including Shooter. I’ve heard numerous stories of Kid Rock reaching out and trying to promote smaller bands, and if those stories are true, good on him, especially since he’s at a place at this point where doing such a thing for self-promotion would be irrelevant.

          It’s not that I don’t see that Shooter is trying to do good things. We all see that. The question is the motivation, and the outcome. And I’ll even say that I do think that part of why Shooter tries to help smaller bands is because his heart is in the right place. I think the guy just needs to learn how to accept criticism and to learn from his mistakes.

  • What until you see who is rumored to duet with Leroy. I bet it won’t get an article on here no matter how mainstream.

    • I wouldn’t be so quick to assume what I will and won’t do. I’ve promised my readers to always be honest, and that is what I’ll do.

  • I agree with trig on this one. Shooter has showed signs of major hypocracy. Waylon can get away with doing Kenny r songs or whoever the hell he wanted bcuz he never claimed to be something he was not. Shooter should try to further himself in mainstream country doing songs geared towards women like most other mainstream outlaws do. The money is there for him and that’s where he fits in. His last name will keep him a step above the rest. He should not be claiming “underground” status. Maybe if he got big in the mainstream world he would be in a better position to come back and help smaller bands get some better distribution for DIY artists.

    Regarding the Bucky song, Im not going outta my way to hear it but if it’s a success, good for him. I hope he stays on that path. So glad I live in the south and get to go to muddy roots instead of Farmageddon Fest. It’s an embarrassment that he is a headliner, in my worthless opinion.

    6 more weeks!

  • This is probably just a case of friends recording together. Just imagine a good friend of you asking them to help them move, do you really want to do it no, but you do it anyway. Probably the way Willie Nelson has found himself in so many bad duets, he is just too sweet of a guy to say no to a friend.

    While this song may be straight garbage, i think this article was a bit more personal. You have been attacked and disrespected by shooter and his fans before that’s clear.

    • Friends that happen to be the only two “country” artists on a predominately hip-hop label? This is total label cross marketing politics. If Shooter is truly friends with Bucky Covington, that’s even worse.

  • Bucky moves around more like “Becky” on stage.

    • He sure does, but on the other hand, I’ve seen similar shit from Chris Robinson and Robert Plant.

  • You know what, at the end of the day if an artists whose music I for the most part enjoy is involved in something I don’t like at all and in fact that I may be annoyed or even angered by; I have a choice to make. Don’t by their music or tickets to support them any further or skip the song or record I hate and see if they can still deliver live or not. If they still give their fans a great show, I enjoy the gig and wait to see what the next record has to offer.

  • I don’t know who Bucky Covington is but he sure does look pretty in that video.

  • Pretty disappointing out of Shooter. This song belongs in the dumpster of pop-country, laundry list garbage. He’s got some good songs, and I didn’t even mind the duet he did with Tom Morello (no he’s not country, but a great guitar player nonetheless), but this was complete and utter shit. I want to like Shooter, but he makes it pretty damn hard sometimes. Much like Jr., it seems like he’s riding his dad’s name for fame and recognition. At least JTE, Hank III, and Lukas Nelson are true to themselves.

  • My initial reaction to the whole thing is, “Who cares?” I know, I know. “Well you do or you wouldn’t be reading it.” What I mean is that it is interesting but I’m not outraged by it. I am not a huge Shooter fan. I would describe most of his music as “ok.” But I do think that because he has a mainstream sound and mainstream appeal that he could do a lot of good for real country musicians. I got a lot of the bands i listen to off of his XXX website. He has a wider audience than pretty much anybody else promoting this type of music and if doing a duet with a candy ass pop country singer helps broaden it, I say more power to him. It’s not like I’m ever going to listen to it. And he might be looking out for himself, but honestly who isn’t? The only people the Shooter name will turn off are people in the “scene” who are already istening to roots music. That’s why I never got why you and shooter don’t get along. Isn’t getting a bigger stage for good music what SCM is all about?

    • I don’t know that Shooter is offering a bigger stage to good music here. Maybe XXX gets a lot of traffic, I don’t know. I think the point is that Shooter appears to be using the “underground” to prop himself up more so than using his stature to prop up struggling indies. If you use the image of a tank blowing up the hall of fame to rack up more downloads and then turn around and sing a duet with Gary LeVox called “I Love to Get Facials on Music Row”, who are you serving?

      Yeah, some duets like this may offer a wider audience to artists but Bucky Covington? If Shooters idea of growing an audience includes the kind of people who buy Bucky’s music, count me out. I’ll stay underground.

    • Bones, If you don’t care, or anybody else doesn;t care for that matter, I totally respect that. I’m not asking everyone to care, I’m simply conveying the information.

      “The only people the Shooter name will turn off are people in the “scene” who are already istening to roots music.”

      I strongly disagree. I think the disenchanted people in the “scene” probably make up 10% or less of the folks that are averted to Shooter’s name. The vast majority are old Waylon fans who barely get on the internet.

      60% of the people that come to Saving Country Music every month have never been here before. Outreach is an imperative of this site, and many of my tools at outreach are the things that anger some of the “scene” who wishes all I did was run redundant profiles on Hank III.

  • I love Adam Sheets sightings and the fireworks that follow!

  • I’m not really all that interested in the musical politics of this, but I’d have to say after seeing his set at farmageddon with an open mind (and a lot of enthusiasm about the people playing with him) that IMHO he’s not in the same league as a live performer as most of the other artists at events like this, scott biram tshirt or not.

    Disclaimer: It could have been an off-night; different people like different crap than the crap i like; there were tons of people there to see him who were having a good time…

  • Ol’ Waylon needs to come back and smack some sense into his boy. At the very least, Jessi should give him a piece of her mind.

    • You know, I bet Waylon has and Jessi tells Shooter to do what he wants and don’t listen to others, much the way Waylon did. And that is exactly what Shooter is doing.
      He isn’t Waylon. Give him a break.

    • ……wow

  • I think I’m your target audience here, as I haven’t a clue who Bucky Covington is. Now that you’ve given me a clue, I’m pretty sure I’d prefer going back to not having one. However: “Meanwhile check out Bucky’s effeminate moves in the original version of “Drinking Side of Country” that make Luke Bryan look like a lumberjack:”

    All I could think of upon reading this was Monty Python’s Lumberjack Song. Does Luke like to put on women’s clothing and have butter scones and tea?

    I don’t have a clue about Luke Bryan either. Oh well. It is true what is said about ignorance and bliss in some cases, methinks.

  • I thought for sure this was one of your parody blogs when I first started reading it. Dayumm Shooter

    • well, there ya go. there is that aspect. for all i know luke and bucky’s act just might be a something new john candy and john belushi mailed in. stranger things have happened.

  • That new album by the bloody jug band is tits. If there are really sixty percent of folks reading this shit that are visiting here for the first time, ya’ll should scroll down to the review. Forget this drama…

  • Who wouldve thought one of your “saviors” would do that?!……oh wait…everybody

  • Ewwww! Gross!…. Hey did ya’ll hear Shooter had cooties, and he got them from Bucky? Spread that on, let everyone know……

    Kyle, you my friend are a useless, bitter piece of shit….

    It’s also great that you have so many yes men that agree with everything you say… Glad to know you have so many user names, just get a few more opinions…..

    • Did I mention Kyle , you are a useless piece of shit, that knows nothing about country music, or the history of it…..

      BTW, 3 and Shooter are cool now, realize your place in unimportant, and go fuck off. 3tard.

      • Where did you read that, here?


        (note the date).

        Ha! So you’re still trying the tactic of laughing SCM off as a Hank III blog. That was outmoded and irrelevant over 2 years ago.

        Are you actually going to defend Shooter or Bucky or this song or this collaboration or are you just going to shit all over me?

      • Dude, that is a really juvenile stab. Are you really going to come out and say that Triggerman knows nothing about country music? The petty name-calling aside, your post seems to be trying to further shore up the divisions between Trigger and Shooter. It’s well known here that you are a big fan of Shooter’s and good on you for that. It’s just as well known that Trigger and Shooter have had some bad blood between them. Mostly though, I see you and Adam coming on these boards trying to provoke a reaction out of ol’ Trigger. Come on man, show some maturity.

    • Are you really accusing me of making up fictitious names to buffer my comments sections? How about explaining or defending the validity of this collaboration between Shooter and Bucky? You really think this is helping Shooter’s cause? You’re only proving my point my friend!

      From above:

      ” just feel the need to say this in a public forum: Because this Shooter/Bucky thing is virtually indefensible, what I anticipate the Shooter core camp to do is attack ME instead and try to discredit my name.”

