Review – Bucky Covington & Shooter Jennings “Drinking Side of Country”

July 26, 2012 - By Trigger  //  Down with Pop Country  //  122 Comments

On July 25th, 2012, Waylon Albright Jennings, aka “Shooter”, the son of the late Waylon Jennings, sold out as hard as one can to the forces of big corporate mainstream Music Row pop country by releasing an undeniably pop country song and video with “The Nickelback of Country Music”, Bucky Covington.

But that’s okay, because he was wearing a Scott H. Biram shirt while doing it.

“Drinking Side of Country” is so bad, it is impossible for me to write a review for it that is negative enough. It is a song and video for 14-year-old mop-headed boys to masturbate to. The first thing you need to know about the song is that it’s an older song that Bucky originally cut in 2010 that they changed the lyrics to because of an embarrassing situation involving Shooter. You see, the original chorus had Bucky referring to himself as an “Outlaw on the run.” But seeing how in Shooter’s song “Outlaw You” he publicly called out pop country pretty boys who use the term “Outlaw”, they changed it. They were hoping all the tits in the video would distract from the lyrical shell game, but luckily you have your sweet, lovable Triggerman here to set the record straight.

This is a classic materialistic, chauvinistic, image driven song and video with positively no soul, relatively no story, and absolutely no attention paid to message or artistic appeal. It’s fluff. The only difference between this song and one from Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, or Brantley Gilbert is … well … nothing. It’s corporate music that contains all the calling cards of pop country: the token banjo, the bikinis, the reference to booze, the materialistic shots of vehicles, and the wholesale vapid approach that conveys nothing but envy and consumerism. In fact, what it is is a rap song and video; a product of the mono-genre. Pimps with all their ho’s and hot rods.

In this song they decide to razz on the beautiful city of Detroit, saying “So we went up to Detroit and took some country to the city. Like some old hillbilly tourists I guess we looked real silly.” Ha! Detroit is way more country than this song, video, or Bucky and Shooter combined.

What does “Drinking Side of Country” even mean? It means nothing. It’s focus group-driven consumerism demographic-pandering drivel. See here, Shooter likes beer so much, he can’t even put it down to talk at the camera.

The kinky sex backroom deal ultra-corporate cross-marketing stamp is all over this song and video as well. Bucky Covington and Shooter were paired together because they share the same label. Kellie Pickler appears in the video, and was on the same season of American Idol as Bucky. The video was released through Maxim, where Kellie has a big interview and photo spread this month.

Is “Drinking Side of Country” the worst song attempting to garner attention on country radio right now? No, no it’s not. Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah”, Kip Moore’s “Somethin’ About A Truck” and a few others are worse. But I would put it in the bottom 10 percentile in regards to substance.

And I don’t want to hear anybody talk about how this song will give exposure to “underground” bands. The gateway drug theory rarely pans out, and you don’t attract new fans with shitty sellout songs, you attract them with the good ones, with substance. You shouldn’t have to mince your words, shave off the edges and apologize for real, authentic music. Instead you should educate and expose people to the real stuff with the confidence and sincerity that it is truly better. “Drinking Side of Country” doesn’t represent the values of anything underground or independent, it represents the the selling out of those values.

If you watch the video for “Drinking Side of Country” and truly believe that it has anything to do with independent, underground, real, true, Outlaw, or just pain good country music, or if you think it has any substance whatsoever in the context of any music, then you my friend have been completely duped by the cult of personality of Shooter Jennings.

Just think of what Dale Watson would say watching this video. Envision him sitting there taking it all in, with his white fluffy pompadour, butterfly collars and leather vest, with his nickel-clad Telecaster slug over his shoulder. I think I know what he’d say.

Two guns way down!

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  • How dare Shooter cut a song with a friend? How dare Kellie Pickler appear in a video with an old friend as well? Lord knows when I hear this song on the radio I will turn it off and instead wish I was listening to Jason Aldean.

    How long till you block comments on this “article” when people start making points against you and you cant argue them?

    Also, stop calling yourself a journalist, you are a blogger, there is a difference between the two. journalists have integrity and dont let personal grudges shine through in their work.

    Also in regards to the song is it that much different than Shooters sound in the past? He has always had a bit of the pop country in it, you are acting like this is something new to him.

    • Why are you trying to make this about Triggerman? He’s one man with an opinion; the same as you.

  • Triggerman, this review (unfortunately for Shooter Jennings) is in every way, shape and form spot on and from a realistic country purist’s approach. Keep on doing what you’re doing ’cause you’re doing a damn good job at it! (You’re reviews like this always tickle my funny bone.)

    PS — The song: repulsive, a slander to the name of Country music. And the video, to me, is the reminiscent of some terribly constructed ripoff of The Dukes of Hazzard. Hence, Bucky is Bo Duke, Shooter is Luke Duke, and Kellie Pickler plays the role of “Daisy Duke”.

  • I don’t know, I’m a pretty big fan of tits, El Caminos, and Camaros.

    • Dont forget the motorcycle wheelies!

      • And stoppies! And the bad ass jump over the El Camino at the end! Seriously, on mute, I like the video. It’s not “good” per se, but it is entertaining to look at.

        • I have an El Camino! And Mickie James was in this video. I heart her.

  • I love Shooter Jennings. Electric Rodeo is one of my favorite albums. I think Put The O Back In Country was a great debut album. Since 2006, though, Shooter’s material has been hit or miss. It’s like he’s still searching for his place in music, his identity, his purpose.

    I love Shooter Jennings, but I can’t, and won’t, defend this. I’ll just hold out hope that his next song, album, whatever, is a step in the right direction.

  • LITTERBUGS! Those pretty girls shouldn’t have littered.

  • It’s not a very good song, but it “sounds” more country than most of what’s on the chart. Not enough flesh or Kellie in the video for me to watch it again.

  • If you’d just written this one – which pretty much gets your point across on its own, is mostly accurate, and falls within the realm of music criticism – you could have avoided a big shitstorm. Or at least created a smaller one.

