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May 17, 2010 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  43 Comments

I picture a post-Apolcolyptic scene: ghost towns full of crumbling buildings and rubble, smoke filling the sky and blocking out the sun, the result of a society that gave no value to art, heritage, and truth; a vast wasteland of grayness. Then all of a sudden in the midst of all the death and decay, there’s movement: a lone being protected by the elements by a big black, robotic-like suit. Maybe it is one of the few survivors, or an alien sent to investigate the fate of this once beautiful place.

He goes sifting through the rubble of a bombed out structure, looking for evidence of what went wrong. He finds a shelf whose contents of CD’s and DVD’s have been belched out onto the dusty, rubbage filled floor in a pile. A big black glove pushes aside CD’s by Brittaney Spears and Taylor Swift, DVD’s with pretty movie stars adorning their covers. Then he sees something curious: a black disc with crossed guns on the front. What is this? He pops it into a media player attached to the side of his helmet, and all of a sudden a new world is presented to him: The picture of a collection of artists fighting against society’s homogenization and creative vapidness unfolds through music. A resistance. Outlaws, fighting a rebel war against the mainstream, and carrying forth a long line of traditions from the past.

Outlaw Radio Compilation CD CoverI normally hate compilations. This one is different. No, this does not have all the “hits” from our insurgent country scene that you’ve already heard compiled in some way to try to squeeze more money out of worn out songs. And it’s not the odds and sods and leftovers for other projects either. It is a collection on good, fresh, original, previously-unreleased material that is fun to listen to, and also acts as a primer for artists you may have heard of, but never heard their stuff.

But in another way this is so much more than that. This compilation DEFINES our movement. It gives it clear edges, and at the same time illustrates and celebrates our diversity. Our diversity is what makes us strong: men and women, gothic country w/ Those Poor Bastards, New Outlaw country with Roger Alan Wade, REAL bluegrass with the .357 String Band. Sure there’s maybe a few signed artists missing like Hank III, and the Bloodshot Record’s gang like Wayne “The Train” Hancock and Scott Biram. But you already know those guys. This is a jump start for the fresh blood, the up and comers.

I’ve got comments on specific songs below, but in closing let me just say that if you do not buy this compilation, you deserve to have your genitals dry up a whither.

Outlaw Radio can be heard every Wednesday night at 8PM Central at Show are archived, and you can purchase this compilation at

1. The Dad Horse Experience–Gates of Heaven (Vinyl Version): How ironic is it that there’s more appreciation for American roots in EUROPE than in the US? Dad Horse might be one of many European bands we see crop up in the coming years. Love the German accent here, glad he didn’t try to hide it.

2. Old Red Shed–Another Round: Great song from a band whose about to put out their first album Country Fury on Arjuna Records. Get in on the ground floor with these guys and watch them rise, they’re great!!!

3. Black Eyed Vermillion & Andy Gibson–Death Don’t Have No Mercy: Not my favorite BEV track ever, but a great example for those who think Gary Lindsey is all blood and guts, just how soulful he can be. And Andy Gibson, well, he is the master. Our generation’s Tompall Glasser. Hats off!

4. Bob Wayne–Ain’t No Diesel Trucks in Heaven: INSTANT CLASSIC! Bob Wayne proves once again that he is the best lyric writer in underground country, and maybe in current country period with this Cash-eque song tastefully arranged and witty. Great song!

5. Rachel Brooke–Closer Still: BEST TRACK OF THE ALBUM! Amazing. Rachel’s voice is somewhere between sublime and perfection. I said in my review of A Bitter Harvest:“Rachel has a big bag of tricks, and though this album highlights some that have never been seen before, there are more that my ear yearns for that I know are lurking within her. She can tear into bluegrass.” Well this is Rachel tearing into bluegrass. A++

6. Ted Russell Kamp–My Heart Has a Mind Of Its Own: Shooter Jennings’s bass player is more than just Shooter Jennings’s bass player. This song highlights his tight songwriting skills and a strong, soulful, smoky voice.

7. Ronnie Hymes–Sea of Sin: Good song from the best artist on the Pint of Happiness Record Label.

8. Joey Allcorn–Gone, But Not Forgotten Blues: An excellent neo-traditionalist artists that seems so easily “forgotten,” and I am to blame as much as any. A solid track.

9. Those Poor Bastards–The Minister’s Doom: The Kings of Gothic country never cease to amaze me with how deep their bag of tricks is. This track isn’t for everybody, just like Those Poor Bastards isn’t. But it nonetheless exemplified Lonesome Wyatt’s adeptness at arrangement, and his expertise at setting a mood to tell a story in.

