Shooter Jennings Releases New Video for “Outlaw You”

August 29, 2011 - By Trigger  //  News  //  77 Comments

On August 17th, Shooter Jennings fired a shot across the bow of Music Row and the “new Outlaw” country movement by releasing the song “Outlaw You” on CMT. Now with the help of long-time independent country music filmmaker Blake Judd of JuddFilms, Shooter has released a more fleshed out, viral-style video for the song. It was released today, once again with the help of CMT.

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“Shooter called me about using a photo I took in New York while shooting the EPK for is upcoming album ‘Family Man’”, filmmaker Blake Judd explains. “Of course I was all for it, and soon after he sent me the first ‘Outlaw You’ video and wanted to see if I was interested in doing another video in Nashville last minute. So Jacob Ennis and I loaded up, drove to Nashville, and picked him up from the airport. We set up camp at Bob’s Idle Hour on Music Row, did a couple run throughs in the heat, shot a one-take viral-feeling video, and then hung out back at Bob’s until his plane went out that afternoon. Some friends came out like Joshua Black Wilkins, Joey Allcorn, Young Struggle, and Justin Wells of Fifth on the Floor.”

Judd Films has produced videos and EPK’s for names such as Hank3, Scott H. Biram, Joe BuckLucky Tubb, Wayne “The Train” Hancock, as well as work with JD Wilkes of Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers on his film Seven Signs, and is currently in the final stages of a film on Charlie Louvin called Still Rattling The Devil’s Cage co-directed by Keith Neltner, featuring George Jones, Emmylou Harris, Emmylou Harris, and Marty Stuart among others.

“I like ‘Outlaw You’ a lot. It’s relevant right now from all aspects. This video, done in one take, on music row, all accomplish what Shooter was trying to do and say with this campaign. Think about it, this is a one-take, low budget video that’s going to be in heavy rotation on CMT. That is an accomplishment right there. Shooter’s album ‘Family Man’ is a dark, beautifully written, personal, pure country record that I truly believe is going to blow people away.”

A concern some had when “Outlaw You” was first released was that the song sounded similar to the music Shooter was criticizing. This was Shooter’s response to Saving Country Music:

“My intention was to put a little irony into it. I was hearing a lot of what happens on the radio and how it sounds. Radio mostly is very far from anything I would ever listen to, but for this song, I felt it was important to put it in a language that Nashville could understand. Sometimes to get a message across to another culture, you gotta speak in the culture’s native tongue. Without taking myself or my music too seriously, or crossing into cheeseball overproduced territory, it was meant to be a reply to what they’re doing there and I didn’t think a “retro” or “old school” type sound would even make it 5 feet here. It needed to have that upbeat and catchy element I think for it to have any impact.”

77 Comments to “Shooter Jennings Releases New Video for “Outlaw You””

  • I just watched the new video and it totally changes my feelings towards the song. Also his explanation of why it has that upbeat Nashville pop sound makes a lot of sense. I think I’m now sold on this project.

    • Oh…and I love the fact you can read “Honey Bee” on the one billboard.

    • Dude, how does this video explain anything? um, the video I watched was of Shooter just walkin down a street and hi-fiving a few mexicans. Everyone Needs to go listen to Whiskey Myers and Stoney. Dont worrie with this mess. and whats up with his Shirt? He’s a weird mother fucker if you ask me, He sounds like he has throat cancer.

      • I think BigStem meant Shooter’s explanation helped clear up some concerns he had about the song, not necessarily the video itself.

        As for Shooter’s shirt and the Mexicans, I thought that everyone knew by now that Shooter is part of a Mexican human trafficking gang called the “Eyes of Mexico”. That shirt bears their logo. Their purpose is to smuggle as many Mexicans over the border as possible to steal American jobs and pilfer the American social and welfare systems. Shooter got his throat cancer while on one of those smuggling missions in Mexico.

        • A+ answer my man.

        • Haha. You are my hero.

      • I agree. Stoney and Whiskey Myers are much better bands! Whiskey’s song Ballad of a Southern Man could blow Shooter Jennings’ music out of the water! What’s with all the thug action in country music now-a-days?

  • Even the new video didn’t change my mind of this topic!!

  • Once again, a big HELL YEAH! to Shooter for having the balls to put into a song what so many of us have been thinking AND saying for a long ass time! I’ve always loved Shooter’s music, as I did “Outlaw You” right from the first listen. I am one proud fan today!! Props to CMT for premiering this video, to Blake Judd for directing it, and to all the people who went out to support Shooter the day he filmed it! Can’t wait to bring this baby to #1 on the Top 20 Countdown!

  • Ha I missed the Honey Bee thing the first time I watched it.I like how they blurred it all out except for the “Honey Bee” part LOL!

  • Fantastic. This video elevates the song enormously and gives it heart. Good on Shooter! Will you be interviewing him yourself anytime soon Trig?

    • He will be back on ORC next Wednesday to discuss the video and such.

