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55th-grammy-awardsSo here we go once again folks! To attempt to alleviate some of the anger, disgust, dejection, and frustration with the current state of music, we join here to report, commiserate, and poke fun of The Grammy Awards, the participants, the winners, and the performers, and pontificate on their impact. The way this works is this page will be updated regularly as the telecast transpires, so get your mouse finger ready to hit refresh often. And please feel free to participate in the comments section below.

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10:45 – Aside from Kelly Clarkson’s performance and Carrie Underwood’s dress, I thought the 2013 Grammys were the most unimpressive and boring awards show I’ve had to sit through and attempt to administrate a live blog on in a long time. No theme, no direction, no stirring performances, and a lot of time spent on music that had nothing to do with 2012 events or the current landscape of music. Last year had some excellent moments. This year there was barely anything worth even making fun of. The whole thing seemed flat. No real humor to speak of. I’m usually not for theatrics, but even most of the stage presentations were unimaginative, except for Taylor Swift’s which was just completely over the top to the point of being stupid. What happened this year? What message were the Grammys trying to convey, because I’m not walking away with anything, any feeling like a summation of the music year was made.

The big wins for The Back Keys and specifically Mumford & Sons could shift the already-brewing “roots” backlash into high gear. Anticipate seeing a lot of chatter about how much people hate Mumford & Sons in the coming days, burying talk about how off-key Taylor Swift was once again (though not as bad as New Year’s or the 2010 Grammys). And this isn’t the fault of Mumford, it is the fault of this ridiculous habit of the music business to take successful artists and make them ubiquitous to the point of becoming polarizing.

10:30 – Welp, it’s over. Composing a few final thoughts….

10:27 – Tom Morello: Biggest hack guitar player, only popular because of his outspoken politics.

10:26 – LL Cool J released his last album in 2008. So why does he get a performance?

10:18 – RIP “roots” as a popular music influence. Let the backlash begin!

10:15 – The winner for “Album of the Year” is Babel by Mumford & Sons.

10:11 – So now we’re paying tribute to Elton John, whose gotten face time twice tonight? Why? What is the point? What are the Grammys trying to say? What is the direction of tonight? A lot of the stuff that has happened tonight, I don’t get why it is here. We’re supposed to be reflecting back on the last year in music.

10:02 – What is T Bone Burnett & Mumford doing in this tribute except trying to grab some face time? Unimpressed.

10:00 – Funny observation from Farce The Music about the RIP montage, “Metallica died?!?! Oh no.”

9:59 – Levon Helm tribute = too busy. Nothing is more powerful than one artist and one performance.

9:57  – When he passes, will they play tribute to Robbie Robertson who wrote nearly all of The Band’s songs, and who Jimi Hendrix called his favorite guitar player? Just asking.

9:53 – Grammys will be recognizing music teachers starting next year. Good thing. I believe music education is the way to solve many of our music problems, including many that were showcased tonight on this award show.

9:47 – Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys will be the biggest winner of the night with 4 Grammys.

9:43 – Goyte shows some class by paying tribute to all the musicians not being showcased at The Grammys.

9:40 – “Record of the Year” winner is Goyte with “Somebody I Used To Know.” Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” gets snubbed.

9:34 – Carrie Underwood has one of the best voices in country and she’s hard to hate, but “Blown Away” is not country whatsoever.

9:31 – After Fun just got done telling us they’ve been around for 12 years, they win “Best New Artist. ” So does that erase all the street cred they were trying to build?

9:30 – Hey “Fun” guy, women pee, guys piss.

9:27 – The winner for “Best New Artist” is “Fun”

9:26 – And to present the next award, Katy Perry’s breasts!

9:25 – Sorry, but my love for Jack White’s authenticity and his vintage Nudie suit isn’t making up for the fact that he’s wearing too much makeup, and putting out stupid fake stage energy.

9:22 – Elizabeth Cook has been firing off some funny tweets over the night : “If Rihanna sings on The Weight Im gonna be so pissed. #grammyrealness” “I would totally go clubbing with Bruno Mars horn section.” “Hunter Hayes!? I didnt know Taylor Swift was transgender!”