      Let me give you a piece of advice. If you really want to defeat me and hurt me, the first thing you have to do is be realistic about the situation, and be honest about my strengths. This is an embarrassment for Shooter, possibly the worst move he’s made in his career. How are going to spin that to the folks who have no idea who The Triggerman is?

  • So how ’bout that new song from Bucky Covington and Shooter Jennings. Great stuff, right? i’m gonna share and repost for all my tru outlaw country friends!

    • Exactly. You might have put it best.

  • So what exactly is the big deal with Shooter recording with Bucky? I honestly don’t get it? What crimes has the “Scene Police” found him guilty of?

    • Um, read above?

      Are you asking me to be redundant?

  • Gee Trig, why do you always have to be so negative?

    Seriously, though, I never thought of Shooter Jennings as a country music savior. I like a lot of his stuff, and some of it, I can do without.

    You will be happy to know, I had no clue who Bucky Covington was, and if what you say is true, I guess this next song will fall under the category of stuff I can do without.

    *** He had to explain “Put the ‘O’ Back in Country” because it was so close to a Hank III song. He had to explain the whole “Black Ribbons” thing. He had to explain the song “Fuck You (I’m Famous)”, the song “Southern Family Anthem”, why he is referring to music as “XXX”, why he completely ripped off my podcast format, why he pointed a tank at the Hall of Fame, why he promoted a Waylon song turned into a rap song, why he loobied a death threat at me at a Johnny Cash tribute.***

    I don’t want to seem like, I’m some obsessed Shooter fan that will defend against everything, but every single one of your complaints against him are either spurious or petty.

    I don’t see how Put the O in Country was a “blatant” rip off of dick in dixie, even if he had known about Hank III’s before he recorded it. It certainly wasn’t worthy of Hank III’s long one sided feud (and I say this as someone who likes Hank III’s music better than Shooter’s)

    Black Ribbons/Fuck You I’m Famous–I don’t like it, but it was a side project, he made it clear it wasn’t country. One of my best friends went to Prep School with Shooter and was shocked when I said he played country music now, because back then he only listened to Nine Inch Nails and Tool. So shooter wanted to explore another type of music he likes. Not for me, but he didn’t promote it as country, so who cares?

    Promoting a Waylon rap song. It was a rap song by his nephew. Family and all that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Waylon were alive if he’d do the same thing even if he hated the song.

    Everything else seems to be something personal, which suggests that there is (at least a one sided) Shooter/Triggerman rivalry.

    Like a lot of people here, Hellbound Glory is my favorite new(ish) band. I just saw them play in DC and Leroy said that Shooter Jennings helped them record their next album. He also said, Shooter Jennings connected them with Ke$ha who will do a duet with them. He insisted he was not joking, and I hope he isn’t, because I’d like to see more people listen to Hellbound Glory, and we can thank Shooter for that. Frankly, if that’s all he does, that more than makes up for promoting his nephew’s rap song and doing a bad duet with someone from American idol.

    I like this blog to hear new music that isn’t being played on the radio. (This is where I first heard Hellbound Glory, Turnpike Troubadours etc.) I know most pop country sucks, and a lot of people who claim to be anti-pop country suck too. If they sing a song i don’t like, I just ignore it.

    Anyway, my $.02, and I realize it’s hypocritical I say to focus on positive and ignore the bad stuff, when this post is just about the stuff I don’t like on this site.

    • I agree some of the stuff I listed there is petty and debatable. Some of it was not. This was not an article all about Shooter’s previous transgressions, it was about Bucky Covington, and his duet with Shooter. That information was displayed to back up the argument that this move is just yet another in a pattern of behavior. Sure, maybe one instance isolated is not enough to worry about, but when the same accusations of Shooter ripping people off comes from multiple sources, it starts to give you a more clear picture of how the man is perceived in certain circles.

      As for the Ke$ha rumor, all I can say is that if it is true, I called it a long time ago. On March 26th, 2011 I wrote this:


      “And anyway, the pop star you really need to worry about going country, is Ke$ha. Mark my words.”

      And later in the comments I said:

      “Pebe Sebert (Ke$ha’s mom), and she has some hits to her name. The story is very similar to Caitlin Rose, whose mom Liz Rose is the writer behind Taylor Swift, or used to be. Both were single mothers who raised their kids on songwriting, taught their kids songwriting, singing, guitar, as they were growing up. I’m fascinated by their stories, I’m not sure why. I think Ke$ha was tired of living out of her car, and was smart enough to write enough bullshit pop songs to set herself and her family up for life. Eventually she’ll get bored and want to do something she’s proud of. She’s already hinted at doing country in the future.

      If Hellbound Glory ends up cutting a single with her, I will look at it and base my opinion on the specifics of the situation, just like I did with this. So many folks seem to be wanting to cite other pop/country pairings of the past to legitimize this one. The problem is not the duet format or even the country/pop duet, it is Bucky Covington. I can think of only a few worse people Shooter could have cut a duet with. Like I said up above, Jason Aldean would have even been better. Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood would have been better honestly. Saying duets with pop stars is wrong was never a point I made, it was a point people have tried to lump on me in an attempt to divert attention from this awful Shooter/Bucky pairing and discredit my argument.

      • I thought she would probably end up doing that, too. On youtube, there’s a video of her covering “Dead Flowers” by the Stones. I’ve never listened to her before, but this was actually pretty solid.

      • My point wasn’t that “Hellbound Glory is doing a duet with Ke$ha that’s going to be awesome, ergo any duet with a pop star is going to be great!”

        Rather my point is that Shooter was helping hellbound glory, which to me in and of itself, is enough to say he’s doing more harm than good even if I thought his music all sucked.

  • Covington looks like he is trying to chanel his internal Robert Plant and Madonna.

    I have never listened to Covington, Jason Aldean or Nicelback, but I suspect they wouldn’t interest me.

    I only listen to one kind of music, and that is good music.

    Good music covers multiple genres, but it does not include pop or country pop.

    It’s too bad about Shooter – I certainly love his mom and dad.

    BTY, what in the heck is is DIY (it sounds like a disease)?

    • DIY = Do It Yourself. It means in short recording and/or releasing your own material, or possibly managing or booking yourself. It mean not relying on the industry, but on yourself and grass roots networks. That is what makes any type of music “underground”. That is how “underground country” was formed, when bands started doing it themselves outside of the mainstream.

      • Thanks for the explanation.

  • Never even heard of Bucky Covington.

    Musically, I can find any fault with this new single.

    So damn tired of this Shooter debate coming up every few weeks.

    • So am I. I wish he would stop doing stupid shit, being such a hypocrite, and Svengali-ing artists and fans I care about so I could get back to the positive stuff.

      • Last I checked, Artist are free to do what they want, Last I checked Fans can listen to what they want. Bucky may be the worst, but this song to me is better than anything on Hank III’s last release. And it probably put enough money in Shooter’s pocket that he can afford to do anything he wants on his next project. Keep questioning everyones moves like they give a fuck about what you think.

        • Nobody is saying artists aren’t free to do what they want or that fans can’t listen to what they want. Where was anything to the counter mentioned by me? I can also say what I want, and I want to say that Shooter is a hypocrite for criticizing the same thing he’s now in bed with, and I’ve given you a forum for you to say whatever you want and to disagree with me.

          And as for you and many other’s who CONTINUE to attempt to characterize Saving Country Music as some Hank III fan zine, you’re making yourselves look like complete uninformed idiots. That argument wasn’t relevant two years ago, and it is certainly not relevant now. This is better than anything on Hank III’s latest release? Here’s my NEGATIVE review of Hank III’s last release.


          For the record, Shooter’s “Family Man” received a better review than Hank III’s last one. But go ahead, keep playing out the Hank III thread cause you saw it on Facebook/Twitter. Good luck with that!

          • Where did I mention that you gave Hank III’s last release a good review, I was simply comparing. How can you call Hypocrisy, but state if Shooter would have teamed with Aldean it would have been better. Pretty sure Aldean and Bucky are both on the wrong side of YOUR fence. I appreciate the forum, and you can have any opinion you want, but to insinuate Shooter playing puppet master, and then expect your opinion to be stone is crazy. For this to be hypocrisy, Shooter would have had to mention Bucky by name, it is your opinion that Bucky was in the group “Outlaw You” was targeting.
            And just to be straight I dont like Bucky’s music, but I know nothing of him as a person, he may vary well be some company’s puppet, and he may be fine with that, I know that I have to do plenty of things day to day just to make a living.

          • The reason that I mentioned Hank III is because you many many others have when Hank III has absolutely nothing to do with this story. The implication is that I am attacking Shooter because I am a Hank III fan. As another commenter pointed out, and as I reported over a year ago, that feud is dead. It is a completely irrelevant thread that keeps getting brought up…actually you know what, why give you any hints? Keep running with it, ride the Hank III thread into the ground! Good luck with that!

