Shooter Jennings Fires Big Shot with “Outlaw You”

August 17, 2011 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  168 Comments

Wow. I’m not exactly sure where this came from, and I don’t care who it came from. The simple fact is that it came, and country music is better off for it.

Ahead of Shooter Jennings’ January release of his new album Family Man, he has released the song an accompanying video for the composition “Outlaw You”. Simply put, this is a shot right to the gut of Music Row, and specifically, this crop of “New Outlaws” (Justin Moore, Josh Thompson, etc.) invading country music.

This isn’t just another anti-Nashville protest song. This is Charlie Rich burning the envelope with John Denver’s name in it on the 1975 CMA awards. This is Alan Jackson launching into George Jones’ “Choices” at the 1999 CMA awards. This is Merle Haggard telling CBS Records executive Rick Blackburn ““Who do you think you are? You’re the son-of-a-bitch that sat at that desk over there and fired Johnny Cash.” It rises to the level of these historic moments in country music history because it not only contains bravado, it also contains class, and truth.

The song is structured similar to Shooter’s pre-Black Ribbonsera sound with the .357’s: a mix of country and Southern rock, starting off with fiddle and banjo, but then favoring the heavier guitar sound, and a rapid-fire lyrical approach. The lyrics are undeniable witty, poignant, and pointed, and Shooter uses an extended chorus to create tension to give the title lyric of the song optimum payoff. In the middle, the sound empties for emphasis, as Shooter gives an Outlaw history lesson with his best asset, his soulful voice, buoyed with heavy breathing and rising passion.

I guess it is pretty predictable that I would eat this song up, but what takes a good song and makes it great is a universal theme that in some way enhances the human experience by the end. Even if you like the current “New Outlaws”, even if you’re not in tune enough with the New Outlaw movement for the words to bite with truth, even if you hate Shooter Jennings, the universal message to be true to yourself and what’s inside of you is still effective. This isn’t an anti-“New Outlaw” song, it is an uplifting song about being true to yourself, using the “New Outlaw” movement as a backdrop, and an example.

Critics of Shooter, of which there are many, will find their holes in this song, possibly saying this is an attempt to exploit the anti-Nashville backlash that can be found growing throughout the county, and on sites like this one, to possibly create publicity for his XXX movement. Shooter has reached out to me to let me know Saving Country Music was one of the inspirations behind this song. I called for artists to call out these “New Outlaws” when it seemed like only bloggers and fans were willing to pipe up. There has been a battle going on for the heart of country music, and I’ve been frustrated that the artists on our side seem to refuse to fight. Now at least a shot has been fired.

The video for the song does the job. It is nothing special, but with a low budget approach, simply using some photos and fonts, it helps convey the message without eroding the natural emphasis of the song. Some very likely with smirk at the use of the Bleeding Cowboy font, but if there was an instance when it was called for and appropriate, this would be it.

Time will tell of what the outcome of this song’s release will be. Pop isn’t going anywhere in country music folks. It’s always been there, and always will be. What we can fight for is balance, equality, and choice. Regardless of the outcome, “Outlaw You” gives voice and some enfranchisement to the scores of country fans fed up with the status quo, and the way Music Row has taken the Outlaw history of country, and exploited for marketing purposes; something I’ve been saying around here for almost two years now.

“Outlaw You” is a remarkable composition, and an instant Song of the Year candidate.

Two guns way up!

168 Comments to “Shooter Jennings Fires Big Shot with “Outlaw You””

  • That’s what I like to hear! The lack of a retrospective viewpoint is part of what makes today’s music listeners so susceptible to eating the shit that Nashville serves them. Shooter did a nice job of throwing that important history in there about why those founding fathers are worthy of such respect and have little to do with the “New Outlaw” crap. I don’t know that this will change anything but it’s always good to see someone speakin’ out.

  • I think this song should be OUTLAWED…………It sounded almost as horrible as all the other Pop/Rap garbage out there.In my opinion this song is nothing near Country!!

    • I agree this song is not country in the traditional sense. It is a rock song, with southern rock and country homages and elements. I don’t know if that on its own makes it bad.

      • I understand what he is trying to do……….but come on it’s preaching to the Choir. It’s just a horrible song IMO.

        • Its more than preaching to the choir. CMT is promoting it. The message in this song is gonna reach alot more ears than than this choir.

          • Just because CMT is promoting doesn’t mean shit IMO. This is a song that even those folks that like Pop Country may listen to one time and never listen to it again.It’s not catchy so people will not be listening to the song over and over like they do with the popular stuff…………Does CMT even play Country Video’s anymore?? When i am surfing Channels on tv all i ever see is the Dukes of Hazard or some other show on.

          • I do think it is catchy, and I am glad you and others don’t like it, because that means the assholes in Affliction T-Shirts probably will.

            I can’t disagree with anybody who says they don’t like the music to this song. That is a fair and valid argument. But some songs, the lyrics are the focus and the music is just window dressing, and some vice versa. This is the first type of song. This song is a vehicle for the message Shooter wanted to covey. I couldn’t care less about the music, whether he is trying to be ironic or not. It’s fluff, and fluff that might add a layer of accessibility to the message, which means it actually might be effective.

    • While it may not be the best traditional song, the lyrics hit the spot. Do you think Shooter was trying to get more pop/rock with this song because he wanted more people to hear it?

  • Shit…….I’m pretty neutral to the whole Shooter/XXX thing. But no one can deny that the lyrics in this song are exactly what needed to be said.

    • Amen, Erik! If Shooter’s the only one who has enough balls to tell it like it is, then so be it! I’m SO proud to be a Shooter Jennings fan and I’ll be singing along at the top of my lungs when I see him in concert tomorrow AND Friday. To all you haters… OUTLAW YOU! Go listen to some Rascal Flatts.

      • Lori, to quote you: “To all you haters… OUTLAW YOU! Go listen to some Rascal Flatts”.

        I’m confused: were you leaving this response for the readers and fans of this site or to those who don’t frequent this site but like pop country? I am seriously hoping it’s the latter.

      • I think the whole “haters” thing is pretty retarded. The term implies that anybody who doesn’t like something is like a Klansman, somebody that consumed with hate for that song or artist without any rhyme or reason. I like the song, but I see what somebody else could no like about, and they have just reason to not like, or hate, it. And honestly, this song is closer to Rascal Flatts than Waylon in terms of sound or the music itself or whatever you want to call it.

        • Okay you guys need to stop like taking every little word okay he cant make this a slow ass country song, hes pissed, hes rocking out, I wouldnt wanna sing to this as some song like “love story” from taylor swift, okay miranda lashes out with her music like crazy ex gf..thats rocky but it cant be slow if shes talking about the girl the guys with now, and shes hunting them down. This song is perfect Its okay to have some rock in country, get the beat going so its not soo boring and slow. Theres old country and new country and this song is new country and him talking about pretty boys dressing up in their pretty perfect boots, stealing peoples songs like jason aldean and my kinda party, well colt ford sang that first with brantley gilbert. I mean you either like the song or not, and its not about the beat, its about the lyrics, the beat just goes with it because its like If I was mad and I needed some good music I would wanna have a good beat im not gonna listen to a slow song.

    • Oh so NOW he wants to say something. I don’t care how his daddy was, if he has a problem with Justin Moore or the new outlaws he can kiss my country ass

      • Wow, aren’t you a rebel? Are you just mad because he’s speaking the truth?

  • Nice write up Kyle. Great song.

  • Love the message. Love Shooter. But honestly… the song has about as much depth as the garbage coming out of Nashville these days and I’m not sure it sounds much different. Maybe that’s what he was going for.

