Roger Alan Wade Releases “Deguello Motel”

October 6, 2010 - By Trigger  //  News  //  19 Comments

Roger Alan Wade, one of the best songwriters out there, has released his new album called Deguello Motel, created from sober reflection of 30 years of hard living. Wade, known just as much for his irreverent songs and being the cousin of Jackass’s Johnny Knoxville as he is for penning songs for Waylon Jennings and Hank Jr., took a more serious approach with this album than his previous two, All Likkered Up and Stoned Traveler. When I interviewed him for The 9513, he talked about the album, and the grand approach he was taking with it:

At the Alamo, any time the Mexican Army would surround it, they would have this song they’d play called “DeGuello,” which meant “leave or die.” That was kind of my life so I wrote this song called “The DeGuello Hotel,” and that’s gonna be the title of the album. I’m really proud of it because it was one of the first things I did clean and sober. And it let me know I could write clean and sober. I’ve about got the whole album put together, it’s really going to be special. I want it to be like Red Headed Stranger, Honky Tonk Heroes, Blonde on Blonde or Grievous Angel by GP [Gram Parsons]. I really want to make something like that, that I can sleep with, look myself in the mirror and know I did my best.

Listen to the rest of the Roger Alan Wade interview.

This is without question one of my most anticipated albums of 2010, and from what I’ve heard so far, it lives up to my expectations. Unfortunately the news slipped by me and every other news outlet when it was officially released on September 26th. But now that I am back in the loop I have a copy in hand and a review coming.

Listen to samples and/or purchase Roger Alan Wade’s Deguello Motel.

19 Comments to “Roger Alan Wade Releases “Deguello Motel””

  • Just got my hands on it, I’m gonna be reviewing it on this weeks episode of BRR

    • Will be looking for that!

      • Also gonna be having on Dogbite Harris on for an interview. It should be a good episode.

        • HELL YEAH!… don’t forget to post a link on that antiquated…um…myspace?!

          • Man! I just got this album from Itunes. I love it!
            Perfect for sittin’ on the porch in the rokkin’ chair at sundown with a jack in the hand. “Hey, didl, didl!”

  • Wow. I checked out some of the sample tracks. I’ve gotta get my hands on this. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Yeah, I was really impressed with the samples as well, and after talking to him over the Winter and seeing how passionate and excited he was about this project, I knew it was going to be good. I just downloaded it to my music library. Just waiting for a good free moment I can sit back and take it in. This one is special.

  • I’ve always loved his stuff but having to skip the novelty tunes is rather annoying. I’m really glad he made this. I’ve been dreaming of a record like this since the 1st time I heard him do “First Time I Saw Waylon.”

    • I appreciate his novelty songs, but yeah, I totally agree. I think a lot of people see him as a funny man, when he’s written so many great serious songs. Hopefully this album will make people appreciate the breadth of his songwriting ability.

      We talked a lot about him being typecast as a funny man in my interview.

      • I felt the same way about Robert Earl Keen till I heard Feelin’ Good Again.

        What songs did he write for Waylon & Hank Jr.?

        • He wrote the #1 hit “Country State of Mind” for Jr.

          Can’t remember the Waylon one at the moment, and can’t find it.

          Also wrote songs for Willie, Johnny Cash, and George Jones. Most of them all were later in their careers.

          • Waylon recorded “American by birth” , which was actually a duet with Johny Cash. “Daisy Chains” for George Jones and ” my body is just a suitcase for my soul” is the one Willie did. There are more.. I can’t think think of right now.

  • I’ll have to check this out for sure. I’ve been listening to “Stoned Traveler” quite a bit lately, and I really enjoy this guy.
    I need to get a second job just to fund the music habit!

  • Great post…looking forwrd to it!

  • Awesome!

  • This is why I love this blog! I would know nothing of Roger Alan Wade and I commend him for his strength to stay sober and his talent to our ears.

  • I have been a fan of Wade’s since I first heard “If You’re Gonna Be Dumb” on the first Jackass movie. I get a kick out of his humorous songs like “Gone Back to Whorin’” and “Poontang” but his more serious works like “Johnny Cash Has Died” and “Sweet Wine of Sorrow” are as soulful as anything you’ll ever hear… Definitely looking forward to the review and I will be buying this album ASAP. Thanks for lettin’ us know of it’s release, as it snuck past me as well.

    • It snuck past everyone. That’s why I wanted to let everyone know about it ahead of doing a review.

      Enough can’t be said about RAW’s songwriting ability. I really takes special talent to switch gears like he does and still pull it off so well. There’s no formula with him.

  • [...] case you missed the announcement (we did), Saving Country Music reports that Roger Alan Wade release a new album, titled Deguello Motel, on Sept. [...]

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