10. Dave Smith and the Country Rebels–Price to Pay: This song may come across as “too mainstream” for some, but I personally think we need more accessible artists in this scene, and Dave & The Rebels prove why. Fun, tight song.

11. Last False Hope–$2 Pints: Gothic punkgrass from the mastermind of the Outlaw Compilation himself: Jashie P and a few close friends. When I first heard this track, I was amazed at the complexity and depth of songwriting, and how clean and pro it sounded. I guess I had just always envisioned Jashie as more of a hack ;). Seriously, good song, and keep your eyes out for a full length release from them coming soon.

12. Izzy and the Kesstronics–Gotta Do What I Wanna Do: Nothing replaces seeing Izzy and the boys live. Their energy level and astuteness are mindblowing. But this track comes very close at bottling that live energy. It’s a goofy song, but it’s what they do. You may hate Izzy Zaidman, but the simple fact is he’s a better musician than you are, and probably gets laid more often too.

13. The Fisticuffs–The Ballad of Bill Blizzard: We can’t forget that we owe the roots of our roots to the folks in the British Isles over the pond. This is a band worth checking out if you like an Irish attitude with a punk approach.

14. The Boomswagglers–Run You Down: LOVE THIS SONG! Only reason this isn’t my favorite song on the album is because Rachel Brooke is hotter, but The Boomswagglers are one of the best kept secrets in this scene. Crude, dirty, lo-fi, but their songwriting prowess is undeniable, and this might be the best song they’ve ever cut. Hopefully these boys can keep their asses out of the pokey and we’ll hear much more from them in the future. This is one of those songs that you love the first time you hear, and you play it over and over. A++!!

15. Roger Alan Wade–Breakfast At Audrey’s: Just the name Roger Alan Wade adds legitimacy to this album, and this song adds a solid singer/songwriter track with endless soul. What I really like about this song is it is clearly just Roger and a mic. You can even hear him flip the paper the verses are on while he sings. Some artists spend thousands of dollars trying to bottle that raw sound, and Roger did it just by being himself. Good track!

16. Little Lisa Dixie–Cheating Games: If I was going to cheat on my music love Rachel Brooke, it would be with Little Lisa. This song has a good slow grooving rockabilly feel to it. Little Lisa has enough talent that she should take her music to the next level, and proves that WOMEN are a big and beautiful part of this music revolution.

17. .357 String Band–Restless Man Blues: Known for bluegrass, this is a pretty straight country-feeling tune. Not their greatest track ever, but a solid offering.

18. Six Gun Britt–Hard Habit To Break: Damn. Six Gun could melt a rock. She is just amazing, and this is a beautiful, sad song. Every time I hear Six Gun sing, it makes me angry. That’s right. Because in a perfect world she would be a superstar. Her talent is that worthy. And if her music wallows in obscurity for the rest of time, what an atrocity that would be. If you’re reading this right now, consider yourself deeply blessed, because you’re one of the few who knows who Six Gun Britt is.

19. Hellbound Glory–Livin’ On Pabst Blue Ribbon: Leroy Virgil is the fastest rising star in Insurgent country, and that is the fault of his unbelievably adept songwriting, built on a solid foundation of REAL country appreciation and study. All one hell of a backing band, and Hellbound Glory might be the best apostles for REAL country we have right now. Not Hellbound Glory’s best, but a good, fun song.

20. The Goddamn Gallows–Waitin’ Around to Die (live): Great cover of the Townes Van Zant classic spiced with the Gallow’s gotic circus freak sow punk billy grass that is all their own. SEE THESE GUYS LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE!

21. Joe Buck Yourself–Big River (live): This song comes from a recording Jashie P did of an entire Joe Buck concert in Chicago a while back. He played the whole show at the end of one of his podcasts, and I listened to it probably a dozen times, and it remains my favorite recorded Joe Buck experience, more than his albums. Joe Buck is just such a unique experience live, I think that is what his next release should be, a live CD.

22. Lucky Tubb & The Modern Day Troubadours–Thanks A Lot (live): Lucky has a spellbinding singing cadence that is all his own. It’s there in his recorded material, but even more present live. He’s dripping with talent, and puts the “traditionalism” back in neo-traditional. Good track. Love the steel guitar.


#5 Roger Alan Wade–Breakfast At Audrey’s

#4 Six Gun Britt–Hard Habit To Break

#3 Bob Wayne–Ain’t No Diesel Trucks in Heaven

#2 The Boomswagglers–Run You Down

#1 Rachel Brooke–Closer Still

43 Comments to “Review – Outlaw Radio Compilation Volume 1”

  • We sorta do have a Hank III tune since he did a cover of Joey Allcorn on STH :) whadda find!