    Man, I realize I’m just throwing meat to the wolves, but a certain other underground country superstar would never in a billion years do something like this video. Not to say he doesn’t have his own cliches at this point (and a Kyle Turley moment here or there), but sometimes who you don’t perform with says more than who you do.

    You can be friends with someone and still not agree to be in their godawful song and video. Just like you can dislike an artist’s work and not bring criticism to a vindictive level.

    • You may be right Big A. The first one was not supposed to be a review, but an explanation of who Bucky Covington was to people who didn’t know to set the context of the song, and to explain why, in my opinion, I thought it was hypocritical for Shooter to cut it.

      Shooter will put out more good music. I have always given him credit for his good songs. But this was a bad step, both artistically, and for what he is trying to do to help smaller bands.

  • The way I see it Shooter’s doing kinda like Hank Jr. did and do. Messing up his fathers name and talent, making a living off of the cult the Seniors deserve. Sure there’s been a few good ones coming from the two gentlemen but that doesn’t mean they’re great artists or even close. Let’s hope the talent skips a generation again and maybe we’ll see a Waylon III.

    • Shooter is going his own way, Hank Jr went his own way to get out of his daddys shoes you can’t expect the same sound to be popular all the time some people want something different then whats been around since their grand parents day

      I am not saying there isn’t a thing as in too much rock in country music

      How did hank ruin his dads name that’s ridiculous

    • There is no way in hell that Shooter Jennings can tarnish the reputation of Waylon Jennings. He can surely insult Waylon’s legacy by attempting to sing Waylon’s songs, but that’s about all. Next!

  • The song and the video really has the vibe of some folks having fun. Why am I not supposed to like it ? I didn’t see people claming to be outlaws (even if the word outlaw was in the other version) , just seen a Smokey and the Bandit type story set to music.

  • If it ain’t Brad Paisley, it ain’t no good (for country made after 1980).

    • LOL what?

      • Hayes Carll, Robert Earl Keen, Ryan Bingham, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Levon Helm, Hank III, and many more man. Brad Paisley can make a good country song, but he also makes a lot of crappy pop songs. Too bad.

  • By the way Triggerman, I know Shooter and talked to him about the “Outlaw” line specifically. He said when Bucky brought the song to him that he wanted to remove it because of how stupid and overdone the whole outlaw thing was and he rewrote it. I don’t think at any point he felt it would be an embarrassing situation because of his “Outlaw You” song, more that he wanted to point Bucky in a less cliche direction. Of course I’m sure you’ll take what I just said and only attach yourself to the “less cliche” comment and then say the whole song was “cliche”. Again, I think you’re really out of ideas if you wanna keep bashing this song and video. Blake Judd did it, and Blake as well as Shooter are friends and I really think at the end of the day they were both having fun. I don’t think that Shooter ever gave a shit if one move to the next upsets the critics, purists or hardcore fans of your site. He didn’t give a shit when he did Black Ribbons and I’ve heard he’s got some other pretty wild things in the works. Oh yeah, and I’ve heard most of the next record and it’s a darker, cooler record than “Family Man”, most like Electric Rodeo, but more traditional. So you think that’s fake too? You think when he writes an album all by himself and then produces it and all that, that he’s posing? How do you explain all the work he does in the studio, is that because the studio has fallen prey to his cult of personality too? Oh and one other thing… I think he’s doing his family name just fine justice. Waylon would never have agreed with anything going on here. He didn’t come from traditionalist views, he came from progressive views, he also came from a world of not being judgmental, that entire generation did. They were never judgmental of what happened. Elvis and Cash worked together, Waylon and Big Bird worked together, Willie and fucking Liberace worked together. If you think for a minute that any of them worried about the temperature of the critics, you’re wrong. I think Shooter might be getting a kick from all this action you’re providing, because I know for a fact that almost every artist you hold so dear that is aware of your site and checks it came to his side Monday, and not because they’ve succumbed to his cult of personality but because they like him and believe his intentions are always spot on. Too bad you can’t see it. I’m willing to bet tho, if and when you guys meet at Muddy Roots, that you’ll end up liking the guy and probably taking it a little easier on him. That is if Bandana doesn’t kick your ass first :)

    • I don’t think Shooter should listen to his critics, I think he should just follow his heart. And if that’s what he’s doing, great! But I must follow my heart as well and give my honest opinion. I don’t know if the new record is fake because I haven’t heard it yet. When I do, I will listen to it fairly just like I have all of Shooter’s music.

      I know that some have claimed Shooter is “disrespecting” his family’s name, but that is an accusation that has never been made by me. I don’t think that charge is something I or anyone else is in a position to make except for Shooter’s family itself.

  • Unoriginal, tasteless and dull. If Shooter had collaborated with a rapper on the hip-hop label, I’d fault him less.

    Covington is incompetent and untalented, so why record with him? Chances are this number isn’t going to end up in the top ten, much less the top twenty.

    Has anyone noticed that Shooter looks absolute nothing like Waylon?

  • “They changed the lyrics to because of an embarrassing situation involving Shooter.”

    While possible, you’ve absolutely no proof of this. Wheres your source? Or are you simply speculating?

    Furthermore, your assumption that his use of the word outlaw was meant as a reference to the musical variation of “Outlaw” is ridiculous. it was clearly meant as a reference to criminals running from the law, not people who buck the Nashville system, (Which is what Oultaw You was about)

    • It is total and complete speculation, but you don’t have any “proof” that’s NOT the reason they changed the lyric either.

      We all know why the “Outlaw” lyric was changed.

      • That’s a pretty weak retort Triggerman. You really should state in the article that it’s a speculative remark as a oppose to presenting it as a fact.

        And before you say “I never presented it as fact” allow me to point out that you never pointed out that it WASN’T a fact.

      • Triggerman, who died and made you a country music critic? You’re just stating an opinion because you don’t like Bucky Covington. I personally love his music, and dispute the fact that you say he isn’t talented. Who really cares what YOU think! I also love his video for “Drinkin Side of Country”, and I’m not a 14 yr old boy. You’re just another vicious blogger trying to ruin someone’s career, GET A LIFE!