    • amen

      • amen amen

  • let me just say.. its about damn time… i am a huge supporter of the “underground” movement. the only thing that everyone lacks is exposure.. thats why i get on this website daily just to see whats going on and what im missing out on.. but it seems as tho is all we have. all those pretty boys in baseball hats have CMT, Radio, Billboards, and so on..
    i think that most people that visit this site are like me in that we support music that has a meaning to it. if you listen to “weary blues from waitin” by SR., you can hear the pain in his voice. If you listen to “green river” by waylon, you can hear the sorrow in his voice. if you listen to “dirt road anthem” by jason alden, you can hear nothing….
    now to my point. this song gave me chills within 30 seconds. its been a LONG time since ive listened to a song for the first time that gave me chills like that. and it says everything about how i feel about country music in general. when i talk to people about why i dont like nashville country, it usually turns into a huge conversation because most of the people i have to convince know nothing about the roots of country music. so i have to tell them the story about waylon coming to town and saying “what the fuck you mean its wrong” and he changed the formula and thats what makes him an outlaw. there are outlaws out there today and this website is their only exposure. props to you Trig.
    thank you Shooter for this song. now all i have to do is play this song for those people out there who dont understand. ill still probably tell the waylon story just becasue he is a bad ass and I tell anyone willing to listen. haha.


    • Take note this song was released on CMT. This song was not only a shot to the belly of Music Row, it was shot FROM the belly of Music Row. The fact it was released on CMT might be one of the most important, if not the most important element of this song.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Exactly. Well put Trig. Sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire or in this case you gotta put out a song that can mix with mainstream songs. Musically and vocally it isn’t Shooters best work. But it is catchy and will catch the pop-country fan. Then when they hear the lyrics is when the fight is brought right to the front door of pop-country.
        What the hell is a pop country artist going to respond with to the son of the King of Outlaws?

        I think people that are ripping this song need to take a step back and appreciate what forces artists like Shooter and other beloved undergrounders are up against.

        Shooter has taken the fight right to them. Called them out. Maybe it isn’t a legendary song, but it has been 5 min. since it came out. Give it a minute. The change is happening. But it takes a long time and this is the next step in what started a couple years ago.

      • That’s what shocked me, it’s on CMT! Hell maybe they’re even sick of the crap they play.They also have a nice article about it on there that I’m pretty sure wasn’t written by Alison Bonaguro..As far as people bitching that it isn’t “traditonal”,I’ll go Charlie Sheen for a sec and say DUH! It’s Shooter Jennings,he has never been a traditonal country artist.I’m kind of shocked anybody who respects the Outlaw movement would trash a song like this.

        Shooter does his own thing,his own music the way he want’s to…Uh..just like his Father did.

        And the pretty boy with the baseball hat? Hi there Eric Church.You might need to smoke a little more smoke after this.

        • What’s funny is Eric Church recorded a song with the same message called A Lotta Boot Left to Fill.

          • I liked this song a lot. That being said Eric Church is a good artist in my opinion. I’m 21 years old and from a small southern town. I love me some Waylon and Haggard and Cash, but Eric Church writes his own songs and for the most part I think he sings what HE wants to sing. So maybe this song does have some hint towards Church (even though I think more toward Aldean), but the truth is I have no problem liking both the old guys and some of the new guys like Church and Luke Bryan and Brantley Gilbert who mostly sing what they wrote themselves. Sorry Roscoe this rant wasn’t directed at you just have read a lot of bashing of some of those guys recently and didn’t think it was fair.

        • Well, in an interview with Alex Jones, he said something about how the music industry wants box people into different categories, he doesn’t fall into one category, and he makes that clear in all of his music, I mean, if you listen to Black Ribbons or his newest one, Other Life, he breaks so many boundaries in his albums it’s insane

  • hell yeah shooter

  • I’m not a huge fan of Shooter, but the man is preaching the gospel here. So nice work, sir.

    Wish he would have spent more than 10 minutes on the video though.

    • There’s a bit of an explanation about the low budget approach of the video, but I will let Shooter explain that, but obviously, Shooter had no money top help make it, but since it was being released on CMT, a video was necessary element to releasing this song.

      • Shooter is saying on Twitter that a “real” video is coming.

        • The real video was shot yesterday in Nashville.

        • I’m glad he put out the original video. It makes the viewer pay attention to the words. With a slick, typical video, the viewer wouldn’t pay attention to the words. I’d leave the video as-is….it directs attention where the attention needs to be.

          I bought the single off iTunes. Doesn’t have the same impact as the video.

          • Intersting point LostInNYC. When people see the video, they say the words are the biggest impact, but without the video the words lose impact.

            Then you got those saying musically it is awful or weak, but they get the point.

            I think this is one of those songs that we don’t even know how/where/what it will do until some time goes by. Of course in this world, 1 day of airplay and your old news.

            This is something to watch folks. Don’t discount this song/video/calling out.

  • This sounds very poppy but I think that’s on purpose. I think Shooter wants this message to get out and be heard by people. The people on this site already know that pop country sucks, this song probably isn’t for them.

    • Exactly. This was released on CMT. It’s for their ears. To us, this is preaching to the choir.

      • Yep. I think this song, without a shadow of a doubt, shows how much Shooter cares about “real” music. He’s willing to go out on a limb and alienate his fan base by making a pop-country song. He’s willing to take the hit from his loyal fans for the good of the entire genre.

        • I think the song is awesome! I’ll have the lyrics memorized by tomorrow and will be posting the video all over FB tonight! I’ll even “like” the of the type of wannabe outlaw “artists” Shooter’s referring to and will make it a point to post his video on each and every one of their pages. :-)

  • Just left message with Shooter’s management to get copy of song to use on air at my station. And, true to my hipster tendencies, I plan on playing it ironically following a Justin Moore track. (Of course, it helps that we have a small Shooter following in the area).

  • Not a fan. Agree with the message but…

  • Fuck Yeah Shooter!!!! This song is fucking amazing. Well done indeed.

  • Don’t know about song of the year, and I don’t know if this is saving country music, but it certainly puts some “O” back in it. It’s a good song, and we who visit SCM will get the message at first listen. I wonder about the popcountryradio-audience.

  • As others have said, I believe this song was made with a “poppy” sound intentionally to appeal to those who only listen to today’s country radio and may not know about the underground movement. This song could potentially wake a lot of people up and make them realize what they’ve been listening to is trash. Good to have you back, Shooter.

  • I LOVE the point of this song, but DAMN Shooter missed on the delivery of it! I am so stuck in the middle about Shooter. I want to like him because he has the right idea and I always expect something awesome from him, but he always lets me down. Basically this song (minus the lyrics) sounds just like the crap music these other “outlaws” are putting out. Let down.

  • Don’t like the sound but he sang the lyrics like he meant them IMO

  • Dude, I hate most of new country and am all for the radio stations only playing ET and conway twitty. haha but. this song is horrible. the meaning is cool i guess but c’mon man. there is no way you will listen to this song more than once. and talk about name droppin, hell, you name drop when you bring up somebodys name that you say people are name dropping.

  • also, why are we so worried about whats goin on in todays country music? fuck it. just be like me and never turn on the radio and have a stack of Bocephus albums in the truck. fuck it.

    • Because bands like Hellbound Glory, Bob Wayne, Jayke Orvis, etc. deserve way more credit than these hacks.

  • Ok Ok Ok… so again I sit back with my mouth shut for months on end (probably for the best ha ha ha) but I watched the video and here is good ol Blake’s 2cents. From a musical standpoint it didn’t WOW me and I wont be singing it over and over in the shower. Nothing against it, just saying musically nothing “special” but I will say this… the message that is sent in this song is exactly what we needed. There is no F-bombs, there is no threats, there is no inmature ranting. Shooter calls out “the suits” and the wanna be “outlaws” in an appropriate way.. the only way to get the CMT and airplay that he would need to get his point across. I guess I’m just getting old or maybe just plane tired, but I think this is the way we have to send out the message to POP country and to Nashville. They arnt going to pay much attention if we cuss and fuss and wine about what we think country music should be or sound like. Maybe Shooter is looking at it the same way, maybe this is the real outlaw way to do things. Again, I am not going to be blaring this song and singing it with my windows rolled down, but I do love the message and the way that the message was presented… final thought.. ugh how that font is getting old quick ha ha ha ha

    • Well put.