9:21 – Love Jack White’s all girl band. He could have gone a little lighter on the Cover Girl himself though.

9:19 – The real winners for all the Mumford / Lumineers success is The Avett Brothers who were playing a bass drum and cymbal and emotional rootsy songs before those other bands had sprouted pubic hair.

9:17 – Hang in there folks, Levon Helm tribute coming up!

9:15 – Biggest Grammy headlines with 45 minutes left to go are Kelly Clarkson’s performance of songs not released in 2012, and how incredibly flat the whole presentation has been this year.

9:09 – When did Sting turn into Max Headroom?

9:08 – Go no problem with Bob Marley, it’s good they’re paying tribute to somebody, but why now? It’s it some Bob Marley anniversary? Did reggae enjoy some resurgence this year? I don’t get it. A lot more folks deserving tribute this year, folks who passed away who will never get another chance. Goes along with the unfocused, ambiguous theme and direction of this year’s awards.

9:01 – Twitter war going down as we speak apparently between Taylor Swift and One Direction fans because Taylor used a British accent during her performance, apparently to mock her ex-beau whose in the boy band. http://blogs.tennessean.com/tunein/2013/02/10/taylor-swift-sets-tweeters-atwitter/

8:59 – Zac Brown finally forgoes the sweaty toboggan to rock the Hasidic jew look.

8:57 – The winner for Best Country Album is “Uncaged” by Zac Brown Band. Could’ve been much worse folks!

8:56 – Kelly Clarkson delivers probably the most inspiring performance of the night so far paying tribute to Patti Page and Carole King, showcasing music that has stood the test of time.

8:52 – The Preservation Jazz Band’s keyboard player looks like he should be piloting a dune buggy in Mad Max.

8:50 – Man they’re shoving that “Two Broke Girls” down our throats. For the record, that show sucks, and the girls being hot doesn’t make up for it.

8:48 – Seriously, up to this point this is the most boring awards show I’ve ever seen. There’s not really been anything even worth making fun of, let alone inspiring. Music’s biggest night is letting me down

8:46 – Some people won some Lifetime Achievement awards or something. Old people, you know. If you blinked, you missed them.

8:41 – The winners for “Best Rap Collaboration” are “No Church in the Wild” Frank Ocean and Kanye West

8:39 – Wow, I’m telling you, all these performance are flat, uninspiring, average, especially for the Grammys.

8:36 – It took two hours to perfect Rihanna’s cleavage glisten.

8:34 – It’s a win for Chris Brown if he can get out of the building without beating the shit out of somebody.

8:27 – The winner for “Best Pop Vocal Album” is “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. So is this a win for country?

8:22 – Is it me, or is the entire Grammy presentation this year incredibly flat and non-engaging so far? Just no momentum.

8:21 – The winner for Best Rock Performance is “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys. The roots dominance continues.

8:20 – Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys won “Producer of the Year”

8:15 – For context, Frank Ocean who just won that last award, was assaulted by Chris Brown, who just lost to him. Justice served. Look at the scoreboard Chris.

8:12 – The only thing Chris Brown deserves to be presented with is a court summons and a restraining order.

8:06 – Justin Timberlake, quit acting like you’re still relevant and get back to fixing MySpace. We’re all tired of Facebook!

8:05 – Is it coincidence that the color scheme Beyonce’s dress is the same exact one Garth Brooks had on the cover of The Chase?

7:56 – This Mumford song is already too ubiquitous for the performance to have any impact.

7:55 – If Mumford & Sons win Album of the Year tonight, it could very well be the beginning of a popular backlash against “roots” music. A Mumford backlash has been the big topic over Grammy weekend.

7:53 – Is this “Fun” dude expecting to forge a river tonight? Someone get that dude some full-length drawers.

7:50 – Tim McGraw used a special type of rare, expensive plastic in his hat for this special occasion.