    • Look, honestly it is sometimes annoying that Triggerman jumps back and forth across the journalist-blogger line. But, if you want stringent journalism don’t read an independent blog written by a guy with a pseudonym.

      You change “because of” to “likely because of” and your point is negated. What is not negated is that the song was written and performed by a pop country singer using the word “outlaw.” This lyric was blatantly changed in the version with Shooter, who just got finished calling out pop country outlaws. To me that’s the most damning part of the whole deal. Poor collaboration, shitty song, colossal shit video, and at minimum the appearance of pandering – that’s 0 for 4 in my book.

      Honestly, I think Shooter is too nice of a guy. You can’t be everything to everyone and try to make everyone happy. Having said all that, I can’t wait for some of his new collaborations to see the light of day. Unless you’re a teenage drama queen, I don’t see how you can feel any other way.

      • I think the fact that the lyric was changed just proves Shooter’s integrity to his view on the new “outlaw” country fad.

        • That would also mean that he’s admitting that Bucky Covington was part of it. Why not just record a different song where this wasn’t an issue. Or even a better idea, a song that is actually good?

  • Sounds like something Jon Rich wrote…I don’t like it. But…..Shooter Has done way more good more Real country than he has to muck it up! Sometimes your opinions remind me of why after close to 40yrs(I’m 46) I don’t grease my hair anymore.Opinions fuck up a good scene! I remember when Greenday signed to a major label …OH what a shit storm over night they became “sellouts” and shunned by the local punk scene they helped create. So the pop punk opinions fucked up punk for me…newbilly opinions fucked up the greaser scene for me, and now ……

  • Bucky sure is perty!!!

  • 2 things:

    1. I think Trig is overly critical of Shooter based on Trig’s bloated expectations and hopes of what Shooter could have meant to roots country music. Trig, you come down harder on Shooter than you would have Trace Adkins if he had made this. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never seen Shooter as having a cult of personality. He’s just a dude that makes mediocre to bad songs. And that’s fine….god bless him.

    2. That video/song is pure shit. Just as bad as any of the top 5 worst videos you posted awhile back.

    • You’re totally right, If Trace Adkins would have made this, it would have been standard fare for him. The problem is, Shooter knows better. Trace never strolled down Music Row with his chest puffed out, calling out other artists, or presented himself as a product or savior of the underground. Its not the song or video itself (though they are awful), it is the hypocrisy.

      • See, I didn’t realize Shooter has tried to present himself that way. You have your nose to the ground much more than the average country fan, so maybe it seemed to you like he had a bigger presence in the roots country “scene” than it seemed to a good many of us. After I heard a bit of Put the O Back in Country, I knew he was an artist I would never really dig, so his “aura” never shined bright for me. Of course a lot of this goes to you supporting Outlaw You, now you must feel a bit duped. Fact is that was a shit song too that was never gonna have the impact or outcome you hoped, especially coming from Shooter.

      • When did Shooter claim to be a savior of the underground scene ?

        Also how is this about hypocrisy?

        I get home from a long day, put on the radio
        Lookin’ for some country soul, but I don’t find it, no
        It’s a dirt road free for all, some old boys sayin’ they’re outlaws,
        They dress the part and they talk the talk
        You know they’ve been taught to walk the walk
        These boys think they’re tough like they been robbin’ banks
        Cause they name drop Johnny Cash and they name drop poor old Hank

        Hey pretty boy in the baseball hat
        You couldn’t hit country with a baseball bat
        Country ain’t just about where you’re at
        It’s about bein’ true to what’s inside
        You say you’re an outlaw with your perfect boots
        That you got from your record label’s image group
        Sing another man’s song with a big drum loop
        Listen, son, you ain’t got a clue
        You can’t buy true, tell you what they should do
        They should outlaw you

        Let me paint a picture for you, Nashville in ’62
        The formula had proven true, they didn’t let nothing new through
        When Waylon came to town, they didn’t like his original sound
        They tried hard to keep him down, they tried hard to starve him out
        But he kept playin’ shows and pressin’ on, chippin’ away, song by song
        After years and years of strugglin’ strong, he got his chance and he took it to #1
        With “This Time” back in ’74, with his band in the back and 4 on the floor
        That one record busted down the door and the record labels had the control no more

        Then in ’76 came the Outlaws record, sold the first million in country music ever
        Those old boys with long hair and braids stayed true to their sound and freed the slaves

        And all these years later, the suits got back their grip
        They took the outlaw concept and they re-packaged it
        And there’s a million Ol Waylon fans
        Singin’ “Don’t y’all think this outlaw bit has gotten way out of hand”

        Perhaps I’ve not been privy to the version of Outlaw You that you’ve heard but the one on my iPod doesn’t have the lyric:

        “And you can’t mention the word outlaw,
        regardless of variation
        Not Even in an early draft of the song
        or you’ll be lumped in with the BG nation”

        I’ve yet to see Shooter in anyway going back on any claims or expressed beliefs.

        So in what way has he showed his “true colors” as a hypocrite?

  • Trigger, I have to give you credit for introducing me to the Turnpike Troubadours, Johnny Corndawg, Sunday Valley and several other great artists but you’re losing me and I think a lot of other folks with this Shooter thing. I hate to say it, since you are one of the few that gave my man Billy Don Burns some long overdue exposure with that article. I like Shooter and I really enjoy his radio show, and am a regular listener. He turned me on to JB Beverley, Ray Lawrence, Jr., ect. That said, I don’t dig all of Shooter’s music or get some of what he does, but I don’t think he’s a sell out. I saw him live with Austin Lucas and some other dudes (which you may argue is just Shooter trying to “have it both ways” or something) but I genuinely thought he was a good performer and he isn’t just using these lesser known acts for some weird country street cred or whatever. He’s got all the street cred he needs; he’s Waylon’s son. I’m not here to argue with you or tell you what to post, man. It’s your site, I respect that. As a dude who loves this music though, I think this is just getting out of hand and going nowhere productive. I want to be able to go to my two favorite sources for new music (you and Shooter) without some weird feud going on that I don’t understand. Just putting it out there as a casual guy and an aspiring musician who used to like coming to this site, not as some rabid fan defending his favorite artist because he has no life.