    • The one question I had for Shooter he cleared up with the statement above. I may talk to him closer to his album release this Winter. Until then, I’m sure Jashie can handle throwing him softballs and using the interview to promote himself.


      • ????

        what does that mean exactly?

        Was that a necessary comment?

  • Apparently outlaws don’t use the sidewalk.

    • Hahahaha I was thinking the same thing myself!

  • some guys don’t have to prance around and tell you how country they are.

  • I dig this song but I really don’t understand the point of this new video at all. It doesn’t grab my attention at all and I’m sure it’s not going to grab the attention of those that he’s trying to get his point across to. To me it takes away from the lyrics of this song. I’m glad he explained the song in that it sounds almost pop country.

  • I wasn’t a huge fan of the song after seeing the first video. I liked the message, but wasn’t digging the song wholly. I don’t know why, but watching the new video seemed to take this song to another level for me. I found myself bobbing my head and wanting to pump my fist after watching it a couple times:). Cheers to Shooter and Judd Films on this one.

  • hell yea..i love the irony shooter uses..he’s a smart mo fo

  • All I see is a blithering idiot walking down the middle of the street, waving his arms like he forgot to take his meds.

  • I dig his explanation of the songs mainstream sound, If I’m not mistaken, what he’s say is that Outlaw You is essentially a Trojan horse. Which is a fantastic idea.

  • It just goes to show you should never READ the lyrics of a new song….just listen to the damned thing. Much better than the first take. Lets hope the spirit of the thing makes it through to the intended audience….The INLAWS who are fucking up country music.

  • Pop Country gone reverse psychology: Dress up a pop song with an in yer face outlaw chorus and call it a message. Controversial and somewhat clever but far from genius. Genius is staying true to the music and letting soul speak, for there is no soul like old soul.

    Some could say it’s a matter of if ya can’t beat em, join em and that might rub the wrong way for some. I respect Blake’s work and this video sure works better than that previous one.

  • Good video, love the sentiment, but the song just ain’t that good. Maybe it’ll grow on me…

  • I kept waiting for Scott Borchetta to be driving down the street in an ice cream truck and run him over….Tosh.0 style.


  • To paraphrase a great man… If you cant beat them, destroy them from the INSIDE!
    Shooter is genius for disguising his F U in Trashville friendly sounds! Hopefully his message worms its way into some folks minds & they realize that they have been spoon fed garbage for so long. Hopefully he inspires someone to open their ears & mind to something better than radio slop

  • blah

    • Ha, agreed. This doesn’t sway me at all, and my original rant still stands. Bleeding Cowboys font has been replaced with macho posturing down the bus lane. Gimme a break.

  • [...] Jennings released another video for “Outlaw [...]

  • I hope this song doesn’t start making the fake outlaws wearing cowboy hats now.

    • Too late dude.

  • I’ve really tried to like this and you can bet that I’m voting for this be in the Top 20 Countdown on CMT. But, he tries to rhyme ‘record’ with ‘ever.’ I cringe every time I hear it. I understand the spirit behind this, but the vocals, instrumentals, and video are just a little too ‘one-take’ for me.

  • Video is just as useless as it was before. Might of had a chance if he went full satire, with the music and video. He could’ve really the mocked the term outlaw and got some guns and holsters and shot up a bunch of ice cold fresh beer. Had a buncha robbers jump off a train, jump in a jacked up F-350 with mudders, drive to bon fire loaded with hot chicks and bud light, laughin at city folk along the way, and outlaw that party up.

    All he does is jump back and forth across the irony line with lyrics and music.

    Wait, was that part serious? or was that irony? the chorus is supposed to cheesy, right? what about the intro? dammit…… ok, the baseball bat thing is super cliche, he did that on purpose, right? must of. he doesn’t really mean that about the boots does he? can’t tell…..shit.

    Either go full satire and mock the whole scene, or don’t, and just do your thing.

    A shitty song is a shitty song is a shitty song. And it ain’t ironic enough to be funny. It just sucks, and that includes lyrics.

    • Perhaps Country Music Jesus aka Eric Church should have rolled up in a long black caddy and gave him a nod?

      Dear Eric Church

      There’s only one Jesus. He is the son of God. He is not an outlaw in Trashville. He was nailed to a cross for your sins. He is HOLY.

      Thanks for reading this.

      • Grow up and get over yourself. In no way shape or form does Eric Church make a joke of Jesus. He’s not talking about Jesus Christ, he’s saying that country music needs a country music Jesus (a higher power, I.E. a better brand of country artist) to come save the genre. Quit nitpicking and get a hobby if you’re that bored.

        • Any further comments on this tier will be deleted. Please let’s keep it on topic and respectful!

  • if this dude had a different last name, NOONE WOULD EVER HEAR THIS SHIT. “i wrote a shitty song to get the point across that those other songs are shitty”…man…talk about integrity and artistic vision. i hope they market this song with a tiny Shooter doll that come with fashion-interchangable-dirty-authentic-boots

    • Shooter Jennings has been working his ass off for years, like him or not, and getting no where with the main stream. The Jennings name may or may not have a had a helpfull hand in getting CMT play now, But it damn sure has not helped much in the past. Hell CMT and mainstream radio will not play Waylon…..