7:48 – Funny observance from Dub Miller on Twitter about Carrie Underwood win: “Proof that country music is an antiquated genre, and has replaced adult contemporary as the best way to sell tampons & toilet tissue…”

7:43 – Carrie Underwood wins for “Blown Away” despite the song not being country, whatsoever.

7:42- Appropriate that a couple of rappers introduce a country award.

7:41 – If you stare at this rapper’s getup long enough, you can see unicorns vomiting. It’s called an optical illusion.

7:39 – Wow, what a popcorn fart of a tribute to Dick Clark.

7:38 – This song “Home” is currently in the courts because Jason Isbell claims it was stolen from his song “In A Razor Town.”

7:35 – What is wrong with the vocals here?

7:33 – “Over You” is the song Miranda Lamber and Blake Shelton wrote together about Blake’s brother who died young.

7:30 –  Already a good night for bad music. Little Big Town already one before the telecast for Best Country Duo / Group.

7:20 – So they already gave away a tremendous amount of awards tonight, including some of the important country awards. We’ll try to get caught up with them during the commercial breaks.

7:19 – Even Jennifer Lopez thinks Pit Bull is a douche bag.

7:17 – Sorry folks we’re getting a late start here. Technical difficulties abound. But I believe we have everything fixed now.





71 Comments to “Saving Country Music 2013 Grammy Awards LIVE Blog”

  • More clowns, please!


  • I AM PISSED!!! Taylor Swift is a soulless puppet. Shania Twain looks like Hank Williams by comparison (this is not easy). Great way to start this bullshit!


  • Is it bad to think the white rabbits had more talent than TS? :o)


  • I really want to hear a signature Trigger rant session about the Taylor Swift debacle. “Get pissed, and get mad..”


  • Oh man i am missing all the fun ! Wonder id Blake Shelton will be there ?


  • I respect Adele, but why is a song from an album released in Feb 2011 nominated for a Grammy presented in 2013?


    • Proves just what a creatively bankrupt year 2012 was for mainstream music.


  • Nice shout out to Harlan Howard by the lovely and talented Bonnie Raitt. True class. I doubt Dierks and Miranda will be able to deliver “three chords and the truth”, though.


    • And I doubt hubbie butthole Blake Shelton knew who those people are.


  • I’m an aspiring musician, why do I not feel like aspiring to this bullshit?


  • From the WSJ live blog:

    8:53 pmby JFAdd a Comment
    Caught Lambert, Bentley and Underwood. When do real country artists go on?


  • It’s simple to say that when you watch a modern ”Western” like Django Unchained, and a rap song is part of its soundtrack, it’s enough to make you realize that this mono-genre thing is bridging itself more. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.


  • What did I miss?? I had to turn the channel for the epileptic monkeys I mean Mumford & Sons.


  • Mumford and sons started out slow but they pulled it together and nailed it.

    Think I’ll turn the channel now… Nothing more to see here


  • I would find watching this abomination a little more interesting if say a drone would strike the stage.


  • Is it just me or did Kelly Clarkson’s fiance look pissed, im guessing when she told that other dude she wanted to sing with him because he was sexy? (or something along those lines)


    • I wondered what was going on there too. I think they were all drunk (Kelly, her fiancee, Blake, Miranda). Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful (The IT couple) did not look happy when Underwood won for solo. Blake tweeted that he was going to take the Grammy away from Underwood. Arrogant BS. IMO I think the terrible performances by Swift, Miranda and Bentley was not good at all. One of the DJ’s here said that their performances made country music look bad and it was going into the gutter but Underwood saved the day and country music’s reputation–as usual. He also stated that she gives kudos to country music all the time but the industry does not treat her right. I agree with him on all points. Not an Underwood fan (I like some of her music) but she is the best artist to represent country music as everyone (all genres) love and respect her. Plus she has amazing vocals. What more does country music want from this girl? I am a Strait/Jackson fan but this girl is NOT treated right at all.


      • Kelly’s fiance is Reba’s son.