    • I think you put it best! I don’t like this song or agree with what he’s doing, but I still love Shooter. And I still love this site. And I still hope he makes better music in the future. I’ll agree that was he has made was hit or miss, but he’s made some of my favorite music too. You can’t please everyone and he sure as hell doesn’t try to. He does whatever the hell he wants and that is what makes him an “outlaw” to me, however cliche that may be.

  • must have been really hard work that got all them cuts in bucky’s pants

  • I’ll just leave this vapid comment in lieu of the string of bad words that I wanna leave concerning this candy store Outlaw we call “Shooter”.

  • I think the song and video are meant to be “fun”, nothing ground breaking, no statement. It seems nearly no one here knows anything about Bucky besides we don’t like the way he looks and we “think” he is a pop artist because he thrust into that by the industry.

    Trigger, you said- “I must follow my heart as well and give my honest opinion.”

    Yes Trig, you should follow your heart and give honest opinions, but the problem is you pass your opinions off as fact.

    Just as someone pointed out above- “They changed the lyrics to because of an embarrassing situation involving Shooter.” While possible, you’ve absolutely no proof of this. Wheres your source? Or are you simply speculating?

    However, someone else earlier in replies, pointed out the actual facts of why the lyrics were changed.
    How are you not investigating this matter before blogging about it and putting it out there like you know the answer???
    How do you think that is right to do?

    You really whipped it up with the two Shooter atricles. I really think you need to sit down at the table and eat some crow vs. always saying you “stand behind the story” because a lot of times (especially with artists that walk the edge of underground and mainstream) you are flat out wrong but you rarely if ever admit it and worse you don’t apologize for it.
    As a “journalist” (and I use that loosely), you have a little higher degree of accountability than just putting something out there as “fact” and when proven wrong you simply avoid accountability

    I’m being careful here to stick to the topic at hand, but to support some of what I am getting at, look at old articles/reviews you have done on an artist like Jamey Johnson (another on the edge of underground/mainstream and coincidentally Shooter’s friend).

    You make serious allegations, do little research, and then when people come to defense of artists, you delete their posts or simply pass it off as an “opinion”.

    If you are as passionate as you seem to be for real country music, I am surprised at the route you have taken in the last few months. It is very discouraging and a little disappointing that you have such little actual connection or sources with the industery given all the time you put into this.

    • Quick question for Trigger:

      You ever asked Dale Watson what he thinks of Shooter? Bucky? Before you start using Dale’s songs as assaults on these guys.

      • I’ll do whatever I want to do. It’s my website. Are you going to defend the substance of this song or video, or argue semantics? Quit whining. Sheesh.

        • Except for the fact that you are now putting the words into Dale Watson’s mouth, something someone with any integrity would never do. But we all know you love to stir up controversy and play dirty to get yourself over.

          Im surprised you didnt shit on this by them having a former WWE womens champion in the video as well but then again that would require you doing any sort of research into a topic that you cover.

          • I think Dale Watson would be happy I was promoting his song, which after all, was the underlying point.

            Maybe next time I’m in Austin I’ll go to The Continental Club with my laptop, play it for him with a camera rolling and see his reaction. It could be kind of fun.

        • Did you read my first paragraph?
          “I think the song and video are meant to be “fun”, nothing ground breaking, no statement. It seems nearly no one here knows anything about Bucky besides we don’t like the way he looks and we “think” he is a pop artist because he thrust into that by the industry.”

          That is my defense of the song.

          In regard to the rest of my response, are you an adult? How can you say I am whinning when your only rebutal to being questioned is “It is my webiste and I will do what I want?” Are you really Triggerman or “Trigger13yearoldgirl” ?

          • “Are you really Triggerman or “Trigger13yearoldgirl” ?”


      • The question was what would Dale Watson think of the video. I can’t imagine him accepting the song as a “real country song.” As for Bucky, I’m going to rely on the dialogue from the Live in London album and suggest he might say something like “he is what he is, but he’s not country.”

    • As I said up above, the “Outlaw” comment is complete and total speculation. This is a review, which means it is my opinion. And in my opinion, it is pretty obvious why the “Outlaw” lyric was changed. I can understand how it can be confusing for some people because I am the only writer for this site and sometimes I write news stories, and sometimes opinion pieces, but even in my news stories I might have opinion or even off-color humor. That’s what’s great about having your own website, you can do whatever the hell you want. There’s no rules I must follow except the ones I put on myself. And trust me, nobody is a bigger critic of me than myself.

      As for never admitting I am wrong, that may be because I am not, or because what you think I am “wrong” about is a matter of opinion and “right and wrong” are not relevant, like in the case of Jamey Johnson. But I take pride in being honest with myself, and have been pretty open about being wrong or coming around on certain artists in the past. Here’s some examples:

      CMA 2011 Preview: We Were Wrong About Taylor Swift


      “We were wrong about Taylor Swift. I was wrong about Taylor Swift. We were blinded by our prejudices.”

      Why I’m “Comin’ Around” on Josh Thompson


      As for this business about comments being deleted, this is patent bullshit. The only comments that are getting deleted here are the ones from folks who are breaking the comment rules, or have been banned for repeatedly breaking the comment rules. If it was up to me, the SCM comments section would be a completely open forum where people could say whatever they want, regardless of how offensive because I am a firm believer in freedom of speech. The irony here is the same exact person who is the cheerleader for saying that comments here are being wholesale deleted and I am such an unethical guy is the same exact person who has repeatedly used one comment that was deleted on the site six months ago to question my ethics. If my feet are going to be held to the fire that hot over one comment, then we are all going to suffer in the loss of freedom to post at will. It is comical that someone can look at all the dissenting viewpoints in this article and all the others and somehow charge that opinions are being suppressed. Yes there are some posting comments that they purposely know are going to be deleted so they can use this as some sort of propaganda tool against me. Get a fucking life, less than 2% of comments on this site are being deleted. If yours is one of them, either stop breaking the rules, realize you’ve been banned because your presence is not proactive, or get your own website. The whining is dumb.