    • Good thoughts Blake.

    • For you to sit back with your mouth shut is never a good thing Blake! Always thoroughly enjoy your insightful comments here.

      • awww shucks yall. your making me feel like i know what the fuck i am talking about. which is never a good thing ha ha ha

  • I don’t think the song is great, but man, he hit the nail on the head with this one. I think this is exactly what we needed. The video is not much, but I think he did it on purpose so people know the lyrics, and know what he is trying to say.

    I liked the line about dirt roads as well.

    Nice job Shooter!

  • I knew very little about Shooter until the whole XXX thing and I have to say the more I see and hear of him the more I like the guy. He’s definitely good people. Nice work sir!

  • In someone else’s hands, this song might not work. But there is no one more qualified to educate people on the history of the outlaw movement than Shooter. Bravo.

  • GREAT VIDEO !!!!!!!!!

  • I think he made a mistake by rapping the lyrics.

  • This is what we all want someone to say to Music Row. Shooter has said it, and he has CMT’s ear. The number of people that are not with us in saving country music, that will hear this song is a huge number.

    This is the shot in the ass that country needs right now, and like the temp video or not, this is our voices being heard by the mainstream. This is what we wanted.

    With this song, and CMT’s willingness to promote it, I got no doubt that we are fighting a fight that we may just end up winning. Maybe real music does have a place in country.

    Thanks Kyle for What you do.

    Now Let’s Go Save Country Music!

  • This hit the right note.. I felt when he rapped the lyrics that was a fuck you to the mono-genre mainsteam. Not to many songs give me goosebumbs anymore, but this was one that did.

  • I didn’t much like the song itself, but lyrically it was pretty much spot on, and from what I’ve seen of Shooter, he doesn’t strike me as the type to pander to a lowest common denominator audience, nor does his taste in music appear to stray towards that type of thing.

    So, I’m left to conclude, like others, that he wrote this song solely as a means to spread his message. If that’s the case, I hope it works.

  • It just seems like a strange mixture of in yer face lyrics and stir the pot melody that just doesn’t sit right for some reason. Like he’s trying too hard without trying too hard. Now Nashville is going to turn on their own prodigy’s and join the bandwagon? Not because it’s worn out it’s welcome with it’s overdone laundry lists but because they see dollar signs and that is the core of the problem in the first place. Obscure will replace faux and pop country will still try to become what some want it to be: rock and roll. But I suppose southern rock is better than pop country if you have to label it. I think the song is missing something huge that would make me like it more.

    • Denise, Its not about this song, but remember this song, Its about the day that our problems with pop country were were heard by everyone else.

      • Nicely said Nathan. It’s really not about the vehicle, it’s about the explosive multiple-vehicle pile up that will result!

  • I don’t get this at all. Garth Brooks is the number two selling solo artist in US history. Lady Antebellum wins a best album grammy. Pop country isn’t going anywhere, and why should it?. That’s what a lot of people want and they can have it. They can call it country or call it outlaw or call it whatever the hell they want to call it,…. I could give a shit. Shooter ain’t sayin nothin about Nashville that Hank didn’t say on Lovesick or Straight to Hell, or JB didn’t say on Dark Bar, except Hank and JB said it with good music. Fuck makin a shitty song to ironically prove your point. That doesn’t help anything. Also, Hank was gettin yanked around by Curb, which inspired a lot of his Nashville hate. I bet we hear a lot less of this from Hank now that he’s past that,…maybe. The message was sent years ago, and Nashville heard it. You think music row is gonna start puttin out good music because they suddenly got some soul? They’re gonna put out what the people buy the most of, Sugarland and Blake Shelton. Good music doesn’t need music row and it never has.

    “Are you sure Hank done it this way” was a somewhat subtle and very artistic song. Shooter just raps everything out with nothin to read between the lines. If tthe music was ironic, it failed,…..but I have a feeling it wasn’t.

    And the notion that this was a classy way of doing things because he didn’t drop the f word or “childish insults”,….please. Fuck that.

    • Did Hank3 and JB gets their songs onto CMT, or better yet, exclusively released through CMT, with legendary country reporter Chet Flippo administering an interview? And why didn’t they?

      You’re giving all these reasons Shooter put out this song, but the reason he gave Chet Flippo was:

      “‘If you’re going to associate yourself with my dad, you’re gonna come under the scrutiny of what the name ‘Outlaw’ meant then and what it means now, especially when you call yourself that. You’re asking for anyone protecting that legacy to come down on you.’ And that’s all I care about. And they had fakers then, and they have fakers now. But in this case, I know how my dad would feel, and I know I’m paying him a tribute”

      I’m not saying this song is perfect or that this is going to change country music forever. But at least he’s trying, and being smart about it.

      • I guess I don’t consider the term outlaw some kind of holy grail. It’s a word and Nashville knows it can sell some records with that word. Waylon’s music is what holds the legacy, not the term. The term meant something in that time and place, but it’s over now, and only natural the big timers were gonna grab it and use it however they could.

        I think you quoted Marty Stuart saying “The most outlaw thing you can do in Nashville these days is play country music”; which, in my opinion, Shooter doesn’t do much of.

    • I also think the subtlety point is a good one, but at this point, subtlety has gotten us nowhere, and the lack of subtlety from these “new Outlaws” is mirrored in this song. I say fight fire with fire. And the reason it is important to fight, is because these underground artists we love need the support so they can continue to make music, raise family, prosper.

  • This song lyrically is pretty trite ….and im hearing soft rock. and so what if someone is wearing shiny boots..what, are we in high school? this whole “outlaw” is becoming cliche..”im more outlaw than you” and .and now, a song about how “you aint outlaw…i can tell…cause of what youre wearing”…shit…

    I will say that i think that artists should write their own songs…and you know, from experience…sometimes i like to have fun with songs and exaggerate the viewpoint of the CHARActer IN THE SONG…which is what ARTISTs often do…create characters…TELL FUCKIN stories…….some songs pour forth without thinking “is this about me?” or “is this all true?”…its the artistic license
    I think youre fooling yourself if you think all good country songs are “true” in the fact that they represent a reality…one of the most beautiful songs ive ever heard, “loving her was easier” by kristofferson, is obviously hyperbolic in its representation of said woman….same with Townes “loretta”…no woman puts up with guys just taking off and coming back to screw when its convenient…but townes paints her. blonde hair and all…

    if it sounds good, it is good. this song, to me, does not fill the criteria.

    • one other piece of olds idiocy and then i stop typing. pop country is an easy target…i think there are a few articles on this site and now this song, which amount to the wasted and obvious observation…”man…pop culture sucks”…i NEVER even hear about this shitty music until you guys bring it up… my ear is to the ground for other more interesting things ( best find this summer- buffalo gospel- look em up…two free albums with lyrics that fucking rule”) and i think this site and SHOOTER would be better off just ignoring the obvious frustration one gets by paying attention to fluff.

      heraclitus was an ancient greek philosopher who, after being begged to be a leader because of his intelligence, went to the woods and committed suicide by eating poisonous berries…because he was sickened by the idiocy of the masses. this is 4th century BC or around there.

      its a simple fact. the hoards will eat up the happy meals. just fucking let em. go make a fire, and roast something that was just killed. let your smoke drift out there…men and women without a taste for the dogshit being served will find you and revolutions will occur.