  • Time Jumpers and Jamey Johnson had such good albums and great musicians. I don’t understand…


  • Kelly is so spectacular. I don’t care what genre she falls into, she is fabulous and I will listen to her sing anything.


  • The music from the Target commercials seems more inspired than most of the performances.

    Best performance of the night from a reality TV show contestant. Too bad Pickler wasn’t nominated, AI could have gone 3 for 3. I think most people will tune out well before The Lumineers come on, a bit of a shame.


  • dude..i tried watching for about 10 minutes,can’t do any more. it’s everything i fucking hate about music.


    • congrats to the Okee Dokee Brothers. still though…F a grammy.


  • Does Jack White have the pasty-face look like he’s auditioning for a vampire role in Twilight?

    Also, too a friend texted me re: The Lumineers “I didn’t know Woody Harrelson had such musical talent”


  • Trig, I get that Lumineers are new and all, but how is playing folk songs a monopoly right of the Avett Bros.? Maybe Lumineers are cashing in, but they might also be playing genuinely.


    • Nobody is saying The Avett Brothers have a monopoly on folk music. Its how both Mumford and The Lumineers have a front man that plays a bass drum, something you NEVER saw until Scott Avett, and the emotional -laden lyrics and high energy stage presence. I’m not saying they are an Avett Brothers ripoff, but where were The Avett Brothers tonight? They had a commercially-successful album in 2012.


      • lead man playing a bass drum…William Elliot Whitmore?


        • Whitmore plays it while sitting down, more of the one man band concept that has been employed for years by independent musicians. It’s the standing up, and with a band that is similar to The Avetts. And Seth Avett played the hi-hat with his foot too like both Mumford & The Lumineers do at times.




  • Why do I feel like Carrie Underwood is turning into a Oklahoma version of Celine Dion. Sigh.


    • I was not blown away by Carrie’s song, but she definitely hit a home run in the fashion department last night with the digital projection dress and $31 million in diamonds. She outclassed Taylor Swift in every way, not just the singing. If was as if she was tired of Taylor stealing the spotlight for the last few years and this would be her chance to make a big statement and reclaim her crown. I take the gossip articles about the two of them having a feud with a grain of salt, but I do think there is some rivalry there. Definitely Carrie scored this time.


  • Brandon, I could not just “like” your comment. I have to “love” it!!!!


  • Article definitely worth a read, Jamey doesn’t usually do many interviews:



    • Good read!


  • one more comment and i’m done giving a shit…Marcus Mumford and T Bone Burnett are both very involved with the music for the new Coen Brothers movie coming out in december,which Justin Timberlake is also acting in.


  • Did you really dislike the Levon tribute that much? I agree that it was a bit busy, but I thought that it was pretty good for such a mainstream centered show. I also didn’t mind seeing Mumford & Sons perform in it, remembering how they performed at one of Levon’s rambles last year. Only complaint I had was the Grammy’s not inviting Larry Campbell and Amy Helm to join the tribute.


    • It was great to have a Levon tribute on The Grammys. But yeah, where was his family, or where were any former members of The Band? Where was Robbie Robertson? He wrote all of those songs and was the leader of The Band. People in Americana are so fawning on Levon, they seemed to have forgotten that. I don’t want to knock Levon, but I just find the whole thing a little perplexing. Was The Band and Levon known for boisterous female singers? I thought they both oversang. This was all a ploy to get a bunch of famous people on stage with T Bone Burnett.


      • There was so much more to Levon then The Band. Sure the Band was great but so was his later work over past 10 years or so. Electric Dirt and my god, Dirt Farmer, to me it just dosent get any better. To me this was Levon.


      • I think it was very appropriate for Mavis Staples to be singing on The Weight last night. She and rest of the Staple Singers performed with The Band on the version of The Weight from The Last Waltz movie. She sang the same verse last night that she sang in the verson from The Last Waltz.