      • “The first thing you need to know about the song is that it’s an older song that Bucky originally cut in 2010 that they changed the lyrics to because of an embarrassing situation involving Shooter. You see, the original chorus had Bucky referring to himself as an “Outlaw on the run.” But seeing how in Shooter’s song “Outlaw You” he publicly called out pop country pretty boys who use the term “Outlaw”, they changed it.”

        How exactly is that paragraph supposed to be taken as “speculation”? You are presenting it as fact.
        – You start out with a fact, “The first thing you need to know about the song is that it’s an older song that Bucky originally cut in 2010….”
        but then you give your speculation in the same breath.
        “…that they changed the lyrics to because of an embarrassing situation involving Shooter.”
        Follwoed by.
        “You see, the original chorus had Bucky referring to himself as an “Outlaw on the run.” But seeing how in Shooter’s song “Outlaw You” he publicly called out pop country pretty boys who use the term “Outlaw”, they changed it.”

        For you to present yourself as a journalist, then semantics should be important to you.
        If you can’t tell the difference between your “facts” and your “speculation”, then that explains why you only write for your own site with your own rules….because you couldn’t make it in the real journalistic world where accountability or lack of, can get you in trouble.

        Shooter might look like a fool recording this song and video, but you Trigger, are digging a deep deep hole you might not get out of. You are playing to your ego and leaving a lot of artists (I assume you have built some relationship with) in the dust.

  • I really just want to know what Scott H. Biram thinks about it.

    • Well, I know Shooter went to a Scott H. Biram show a few months back, and there were photos posted on Facebook of the two of them having a good old time. He even invited Shooter up on stage for a song or two. And, Scott H. Biram posted something about how he didn’t give a shit about what anyone said about Shooter cause he’s a good dude.

      • I’ve got a friend who went to Farmaggedon, who is not into commercial music at all (big Biram fan too), and he also said he doesn’t care what people say about Shooter, he puts on a helluva show.

        I won’t waste my time trying to find out though. There are plenty of artists out there who are amazing and don’t need to crow about how “outlaw” or “cool” they are.

  • I like Shooter well enough, but this is a bad song. Kellie sure looks fine though.

  • Can anyone tell me where Bucky Covington ever claimed to be an “outlaw” artist? Or did he simply write a song a few years ago and use that word to describe a scene in a storyline of running from the cops?

    I’m trying to figure out how Trigger is making the connection from Shooter’s “Outlaw You” song to be somehow directed at an artist like Bucky? I never took “Outlaw You” as a full assault on pop-country as a whole, and I’ve never heard Shooter has a problem with all pop-country but he is pretty critical of artists that use Waylon’s image and likeness and name with no regard. That is what “Outlaw You” is about in my eyes.

    So besides Bucky having a bad hair cut and Johnny Depp ‘stache (but he isn’t Depp), and probably would do himself a favor if he went by “Buck”, I don’t think Bucky has ever claimed to be in the “outlaw” category. He is just kind of a geek… and respectfully and in a good way…so is Shooter.

  • Imagine this song sung with a little more banjo, and a tall skinny guy with a military cut jacket on and a dirty cowboy hat with ponytail coming out the back.

    Maybe duet partner is a guy with a leather vest, bandana and baseball cap on with big mirrored sunglasses.

    What would the review be?

    • I would say it is a band song because there’s no soul in the lyrics. It tells no real story, it doesn’t attempt to speak to you.

      • Does every song ever recorded have to reach to the depths of your soul? You rip the shreds out of songs like this and lets say “Red Solo Cup” “HonkyTonk Bodonkadonk” etc… that are clearly “joke” songs. That doesn’t make them good songs, but when you measure them on the same scale as serious tunes, sure.. they suck.

        How can’t you see that? And I know you will give examples of how you have been critical of Hank3, Bob Wayne, HBG…but you don’t come nearly as close to destroying them like you do Toby, Shooter or Jamey.
        Wasn’t HonkTonk Bodonkadonk the worst ever? Then Red Solo Cup? Now Drinkin Side of Country?
        These are jokes, bad songs, but they aren’t meant to be measured up against “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down” or “Lovesick Blues”

        • Never said “Drinking Side of Country” was worst ever. Went out of my way to say it wasn’t even the worst on the radio right now.

          • ““Drinking Side of Country” is so bad, it is impossible for me to write a review for it that is negative enough.”

            Sorry, I guess I took this as not meaning it was the worst song. I guess that was my opinion and speculation…I wasn’t stating it was fact that you called it the worst song.

  • not good. horrible stuff.

  • Both song and video are awful Yea Dale Watson would say Country My Ass

  • I am a big fan of both this website and Shooter Jennings. I believe that both have done very good things for this scene, and that both have made mistakes at one time or another in their promotion of the scene. I feel that SCM can at times feel too negative and have too narrow a focus of what this thing called country music is and should be. Shooter has made some questionable decisions regarding his music, and his decision to brand the movement “XXX” immediately limited its appeal in my opinion. With all of that said, I feel like we all sometimes take this stuff a little too seriously. Who says that a true artist and leader of a movement can’t step back on occasion and put out some “fluff” with a friend and label mate, in the interest of having a good time? If he was truly going to sell out, couldn’t he have found someone a little higher-profile to cut a duet with than Bucky Covington? I guess its getting a lot of hits for the website, though, so nicely done.

    I think a lot of our musical heroes from the past that we would define as true country musicians have similar forays into less serious material if you were to take a look. They just didn’t exist in the era of the blogger, so they didn’t get immediately ripped for it. Lighten up.