          • Closed Thread. Your assumptions are weak, Not riding anything. All you should have done with this was review the song. You do more charecter judging then anything, I came to this site years ago, I have been exposed to many artist because of it. I will fall back and not comment anymore. I have wrote it before and this will be the last; listen to what you want if it sounds good to you then dont feel bad. I will never have a beer with any artist and their charecter does not influnce how I feel about their music. My last opinion on this is that if Radio will play this song, it would probably be better than 90% of what they currently play. ? for you do you not use Shooter as a lightning rod for this site? Keep riding what works for you and good luck with that.

      • Your blog is cool and everything man, but you should probably know that this hit piece really makes you look like a fool. Do you really really really expect people to believe you are soooooooo outraged by the fact that Shooter Jennings collaborated with a man who has a minor criminal history and covered a Nickelback song that you wrote a fucking book to vent your disapproval? Because I’ve seen you reiterate multiple times that that is the long and short of your gripe.

        • I am truly outraged. Believe it or not.

    • *can’t

  • “There’s nothing more failed than a failed pop country star…”

    (a big howl from Triumph )

    I would happily poop on nathan38401

  • Kyle… I hope you’re proud, because it is you, my friend, who has jumped the sharks with this article. You have officially fired every single piece of ammo you have on me to try and condemn me, and SUCCEEDED! Good work brother. You should be proud. You’re winning! ALL the artist you cover have called me today and told me they can’t be friends and that I should stop playing them on their radio show because of your article. It was crazy! It was like the world STOPPED and then everyone turned on me because I sang a song with Bucky! Wow! I really can’t believe how much power you have! I bow down to you, you’ve run me off from the scene forever! I’m showing my true colors! Hellbound and Fifth called and told me to erase the records we did. I’m exposed! The Svengali! (shifty eyes looking left to right, hands rubbing together) Guess what, this whole time I’ve been playing indie country bands on the radio because I really have a whole plan to pile them all inside a big concert for a festival and blow it up! And then I’d cut all their records and make ALL THE MONEY! And you’ve exposed it! Dammit! You should have called me the Xenu of Country tho, Svengali was setting your sights to LOW! I was gonna start a religion and EVERYTHING! Hankentology! And it was all gonna be geared at worshipping Hank Sr thru me (of course), see? But now it’s over! What shall i do now!? I guess now I’ll have to go back to doing what I did before (which i know you were gonna expose one day, so I may as well let my true colors be known) cutting hair. You want a haircut pal? I’ll give it for free, you’re looking kinda scruffy in these picture i’ve got of you! Nice leather vest tho!

    • Just explain the collaboration Shooter. Your fans deserve it. Attacking me changes nothing.

      • His fans aren’t complaining, just you and your yes men who you’ve programmed to hate Shooter from the time you started this site.

        • Yes Adam, his fans are complaining. Lots of them. There is nothing more important than being honest with yourself, and that is why both you and Shooter continue to make the same mistakes.

          I fully acknowledge that posting this article and other has angered some of my readers, because I am honest with myself. But I felt these things needed to be said, so I said them, and am willing to pay the cost for being honest. I also acknowledge that I make mistakes and that I am not perfect.

      • I never will adhere to your call for an explanation of any of my actions. I’m sorry, but that’s just the case. My fans know where to find me. They also know that I wouldn’t do anything with exposure or money as a motivation. There were no money amounts given or received for this work. Bucky is an artist who has in past been pretty controlled by his labels and is also a friend of someone I really love and respect that now runs this label and this guy has actually given the guy a chance to sing what he wants to sing. That being said, he needs no explanation either. You are so uneducated in your speculations that all you do is spread lies and bullshit. You have NO inside track to 90% of what you cover, and often use terms and descriptions that sound more like you got them out of a movie than real life terminology. If you just kept your mouth shut about ALL things that involved me, I’m sure your readers would respect you a lot more. But you cannot help yourself. You are TOO angry. You are TOO upset about the things I’ve done that have threatened your grip. You MUST try and break me down just so that you can remain on top of some kind of imaginary pile that you have going on. Dude, you’ve always been King of your Hill. Just enjoy it and stop writing tabloid bits on me and JahshieP. One last thing tho… If YOU asked me to sing a song with you on our record (which I know you would never do because it would do SO much damage to your credibility as an artist) I would decline. Does that make much sense to you? I would decline because you are a nasty, angry man who has done and said things about me and my friends that really were base and below the belt… Because you pass judgement on artists trying to break out in a bleak uncaring world. Because you write a music blog that is more about YOU than it is about the artists you cover and in private has conducted yourself one way, and in public has sold out many private conversations to paint yourself in another light. Because, at my core I don’t like you, and that’s it. I’ve tried. But if someone who I’ve met several times, actually enjoyed their company–through another friend who I truly respect and hold dear–comes to me and wants to sing a song with me, I’ll give it a whirl. If it don’t sound good, oh well, I tried and we won’t do it. I’m not a self-righteous snobby asshole who thinks my shit is too good for anybody because of something they did in the past. But if it sounds alright, I’m fine with it. I play music because I enjoy sitting around with folks, maybe smoking and drinking a little, laughing, pickin’ and singin’. That’s the extent of it. And honestly, I like the idea of someone who has been all but owned by an incredibly powerful corporation being given the chance to finally do what they want. I’m happy Bucky has gotten free and actually gets his chance to do what he wants, whether anyone here likes it or not. And I hope the same thing happens for Kellie. And if she wants me to sing on a song, I’d do it in a heartbeat. And if Bob Wayne asks me to sing on a song, I’d do it in a heartbeat to. Because I fucking like underdogs. That’s it, man. Underdogs with good attitudes. But people only root for underdogs when they truly embody the humility of an underdog. Whether you see it one way or another, i don’t care. So until the end of time, continue being the judgmental prick, and we’ll keep rocking out the way we do, whether you or anybody else likes it or not. Don’t write me, or about me any more please. Peace.

        • Fair enough.

          Just one point of clarification, I have never presented myself as a leader of anything, never said or characterized that I “owned” artists, music, or content. This is a characterization you have painted me with to make me look bad. In fact, I have gone out of my way to explain I’m just a journalist and blogger whose job it is to give opinions, and that leadership should come from the artists. Unfortunately you are not a good leader because of your hypocrisy, just like I would not be a good leader because I’m an opinionated, hot-headed, high-temper blow hard. You can try to act like I’m jealous you took control of underground country, but I never claimed I had it. And if folks what to follow you, then those are folks that I don’t care if they read Saving Country Music or not.

          • Triggerman, I’ve been a fan of your site for well over a year because I often appreciate your satire and your attention to bands in this genre; but right here you are offering a logical fallacy referred to as the “Straw Man” argument. Shooter said the reason that he worked with Bucky was because someone very dear to him introduced the two and Bucky and Shooter liked each other. To which you replied, “So your explanation about why you decided to collaborate with Bucky Covington is because I’m an asshole.” It’s easier to argue that his reasoning for collaborating was that he thinks you’re an asshole (which was not his position) rather than that Shooter has a friend that asked him to collaborate. Shooter also offered that his collaboration and support of Bucky was in reaction to Bucky being under the thumb of a label and he is now trying to create something new. You consistently talk about offering a truth about country music and often you do. However, when it comes to the mudslinging you sometimes turn to subjective, childish arguments like this. We come here to read objective reviews of material, not slanderous, illogical bullshit.
            P.S. You’re also failing to mention that eOne, in addition to producing hip-hop, also is host to Bela Fleck and Jerry Douglas, two of the greatest musicians in history.

          • William,

            You’re right. I revised the comment.

        • I have never been a fan of your music or your style. I am a devoted fan of your father and all of the pioneers in the old style of country music as well as the new artist that are keeping the tradition alive while paving their own road. However, the comments you are making in defense of yourself are valid. Sounds to me like you’re just trying to make a living while doing what you love, and that my friend is living the dream. We should all be so lucky. I’ve got mad respect for you based on what you’ve posted on this site and what you’ve done for/with other artists. Keep up the good work, and keep doing what you do and not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks of you.

          • See what happens when you explain yourself Shooter? Good on you Hagphish for being open-minded!

          • Are you trying to imply that you’re the reason I have a new found respect for Shooter? I guess by some far stretch of the imagination you are. I would never have heard him defending himself with dignity if you hadn’t forced him to by writting this article.

            But, don’t wollow in your own self righteousness for too long. Although, I have found of a shit ton of new music throught this site I’m starting to question why I still come here. The name calling and fingerpointing is just plain rediculous, and I’m sure I’ll have no problem finding new music through Bayport BBQ and Weber’s Deck.