      • The point of articles that boil down to “pop culture” sucks on this site is not to preach to the choir, or create positioning points. Simply put, if it wasn’t for them, this site wouldn’t exist, because nobody would read it. I will always do in-depth reviews, interviews, features, etc. about underground and independent artists, but the simple fact is, nobody reads them, regardless of the clamoring I get in the comments of articles like this. A review on average will get 10% of the traffic and article like this will. Pop country bashing is the scent coming from my fire out in the woods, if you will.

        And so what am I supposed to do with this song, ignore it? Bash it, even though I called out Shooter, Hank3, Hank Jr., Dale Watson and others personally for being mum while these “new Outlaws” walked all over the Outlaw tradition?

        Is it the song I would have written and released? No. But I like it. A lot. That’s my opinion, and I think not giving my opinion on the song was not an option. Sorry if this is an interruption in the content you would prefer from this site. I always appreciate when people read what I write, but I never expect everyone to agree with me, and I am not surprised or insulted when someone skips a certain brand of articles and waits for the stuff they prefer.

        • i understand the conundrum trigger..and the need to attract readers…..and in fact, can see your point on it from the boomswaggler’s review…that is the one that should have 55 comments on it..i love that freaking album….more people should be reading/seeking that music imho. i appreciate what you have here…just wanted to comment because i felt compelled. nothing but respect for ya man. journalism is dirty work.

          • Just because there’s more comments doesn’t mean more people read it. On a review of an underground band, most people will read it, go look up the band, and maybe post a comment, but most of the people on the reviews of underground bands will be on the same side, which is they deserve to be more popular of something like that. On these types of articles, it divides the readers so there are going more view points and more to talk about. I think.

          • I know that comments are not always indicative of activity, and I find myself making that point often. There is a thing called Google Analytics, which allows website to track traffic with almost alarming detail. And trust me, this article will get 10 hits for every 1 on my last review. And the people will stay on the article longer.

            Appreciate too that I get comments and emails saying all the time that I do not do enough of fighting pop country, that I’ve gone soft. What I cover on the site relys on two main factors 1) What I am passionate about at that time. 2) How much time I have.

            In an ideal world, I could put out twice as many articles as I do. And maybe someday I can.

      • I agree Olds. The only time I hear about mainstream country is here. I would never know who any of these people are. I am on a quest to find someone new at all times.

        • And many people come here just to hear about mainstream country people. Actually it is majority. A huge majority.

          • I feel sorry for them Trigg. There is a plethora of good things on this site. It is a damn shame.

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  • But on too the song. I am not a fan of it. It is better then allot of Shooters other stuff. But I have never found myself saying, “I need to get that Shooter album” Just not my thing.

    I did notice there was a line about name dropping, and then he name dropped Waylon at least twice.

    But this is just my opinion.

    • Let’s all take a second to appreciate that Waylon is Shooter’s father, and listening to these fake assholes evoke his father’s name might have a very personal effect on him that none of us can appreciate on the same personal level.

      There has been no bigger Shooter critic over the years than me.

      • Can’t imagine how personal it is for Shooter to hear the name-dropping (not to mention the fact that ‘suits’ are still making money off his father). And just imagine how III feels about his father’s *and* grandfather’s legacy.

        I personally love the fact that Shooter (and III) explore other genres of music. It helps them grow; and in the process, helps Country grow. Hank, Hank Jr., and Waylon all pushed the envelope of Country music to take it to a new place. Let’s hope the new generations will do the same. I believe they are and will continue to do so by writing, singing, and performing from deep down inside themselves.

        Shooter – I know you come by here occasionally. Thank you for what you do – keep up the good fight. “Don’t let them get you down”.

        • I used to have a mug that said that . . . “Don’t let the bastards get you down” I basically have no problem with exploring other genre’s musically, of course though, some things sound better than others. Some things mix better than others. POP and COUNTRY obviously don’t. Southern Rock and Country obviously do. Beyond that, I have no problem with name dropping, i,e. Hank 3’s “Country Heroes” for instance. I understand what Shooter is trying to do, but don’t you think it’s a matter of winning the battle versus winning the war. C’mon.

          Great blog Triggerman.

      • I understand Waylon is his father, I totally get it. I am just saying don’t sing about name dropping and then name drop. That’s all.

        But again just my opinion.

        • We also need to define “name dropping” and appreciate there is different versions of it. Just because someone uses a famous name in a song, doesn’t mean he is doing this to add legitimacy to himself. It can also just be context.

  • I said earlier that I liked this song, but I listened to it a couple more times, and I’m not sure I can say that anymore. I appreciate it for what it is, but tell me it doesn’t sound just like Jason Aldean’s My Kinda Party ( Shooter talks about an original sound but besides the lyrics (by far the best part of the song) it almost sounds like a cover of the Aldean song. It might be a necessarily evil, but it’s kinda hypocritical in a way when he sings about real outlaws staying true to the sound over a pop country backing. I guess you could say that I like what he’s saying but not how he’s saying it.

    • I can’t speak to Shooter’s intentions because I do not know them. But he calls out Jason Aldean specifically in the song. I don’t know if he ripped of “My Kinda Party”, but I know if he did, he clearly did it on purpose to make a point.

      • Not sure if it was intentional or not. I do know that Shooter was well aware of the similarity between the two songs before he even recorded it.

  • A point here: any time I come across a child or grandchild of a country music legend, my initial reaction (admittedly before even hearing the music) is that they’re gonna be runnin’ with the name. And Lord knows Shooter has a lot to say about Waylon. But after seeing things like the special thanks to Shooter on the back of Leather and Lace, after talkin to Shooter about it, my opinion is that he just genuinely loves his dad. Seems like they had a good relationship. I know not everybody is that lucky, but damnation, who are we to criticize a songwriter singing about his father? If Waylon wasn’t an icon, nobody’d be up Shooter’s ass for singin about him. My opinion is, if anybody gets to evoke Waylon’s name, it’s Shooter.

    Lastly, anybody accusin Shooter of copyin Waylon’s sound needs to check out Black Ribbons. Whether you love it or hate it, I’ve got to respect an artist who is willing to alienate his fanbase (if not his label) for the sake of doing what they want to do. I reckon that’s as outlaw as anything.

    Off topic, but Slaid Cleaves is the shit.

    • Amen – and I *love* “Black Ribbons” – my quote from above is from “Wake Up” off that album. And I very much disagree with Savrola below. Shooter is very talented in several areas; not just music. Respect.

  • Shooter is okay, but not very talented. But he means well.

  • This is horrible. Josh Thompson and Justin Moore have great albums and trying to stay away from the pop sound, so give them some credit.

    • Yes. Justin Moore’s “Back That Thing Up, or Josh Thompson’s “Beer On The Table” aren’t poppy at all. They are clearly avoiding the pop country sound.


  • The followers of underground will never be happy.
    Here you have the son of the King Outlaw, singing in no uncertain terms, through the belly of the beast CMT, that pop/fake outlaw flat out sucks and should be ashamed and what do some do on here….”well, musically it just isn’t there.” or “Hank3 tried to say this but Curb held him up.”
    Christ. I will agree, this song wouldn’t go on my iPod if it was from anyone but Shooter. Anyone….but because it is Shooter, who has first hand experience in the music industry pitfalls and backdoor deals, and is the son of the man!
    He should get all our support.

    Here is an idea. If you’re a SCM and true country fan. Put down your pride flag for a moment and get your ass over to CMT and register and comment on the song in support of it, vote for it and push it to #1. How do you think pop country continues to rule?
    Here is a moment for “one of the underground” to stir up CMT. And the masses on SCM are split about if the song is musically right.

    Go fight the fight against the enemy. Not against ourselves.

    • Nicely said…They don’t get it.

    • Not only that, but Shooter believes in alot of these “underground” acts. He may have the foot that holds the door open for others to walk in.