  • I’m just wondering who is surprised. You can tell real music from manufactured music by listening to it with your fucking ears. Keep that in mind every time you listen to something you haven’t heard.

  • Shooter must have just gotten drunk and high with Bucky a couple times and listened to Scott H. Biram. I could see Shooter sittin’ there like “you know what, you’re alright, I’m gonna make a fuckin’ record with you” while they’re drunk.

  • Hate to break it to you Trig, but you probably should have just left the other review up, as it seems your whole deal has lost a ton of steam, or as some other people like to call it, has been “played out”. Think you can get this one up to almost 200 comments? Maybe you should throw out some more of your ammo against Shooter. We’re all patiently waiting!

  • Any “music video” thats starts with a totally gnarly Red Bull ad and is released on Maxim online is pretty questionable right away, the song belongs on some top 40 radio station or inside some dance club, but traditional or underground it is not.

  • To the tune of “Outlaw You” a song for Trigger

    I go on SCM to read the true country latest
    But all I see are blogs of “Is Taylor the worst or greatest?”
    Triggerman spewing his shit, No facts to back it up is the bit
    Critical of country bands from North to South
    But he can’t sing a note, only hot air comin’ out his mouth

    Was Hank3 disciple, loved Straight to Hell
    but 3 is all about metal, and now it hardly sells
    Other artists making real country leaves him in their wake
    but Trigger doesn’t see it, calls it all FAKE

    So you wanna be an outlaw, don’t say that word
    Trigger’s here to scold you, haven’t you learned.

    I think Trigger should get a clue.
    Stop ripping on the real country funk
    You should go back to punk!

  • I want to start by saying I’m sorry. Most of what fallows others have already said, but I think there will be a couple of things that haven’t been said that should be…

    As I said on Facebook I like the song. I don’t love it & I don’t hate it. On a scale of 1-5 I’d give it a 3. That said I want to say this. Triggerman I respect your opinion a lot & I love your sit. I have discovered more then half the artist I listen to through your reviews. However Over the last year or so it has become clear that even when giving a positive review you don’t have much like for Shooter. I humbly sugest this be your last artical about him or anything he does. The reason is simple. Every time something is writen here about him it turns ugly. I personaly think this site would be better off if he was never talked about again here.

    • He shouldn’t be talked about on account of his music sucks.

  • Worst part is…Shooter wearing a Biram shirt.

  • The Mayan Prophecy of 2012 states:
    As the magnetic poles begin to shift so too will the direction and soul of Shooter Jennings. Once thought of as a potential saviour of the music his ancestors help fortify Shooter will be sacrificed before the Big Machine gods inside the Bridgestone Arena, with special guest Colt Ford,Justin Moore, and local upstart Scott H. Biram 8pm EST only on CMT. The leader of the rebel peasants known as The Triggerman will be forced to watch as Tim McGraw satisfies his masters and rips the still beating heart from Shooters chest and takes a bite then shares with the anti-christ Bucky Covington!
    As my favorite country band once sang folks…

    “Run to the Hills…Run for your LIFE!!!!! ”
    Iron Maiden can’t be fought
    Iron Maiden can’t be sought
    But Shooter sure as hell can be bought!!!!!!hahahaha

    i quit…it’s over Trig. let’s piss on the fire.


  • This music sucks, pop country at its finest Nothing is country anymore, there is no hope… The only 3 living singing real country music are jones, haggard, and willie, thats it.

  • i barley read most of the comments. I just want to say I give up. This is just crap, its a joke. I have so many comments that i cant say. Why ? I mean Why? I feel like Nancy Kerrigan. I look at this, have no clue, take 3 steps back from Shooter and turn the page. DONE

  • While everyone is bashing this song for being so pop and manufactured (it’s really not, it’s simple, has an old school country bass etc) has anyone noticed it sounds almost identical to a Waylon song called “Don’t Know About Me” that he did with Travis Tritt off his last recorded album “Closing in On The Fire”. OOOOH. Can we talk about how much of a pop sellout Waylon is now?

    • Big difference between Travis Tritt and Bucky Covington. Tritt’s music influenced by southern rock/country. Guy has earned the respect of Waylon, Cash, Jones and is a true talent. Waylon always loved Travis. Bucky Covington is a watered down pop singer, big difference…

      • Why is every calling Bucky a washed up or watered down or second rate pop country singer? So he didn’t make it as a pop-country singer that American Idol and a big label were trying to make him. Isn’t that a compliment to him? He couldn’t be a pop star, he just has to be what he is…which is just kind of a geek.

        He isn’t a pop-country star at all. People are taking that and running with it. Why? Cause Trigger said so?

  • Honestly if people are so “outraged” by this they need to take a long look at themselves. If all it takes to ruin your day is a song collaboration you might need to check your priorities. Cause thats just sad

    • On the same note, if all it takes to ruin your day is someone not liking a song collaboration, you also might need to check your priorities.

  • So, he’s overly defensive, dramatic, confrontational, and overzealous. We’re talking about a person who – for free – has covered music that – let’s face it – no one really gives a shit about. Put yourself in his shoes. All of a sudden a big country superstar swoops in with a polarizing sidekick and starts a blog that covers the exact same bands. Fortunately for him, it sucks. But if this were you, wouldn’t it piss you off?

    There is no such thing as unbiased. The term is a fantasy. I’d rather know someone’s bias and adjust accordingly.

    Does anyone else find it funny that so many people are justifying this shitty collaboration by pointing out even shittier collaborations? It’s like if your doctor said you were too fat and you said “well at least I’m not as fat as my cousin.” Congratulations, have another Big Mac then!

    For the life of me, I still don’t understand any justification of the “outlaw” lyric change. Maybe Shooter did show Bucky the light, but my definition of “the light” is sure not “taking a pop country song and specifically removing the word outlaw.” It’s like a politician scrubbing buzzwords from a speech in front of a mixed crowd.