            On the other hand, I guess you are just being a journalists, and like lawyers, journalists make more enemies than they do friends. I just wish you could be a little more accepting of the choices that other’s make. You’re not saving country music by starting beef with another advocate of the genre. You’re starting an online shit show like a 30 somthing living in his mom’s basement hiding behind a computer screen would do. It just ain’t right.

            The truth is, Shooter is an artist, and art is subjective. That’s what makes it so great.

            PS- Does anyone else see the hilarity in the names Shooter and Trigger? Who’s controlling who?

          • No Hagpish, I’m not. I asked Shooter to explain himself, he did, and your comment was the result. I know it may be hard to see or sound like bullshit, but believe it or not, I always want there to be understanding bred out of conflict. And believe it or not, I have a lot of respect for Shooter. I just disagree with a lot of what he does.

        • Sooooooo……… When I think of Shooter, I think “Man, that dude is super nice to my friends!” The HBG fellers and Fifth on the Floor were both at my house recently and one of the topics of conversation was how nice he is and has been to them. Having them play his Dad’s birthday party and being supportive of their records. Shooter, if you happen to see this…… GOOD ON YA for being a stand up guy! Whether I love the new album or not is irrelevant. Anyone that would personally attack you, your family(!?!?!?!), or your private personal endeavors can go piss up a fucking rope! Anyone I have ever met that knows you personally loves the shit out of you which speaks volumes! VIVA UNDERDOGS!!!!! VIVA SHOOTER JENNINGS!!!!!!

        • “My fans know where to find me. They also know that I wouldn’t do anything with exposure or money as a motivation.”

          I don’t know much about the back story here, nor do I follow the ins and outs of pop country in the least, nor do I have a dog in this fight; what I do know is that the quotation above is wildly implausible, and makes me distrust the sentiments that follow. What artist – what person making a living in any capacity – wouldn’t do “anything” with more exposure or more money as a motivation?

      • And how about Shooter confirming who’s story is correct in regards to the rape comment..? Triggerman’s or Adam’s? settle it up..

        • I’m not sure about how correct the time-table part of it is, but all I know is that I read the review quite a while after he’d posted it, with my girlfriend (the mother of my two children), and when we got down to the comment at hand, it turned our stomach, and really soured me to this site as it was a regular, and not unlike a lot of the comments that get made, especially towards me and my family. I do know it was up for at least a week as I’d told a few people about it and they’d gone there to check it out. And finally I know Justin Wells finally wrote Kyle about it. But Kyle lied to Justin and said he’d apologized to me and my family for it, which he had never done. And then after saying he apologized, in a real damage control type move, he forwarded Justin’s original message (which also had Justin saying he didn’t like Family Man as much as other records of mine which I think Kyle wanted me to see hoping I would be hurt by it, but I was not) and then attempted to apologize for it. Whatever. I appreciate any apology for it as he doesn’t really owe me one, he didn’t write the comment. It’s not his fault, as it’s not my fault if someone comes in here flying the XXX flag screaming at him debasing him or his readers. I’m the only person who made the child-rape comment in public about his site and it was because I was honestly just hurt by it, which I’m sure it was intended to do. If you have kids, you understand how talk about your child like that makes you see red, want to kill people kinda rage. But it’s gone and it’s subsided. Now it’s just talk about my mama, lol :)

        • I’ll forward you the emails when I have a moment.

          • Trigger, before you do so, I’d urge you to get permission from the persons involved, in the interest of the journalistic integrity you so often tout. I don’t know if you forwarded my email that I sent to you personally to Shooter with some sort of evil intent, but it did seem a bit tasteless, especially after apologizing to me for evoking my name in one of your and Adam’s bouts.

            Within the email, I said that Shooter’s “Family Man” wasn’t one of my favorites. It wasn’t necessarily relevant to the email, but I thought it important to preempt an accusation of being a “crony”. I consider Shooter a friend, I’ve had in depth talks with him about things completely outside of music, and it’s my opinion that he’s a good fuckin dude. I was also a fan prior to meeting him (frankly, I think Black Ribbons is the shit). But that doesn’t mean that I think he’s God almighty, nor vice versa. Again, he’s a friend. We don’t agree on everything. You and I don’t agree on everything. Me and Bryan Childs don’t agree on everything. Hell, my own band doesn’t 100% agree on much. The compromise, between artists, journalists, promoters, venues, music buyers, you name it…the compromise is the good part. That’s the shit that makes the world go round: the middle ground.

            Like you’ve said so many times, it’s your site, run it as you see fit. But know that “Saving” is a positive verb. Country music is a common ground between all of us. The shit-slinging articles, though I’m sure they have the biggest hits, do absolute nothing in this humble Kentuckian’s opinion to improve anything for anybody, myself, yourself, or this site included. Like I said, that’s your choice, and nobody has a right to shit on ya for doing otherwise, but it seems like it’s a pretty heavy choice. And I’d want to give a heavy choice a lot of thought.

            Peace man.

          • Yeah I don’t need any emails.. It looks like Triggerman did exactly as he said he did and took the comment down as soon as he was made aware of it and Adam’s accusations in regards to time frames are false. My reason for inquiring was I would have pretty disappointed if that comment were knowingly left up for any amount of time. If by some chance Triggerman did know about the comment and knowingly left it there for those 5 days then shame on him, but only he knows the true answer to that. As Shooter said above, as a parent these types of things make me beyond furious and I really cant imagine being in Shooter and his lady’s shoes reading a comment like that about their child.. It is sickening.. How Trig apologized is all on him and I have no concern with that and that is between him and Shooter.

  • At what point does an artist become so “independent” that he/she comes full circle and meets back up with what they tried to avoid by becoming “independent”?

  • What you should be talking about is how great Farmageddon Fest was last weekend. Shooter got up and sang with everybody. He sang with Bob Wayne, J.B. Beverly, James Hunnicutt and Jayke Orvis…just to name a few…Does this mean we are all sold out…guilty by association…like some kind of Kevin Bacon game?

    • Ron,

      Reviews of three days festivals take days to compile. My review of Muddy Roots last year didn’t get posted until Wednesday afternoon of the week after. Shooter yesterday on Twitter characterized this article as some sort of attack on Farmageddon Fest when the majority of it is about Bucky Covington. He also said that the reason I didn’t come to Farmageddon Fest was because I was afraid to get my ass kicked, and that I should have covered it, when in fact I had a reporter on the ground, taking pictures, video, and doing interviews. Then Shooter deleted the comments. I am gong to post a lengthy explanation of why I was not at Farmageddon soon since Shooter created a rumor mill, but trust me, this article has as much to do with Farmageddon Fest as it has to do with Hank III, which is, nothing.

  • I feel it should be pointed out that while Shooter has done duets with mainstream country acts like Deana Carter, and Bucky Covington, it’s not as if that’s all he’s done

    He’s worked with Tony Joe White, Last False Hope, Ted Russel Kamp, Matt Reasor and The Madness, Folk Uke, Tom Morello, Carter Falco, lucas Nelson, The Oak Ridge Boys, Ike Reilly and more. All of which belong to various genres with varying sounds.

    We as fans enjoy the variety he brings to the table. I’ve never heard something from Jennings and thought “Oh great more of the same” or “Seems he’s phoning it in”.

    As he said in his song “The Family Tree.”

    “I sing the blues and I make rock ‘n’ roll
    I might make jazz or punk or metal or r&b or soul
    Either way I take the music that I make very seriously”

    While you may not understand it, his fans really dig that he dabbles in these different genres and sounds, if he rubs elbows with the mainstream while he makes that music, so be it, the fans couldn’t care less as the long as the music is something we enjoy.

    • Tyler,

      It’s great that Shooter has worked with those other artists. But let me say for probably the 20th time in this thread, I don’t have a problem with Shooter collaborating with other artists, mainstream artists, pop artists, or even necessarily hip hop artists or whoever he wants. The specific collaboration I have a problem with is Bucky Covington collaborating with Shooter Jennings for the reasons I spelled out in the article above: because Bucky is a piece of garbage whose been arrested for hit and run and grand theft, because he covered a damn Nickelback song, and because the specific song they are collaborated on mentions “Outlaws” in the lyrics that they changed because Shooter released a song calling out that very thing.

      If you like the song or think it’s okay, hey man, more power to you, don’t let my jaded opinions get in your way. But please, don;t characterize me as being against duets or collaboration, I’m just against this one.

      • I’m not in any way trying to characterize you as being against duets or collaboration.

        I’m just trying to show that contrary to your generalization of us, not all of Shooter’s fan will attempt to attack you personally as oppose to defending the music.

        That’s pretty much my entire reason for commenting.