      • And as for Robbie Robertson, having him up there might have been a bit awkward. Levon had a lot of anger towards him as he thought Robbie hogged too much of the songwriting credit. Also,he was unhappy with how Robbie was portrayed as the ‘leader” in the Last Waltz movie. He didn’t think that was accurate and that Robbie’s friendship with director MArtin Scorcese had something to do with how Robbie came to be portrayed as the bandleader. That’s soem of what I got out of reading Levon”s memoir “This Wheel’s on Fire.”

        I agree that having Larry Campbell (instead of T-Bone) and Amy Helm involved would have been nice. Also, Garth Hudson. Maybe Dr. John on piano instead of Sir Elton.


        • Look, I am glad that there was a tribute to Levon Helm on The Grammys, and I LOVE Levon helm, don’t get me wrong. But at some point, history was re-written. Like you said, Levon had a beef with Robbie Robertson. Even if Levon’s leadership and songwriting was half with The Band, will we still see a Robbie Robertson tribute when he passes? Of course not, because he’s been vilified by the inner Americana sanctum while Levon Helm was invited into it and became this Americana god. Yes, The Band had a lot of great songs. A LOT of great songs. But there was also a lot of chaff on those album, especially the later ones.

          The whole thing stunk to me like a T Bone Burnett ego push. And now Elton John is being called an “Americana legend?” Please. And Mavis Staples may be awesome, but she WAY oversang. Americana is a hyper-clique that refuses to grow with the term and continues to over-reward its inner sanctum to the point of being celebrity worship no different than mainstream country.

          I know this is an unpopular stance, but I was really disappointed. Get one person to get out there and really knock the socks off.


          • I don’t know that your stance is that unpopular. I saw an update from Levon’s Facebook page today from his manager Barbara O’Brien, where she was trying to calm down some fans unhappy with the performance.

            I went back and listened to the Grammy performance of The Weight. On her verse, I think that she pretty much stayed true to the way that she sang it on The Last Waltz, except that she’s almost 40 years older. Me, I love the version from the movie and so her performance didn’t come across to me as oversinging. Now, maybe she could have held back a little knowing that she can’t quite produce the power vocally that she used to be able to. But hey, this was a celebration, and I was glad to see her on the stage. Just seemed right to me, given her history with The Band and the fact that Levon was such a big Staples Singers fan. The rest of them? Meh. Except maybe Brittany Howard.


          • Mavis’ oversinging was mostly at the end. I didn’t know if she was trying to be comical or not.

            I just think back to all the memorable tribute, Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston last year, Kelly Clarkson’s this year (and I’m not some big Kelly Clarkson fan). These hodge podges of performers look good on paper, but rarely translate into a memorable performance.


          • “These hodge podges of performers look good on paper, but rarely translate into a memorable performance. ”

            Well, that’s a good point. This one didn’t even look all that good on paper, with a couple of exceptions.

            I just went back and listened to the version of The Weight from the AMA Awards. That was much more satisfying. I thought Bonnie Raitt and John Hiatt especially did a good job. Maybe having them trade verses, along with Bonnie’s slide, would have made for a nice Grammy performance.


          • I’m glad you brought up the AMA Awards tribute, because that would be a good one to point to as an example of how to do a tribute with multiple acts and do it right. I didn’t see it live, but I heard it, and thought it was great. Definitely a memorable moment.


          • I for one was touched by the tribute to Levon. The man lived and breathed music and anyone who went to a Ramble can testify to this. As far as Elton John participating in this tribute he has long admired Levon in a quiet way and in case you are not aware his son is named Levon.


          • I don’t think having Elton John participate was awful, just not terribly inspiring. I like a lot of his early ’70s stuff, but as a roots music fan, I haven’t gotten excited about anything I’ve heard from him in close to 40 years (haven’t heard his album with Leon Russell, though). I iguess I think of him these days as more as a celebrity than a music artist. And I thought the version of The Weight as OK, but I’ve heard much better tribute versions (e.g., AMA Awards, one on Elvis Costello’s show, and the one that Rob at the bottom refers to.)