  • Great review and I’ve only heard 6 of those 22 artists so very excited to hear and learn me something new!

  • Did you get a copy ordered Carla? I would just tack a few more bucks on at paypal checkout if you can, and that should be fine.

  • Carla- thanks so much for the concern! If you could do what Triggerman said and try to add a few dollars that would be great. If not, I’ll take the few dollar loss to get the cd heard by more people overseas!

    Trig- Great review- Thanks as always!

  • great review. i’ll get around to it at some point, triggerman.

  • Trigg,

    I have to disagree on the labeling of Last False hope as Gothic punkgrass. Maybe punkgrass if you consider late 90′s hardcore, punk. Gothic, not at all. I would refer to it as GrassCore. If Integrity and Bill Monroe had some evil Satanic love child, who hung out in Georgia too much.

    So far though I agree with your assessment of the rest of the reviews.

  • Nice review man. Got mine ordered, and I can’t wait to play it over and over again at work (and home, and the car)! A few of my favorites are present, and a whole slew of artists I’ve been meaning to check out. Right on Outlaw Radio!

  • Oh can I add some dollars onto the paypal amount? Duh, sorry I had no idea, I thought it was preset. I’ll give that a go then. If it doesn’t work I’ll just get your paypal email addy Jahshie and manually do a paypal transaction. I’ll add $4 – $7 should get it to NZ. If not they may just drop it mid-flight into the pacific somewhere. It might wash up on a pacific island – like a proverbial message in a bottle.

  • Carla,

    You also need to send me $32 for handling, duty, and hush money. No whining, its for a good cause.

  • Carla- you are one honorable lady!

  • BJ,

    Let’s just open a can of worms and call it Anti-Country.

    Genre names are giving me crazy head these days.

  • You don’t know the half of it Jashie. When we were hanging out at SXSW, she walked on no less than three bar tabs, and then she beat up some emo kid in a parking and stole his wallet, the whole time flashing some weird gang signs and screaming, “That’s how we do it in the NZ bitchez.”

  • Damn I’ve probably listened to that Boomswagglers song 20 times today.

  • It’s a great fucking song.

  • I’ll agree with you on that Triggerman. It’s Izzy, Boomswagglers then Rachel Brook for me

  • Yeah sorry Trigger. I agree. I just get a little jumpy when I hear gothic, now a days.

    I have to agree on the Boomswagglers song. It is the poop! But they are all so damn good. I don’t think there is one on here that I would just skip over. This is Like the Wall or Darkside of the moon (or Clutch’s self titled album), if you don’t listen the whole way through you just don’t get it.

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on it, sounds amazing.

  • Looks like a real solid lineup for sure but I have to ask why you consider the .357 String Band to be bluegrass? Certainly no disrespect to them but I’m not sure bluegrass is it.

  • Oh lord can we please just all agree on an umbrella term and put all the genre talk to bed?

    Good to hear from you though Misfit, it had been awhile. Everyone go check out his new Rachel Brooke video:

  • Sounds bitchin’. I am a buyer.

  • Clearly I no longer owe you any hush money Triggerman as you just spilled your guts. I broke a fingernail beating up that damn emo kid. I’m still waiting for you to post a review of Kitten: Kiwi Yodelling Queen CD too ;P

    Interesting comment from Misfit Radio as I picked up .357 String Band’s Fire & Hail when I was in the states and to me it doesn’t sound bluegrass at all but like Irish music?!? Love bluegrass, HATE Irish music so am not digging it at all. I was gonna gift it to my bro’s Irish girlfriend! But she’s probably hate it cos, you know they’re not Irish.

    Jahshie P – glad to do it! Thanks for putting it together for us fans. I would have loved to order another copy to gift to student radio here but I know they wouldn’t play it. They brought Justin Townes Earle out here, did virtually nil promo, didn’t play a single one of his songs on the station … and hardly anybody turned up. Country is a dirty word here.

  • The cd is great, havnt took it out of my player since sat. The Rachel Brooke is my favorite song on the cd forsure. Also really liking #1 Gates to Heaven, where can I get more of his cds?

  • Nice breakdown Triggerman. I really almost didn’t want to take mine out of the plastic. Crazy huh? But I knew when Jashie P was first discussing a compilation it would be of extreme proportion.

  • AAAhhh damn it. I have been trying so hard to save money. I went to a SCOTS show this weekend and my left hand nearly broke the fingers on my right hand to keep it off my wallet. I wanted some new CDs so bad. I just broke down and ordered a copy of this, though. I can no longer resist.