      • I’m not standing up for Bucky or Shooter but I don’t really understand your attack on Bucky. You say he’s been arrested for hit and run and grand theft. Hell alot of underground artists and legendary country artists have been arrested for lots of things probably worse. He covered a Nickelback song…so what? He’s a horrible person for having different taste than what you or I like. Mentioning outlaws I can understand your argument, but is that all we are arguing about?

      • Bucky Covington’s Grand Theft Charges Dropped: http://www.theboot.com/2011/08/30/bucky-covington-theft-charges-dropped/

        Get your facts straight once in a while.

        • That’s the same exact link I posted in the body of the article you dumb fuck. Go back to Twitter and cultivate more rumors about how I insulted Shooter’s family.

          • You leveled the accusation at him both in the article and in the comments. The charges were dropped. He was not guilty.

            Again, you seem to be holding Shooter and Bucky to higher standards than any artists before them. As another comment said, numerous country stars have been arrested. Many have covered bad songs. Why the hate for this particular artist and this particular duet except that you attempt to discredit everything Shooter does.

            As for the “outlaw” theory, bullshit. I commend you for giving a fair review to “Ghost to a Ghost,” but not once in your review did you mention the numerous uses of the term “outlaw” throughout the album.

            When I listen to music, I could care less if it’s mainstream or underground as long as it’s good. There are bad underground bands just as there are bad mainstream bands. As far as Bucky Covington goes, I honestly haven’t listened to him enough to pass judgment, but having heard both “Drinkin’ Side of Country” and the other single from his upcoming album, I don’t think he’s the best thing going today or even the best in the mainstream, but I do think that comparing him to Jason Aldean or Brantley Gilbert is way off base.

          • Hank III never wrote a song calling out mainstream country artists for using the term “Outlaw” like Shooter did. They changed the words to “Drinking Side of Country”! Why did they do that? And here you are bringing up Hank III again. Fuck man, get over it, and the comment that was left 6 months ago and deleted after 5 days.

          • Why did they change the lyrics? You’d have to ask Shooter or Bucky that, but I’d assume that it would be because Bucky didn’t want to be lumped with the fake outlaws who have been gaining more and more steam since the song was originally released. Or maybe he listened to “Outlaw You” and the message got through? I don’t pretend to know, but based on your past positions I would think you’d be praising the change in lyrics rather than demonizing mistakes an artist has made in the past.

  • The point to music and all forms of artistic expression is for the artist to connect with the people that connect with the artists work. Why in Gods name can we not just all appreciate music for it’s own sake. I’m not going to dig everything I hear but someone else might love what I hate. That should be celebrated not villified. Some of the most trancendent moments of my existence have been wrapped in the music that speaks to me, as it should be. If we focus on the music that does not get the attention it deserves sites like this one serve a valuable purpose. Maybe we should focus on that and let all the other stuff go by the way side.

  • This just comes across like u have some weird hard on for Shooter. Any time he does something you don’t agree with you can’t wait to get on here and talk about it. I must have missed your article praising him for playing all the underground bands on his show and working on cd’s with Fifth On The Floor and Hellbound Glory. Hell, he even did a song with my band Joecephus and The George Jonestown Massacre. Funny part is that his mainstream crowd does not even flinch when he records with musicians they have never heard of while you guys get your elite panties in a bunch when he works with people outside the scene you guys deem “uncool”. Grow up

    • Look Joey, nobody is getting on Shooter for working with someone in the mainstream or outside of whatever “scene” you are referencing. If that’s all this was, why was I silent when he worked with Jamey Johnson or Tom Morello? It’s this specific collaboration with Bucky Covington.

      The original version of this “Drinking Side of Country” included the line “Outlaws on the run” in the chorus. The line is changed in the new version. Shooter released a song called “Outlaw You” (read my very positive review http://www.savingcountrymusic.com/shooter-jennings-fires-big-shot-with-outlaw-you) that specifically called out pop country stars using the “Outlaw” term in their music.

      Why do you think that “Drinking Side of Country” lyric was changed?

      • As to not play into secretive bias, I am married to Matty Rodgers of Fifth on the Floor, whose last album was produced by Shooter Jennings. I am not a member of the musical world and am naive to the ins and outs of how it all works. However, I’d like to offer my perspective.
        A little over a year ago, Fifth on the Floor came across their names on Shooter’s radar. These boys had been playing the regional circuit, “making their way, the only way they know how,” and trying to branch out; struggling every step of the way. FOTF reached out to Shooter and a friendship bloomed. Shooter had Justin appear in “Outlaw You” and let the rest of the band, me, and several other of our friends appear in “The Real Me.”
        Shooter then agreed to produce Fifth on the Floor’s newest album. Shooter came to town for a week of production for virtually no compensation. He stayed with the boys in a shitty hotel or even in the studio. He related to all of us as a friend. He even complimented the chili I made them!
        Fifth on the Floor has flourished due to the promotion from Shooter. I’ve gotten to spend a bit of time with this man. As a Kentucky girl, I can spot bullshit in a person just as quickly as in a field and Shooter has been genuine and honest with the boys. I feel the musical connection is not about separating different genres of country, but rather connecting all genres that come from real roots and feelings, regardless of media. Bucky breaking the corporate thumb that held him down may be a prime example of Shooter’s influence, regardless of your feelings toward the song. Much love.

      • So what if the word “Outlaw” was in the song or not?

  • I listened to/watched the video. Not a bad song not a good song. Plenty of babes in the video though that’s for sure. As far as Bucky goes I’d say it’s a few notches above what I normally hear from him but I think there is a bit lacking in the lyrics even for what should be just a rowdy good time kind of song.

  • I get what both parts are saying here. I understand what Triggerman is saying here in that Shooter came out with the song “Outlaw You” in which he was taking shots at pop-country artists, but then does a duet with pop-country artist. I’m not quite understanding the reason behind the Outlaw You song. I’m not sure if Shooter was really calling out pop-country artists or if he was just taking a jab at the business side of mainstream country. I understand that Shooter has many friends who sing certain styles of music that he doesn’t necessary like but is still great friends with those people. Just as I have many friends who listen to rap music or watch tv shows that I don’t like, but that doesn’t stop me from being their friend. These duets aren’t much of an issue to me because yes it’s usually different artists who may sing different styles of music collaborating together. That’s what is entertaining about duets. It’s different if the artist such as shooter totally changed his style and touted himself as a hard core rapper now and vowed never to do country anymore.

    All in all this isn’t much of an argument. Who cares really. I’m not touting shooter as a sole leader in a resurgent of “real” country music and I don’t believe he has called himself out as that either. I really feel he is just like all of us who love finding great underground bands and telling everyone about them. I do appreciate what he is doing with getting exposure out for those underground artists.

  • How bout everyone cut this bullshit out and enjoy some great fucking music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL4UCtwV3wE

  • Easy to see both sides of this argument/disagreement.. I do admit Shooters intentions have always seemed to puzzle me. Thought his first two albums were really good, saw him live a few times and was great. The wolf wasn’t that good and I still don’t know what the hell black ribbons was. I think the thing Shooter needs to understand is that he is just all over the place with his music and intentions. One minute he’s country, next minute hes psychadelic rock or whatever the fuck it is, then his music sounds mainstream, then he promotes underground music, then he’s dueting with Bucky. Personally, it is hard for me to be a fan because I don’t see any direction with his music. Having said all of this, Shooter has talent, will always be a figure for country music because of his name, and he seems to be a cool dude that does whatever the hell he wants.

  • After reading all of this, the only thing I can add is that I feel like “Outlaw You” was calling out the mainstream artists that try to pass themselves off as “outlaws” in all manners of speaking, as opposed to anybody that might mention the word outlaw once, in one song, on an album most people won’t hear by an artist most people don’t know. I agree with his sentiments in that song (Outlaw You, not the duet) but I don’t get offended any time I hear somebody mention the word outlaw.

    I like Shooter, he’s not my favorite, but many of the bands that I’m currently into I first heard on his show, including Hellbound Glory, who are my favorite current country band and probably in my top 3 overall. So regardless of what kind of secret agendas some people think he has, his mission of bringing attention to underground acts is working.

    I don’t care for Bucky Covington, although I admit I know next to nothing about him. Seeing as how he didn’t have a chance to work his way through the industry, and instead just got thrown into a contract after American Idol, maybe he really does want to try something new, and what better way than to ask a friend with an established career for help. What kind of friend wouldn’t help someone out, even if it was with something he doesn’t particularly enjoy.

    That being said I also enjoy reading this site looking for new bands, and will continue to read here, as this site also helps get the word out about bands who need the publicity. I understand your feelings to a point on this issue Trigger, but I really don’t feel like it was worth the effort to raise a fuss over. I hate a hypocrite as much as anyone but I can also make the call for myself and it doesn’t have to be shouted about. If we as a community are going to try to “save” or “establish” or whatever verb you want to use in regards to this movement, we’d be better suited by banding together as opposed to acts of playground level tattle-tailing.