      But it depends on us, it’s our fight. Folks go over to and make some noise, With our voices Shooter can and will make a difference. But CMT is gonna have to be convinced that the opinion he expressed is not just his. Go tell them that it is yours to!

      • I think CMT and Nashville needs to hear from other artists as well,but who is there? We know Jamey Johnson is probably out due to his love affair with Kid Rock.I thought maybe Blake Shelton a couple of years ago,but he’s turned into a Hollywood douche who’s music is getting more and more pop shitier by the minute.His wife has played around with half of these awful artists on stage,buddies up with a lot of them, and has toured with Eric Church,so forget her.Joe Nichols is pretty country but probably want’s to still eat (and I dont think we writes his own songs anyway)..Brad Paisley? I don’t see him giving up life on the top.So who is there?…Triggerman?

        • I don’t know, but what I do know is that we shouldn’t be afraid to draw distinctions between the Nashville crowd. Sure, Miranda isn’t perfect, but she’s light years better than Lady Antebellum. Shooter has his baggage as well, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of him delivering an important message.

        • The only artists who I believe have any real chance of making a change are Easton Corbin and Bradley Gaskin. Both are new and their music has deep roots in the sounds of Merle Haggard and George Jones. I like Chris Young as well, but I’m not sure he has what it takes to stand up to the system due to his recent success. Most guys come to Nashville with good intentions, but money is all it takes to get them off the path.

        • RWP, I wouldn’t give up on Jamey that easily. He did a few shows with Kid and was paired with him on an awards show. Wouldn’t call that a love affair.
          Johnson is rolling with Willie and Merle a hell of a lot more than Kid. And touring with Willie and Merle and all that comes with that, Johnson is certain to learn some things to propel him even more.
          Besides, Johnson is way more buddy buddy with Shooter than Kid.

          The others you listed are lost causes.

  • I still say this song is pure shit………..Why not focus efforts on writing a good song and not worry about this dumb Outlaw shit? We will never win this battle. Those same artist will still be putting out the shitty pop country no matter what we say or do. Do you really think they will say WOW this Shooter guy is right?? Lets go out and explore his kind of music. Very highly unlikely!!!! So i say we just need to leave the shit alone and let them do their thing and we do ours.

    • Yeah, I agree. I just youtubed Justin More and listened to Outlaws Like Me for the first time. He’s got a shitload of fans making comments about how “This is REAL country”. This isn’t a debate worth getting in anymore. Everyone thinks their music is the best. Authenticity can’t be declared, and frankly it takes away from the music in most instances. Wayne H., and Dale Watson, and Tom Vandenavond, and all the folks we love doing the roots and neo-traditional stuff don’t bother worrying about what the other side is doing. They just make great music and thats why we love them.

      • There is alot of validity in what you’re saying Bunch. It’s like trying to have a conversation about God to atheists. They don’t listen! They already think they have the answer. I assert I know the difference between good music and bad. I feel I know the difference between real country and POP country and it’s plain to me. Now we have the POP country enthusiasts jumpin’ ship, trying to be outlaw because it’s the next best thing, and we have several mouthpieces trying to change Nashville. Shelton already changed many, many things and doesn’t get too much credit for it. Not from any of those “outlaws” that think they are shaking things up. It is what it is. And is what it was. And is to be what it is to be. It’s alittle silly to think that this one song is going to be the saving grace to what has been happening since the 1950’s. Support the music you like as it’s obvious there’s a whole lot of people supporting pop country crappiness. Music done right always stands out more to the people who really seek out the better sound. Soul wins in the end over soul-less drivel. It might not seem like it sometimes, but trust me, in the end, it’s the way it will always be. Music Row wants revenue. Real Country fans want heart and soul and at the end of the day, you can find it in Dale Watson and Wayne Hancock and Shelton and Rachel Brooke and Jayke Orvis and Joe Buck and Bob Wayne and the list goes on and on.

        Pop Country enthusiasts think they found heart and soul in Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean and Justin Moore and Colt Ford and that list goes on and on. So, it very well may be a topic not worth debating.

  • Loves the lyrics, hate the sound. no grit, no earth, no blood. Shooter needs to shed the slick pop productions, find an old barn with an 8 track 1-inch recorder and play his songs naturally, raw, and alive. then we’d be talking revolution.

  • This is a good song awesome job Shooter. And as for those of you saying we can’t win this fight Of course we can’t win when we have a bunch of quiting pussys. So what if you think we can’t win if we can’t wth we got to lose if we try. You can’t back out when the odds are stacked against you you gotta face the fear and the odds Cowboy the fuck UP!!

    • Amen! At least someone is saying SOMETHING, and it’s on fucking CMT, the non-stop, 24/7, pop-country, shit-shoveling station! I’m not a Shooter fan, but I respect him and give him mega-props for writing this song. Love how he calls out the dirt road dorks and the name-droppers!

    • Oh, and speaking of Dirt Road Dorks, our big yearly homecoming festival here in Parkersburg, WV attracted a record number of people all because Colt Ford was playing! Pretty sad when even West Virginians can’t recognize real country, anymore.

  • Articles like this is why I’m so happy Shooter did this song. Fans of real country may not win the battle against these new “Outlaws” but, if they can say stupid shit like this then when can have Shooter’s song.

  • Bless his heart…that song was hard to listen to. Shooter completely missed the target with “Outlaw You”. Frankly, I’m surprised the lyrics nanny nanny poo-poo they should outlaw you were omitted from this torturous turd of a song. Shooter…put down the pen, back away from the microphone and leave the singin’ and songwritin’ to the bonafide boy from Granite Falls. Shooter may have a little country royalty flowin’ through his veins, but Eric Church bleeds pure country! In the words of one the most talented songwriters and gifted singers in Nashville; Shooter, “You Still Gotta Lotta Boot Left To Fill”.

    • Dude, that’s the highest-quality trolling I’ve ever seen.

  • “He intentionally puts out a pop song to get a message out. A message of being true to yourself” A friend of mine made this comment elsewhere and it is a very good point. By crossing over and doing a pop song just to get the message out isn’t being true to yourself as he is preaching.

    • I see what you are saying but I feel like the message in this song will do alot more good because it is wrapped up in a pop song. Otherwise, as others have said, he’d just be preaching to the choir and nobody within the pop/cmt culture would ever hear the message. Maybe when they do they’ll search Shooter and learn of XXX, SCM, et al… It might not have a huge effect but it will have some. Plus it knocks some of these imposters down a peg which is another plus.

  • I think most of y’all are forgetting the point. This is a history lesson to an ignorant mass of people. I think Shooter has done a hell of a job. This is educating the lemmings about what the “outlaw” movement was about: having creative control over your music against the corporate Nashville suits. It had nothing to do with clothes, booze, drugs, dirt roads, pick up trucks, long hair, partying, fiddles, steel guitars or having enough twang in your voice. If he used a pop-country “sound” to implement that history lesson, so be it.

  • A lot heavy handed, not catchy, I don’t think Waylon did it that way! Listen to Eric Church, he’s the real Country-Music-Jesus…

    • Talk about worshiping a false Idol. If he’s the Country Music Jesus,I think I’d PICK Hell.

  • It may be just me but is Shooter taking a shot at Brantley Gilbert or at least had him in mind. The Outlaws of the 70’s were outlaws for bucking the system, the new good ol boy feels like an outlaw for hard drinkin and raisin cane, I get where Shooter is coming from but SOME of these youg guys grew up listening to the 70s Outlaws and partying, thats the base of alot of these songs. Its just how SOME of the newer guys grew up listening to the music. They look at it as party music, granted for some its just a way to sell records.

  • The beauty, and importance of this song, is not the song itself, but the message. The reason the early “video” has the lyrics in it is telling. Shooter has managed to get cmt to promote a song that is basicaly bashing 80% of cmt’s own playlist. Triggerman, you’re spot on in saying this is a bigger moment in the movement than we realize.

