Saving Country Music Radio Episode #28 Released

June 24, 2012 - By Trigger  //  Podcasting/Radio  //  8 Comments

Sometimes you just have to stop pontificating so much about music and just play it. That is what the Saving Country Music Radio podcast is for. Even if you have no time or desire to listen, please pilfer the playlist for ideas for what we’re listening to right now. This episode is co-hosted by Earl Dibbles Jr. (well, sort of), who just released a new single, and prominently features my favorite new album, Eric Strickland’s Honky Tonk Till I Die, as well as songs from albums SCM has reviewed recently, and others we hope to get to soon.

Thanks for listening and remember….

It’s all about the music!

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8 Comments to “Saving Country Music Radio Episode #28 Released”

  • Great podcast trigg, i had this playing today at work in the shop. Earl Dibbles JR was a great co-host. YEE YEE!


  • I have a question, Trig, is it possible to put up how many Kilobytes/Gigabytes are in the download-able file? The only reason I ask is because I have Dial-up and I’m not sure if I can download this now or if I should wait until I can download it at a friend’s house.


    • It’s all MP3′ so it can;t be two big. It is 56,734,196 bytes, if that helps at all. For some reason, the file completely disappeared off my computer when I uploaded it to the server or I could be more specific than that.


      • “56,734,196 bytes, if that helps at all” Considering there are Byte converters, it will help. I’m getting around 54 Megabytes, so I’ll need to go to a friend’s house. Thanks for the information, Trig.


  • Excellent playlist except my ears started to bleed a little during that “country boy song”. Otherwise good stuff!


  • Just a suggestion:

    You should tag the mp3 with the podcast’s track listing in the comments section. That way, we (me) can check what a song is without pulling up our (my) browser and visiting the site.


    • Good idea! You’d think 28 episodes in I’d have a better knack for this, but I still feel like such a greenhorn.


  • Thank you for this. Some of it is great (hello Joe Huber) and some of it sucks and some of it needs to be listened to again. Things like this are the reason I have started following your blog. That and being amused by Taylor Swift and various record company machinations. Really been a lot of fun, thanks again!


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