    • Sal, I appreciate your pragmatic take on this. I just want to clarify some things:

      “…maybe he really does want to try something new, and what better way than to ask a friend with an established career for help.”

      “Drinking Side of Country” is not a new direction. Bucky Covington already cut this song in 2010. Furthermore, I would say that Bucky’s career is much more established, or at least just as established as Shooter’s. That brings it back to the point that Shooter is not as big as some would like to think.

      “we’d be better suited by banding together as opposed to acts of playground level tattle-tailing.

      I will never band together with anyone who releases terrible pop country songs like “Drinking Side of Country” or someone who points a tank at the Country Music Hall of Fame. That is exactly what I set up Saving Country Music to fight AGAINST. It’s great that both Shooter and I like Hellbound Glory. But that speaks more to the appeal of Hellbound Glory that the similarities between us.

      Right now, in my opinion, there is no bigger enemy to country music than Shooter Jennings. And the reason is, is because he poses as a friend. I have no choice but to oppose him, or this whole website becomes a joke.

  • this has been ONE HELLUVA READ FOLKS!! Through my journey of growing, living life, and encountering all the great music that i need to help me get through the day to day (RK, RRB, JB, WB, etc), even early on i ran accross Shooter Jennings music, the namesake alone makes you almost unwillingly curious, respectful or hypercritical to anything that this son of country royalty may divulge. i have 3 songs of shooters on my ipod (gone to carolina, blood from a stone, last time i let you down)- no more, no less. these songs, at a certain time where exactly what i needed to feel better, feel like someone may have been thinking, writing, and singing exactly how i feel at that, or any other moment in my life and thiers. and i think thats the most dynamic concept about really appreciating music. ironically, people dance, identify, love and defend music that condones or references everything from “slappin ho’s, murdering fellers, killing and going to prison, rubbadubbin in clubs, to dogs running away and momma get hit by trains”. each person has his/her own reason for enjoying thier own music, weather they just like the beat & don’t care about the words; weather they enjoy thinkin they could slap ho’s or be the ho that got slapped; thier dog ran away and they remember how sad it made them… but for some reason everyone identifies with all these different types of music.. what an exiting world we live in eh folks. so true that the world would be boring if we were all the same. Shooters a stand up guy for always doing what HE feels is the right thing; helping people out, taking care of those around him and those he loves. but you cant have your cake and eat it too. Look, the road to hell is paved with good intentions-right. and your comment to trigg “I never will adhere to your call for an explanation of any of my actions”. your actions to collaborate with Bucky Covington are completely assanine. the only thing you should be doing for Bucky is notifying your buddies at Pantene, that this guy has amazing hair, and Bucky really thinks so. He can sell Pantene pro-v to just about anyone when they see how into his own hair he really is when he sings. this guy should never be allowed to get away with muttering the words outlaw, the same as Tim Mcgraw should never be allowed to sing about bumping little wayne on my i-pod in a “country” song. i’m not sure if you blame the songwriter (cartel), the singer (the dealer), the person buying the music/concert tickets (the user), or the entity playing chess with all the pieces and somehow profiting off it for $/favors/ or to feel good about themselves (the us government or shooter jennings), but something about this whole thing is inherently wrong. it makes alot of us sick to our stomach to know that the sanctity of certain precious things aka, the music and pride in calling it country- get F****d with all too often. the music, that Triggerman is “trying to save” is being shat on by crossover banditos such as Shooter, Swift, Aldean, McGraw, so on and so forth. “oh looky, i’ll put my own little spin, duet, rap, metal guitar, wimpy outlaw in this song and call it country. i cant even say that i listen to country any more because i’m disgusted with what everyone else thinks is actually country- really isn’t. and half of the time, they like it, and don’t understand why thats so infuriating to people who really know, live, and respect the differences between all the musical concepts, genres, cultures, experiences, etc. Rap doesn’t belong in country- its not country anymore. country doesnt belong in raggae- bob marley is not country. **people need to quite claiming they are something they are not. TRIGGS ONLY F****ng point. people need to quite playing both sides of the fence. just because your doing a good deed, doesnt mean your doing anyone else any favors. i suppose Society will always make its own rules, laws, and guidlines. everyone says they are made to be broken. but each person has an set of internal guidelines. and whats happening in todays country scene, doesnt sit well for some reason. why is that?? but hey, on the lighter side of things, thanks to shooter for those 3 songs that i have and will always enjoy listening to. they sit well with me and if no one else liked that, i would still keep trucking.. as i’m sure shooter, mgraw, swift, aldean, and the other folks who actually mean what they say, are working hard doing what they love, will continue to do. in essence.. Trigg. keep doing what you do, it’s awsome that your so passionate for this stuff. and i hope shooter does the same, or this world would be a boring place.

  • What I’m getting out of this is that you have personal issues with Shooter, and thus you were just waiting to shit on him the first time he did something that didn’t line up with your beliefs, or the beliefs of the majority of your readers for that matter. The fact of the matter is that Shooter is doing a lot more than you would like to admit for underground country. Of course have been promoting Farmageddon Fest, but you never actually gave Shooter credit for being involved in it. He was the fucking headliner for shit’s sake, and the only reason he was doing it was to promote roots music. Oh yeah, he also does a radio show every week to promote this kind of music. You can say whatever you want about this collaboration, but I can guarantee you that you’ll Hellbound Glory on his radio show than Bucky Covington. Oh by the way, I’m pretty sure he gets a lot more listeners than you’re podcast does.

    You keep saying that no one can defend this duet, but the bottom line is that no one has to. Shooter has put out four great country albums that pretty well show what he’s about. He also put out Black Ribbons, which didn’t really score him a lot of points with anyone involved in country music, so don’t go saying he only cares about his image. And so what if he’s Waylon’s son, I sure don’t hear you calling out Lukas Nelson about being born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

    I mean shit, get over yourself. I do think you do a good job in spreading the word about a lot of bands, but a lot of the time I feel like you put too much stock in your own opinions. By the way I heard of Hellbound Glory from one of the XXX compilations before I’d ever paid much attention to your site, so that goes to show you just what all Shooter is doing for roots music. He even supported Hank 3 on his radio show when 3 was having that one sided feud with him. Shooter is trying to bring roots music to a wider audience, and he’s making a lot more headway than anyone else is right now. I mean shit, just because he’s not content with a cult following doesn’t mean he’s a horrible two faced liar.

    As far as the whole Outlaw You thing is concerned, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t calling out everyone who uttered the word outlaw in a song. If he was, wouldn’t that mean he was calling out Hank 3 too? I’m pretty sure nobody ever even thought that for a second when they heard it. And just because Hank 3 might not have ever had any kind of relationship with his dad doesn’t mean that his name didn’t help him out quite a bit along the way, just like Shooter’s did.

    I just think you are over looking a lot of the good stuff Shooter is doing just because you don’t like him as a person anymore, and that’s kind of bullshit. He can make music with who ever he wants and it doesn’t distract from his legacy a bit. He’s shown that he wants to help roots music, but that one thing doesn’t have to consume his entire career. He can still make his own music along the way.

    • Why would I give Shooter credit for being involved in Farmageddon Fest here? This article has nothing to do with Farm Fest. Great, he flew out to Montana so he could be in a place where he could look down on everyone as opposed to looking up like he’s used to.

      As for Shooter being the headliner, I was told expressly by Darren at Farmageddon that Shooter was NOT the headliner of Farmageddon Fest. He told me to edit my article where I said Shooter was the headliner, something I assumed because his name was the biggest on the poster. I’m not sure what the story is there, but that was their request and I honored it.

      I acknowledge that Shooter is trying to do some things for smaller artists, and I also acknowledge that for every good thing he does, he does two bad things. He just put out a straight up pop song man. Did you see the video on Maxim? Are you kidding me? Why are we having this conversation? So he sells out, puts out an awful pop country song with an awful video. But oh, that’s ok because he was wearing a Scott Biram T-shirt the whole time which means he was supporting the little guy.


      Shooter Jennings sold out on 7-24-2012 in a duet song with Bucky Covington called “Drinking Side of Country”. It’s over.

      • Yeah and The Triggerman played himself out on 7-24-12 with that article. Your true colors are the only ones that you showed, pal! Good work, maybe next time think before you make yourself look like an idiot with an article like this and all your multi-edited replies.

        • No, I probably won’t think, I’ve got more Shooter articles coming down the pike in fact.

          • Keep the Shooter articles coming. Only lightning rod on this site over 100 comments, only thing that brings traffic to this site. Comments by us uninformed people are the only things really worth reading on this site.
            Save Country Music Trigger,, and maybe someone named Roy will ride you off into the sunset.