  • Brantley is a poser posing as a outlaw and a redneck to make money. Eric has talent a lot of it then he goes and pulls that bs stunt and video about being the next outlaw he made a amazing album Chief which went against nashvilles norm I think if he keeps straight and narrow and does things his way he could be a true outlaw. But then you have Josh Thompson which some of his songs I like and Justin Moore who go out and think saying how country they are and how much they party makes them all the sudden an outlaw. The point here is Shooter did this the same reason Eric did homeboy the way he did to get a message across to brain dead pop zombies who only listen to autotuned ricky martins. That’s just my oppinions like it or not arguing about this is bs. Its like saying the Seals shouldn’t have shot osama bc Delta wouldve done a better job. Yea maybe they would have done a better job. But the way I see it were in a war with mainstream pop nashville and it doesn’t matter who fired the shot or who wouldve done a better job all that matters is somebody did. And wether you like the sound of the song or the person who put it out or not support it for what its doing. There’s an old saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I’m not trying to make anybody like this I just want people to unite in the fight against a out of control music industry. So how about we push this song to the top make people hear it request it at your radio station wether you listen to radio or not that person who listens to the pop country will hear it.

    • Well said, I agree with you on the Justin Moore and Josh Thompson, its just fluff music, but I like Brantley, Im from Georgia and watched this guy come up. Ive seen him pay his dues and he doesnt go for the “I so country” thing like the other boys. Anyway, with that 1 exception I agree with you.

  • Jason Aldeans butt buddy Gilbert can go jump off a cliff with him too.Who ARE you people? Alison Bonaguro’s family?

  • The ONLY reason we even here a peep, note, or utterance out of Shooter Jenning’s mouth is because of his parentage. Whether he likes the fact that people mention his father it us out of respect. I don’t see anyone strapping on a black & white guitar and copying the great Waylon. Shooter has NO talent that I can find. At least Jason Aldean had to EARN his way into the industry and didn’t have to just drop the great Jenning’s name.
    But I guess that’s how OUTLAWS do it.

    P.S. I love Waylon, Willie, George, Merle, Patsy…I could go on. But everyone has their own merits… Even Mr. Jenning’s …. I guess.

    • There’s a difference in paying respect in a tribute type of song and COMPARING yourself to any of the Outlaws.And what did Jason Aldean ever “EARN”? He hit big on his first album,he’s never had to struggle at all.Nashville loved him from the git-go because he fit THEIR mold of wannabe Outlaws perfectley.A couple of John Rich songs kicked it off for him,one by the name of “JOHNNY CASH” which was huge.I mean he just didn’t name drop Cash with the line “blasting out to Johnny Cash”,they had to name the ENTIRE SONG JOHNNY CASH to get a better profit out of it!!

      Again,what the hell did Aldean ever “EARN”?

    • @Suz Eskimo

      Your comment made me want to vomit a little in my mouth. I know that sounds horrible to hear, but hey, the Outlaw lights sound horrible to me to hear. I got a thought for you. Go buy a Waylon cd today, and then compare it to what you like, Listen again to Outlaw You after you know they are not the same. Then come back and comment, would love to hear your newer thoughts.

      • I think what she is trying to say is that Shooter didn’t have to earn his way because of his last name and Jason Aldean, a relative “nobody” had to rest on his talent instead of his last name. Again, this is the vast misconception between POP and REAL. If Suz went to a real show, instead of an arena concert, she would see the real musicianship that goes into the struggling artist versus the Music Row artist, who is backed by big money and big production. Did Jason Aldean really earn that? Or it was handed to him because he can carry a tune and the girls like him? What does that have to do with a good song versus a bad song? It’s all vanity. POP gives ya what you want (if you want it) with catchy hooks and sing along melodies and big fancy saturday night shows and whatnot. REAL gives you want you want too, just in a dark tavern with no glitz and glamour.

        • Denise…you kinda have it right. I think when your last name is Jennings, doors automatically open for you that DON”T open for the average artist that has to play the small joints in Nashville, in between bar-backing.
          I guess I am kinda lost because I never considered Jason Aldean an Outlaw of any type. The only guy I see trying hard these days to be one is that Jamey Black guy.
          But I guess I am not quite keeping tabs as much as alot of you all are. If actually mentioning the word “outlaw” or any legendary “outlaw” singer of the past is now a bad thing, I just don’t get it. Why can’t you sing a song about someone who left a mark on your life. Hell, I wish kids today KNEW who The Highwaymen were! They were the soundtrack of my youth. To say that a singer can’t mention their name in a song seems silly.

          It all just seems kinda petty, but I will leave that to you experts.

          And Denise, I have spent more time in small bars listening to acts coming up then I care to recall. HATE big venues. Just not impressed with Shooter and doubt it’s gonna happen.

      • Oh Nathan, When you are finished brushing your teeth, consider something.
        I GREW UP listening to Waylon and Willie and can recite tons of their songs by heart. In fact, my Ipod is loaded.
        I just like diversity.
        As far as Shooter Jenning …What I don’t like is someone telling me what is right or wrong, Especially someone who I doubt EVER had to work for a record contract. That is my issue. I don’t like him, I wish I did because I LOVED his dad. But I listen to his stuff and can’t find anything I like. It’s that simple.
        So, take a pepcid, and have a nice night now!

    • Sincerely Good luck with your fight triggerman.
      I might not like all the bitterness but I do respect your love for the music.
      In the end, I guess thats what it’s really about.

  • I’ve always thought Shooter was pretty good but he just nails it with this one. IMO it’s the best thing he’s ever done.

  • I like Shooter, everyone is knocking radio country, some of it for good reason. If Shooters Fourth of July was a smash he would have road the mainstream success. I love good country music but alot of these underground bands that people on this site love are the farthest thing from old school country.

  • Shooter has never played traditional country, he plays what he wants…. but if he is able to get one person to pick up a Waylon record because of this song, its a success, he has the opportunity to introduce people to music they might not hear otherwise….So to those saying “quit bitching” i agree. Get to fucking CMT and get this thing to number 1.

  • Well I heard it said by one of the guys in Kings Of Leon its not about getting a hit its about getting something on the radio that makes that person listening to the radio say fuck you to the mainstream.

  • I’m a big Shooter fan and agree with the general mssg of this site. But I dunno… Is country now going to be like rap where artists call each other out in songs? Are we gonna have country drive-by’s and “beefs”? Does Moore or Church now respond with a song of their own to attack Shooter? Where does it end? And are we better served by letting both good and $hit music speak for themselves?

    • While I am NOT a Shooer fan, You said what I was trying to say. It just seems like there is plenty of space for music out there for all types of Country artists, whether you like their brand of country or not.

      I have to ask this when it comes to sellling out…

      Did Waylon, King of the Outlaws sell out When he did the “Dukes of Hazzard”?

      Did Bocephus Jr. sell out with the whole Monday Night Football thing?

      Does any of that make them “less of an outlaw’?

      I keep hearing about that Aldean didn’t need to earn his way up. How the heck to YOU KNOW? I have heard of very few overnight sensation stories. But you guy’s get such hard on’s for some of these artists because they don’t fit your mold, or they are too pop, or whatever and suddenly WHAM….they had it easy.

      I like Aldean because the first song he put out was about hurting farmers, and them fighting not to lose their land after generations. And RWP, unless you have never gotten into your car, with your favorite artists mp3, (You strike me as a 8track kinda guy) and not cranked it when things were all going wrong, then you must live a perfect life. That is how I took the song, and I liked the fact it mentioned Cash’s name just because there are a LOT of kids out there who don’t know who he is. AND NEED TO. Any reference will bring the next generation in.
      Unless the Cash family doesn’t need the proceeds….Maybe they could even reopen his museum..but I digress. Just don’t get the fighting …music is music any way you like it. You listen and if you don’t like it, you turn the knob.

