Reinstate Hank Video Contest !!!

January 25, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Causes  //  15 Comments

Real quick, some MySpace readers have been having trouble commenting and kudoing these blogs. MySpace has been jacking with the blogs for weeks now, and I appreciate everyone working through the problems. As always you can comment problem free at savingcountrymusic.com.

Alright people.
A couple of weeks back I made this video . . .

. . . in response to Outlaw Magazine’s call for supporters of the Reinstate Hank movement to make videos voicing your support. You can read in depth about how to do that by CLICKING HERE.

But unfortunately, no other videos but mine have been made.

SO to motivate the hellbilly nation, I’ve dug deep into the dusty and depressed Free Hank III coffers to assemble a PRIZE PACKAGE that you can win by making a video! Now this is not a beauty contest. I am not going to judge the videos. All you have to do is simply make one and that makes you eligible for the prize, the winner will be chosen randomly.

At the moment the prize includes 2 CD’s : One from the father of country music, The Essential Jimmie Rodgers, and Marty Robbins: Legendary Country Singers. That’s 45 tracks of solid country gold!

It will also come with merch stickers from my soulmate Rachel Brooke , the much underrated Honky Tonk Hustlas , and the greatness of Metal Farm Magazine. And who knows, some big name people might also be ponying up some more booty for the winner. Details coming.

Like I said in my previous blog about this, I completely understand that there are some people who do not have the means to make a video.

But it would be great if those that do would take a few minutes to do so. You don’t have to be cute, creative, or funny, you just have to speak what’s in your heart and mind. It being heartfelt and honest is the most important thing. Outlaw Magazine is only asking for two minutes. Even if you just give a few seconds, state your name and where you are from and that you support the movement, this gives the Grand Ole Opry a set of eyes, a unique distinguishable human face to look back at and answer why they continue to refuse to honor the legacy of the greatest, most important artist in country music history.

Maybe if you do not know how or do not have the gear to make a video, you could get help from a friend, family member, neighbor, whatever. A lot of digital cameras now have the capability of making short videos. And if you need help posting it on YouTube, contact me and will do it under my account.

And again, NOBODY should feel guilty if they can’t or just won’t make a video, but you can also participate by rating or making comments on my videos or hopefully the others to come. This will help increase visibility on YouTube, and hopefully encourage others to make videos.

Also just a reminder, if there are any bands that want me to review or promote their music, email me and I will send you my contact info. And if you send me stuff I will pass it along to readers as well to help promote you a second time around.

15 Comments to “Reinstate Hank Video Contest !!!”

  • I don’t have any way to make any kind of video! :( I wish I could but I don’t even own a digital camera and because of personal shit going on right now I don’t want to ask any family member or friend to help. I really wish I could becuse the Reinstate Hank movement is super important to me! And I love Marty Robbins so that cd would be awesome! I will check out and comment on the ones posted on youtube if you let me know how! I am slightly technologically challenged on some of these things.
    On the band note, have you checked out Hillstomp? They are on my friend’s list and I think you would enjoy them!
    Gonna go listen to IBWIP episode 23 now!


    • WAAA WAAA !!!!


  • Hillstomp is cool. Haven’t spent as much time with them as I need to.


  • Damn it! I thought Rachel was my soulmate… grrrr!


  • Well now the essential Jimmie Rogers is pretty darn enticing. And the rest are even more enticing. I’ve had several thoughts on videos, but I’m not quite sure if they’re legal lol :) I’ll cut one for the contest though.


  • J-DUB does Dallas.


  • That’s just wrong, Triggerman!


  • I agree.

    But as long as he makes a Reinstate Hank video, whatever J-DUB does with his webcam afterwords is none of my business.


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  • I will fight this battle right along side all of yall till the day i die. They make me sick.


  • Hank III kicks ass & so did Hank SR !! There both OUTLAW ICON’S !!!! So the way I see it. Nashville & the Grand Ole Opry CAN GO GET F*#%* ! Everybody knows the the Grand Ole Opry has been using Hank Williams SR to promote themselves from the earIy years, Rite up to todays pop country CRAP !! Hank Williams deserves to be there more then anybody else !! STOP BEING IGNORANT DUMB ASS’S ! Reinstate Hank !!


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