          • Comments are not always indicative of traffic. Any and all assumptions on the traffic of this website are just that, assumptions. I have very detailed real-time reports on the traffic of this site that I monitor every day because it is my job to try and get information out to folks as best I can. Because people in your reality tunnel say they’re never coming back here or they don’t read this site anymore doesn;t mean my traffic is affected. This is anecdotal information. I am happy with the traffic of the site, though traffic is not necessarily why I write or why I write certain articles.

            It makes my heart sick when I drive out to hang out with a 90-year-old artist who was at the very crux of the formation of modern American music, spend 5 hours with him, interviewi him, take pictures of his property, spend a full day writing an in-dept account of my experience, and in the end the article gets only 10% of the traffic this one does, and only 10 comments. For some folks to somehow rub this reduction of priority by the public in my face seems a little bit diseased. It sucks that I, and many other journalists, just like many of the artists I cover on this site, can’t get people to pay attention to substance. But I will still make substance a priority and a pillar of this site, regardless of how popular it is. And this is what I did when I went and spent my weekend with a bluegrass family band and spent many hours writing them up to only receive 3 comments. Oh well. I believe in it and I love it, so I do it. Do the negative articles take away from these positive articles? The Don Maddox one was posted before this one, so that theory is a tough one to prove. But I believe in speaking my mind as well, so I have no intention of stopping the negative articles either when I feel they are necessary.

            What I’m getting at is the traffic is what it is. I write what I’m passionate about and try to be as honest as I can. Let history judge the rest.

  • who cares. faaaaark shooter!! he reminds me of those crazy doctors and nurses who everybody thinks are life savers but go around killing patients and injecting them with bleach. (get my analogy?) if i was even friends with a muppet that looked like bucky i would cut my own head off with a butter knife. delete my comment or keep it i don’t really care……….coz i rule!!!!!!!

  • Oh and, Triggerman, this last comment even shows what more of an angry prick you are. PLAYED OUT. That’s what you are. Bet you don’t even put this up. If you do, good for you, maybe go back and edit your reply to make yourself look better in the long run, since that’s what you’ll do anyways. PLAYED OUT. You blew it with this one! PLAYED OUT! Who cares. That song isn’t pop, it’s some ‘good ol’ boys song’ not the best ever, but it ain’t fucking HOMEBOY, WHICH YOU LIKED! PLAYED OUT! 7-24-12-that’s the date TRIGGERMAN GOT PLAYED OUT!

    • So just for clarification, am I played out or not? There seems to be a little confusion there.

      I stand by my review of “Homeboy” and every single thing in this article 100%.

      I edited one comment, and then said I edited it in a reply. That is called learning and taking responsibility. I made a mistake. I admitted to it and apologized, and if that happens in the future, I will do it again despite how you or anyone else wants to characterize it.

      And by the way, this is my website. I can do whatever the hell I want to do with the comments. I have no obligation to adhere to anyone’s rules in this forum other than my own. If you don’t like it, go start your own website.


        • I’m sorry you feel that way Mr. Bandana. You know I’ve always had respect for you. Obviously I respectfully disagree with your take on my website, but at the same time, I have no desire to argue with you.

          All the best!

      • “And by the way, this is my website. I can do whatever the hell I want to do with the comments. I have no obligation to adhere to anyone’s rules in this forum other than my own. If you don’t like it, go start your own website.”

        Cool. So you’re going to save country music by being biased and played out?

        By the way friends of ours work with MTV, CMT & GAC, and we asked Taylor and Eric about both songs that you thought could possibly be about you and they HAD NO IDEA WHO YOU WERE. Good work ego man. Confirmed, NEITHER song had to do with you. Keep dreaming about your impact on country music.

  • That video… ummm… wow. It was only missing puttin’ good dips in and crackin’ cold ones.

    I like Shooter, but if you don’t think he deserved to be called out for this, I’d hate to see what you think it takes.

  • Based on all the BS in the comment section between Shooter and Triggerman about the someone leaving a comment about Shooter’s daughter, it seems clear that this was at least some personal gripe between the two and Trig was just waiting for an excuse to go off.

    That being said, while I really don’t think anyone should be laying their petty disagreements on comment section, it’s more understandable that some guy who runs a website is engaging in a stupid internet fight than a relatively major country music star. (Assuming that’s really Shooter Jennings in the comment section.)

  • If you don’t like Bucky or Shooter… why waste your time blogging about them? The truth is that you know nothing about the music business- If you did, you would know the artist RARELY gets to make decisions on their own about any part of their career. I bet Bucky never wanted to sing “poppy” country- he doesn’t seem like that kind of guy. And Shooter is a very talented guy in many ways. How he decided to use that talent is his choice. I appreciate critics but geez… you need to try that and stop being a hater :) Have a wonderful day!

  • This is crazy. I mean, its an internet fight at its finest. This is a blog site, more or less, and the thing about blog sites, they are largely opinion based. Who gives a fuck if Trig wants to rip on Shooter? Who gives a flying fuck? Its his opinion. Its the internet, I’m sure we can find some more pressing matters to bicker about or probably worse shit out there about Shooter. I don’t care, I’ve meant to listen to the guy but never got around to it. I think this Bucky cat sucks, not my cup o tea. If I was in charge I wouldn’t pair em up. But again, who fucking cares. Trig, you run a good site, you got plenty of fans and who fuckin’ cares. Fuck em.

  • I love that only the comments you want go through. VERY professional.

    • Nobody’s comments are getting deleted unless they’re massively inappropriate or completely out of context. Quit whining.

  • I must say Trigger, you’re breaking your own rules in my eyes. Quoting the charter:

    Always Keep a Broad Perspective
    Stay fiercely independent of music scenes, cliques, trends, tribes, labels, entities, and hype. Understand the recent modern orientation has been for people’s perspectives to narrow. Always work to widen musical and cultural perspectives, both on a personal level, and of readers and listeners by reaching out to all the different elements, scenes, and perspectives that fall under the broad umbrella of “country” music, and country’s cultural impact. Work diligently to erode stereotypes. Encourage the exchange of differing and dissenting ideas and viewpoints.

    – I believe here you are not only putting Shooter either OUTSIDE or INSIDE of the cliques/scenes that you are discussing. You are definitely not trying to understand his perspective or view on Bucky as an artist, and you are definitely not attempting to erode any stereotypes applied to both folks. Widen music and cultural perspectives—again, you’re making nasty comments about both.

    Always Be More Positive Than Negative
    For every story written with a negative or critical perspective, there must be at least two stories with a positive or constructive perspective, despite the appeal or popularity of such stories. In the short-term, the news cycle or other circumstances can throw this ratio off. But over the long term, the imbalance towards the positive must be maintained.

    –besides most of the bullshit short stories, based on length and time spent on each, I bet this does not equal out

    Walk Up to the Line, But Don’t Cross It
    Sarcasm is safe, slander is not. Use humor when possible to log disapproval, not outright hatred. Always know where the line is between an artist or entity’s public persona and their personal lives. Never bring family into discussion unless specifically germane to the subject. Never make personal threats, especially ones alluding to bodily injury. When criticizing an individual or entity, always show respect by naming them by name; never hide behind ambiguity. Specific to women, never refer to them as “bitches” or any other derogatory term. When meeting or communicating with someone on a personal level, always be nice and be willing to put personal or musical differences aside.

    —Besides calling Miranda Lambert a “fat cunt” or something like that, and all the nasty shit you’ve posted in the past about plenty of women (oh, i’m sorry does the comment section not count?). Can you draw the personal line with Shooter? I believe it’s pretty blurred for you.

    Have utmost respect for everyone, especially adversaries. Understand the best way to defeat adversaries and adversarial viewpoints is by showing respect and attempting to understand differing viewpoints. Never criticize based on assumptions, but facts and research. Work to see common ground, not just to wedge apart from adversaries, or wedge apart the public in reactionary activities. Give credit where credit is due.

    –Are you trying to understand viewpoints, or are you trying to tear Shooter down because he angers you. His “decisions” may not work within SCM and what you do, but the general consensus among artists and fans is that he’s doing a really good thing and he’s widening the exposure for a lot of these artists. If you really think that 2 years ago before he started using his platform as an exposure format for these artists + the promotion he’s done for all these other artists without any personal gain, that these artists haven’t seen a difference, then you’re sadly mistaken. I’d be willing to bet your viewcount has doubled in the last year and whether or not you want to admit it, it’s got a lot to do with him. He promoted your site on his radio show for a long time, hell, that’s where I heard of it. Alright.

    My point is, you seem to be a clear hypocrite and I haven’t seen one action by Shooter as hypocritical. Because I performs with an artist outside of the underground? Because he promotes music outside of country/roots music? Seems he has the right to do all. You know who did that and helped change music? Frank Zappa.