            Starting to wonder if The Weight is becoming the Americana American Pie. Not that I see myself ever getting tired of the numerous Band versions (studio, Rock of Ages,Last Waltz).

            Was hoping to make it up to a Ramble one day. I grew up 90 minutes south of Woodstock and thought that sometime I could work it in with a trip to see family. Maybe I’ll do a pilgrimage sometime.


  • Agree more hate on Taylor Swift for such a… well for just existing.


  • they wont even show the metal award during the broadcast


    • and they shouldn’t-because its a fucking joke and always has been. here’s the formula: take a few classic bands like maiden, slayer, sabbath, metallica, etc. (i.e. bands people that have no clue about metal have heard of). did they actually do anything of note this year? doesn’t matter. throw in a couple flavors of the week (slipknot, lamb of god, what have you) and pick a name out of a hat. voila! you just won a meaningless grammy! the revolver golden gods awards were supposed to remedy this situation, but they quickly devolved into awarding bands for playing mainstream, radio rock garbage (just like the grammy’s, for the most part).


      • The award itself is a joke but it’d be nice to see it given as much respect as the other genres. Especially considering that there is so much more musical talent in the genre than pop, or hip-hop. Halestorm winning is a crime but some of the bands that get nominated deserve to be mentioned in an actual televised presentation. It’d be good for metal to get the spot-light, if only for a minute or two.


        • agree 100%


  • Between ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Downton Abbey,’ I caught maybe a half-hour of the telecast (though I did get to see the Miranda Lambert/Dierks Bentley performance, plus the Helm tribute at 10). So thanks for the write-up, Trig — good to know I didn’t really miss anything!

    Happy for the Gotye (and Kimbra) wins — I love “Somebody That I Used to Know.” I was pretty OK with the Black Keys wins too (especially for “Lonely Boy”)…


    • the awards show on last nights The Simpsons episode was more entertaining then the Grammys…


  • Did anyone catch this travesty? Tate Stevens won the last X Factor for “country” music and Pepsi was supposed to air his first video at the Grammys.

    I was bored bored bored early in the show and went to bed. But this song makes me long to hear Truck Yeah for the second time… All the way thru!



    • Damn. That’s a real song? I caught part of that and thought it was just some hokey commercial jingle from Pepsi, trying to grab the “Dirt Road” demographic. Ug.


  • Disagree that Morello is a hack guitar player. You can dislike his style, but if you play you have to respect his originality and talent. Other than that, you were pretty spot on, though.


    • Yeah, that was probably more of a dramatic statement in the midst of a live blog, but I will stand behind my opinion that his guitar solos are all about him and that he impinges on the flow and rhythm of songs he solos in. Technically, yes he’s very skilled. But taste-wise, he doesn’t have a clue. He’s a stunt guitarist, like Steve Vai, but with even more polarizing licks because they’re so harsh.


      • I very much like his guitar playing his music (e.g., Rage Against The Music and Audioslave) as I think the harsh style works very well there. Perhaps he’s just not very portable.


        • Morello has some all-time killer riffs to his credit… Just listen to Shadow On The Sun. Also, my wife just made me watch the lumineers performance and I don’t get the shouting.


          • Right. From the first Audioslave album. Great hard rock album.

            I like the Avetts, and don’t mind Mumford and Sons. The Lumineers grate on me.


  • At least Pitbull didn’t dominate the Grammys! ;)

    (and yet, the tragic irony is that this shameless megalomaniac and Product Placement Generator would have brought out a more energetic performance than anyone this go around! -__- )


  • Is it just me, or does anyone else here find it largely unsettling that many of the exact same current releases are clogging up the “Alternative” and Mainstream Top 40 radio formats simultaneously?

    It just feels like “Alternative” has become quite a wash to me. Perhaps it has always been in some form, but more obviously now than ever before. I’ve come to the conclusion that “Alternative” is more a brownie point, a badge of honor now as opposed to anything of artistic semblance. Like giving yourself a pat on the back for not being the current radio diva or, say, the latest EDM hit replete with your choice of rent-a-producer and rent-a-rapper.