    To the people worried about musicians not liking Triggerman anymore and accusing him of not being plugged in to the industry: if you are a music critic and the people you cover like you, then you suck. If you are part of the industry or exist to give good reviews to your circle of musician friends, then you also suck.

    • Big A,

      I understand where you are coming from, but isn’t Trigger putting himself out there as much as Shooter doing a song like this is, but Shooter is expected to explain himself and Trigger gets away with “fuck you it is my site, my rules.” Why can’t Shooter just say “fuck you, it is my music, my rules.” No we expect an explanation.
      Why isn’t Trigger getting paid to be a music critic? Does not getting paid make you better? No. Does it make you less bias, NO! It makes you not good enough to get paid. Just like I’m a musician. But I do it for free in my living room every night, unbias and honest. But it is because I suck. I generally end up drinking beer like a musician not playing the guitar like one.

      And regarding someone “swooping in”… Shooter didn’t “swoop” in. He is fucking Shooter Jennings (dad was like Ron Burgandy…kind of a big deal). He has been in the bowels of music since her was a child from LA to Nashville. Is it all ground breaking..no, but he sure as hell didn’t swoop in and steal anything.
      He maybe put some thought in how to advance the ideas out there and is trying to carry that out. SCM is a blog. It isn’t a planet wide weekly radio show, touring band, and inside connections to the industry. Same as Shooter may not have the boots on the ground/grass roots connections Trigger does. But Trigger won’t compromise or collaborate.

      Shooter cut a song with a goof off. What if Lukas Nelson cut a song with John Mayer simply because they can both kill on the guitar. Would Lukas be a sellout? Maybe Shooter and Bucky have something in common and have fun with it.

      There was a justification for the lyric change. But like everything else, not good enough for this crowd.

      • Trigger isn’t paid because out of the 300 million people in the US, only a very small percentage enjoys the type of music he talks about. If there’s no profit in it he won’t get paid. (That’s why we don’t hear it on the radio) Pretty simple. Since he’s not paid he can do whatever he wants. Even if he were a paid journalist he could still give his opinion.

        You make a good point about Trigger saying it’s his site and telling people to fuck off, but Shooter had the same opportunity. If I were Shooter I would tell people to fuck off, but he didn’t. Instead he explained the duet and defended it. This alone makes him look guilty, even if he isn’t.

        Look, I’ll be honest, I’m not a big Shooter fan, but after watching that video I lost a lot of respect for him. The song and video suck. It’s a cheesy pop tune with cheesy, played out video content. We expect more from Shooter since he’s trying so hard to promote the underground stuff. I don’t expect to like every song from my favorite artists, and I usually don’t, but this was really bad.

        • You’re right, there is a small percentage of people that like this music. Out of 300million, how many are pop country fans…30million (maybe)… that is only 10%. So don’t make it out like the mainstream is the majority of the population. It is not.

          And then look at you saying that if Shooter said “fuck off, my music” that would have been fine? Right

          He defended the bullshit Tirgger was putting out on him.

          • That’s where you are wrong. Pop country is in the top 3 genres in terms of music popularity right now. WAY over 30 million trust me. According to Billboard it’s more around 92 million. And if you look at their top 200 albums of 2011, out of the first 5 two of ‘em were ‘country’ (Swift and Aldean). While pop country might not get out to over 50% of the population, it has a large following and revenue (in our 300 million you can’t reliably count on the elderly and the young…their buying numbers are extremely low, which brings the buying population down). And if it weren’t so popular, why is it that I have to hear Swift and other crap every time I go to the damn grocery store (playing in the background). Pop county is HUGE which makes sites like this and any other type of underground promotion (and sure, Shooter’s radio show is included) very important.

            In addition, I (and this may just be me) think the best way to defend it is to either say fuck off or to do nothing and ignore the article. Shooter did neither. He went on and explained the whole situation. Look at his comments on the other thread….they are fairly long. He defended it; he didn’t say fuck off. Why does he care what a “blogger” says anywho? Make your shit and if people like it, wonderful. If they hate it, too bad for them and move on.

          • I think there is confusion on your part Jukebox.

            You set the mark at 300 million by stating that number above. And your claim that a very small percentage “enjoy” the music Trigger covers is most likely inaccurate. I would say a small percentage KNOW about the music he covers. So the question is why? Of course we can blaime the marketing, but, why are we worried about the percentages (which is not the majority of your 300millon)? There is a majority out there to reach. We are always worried about the mainstream, when the mainstream isn’t the majority, they are just the radio stations.

            Shooter’s style isn’t to just say fuck off. He isn’t like some jackass carnie artists.

  • Can’t wait for a remix with colt ford!

  • Wow. Buncha cry-babies read this site. Its just Trigg’s opinion. You agree or you don’t. No need to get all butt hurt over a website that was started by a guy for the main purpose of showcasing his own opinions.



  • don´t know why you waste your time reviewing this shit when you could review awesome music like old crow medicine shows new album.

    just saying

    • Nothing was not written because this article was. I am working on the Old Crow review as we speak. It was an album I wanted to take my time with. And I guarantee when I post it, it will get 10% of the comments and traffic this one did.

  • Triggerman knows about what is real country music, just about as much as FOX NOISE channel knows news.. he is just a blogger, nothing more nothing less, his opinion means as bout as much as cletus t. judd’s opinion on what great comedy is.He think’s his high and almighty opinion is the final say on what is real country music, but if he wants to live in fantasy land, and if it helps him sleep better at night, what ever… shooter jennings has more real country music in his pinky than trigger man does in his whole body… so what he does a song with bucky? who cares… he is an artist and artist are supposed to branch out, and try new things, if they are to grow.

    yeah the song is bad, but shooter is not afraid to try different things, no matter what this one little blogger thinks compared to rest of the country world..

    • So your a real hard core country fan, then you defend shooter?? I don’t think shooter has more country in his pinkie than anyone. Shooter Jennings has gotten farther away from country with every album he’s put out. The first two albums had a country/southern rock vibe, but everything after that has been shit.