    One other thing. Do you forget that Conway Twitty was one of this biggest teenie bopper pop acts on the planet and later became a staple in classic country? Did you also forget that Waylon was reared in rock and roll and the purists, like yourself, were truly offended when they came in playing the music like it was? Did you also forget that George Jones was a giant pop country artist with little control? Also your beloved Marty Stuart blowdried his hair and wore panty-hose under his jeans so they’d fit tighter than a woman’s. This is worse than Bucky, much worse. No matter if he was a good mandolin player, the older crowd viewed Marty as a teenie-bopper sell-out wannabe. Of course, this is probably off your radar.

    Seems that you’re a much bigger hypocrite than Shooter.

    I can’t wait for your rebuttal.

    • Never referred to Miranda Lambert as a “fat cunt.” Produce a link or screen shot. You won’t even be able to find where I even called ANY woman a “bitch”. It’s something I don’t do. Be careful believing your own lies or falling for rumors or urban myths.

    • Uh yea, I gotta vouch for Trigg here and say he has never called Miranda that.In fact he coddles this head slamming,stomping,southern rock artist to the point of calling her real country.Trust me,I know!!

    • Your so full of shit. When was George Jones pop country, quit spreading lies. The man released two rockabilly albums that he is ashamed of, but never would consider him pop. Tell George that to his face and he’d probably slap your stupid ass

      • Not sure this is the right place for this, but I saw George Jones perform last week. I’m sad to say that he is really not doing well. He can barely speak, let alone sing. I’m glad to see him out and about, but I’m worried that he’s trying to do too much too fast.

  • Comment found in your Kellie Pickler review:

    The Triggerman March 7, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    Gretchen Wilson and her stinky vagina, and any album she has ever done does not deserve to be anywhere near this discussion whether you like this Kellie Pickler album or not. Gretchen is the male equivalent of Justin Moore, the worst of the wost of the “new Outlaws”. That’s great that some critic bit on one of her albums hook, line, and sinker, but I’ll stand firmly behind my opinions on “100 Proof”, and I feel very confident that like the music, they will hold up over the years. Nowhere on this album is Kellie trying to tell me how country she is, except for maybe the first two songs. She just “is” country. Gretchen Wilson was a bit right out of the box.

    Pretty rude and crude stuff towards Gretchen.

    • I stand behind that comment 100%, as I do all my comments. It’s funny. Laugh. If it offends you, you probably don’t belong on this website. Quit wining. You can cull through the whole website all you want and pull shit out of context and never mention once all the positive articles I write and things I done and try to discredit me and spread bullshit, but in the end, Shooter will still be a hypocrite who put out a shitty song as part of a big corporate music sellout. Throw whatever you want at me, attempt to discredit me all you want, all you folks hate me already no matter what I do. But I won’t quit, because I believe in it and I believe in give my honest opinions the way I see them.

      Next Shooter article goes up tomorrow morning!

  • This is all so embarrassing… you either like something or you don’t…
    bottom line… support or don’t. No one is a sell out no one is somethin cause their daddys name… these are musicians who love to do what they do because it feels good to them. Sooooo… go you all should go masturbate or something and make yourselves feel good too.

    • some chick must be some really simple chick. Shooter is a sell out 100%, what was he thinking…….ok i’m gonna do a crappy pop country song with a douche like Bucky but as long as i wear a Biram shirt i will be ok. hahahaha give me a break, open your eyes simple chick and realize that a lot of artists sell out and and shooter is definitely one of them. you probably are just some chick that won’t understand anyway so i’m gonna go masturbate now.

  • Is there a Shooter fan that is now completely turned off to him by this? Seems everyone that calls him a sellout for doing this song wasn’t a fan of his to begin with, and most likely, has questioned everything he has done.

    And I’m trying to wrap my head around the “sellout” accusation? What good would it do for Shooter to “sellout” to pop country?
    First, he doesn’t exactly need the exposure. He has a radio show, cuts albums, and nearly everyone in the industry knows who he is.
    Second, he is very protective/respectful of his family name, so selling out would tarnish it completely. Do you think he decided, “I’m going to become a major label whore and douche bag and disrespect everything my father ever did and taught me.”
    Thirdly, Shooter has had opportunity to “sellout” for years and ride the family name. But the only thing I’ve ever seen him do that took advantage of the family name is he covers a couple of his dad’s tunes in concert.

    Also, Bucky isn’t exactly Aldean, Chesney or Lady A. Let’s not give him to much credit. If you were going to “sellout” I don’t think Bucky is the guy you would pick.

    Finally, Triggerman, or should we say Tabloidman, is calling this a duet manufactured by the label. Yet he doesnt’ even get the label name right, yet calls it “one of the biggest hip-hop labels in the world”. I would think if that was the case, you could at least get the name right.
    Fact is, eOne Entertainment is a large company, and music (many generes) is something they do. But don’t be fooled by Tabloidman that this is some Curb, Big Machine type situation.

    It is much more reasonable to explain this as some others have. Shooter met Bucky, had some beers and thought, “you’re a cool dude. we should cut a song.” And they cut a simple, toe tappin, song about drinking. It isn’t about music or making a statement about music. It is a storyline about drinking. Bucky never said he was an outlaw recording artist. Shooter never said he was (he has defended his father’s name, but never claimed to be)

    Very concerning how Tabloidman, claiming to try and “save country music”, would go to the lengths he has to create a rift. There are so many other great things to talk about.

    The Hellbound Glory exposure through the Kid Rock connection. A railroad tour coming up with Willie Nelson, Band of Horses and Jamey Johnson. Things that should be communcated to the followers as good things. But now it is time to pick your team like we are fucking Twlighters….I’m not team tabloid.

  • There is one other thing that is concerning to me. Tabloidman is bending his own bending of reality.

    In his effort to force feed us that the idea of a developing “mono-genre” was his, and it will ruin all of country music, he now is calling songs rap songs that aren’t rap songs.

    Quote from the review of Drinking Side of Country, ” In fact, what it is is a rap song and video; a product of the mono-genre. Pimps with all their ho’s and hot rods.”

    Trgger…is this “In fact” a fact or is this your “speculation/opinion fact”?
    The song is not a rap song. So don’t make it into one. It maybe pop-country (although I think that is a stretch), but you are bending space and time with your anger for Shooter and concluding this is a rap song? huh?

    The video is a couple longhaired southern boys in muscle cars with some daisy duke girls. Music, cars and girls is not exclusive to rap. And it really is you showing some stereotype thinking (I won’t use the other term…racist) about how you view music.

    What should they have done? A video of a meth-lab, rusty pickup and wearing county blues and screwing a cousin.

    The more I reveiw your two fictional blogs about Shooter, the more we see of just who you are. A man that has gone off the tracks.

    • “And it really is you showing some stereotype thinking (I won’t use the other term…racist) about how you view music. ”

      A lot of people are very quick to use the r-word. I’m so glad you showed restraint in not using it.

      • I didn’t use it because I believe racisim, one aspect of it, is you have an intolerance for a race. Or great hatered.
        I don’t think SCM or Trigger are near that.

        I do think some consistencies among a race can breed some thinking or “stereotypes” but that doesn’t mean you are intolerant or hate the race. And stereotypes aren’t totally fictional, they come from real things. But in this case, I didn’t get any feeling of hip-hop or rap in this. I think that was Trigger stretching A LONG way, to try and tie this up in bow, when he probably, as one person replied, should just never write about Shooter. He clearly has a bias, whether he wants to admit it or not. Shooter has some very very very good country cuts, but you don’t see that extreme praise for those as you see the extreme negativity for the weaker cuts.

        • OK. Thanks for the more detailed explanation. I don’t much disagree with what you say in general about stereotypes. I just think “racist” is a very powerful word and shouldn’t be used lightly.

          “Shooter has some very very very good country cuts, but you don’t see that extreme praise for those as you see the extreme negativity for the weaker cuts.”

          Well, he did list Daddy’s Hands as one of the best songs in the first half of the year. Myself, I really dig The Real Me. Saw him do it live on some late night show and I thought the video was a blast.

          • I saw Shooter a couple months ago on the tour with Cody Canada. First time seeing Cody since his Ragweed days, and he was impressive!

            Shooter was excellent and sounded fantastic. I think his voice can be tough to hear/understand sometimes, but this show he was spot on. He crushed a Steve Young cover, and played a couple tunes from the soon follow up to Family Man and they were as good as I’ve heard from anyone in a while.
            And this was not a pop-country crowd. I think he could have brought Bucky on stage and everyone would have probably laughed a bit, but I know Shooter kills songs live. Like many GOOD artists, better live than album cut.
            Now, there are some underground bands that are better left to an album cut than live.

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