  • I was just listenin to this at work and I had Rhapsody open (I work at Real so I get my comp account) and curiosity hit in the form of “I wonder if The Dad Horse Experience” is on here? That led to lookin up nearly all the other artists, and then I got to MORE thinkin (twice in one day, I’m goin for broke), that it would be nice if there was maybe a link for each track as to where we could hear / buy music from each of the artists. I had no idea Ted Russell Kamp has done so many albums until I just looked him up.

    Thanks JashieP for again, introducing such kickass music!

  • nlindsay,

    Yes, I thought about making links to all in the review. But that would be 22 of those bad boys, which woud’ve taken a long time to do, and the sheer prospect gives me carpal tunnel. I like to link to artists whenever possible.

  • Yeah I hear ya man, I was thinkin the same thing and quite frankly was expecting a response from you along the lines of “Why don’t YOU do this and email them all to me?”


  • Oh, and it’s already been done in the liner notes of the CD.


  • Trust me, I wasn’t thinking with the wrong head when I listened to that Boomswagglers song 20 times yesterday, and I wasn’t thinking AT ALL about the Boomswaggles when I was listening to Rachel Brooke.

    I’ll take your advise under advisement. It’s kind of like not going to the grocery store on an empty stomach I guess.

  • Mr Bandana: I never got that impression from reading Triggerman’s reviews of Rachel Brooke, and I’m a hyper sensitive post-feminist. Interesting how we all perceive things differently huh ;) Rachel’s a total rarity in this insurgent country scene – a woman. I like that he acknowledges and celebrates her in a respectful and slightly twinkled-eyed way! I always read his reviews like he was really inspired by her – the whole package. She’s a ridiculously talented singer/songwriter and she’s also a total fox! I am now looking forward to a review of some Izzy Cox Triggerman. I’m digging her (and you know I’m not generally a fan of female country artists) and want to know more please! Please?

  • Carla,

    I think Bandana was just picking on me. Or maybe my long running Rachel Brooke joke has run its course.

  • Got mine in the mail today! I haven’t listened to even half of it yet (mostly because I couldn’t decide which songs to listen to first!), but what I’ve heard is inspiring and ass-kicking, and I’m gonna make all my friends sit down with some homebrew and listen to the whole damn thing!
    .357 is definately bluegrass, though a new variety that is fast and furious. “Streetgrass”, I think they call themselves. Definately not Irish music, and I am a big fan of Irish music. Though Irish jigs and reels are the foundation of American bluegrass music.
    Triggerman, keep the Rachel Brooke patter up, I certainly enjoy it!

  • If you guys like irish music check out a band called cutthroat shamrock they play here in east Tennessee alot. These guys are really good. I will try to post a link.

  • i counted my quarters and i only have enough for “gospel haunted” and a six pack. good job. i respect what you did here. i listen to most of those bands everyday…alone. exposure is key.
    the lord willing and i don’t die from whithered genitalia, maybe i can fish a bootleg copy out of the gutter somewhere.

  • My fuck this CD is good! Hell, it isn’t technically released until next week, and I’m already salivating for Vol. 2!! Thanks Outlaw Radio!

  • hell yeah sounds this gonna be avalible for download somewhere? thanks

  • Matthew,

    Not at the moment, maybe eventually, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Thank you so much for rating me #4! That is way fucking awesome. I need to get my cd too. I’m ordering mine when I get to Ga for my little brother’s wedding. Thanks again for letting people know who I am.. Means the world to me!

  • Now that this has been in my playlist for a few months, I have some favorites:

    Gates of Heaven: This is the perfect opening to the compilation. I love his accent and this is such a great tune.

    Black Eyed Vermilion and Handsome Andy Gibson: how can these two produce anything other than great stuff? (and it was on repeat when I had to put my pet down last month)

    Bob Wayne is the best writer. period.

    I worship Rachel Brooke. I think she has the prettiest voice.

    The Joey Allcorn tune is like a present every time I listen to it.

    When Lonesome Wyatt said that he wrote The Minister’s Doom when his friend died of an aneurysm, my heart hit the floor.

    The musicianship of $2 Pints is on point. I want to hear more from them.

    The Boomswagglers completely blow me away. Them touring NYC is on my wish list.

    Little Lisa Dixie is so fantastic. This is what Country music on the radio should be.

    The Goddamn Gallows are so much fun! You must see them live, they breathe FIRE.

    Joe Buck Yourself is such a brilliant artist. I will forever hold hope to see him and Hank III on the stage again. Whatever drama drove them apart will never dismiss the greatness of the old shows.

    Lucky Tubb & The Modern Day Troubadours are so great! He’s so charming live, this is the perfect tune and a great ending to the cd.

    T H A N K Y O U J A S H I E P !

  • I think the Boomswagglers are way hotter!

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