  • Re: ‘Outlaw You’ great song but here’s the rest of the story

    This act was swept under the Nashville rug pre-outlaw days – (MP3 avail ) Here’s the true story in video –

  • I like how unless an artist is named Sheldon Hank Williams they cant speak about the terrible state of mainstream Country. I am a big Hank 3 fan, however, Straight to Hell was 5 years ago. While that was and is a great album, it cant make Hank 3 the only person worthy of speaking. We will see what happens on September 6th, but somebody has to do something or every other song out in 2012 will be a rap song about dirt roads, cow girls shaking their asses, and how wide country is, oh wait…

    • Who’s Sheldon?? Never heard of that dude………

  • I would have to say no,Waylon didn’t “sell out” his music over narrating a TV show.

    I have no idea who “Bocephus Jr.” is. Is this what they’re calling Hank Jr’s youngest son who is still living at home? I wasn’t aware of this.

    No 8tracks here,last I checked they stopped making them.I wish they made the great music that used to be ON 8 tracks.I try my best to buy cd’s then put them on my ipod.If I can’t find the cd,which is often,then I break down and buy them in mp3 form…Thanks for being concerned with how I purchase music.

    And I agree,the John Rich- Big Kenny song “Amarillo Sky” that was origanly recorded by McBride & the Ride,wasn’t too bad of a cover for Jason. The other John Rich song he recorded named “JOHNNY CASH ” was lame as hell though.True John Rich form.Glad you enjoy it and get something out of it though..How’s that Shooter song go again? “Singing another mans song with a big drum loop” – Yea,I think it’s something like that.

    • Well, I guess if you can’t make it on your own. You might as well make it bashing others.

      Isn’t that the American Way?

      I just don’t get how ANYONE get’s the right to make distinctions on what is selling out and what isn’t.

      Narrating Duke’s to me was simply lining his pockets with some quick cash.
      Was there any artistic intent? Hell no. But it’s okay because the great Waylon did it…According to you.
      But because someone like Aldean sings a song titled Johnny Cash that is selling out? I just don’t get the distinction. Believe me when I say I could really give to Sh*%s about this. I just kind of get stuck on principals.

      Shooter Jenning because of his name has decided to “draw the line in the sand”.
      If I really thought his intentions were 100% pure…great. But it isn’t like he has this great career going. The guy is 1/1000th of a singer that his father was. If he changed his name to Shooter Smith do you honestly think we would EVER hear anything from him EVER?

      I just think this is all about publicity. I think your site is great. And yes, we all get sick and tired of hearing Taylor Swift and the same 10 songs hour after hour. But just because his name is Jenning’s doesn’t make him the next Messiah of Country Music.
      PS. Everyone loved 8tracks..especially the way they skipped and continued on with the song.
      Good luck with your fight.

      • Suz – Waylon did the Dukes because Richie Albright was the music director for the show. “Shooter’s” real name is Waylon Albright…..

        “Selling Out” is simple. It is abandoning the musician inside of you and allowing a record exec to control your music. If a record exec wants you to “cut your hair”, “wear these clothes”, “change these lyrics”, or “record this rap song” – just to sell albums; and you do it, you are selling out. It is a slippery slope. And they never start with changing the music – they always start with modifying your image.

      • A hell of a lot more people would know of Shooter if he had taken the same path as Aldean.

  • This NEVER started as an attack on Waylon Jennings. To me, there were so many great artists from that era that I think we were all lucky to have lived through it.

    On the otherhand, unless you were glued to Jason Aldean’s hip, do you really know what path he took, or if he really changed his image, or wore different clothes.
    It seems like there is so much generalization going on here…alot of hate and assumptions. To me, Rascal Flatts is as Pop Country as you can possibly get yet Shooter has written a song attacking Aldean instead.

    This feels more like a personal beef that Jenning’s has with Aldean. I just hate pettiness, and this is just a bunch of petty bullshit.

    Wish you all well on your path to change country music, but I sure wish you would find a better poster boy then Shooter Jennings.

    Never understood that kind of hate.

    • search around this site a little more if you think Shooter is Triggerman’s poster boy to save country music. folks around here have questioned Shooter’s motives many times. this could end up being a big step forward for this scene though

    • whoa! Pettiness is pettiness. You don’t think Shooter can fill his daddy’s shoes, but Jason Aldean has earned some kinda glory? By filling the order’s his publicist and record producers expect from him.

      Yikes. You talk a good game, Suz, but in the end, selling out entails selling your soul. I think a whole lotta people fall under that category.

  • I could see this song getting very popular in the musical mainstream…I am not a big fan of it but that’s just my opinion. But, if that occurs Shooter will get countless offers to play festivals/tours/etc with these same said “non-outlaws” as that is where the money is right now. Question is will he swing the middle finger at them and go on tours/festivals with bands he is supporting now on his radio show (’s with original sounds like he mentioned his father Waylon had) or go for more money and play with the “non-outlaws” and say “Oh, I didn’t mean you”. Interesting to see how it all plays out.

  • People need to go to his twitter page and read his timeline,maybe they would get where he’s coming from more.Tweets like this kind of sum it up

    @Jushead I agree about having an open mind, I aint saying not to have an open mind. But I’m definitely gonna say that honesty is the key to good music, real music. And in Nashville, they have a system set in place which revolves around money. Songs are written to perpetuate financial success, and when something gets a little too guey and homogenized, they need to reach back and #!@%*#ociate themselves with folks that were real to try and appear as such. That’s what bothers me!

    @Jushead also, OU is a statement about protecting what my dad did. I’m proud of that legacy, ya know? New record aint nothin’ like OU, it was just about drawing that line in the sand. Real artists who pay tribute are awesome, it’s the Nashville writers in an office at 2pm that want to use what my dad and Cash and those guys did to try and trick the real fans. Aint about being #!@%*#y, or thinking I did something awesome. I aint done #!@%*# compared to what my dad and those guys did, I know that. I’m just proud. Understand?

    But then again,those that are so drowned in the pop country fake outlaw thing calling it real music probably still won’t get it.I almost feel sorry for them.I think this coal miner “Jushead” Shooter took the time to calmly talk to get’s it now

  • Once again, my question is WHO IS HE to decide Who the “Real” artists, are.

    RWP, you bring up that Aldean’s version of Amarillo sky was a cover of somebody elses. If you are going to cast stones at him, well then you better thow some boulders at the great Waylon, because he covered some whoppers.
    Amanda Don Williams
    Boxer Simon and Garfunkel
    Are You Ready for the Country Neil Young
    Can’t You See Marshall Tucker Band
    Crying Roy Orbison
    Lucille Kenny Rogers

    I could keep going and going, but I am just trying to prove a point that sometimes you are going to be second or third on a song…maybe your version goes to number one, or maybe you just like the song for personal reasons and want it on YOUR album. I still can’a and will never understand why that is so wrong.

    Hmmm, so Waylon sang another man’s song…wonder if there were any drums at all in there?

    • Aldean cowrote 3 songs on his first album, 0 on his 2nd, 1 on his 3rd, and 0 again on his 4th. Are you really comparing?……please.

    • You are COMPLETELY missing the point of this song. It is not about defining who is and who isn’t “outlaw” or Shooter trying to be judge and jury of country music. It is a freaking history lesson. This term did not come about in a vacuum. With these douchebags invoking the name of Waylon or Willie or Cash and using the term outlaw, they (as well as their fans) need to be educated as to what that means. So what if Waylon covered songs. He did so in his own way, with his own band and outside of the Nashville system. That is what the term “outlaw” was about. They were doing music their own way, outside of the corporate Nashville mold. This is the message Shooter is trying to get across. You don’t think Shooter could have used his name and taken the easy road into Nashville playing “Shake it for me” or whatever pop country crap is out there? He chose to stay true to the music he wanted to make, which has not always been what others wanted him to do.