    Consider the fact that last year, both Gotye and fun. were ascending the “Alternative”, Mainstream Top 40, Adult Top 40, Adult Alternative and even to a lesser extent “Rhythmic Top 40″ formats simultaneously with their now unavoidable hits. Now, we are witnessing this exact same trend with The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons and possibly Of Monsters & Men.

    Maybe it’s just me, I concede, but I’m bothered by the fact countless emerging artists can claim they are “alternative” when they are rapidly ascending the Mainstream Top 40 format just as quickly as they are the “Alternative” chart. What, then, does that make “Alternative”? Or Mainstream Top 40, for that matter? It’s just the latest sign of the monogenre making headway! =/


    • “Alternative” has pretty much lost all meaning, hasn’t it? Songs like “Somebody That I Used to Know,” “We Are Young,” “Ho Hey,” “It’s Time” and “Little Talks” — not mention the Black Keys’ and Mumford & Sons’ recent hits — may be very different from most of the dance-pop and hip-hop that dominate the mainstream, but they’re still right there as part of the mainstream landscape.

      Todd Snider was right (in “Talking Seattle Grunge-Rock Blues”) — silence is the “original alternative” in music. :)


      • Just to clarify, it is NOT the fact that these artists and their respective singles have “crossed over” to other formats that I have an issue with. It is that they aren’t even “crossing over” and that they are, in fact, climbing all these other format charts at the exact same time they are climbing their supposed core format chart: “Alternative”.

        This underscores how Clear Channel and Cumulus have transformed the nature of radio to where it’s all about demographics now. Trying to set total audience airplay records over and over and over again. And how do you achieve this? By simultaneously pushing any given single up as many charts as you can muster, as opposed to initially pushing a single on a particular format and, should it prove to flourish, proceed to push it at additional radio formats. Leave no stone unturned.

        Another point that needs to be illustrated is that most, if not all, of these respective “Alternative” singles were NOT elevated first and foremost by the Internet and social media. They were elevated by television. “We Are Young” became a breakout hit because it was ubiquitously featured in television advertisements (namely Chevrolet and Taco Bell) as well as an episode of “Glee”. “Somebody That I Used To Know” was also aided by “Glee”, which in turn inspired countless covers, many of which were also live televised performances.

        Note that I’m not dismissing either of these songs on their own merit (I honestly don’t care for either one of them, although I do enjoy much the rest of fun.’s album). The point I’m making is that the claim that social media drove these to be the hits they are now is a (mostly) laughable claim. Television brought them to broad visibility, and then from there they became viral phenomenons.


  • I really don’t get the whole Mumford and Sons hate. They are so talented. Who cares if they are played on the radio? Who cares if they won a grammy? They put out great music and get what they deserve. They are incredibly talented musicians and great singers. They have stayed true to their sound and there is no reason to have a backlash agasint them. I’m sorry, but I would much rather have Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers on the radio then Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.


    • Just to clarify, I personally am not condoning a Mumford backlash, I am simply anticipating one, or really, reporting on it because it was already in full force going into the Grammys. Aside from whatever other things people think about Mumford’s music, I feel like many people discount them simply because they’re popular. And I agree, this doesn’t make sense.


      • People are going to be giving Mumford and Songs backlash, mostly the hipsters. I don’t get the hate, given that they are one of the few roots-oriented bands getting a shot at mainstream play (“I Will Wait” is charting highly on HAC, at number 27 on pop, and right around number 50 on the country airplay chart in addition to its peaks at Alternative and Triple A).


  • i idolise elton john but instead of yet another tribute to his genius it would have been nice if someone had performed a lightnin hopkins song in honor of his lifetime achievment award.

    ps- i hate mumford and all of his sons


  • If anyone wants to see a really good ensemble version of “The Weight,” Hayes Carll, Patterson Hood, Jason Isbell, and Amanda Shires did one that wasn’t terribly overdone. I think it’s better than the Grammy one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNTGG3Oyk0k


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