  • Well considering your fantastic ability to write half-ass reviews Trigger-Man you have outdone your self this time, seeing that it is time for the Olympics you get the gold medal for douchebaggery, top notch work you ass clown.

  • I’m a Shooter fan, but I could bear to listen to that.

    I have no idea what he was thinking or drinking when he agreed to that, but if he had fun an is proud of it, more power to him, I don’t like it though.

    • “could” should be “couldn’t”… I guess I had a brain fart.

  • Dont you think this anti shooter shits done got out of hand

  • OK, I finally clicked the video. It’s interesting how during the preceding ad, Bucky gets top billing.

  • yes, I defend shooter for being a real country music artist.. TAMMY WYNETTE DID MOO MMO LAND WITH KLF… REMEMBER THAT??? OH MY GOD, tammy is not real country music… PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE… just like trigger man, you sir have no idea what real country music is… tammy wynette is still the first lady of country music and she did NOT SELL OUT, or will trigger man call tammy a sell out too? no, just his childishness and his hatred for shooter, just get a life.. shooter did not sell out, just like tammy he IS A REAL ARTIST, AND IF TRIGGER MAN CANNOT DEAL WITH REALITY, HIS PROBLEM, NOT MINE!!

  • THE NAME OF THE SONG WAS MOO MOO LAND, SORRY ABOUT THAT, yeah tammy a big sell out? trigger needs his head examined.. TWO GUNS WAY DOWN TO THIS BS ARTICLE!!

  • I will say it again, fuck Shooter and Hank 3 and give me Bobby Bare Jr.

  • It seems like the Farm FANS (not artists or label) are the ones coming in here with negative rants because Trig wrote an unflattering review of Shooter. I suppose because he is pals with many Farm artists, they get defensive. It is just a review, just like my opinion. I may be wrong. Btw, i was one of the first 20 people to “like” Farm on facebook and have been listening to Slackeye Slim and Graham Lindsey for quite some time. All i am saying is get over it. And to Trig, do what you are doing but maybe put some distance between this and your next Shooter article. Even i think this is becoming recurring.

    • Not the Farm friends or fam. It’s the Moonrunners crowd. Was at FarmFest, no drama going on with anyone I spoke with there, and plenty of folks there that saw Shooter as out of place in the lineup. Again, all of this had nothing to do with FarmFest or their artists/fans/etc. Just some specific people from another website getting into it on here.

      • It was Shooter who made the connection between Farm fest and these 2 articles about his song with Bucky Covington when he took to Twitter and called me out for not being there because I was scared to get my ass kicked, AND for not having someone out there covering it. And then he deleted the tweets. I named Slackeye Slim’s album my Album of the Year last year, and Jayke Orvis my artist of the year in 2011. People can try to make up drama between folks, but many times it doesn’t exist like they would want it to.

        A detailed review of Farmageddon Fest is coming up very soon.

    • Watch out, we got a real badass here! He was one of the first 20 people to like them on facebook! This man takes his social media seriously and we better watch out!!!!

      • Geez ppl, get over yourselves. It’s a damn song! Go make your own record and THEN complain.. aight??

        • So you don’t have a right to complain about the President just because you’ve never been President yourself? This site was built with the idea that everybody has a right to voice their opinion about music. If you disagree with those opinions, then share yours with salient points and attempt to convince us otherwise.

          • I just personally think they simply wanted to make a cool song…maybe some are just reading too much into it. It’s kind of like “The Dukes of hazzard” type thing, ya know?

  • Haha SR you are so clever! My intention was simply to show i have no problem with any of them.As i said, i may be wrong about MY perception of this. No offense intended.
    I was not at the Fest, so i will take the words of those who were as accurate.

  • I watched the whole video. The best part was seeing the Jennifer Love Hewitt shoot that came on after.

  • […] I have never agreed more on anything I’ve read on the internet.  […]

  • Pretty par for course. Anyone that wants to create a sub genre for a music that itself is genre-less knows nothing about being an outlaw. I really have my doubts about the folks that lined up and supported that move as well. Shooter isn’t a sell out he’s just doing what he does. All the other big label based acts will tell you that they are “outlaws” too. We’re not defined by our words but rather our actions. See y’all at Muddy Roots 2012

  • I’ve always liked Shooter’s music. I own all of his albums and even some of his bootleg stuff when he sang with G’n F’n R. I also disagree with Triggerman about his XXX country site not doing anything for roots music. I found out about at least a dozen good bands that I had never heard of before I checked out Shooter’s site.

    That being said, Bucky Covington is a douchebag. What we need is a bigger wall of separation between real country music and commercial pop country, not a breaking down of barriers. Its a big time win for Curb et al, if roots musicians cross over and perform with the commercial d-bags. I lost a lot of respect for Jason Boland when he softened his stance against pop country. He either saw the dollar signs or his twelve step program warned him about harboring hate in his heart.

    • Just to clarify, I do recognize that Shooter is turning people on to some good music, and I commend him for that and don’t take anything away from him for doing that. Also, even though I think this song is terrible, I’ve never said he’s a terrible musician, can’t sing or write a song, or ever compared him to his dad which would be unfair.

      All I am saying is that for every person Shooter may turn on to an artist, he may turn two more off. This song and video are an excellent example of why.

  • I have no stance on the shooter/SCM beef because i dont really care about it, But I find it funny that all the naysayers come on to this site knowing its a blog and get butthurt over someones opinion, if you don’t like someone’s opinion, don’t read it.

  • I am not crazy about the song, but its not horrible. Waylon was the best, and shooter isnt him, but he has done some good stuff. I dont know where all the Hank III love comes from. I dont get most of what he does.

    • Nobody mentioned Hank3 here except for you. Thinking that this review has anything to do with “Hank3 love” is ignorant and presumptuous. Sorry to come across so harsh, but the idea that any negative Shooter sentiment has solely to do with Hank3 love is a ridiculous claim floated by some to help shield Shooter from criticism. It is simply untrue, and needs to die because it only leads to misunderstanding and conflict.

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