  • lol @ Bunch..What numbers!!!

  • I actually think this song makes plenty sense. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of plastic punks trying to be the next Waylon Jennings when in truth they didn’t do jack shit. The label supplies the band, the look, the songs, everything. Those new guys are puppets. Shooter at least writes his songs and I’m pretty sure like his dad he uses his own band in and out of the studio (with maybe one or two session guys like III) but regardless, those new guys aren’t outlaws. Matter a’ fact, they wouldn’t know outlaw if the great Waylon Jennings rose from the grave and beat the tar out of all of ‘em.

  • Hmm, I never compared anyone to Waylon, all I said if you actually read the earlier posts was that if you are going to ROAST 1 singer for covering another artist’s song, then I guess you should do the same to everyone including Waylon who did 29 covers on songs including Rhiannon ? and Sweet Caroline.

    Waylon singing Neil Diamond and Fleetwood Mac… makes me really really glad that I don’t own those particular albums. But who knows, maybe he did a better job like I believe Aldean did on Amarillo Sky.
    I guess we all have different things that are important to us. I can’t imagine losing sleep over this, where it seems this is so front and center in your lives.

    I guess I will continue focusing on my friend that is dying of cancer at 45, and my other 2 friends that are fighting with 2 different types of cancer….and you guys can all worry about the ever important state of country music.

    I honestly pray that this is the most important thing you ever have to worry about.



    PS. I believe in your fight, but I sure wish you would find someone besides Shooter Jennings as your poster boy. But I am not going to rehash what I have already written.

    • OK, I think we’ve run this thread into the ground. Let’s agree to disagree and move on, and allow room for other comments.

      • Damn, I wanted to see if they could set the record for “longest comment back-and-forth that doesn’t involve IceColdCountry.”

  • On a different note, those clear aviators are kinda goofy looking. I just noticed that.

  • hey triggerman, the font “bleeding cowboy” is something you should write an article about. if you compare cd covers or music videos you’ll find out what makes country musicians to outlaws. it’s the “bleeding cowboy” font. *lol* we were one of ‘em. ; )

    by the the way, i think the chorus sucks…

  • Alright … I might as well throw my hat in the ring.

    I’ve never been a big fan of Shooter’s … can’t really say why, he just isn’t my thing. Maybe it’s because his direct contemporary — Hank III — never tried to fill his daddy’s shoes, he just did his thing and it felt genuine, and he proved the child of a legend could live outside of looming shadows. Shooter’s forever in the shadow of Waylon, fighting to break out of it, but until he constructs just what the Shooter Jennings sound is, or WHO he is, it’ll never happen. And his music will suffer for it.

    That being said … the song kinda sucks. It’s the same overproduced, electric fiddle, drum kit sound we hear out of Nashville … and maybe that was the point. I don’t know. Perhaps Shooter was trying to package the anti-Nashville song in an pro-Nashville package — a Trojan horse of sorts. But for me, it didn’t work. I think that’s where Shooter falls short with me … he’s like the a guy at your party who shares a lot of mutual friends, has mutual tastes, but tells really bad jokes that you just don’t get, and you just never hit it off. Yep … that’s it.

    But dammit, I like the lyrics. Maybe if it started out as a patented, packaged Nashville pop song, got the attention of the groveling masses, and at the onset of the first chorus stripped down to the nitty gritty, punched you in the gut and then never let up … maybe I’d like it a lot more. As it is, I imagine this playing in rotation with Jason Aldean or Dierks Bentley, and no one getting the punchline.

    • That’s why I listen to KOOK out of Junction, Tx. No chance of hearing that POP country sludge. Only real country out there.

      • I’m right there with ya, but most of the artists on KOOK and SCM Live, as well as much of their faithful listeners, are content to have our niche market and run. And at times, I share that sentiment — it’s easier to abandon the sinking “country” ship that is Nashville and stake our claim outside the mainstream. Call it “roots music,” call it “neo-alt-country,” call it whatever you like, but the just because we’re on the outside of the walls of Jerusalem doesn’t mean our idols don’t still reside inside. Nashville SHOULD be taken to task, and not just by bloggers and journalists like Trigger and commenters like you and I, but by artists whose voice is much louder than ours. And in that case, by a recognizable voice.

        It’s on that basis that I commend Shooter for what he’s done here. Though I don’t necessarily agree with the way in which he did it, he gets an A for effort from me. But a D is presentation.

        • There’s all kinds of efforts being presented from the cool earth of the trench up to the artist blinded by stage lights. I like your analogy, Kyle, but that may be the needle in the haystack . . . NO country singer is my idol. I don’t idolize POP country. I don’t idolize real country. I sure do relate better to good music than to manufactured greed and disguised personas just to sell a record. And remember the eye of the needle while you’re at it.. .

    • “Maybe if it started out as a patented, packaged Nashville pop song, got the attention of the groveling masses, and at the onset of the first chorus stripped down to the nitty gritty, punched you in the gut and then never let up..”

      Yes! That got me excited just thinking about it. Good stuff.

  • i can’t get enough of this song! Lyrics that actually mean something. Not one lame ass reference just for the sake of the reference. Just the truth. Raw and strong…..can’t wait for the album so i can crank the hell out of this song everywhere i go!

  • “WELL I’LL BE DAMNED” is what I said pulling the headphones off…

  • he is a wanta be and just doesn”t have it, he is not his Daddy nor any of the real “OUTLAWS”

  • This song is a direct rip off of this song:

    which was written, recorded and already out to the masses October 2010 long before Shooter brought his own version out. Shooter’s tempo is a little faster, but its nearly identical especially in the chorus.

    The first song was written by Canadian Country star Aaron Pritchett and cowritten by Deric Ruttan also a canadian country artist.

    • It’s not a direct ripoff of anything. There’s actually a formula to figure these things out that Music Row lawyers and publishers use to make sure rights are distributed fairly, and there is no case with “Outlaw You” As Shooter said himself, it was purposly made to sound like a pop country song, and pop country songs all sound the same. Some have said it’s a direct ripoff of Jason Aldean’s “My Kinda Party”. How can it be a direct ripoff of both songs, unless both songs are ripping off each other? Shooter proved his point that there’s nothing original coming out of Music Row by illustrating it.

  • Let’s see, it starts with like the most typical, pop country sounding intro. Way overproduced and stupidly flamboyant. I mean seriously the whole song is straight pop country, especially the lyrics. He rips on pop country name-dropping, then does a whole verse about his daddy, with let me tell you, some shaky history of country music and Nashville through the years. This dude is taking advantage of the people who dislike pop-country, by basically hmmm…let’s say “repackaging” it, and quite shittily if you ask me. The chorus sucks. I’m sorry but when your song doesn’t sound “outlaw,” or even “country” for that matter, and you’re trying to bash the corporate stooges who are taking advantage of misguided radio-listeners, you look just as bad, as well as ignorant.

    Do some research people, do some listening. This isn’t real country music!

  • Dam I’m late making a reply to this . Well trigger man I’m glad you came along with this album. It is the album I been trying to tell you is gonna be good. Scott biram and Jayke Orvis assured me the quality of this album. And glad to know you ain’t going to hate on it cause of any bias personal feelings towards shooter. I think our new outlaw movement shooter has spending time with helped him grow to become the man we all wanted him to be. We gotta give mad props to those underground artists like hellbound glory, Scott biram, I’m sure even Jayke Orvis for help giving him that inspiration that drives us all towards this awesome music .

    • dam forget my above post. i was reading this on my cell phone and i thought it was the review for his new album

  • Nice song. The irony of it is that if someone like Toby Keith had put it out there it’d had been a #1 song.

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