      • I would also like to say that on top of Shooter’s last name not helping him much to the mainstream, neither has Lukas Nelson’s, Justin Townes Earle, or Hank 3′s. All four are very talented, but maybe their last name is a curse to some fans and probably to Music Row. This songs pays tribute to all of their fathers, and the legacy they built for themselves. The Outlaw branding cant be handed out to those cattle that want it, by those that want to get rich from it, it has to be earned!

      • ive been working my ass off for years, and i dont want to get anywhere near pop radio. its not a sign of success, its a sign of mediocrity…anyone who looks for real and honest music can tell you that. can you dig that? and so…here we have a man who purposefully (supposedly) created a song that the pop masses will like…so he can infiltrate their minds and change their tastes forever? if i was driving down the road, stuck in a car the car with no brakes and going 80miles an hour, and this song was on the radio with no way of changing it… i would purposely veer into a tree, over a cliff or swallow two shotgun shells before letting it all get to me. this is not good. and the video? stay in the bike lane, shooter. stay in the bike lane.

    • Amen!

  • This song is terrible, all around. Lyrics suck, instrumentals are lame etc. He can make whatever excuse he wants to make for it sucking. If you are naive enough to believe that he wrote this just like pop country to “get it in the door”, you’re a dumbass. He wrote this to make money. Shooter Jennings is riding on daddy’s coattail. He’s got nothing himself and take away that his dad one of the greatest all time and y’all would be bashing him just like the rest. He comes across as jealous and desperate to be relative again. Eric Church blows him out of the water. I don’t understand why everyone here hates him so much. Lotta Boot Left To Fill and Country Music Jesus play right into the theme and agenda of everyone here and he still gets bashed, he writes all of his own stuff and is extremely original, bold, and fresh and he still gets bashed. I can understand yall hating the Sugarlands, Rascal Flatts, Lady A’s, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift’s of country, but this guy is what y’all are asking for and you still cry and whine and bitch and go on and on about how he sucks. Your point is becoming irrelevant because of the way the people here portray themselves and their point of view. Instead of saying “Wow, Eric Church is not mainstream and he’s actually original but I still don’t care of for his stuff.” You just bitch! At least he’s trying to separate himself from all that! So y’all can just sit around and bitch until Merle, Waylon, Lynyrd, Hank 3 and Willie come back and play whatever it is that makes you happy. I’m sure you’ll bitch about them too.

    • “Yes I love good cold beer
      And mustard on my fries
      I love a good loud honkey tonk that rocks on friday night
      And hell yes I love my truck but I want you to know
      Honey I love your love the most”

      “‘Cause guys like me drink too many beers on Friday after work
      Our best blue jeans have skoal rings
      We wear our boots to church
      So rough around the edges
      It’s hard to believe
      That girls like you
      Love guys like me”

      “I still say: “Yes, Ma’am” to my Momma:
      How ’bout you?
      If I shake your hand, look you in the eye,
      You can bet your ass, it’ll be the truth.
      I cover my heart with my hat,
      When they fly that Red, White and Blue,
      Just like my Daddy taught me:
      How ’bout you?”

      This is the problem with Eric Church. He preaches against all this stuff in some of his songs, then turns around and writes a steaming pile, like above.

      • He got me at “mustard on my fries”

        OUTLAW bitches!

        • Let’s see: mustard on fries. Check.

          Boots in church. Check.

          Cowboy hat o’er the heart. Check.

          Writing songs in a linear equation so that my record label will be satisfied. Check, check.

          I like Mickey D’s Hot Mustard on my fries. So there! I must be an outlaw too.

    • I just want to point out that Eric Church’s last album got a positive review here, despite many issues I had with it, and so did his his first single “Homeboy”, despite the very same pop country “get in the door” approach “Outlaw You” is using.

      This is not Shooter vs. Eric Church. This is Shooter calling out fake Outlaws. And not that you are making this specific point, but at no point do I see or have I seen Shooter call himself an Outlaw.

      • You did give him a very fair review of his album, and that makes your opinions count for more when you can give the other guy some credit. I understand what Shooter is trying to convey through this song, but it might’ve gone over better if he had just said it instead of writing a terrible song about it. You’ve made other very harsh statements about EC on here that if you really meant what you said about his new album, maybe you should consider altering some of those statements. EC is the best and most real Outlaw out there today. The landscape of music and especially country music is drastically different than it was back in the glory days of The Hag, Waylon, Hank, Willie, Cash, etc. Who knows what lengths they might’ve gone to get their music on the radio. They grew up in a different era and world than modern day artists. EC has always held them in very high regard in every aspect of his career. Pledge Alligance To The Hag, Lotta Boot Left To Fill, and Country Music Jesus gave credit to each and every one of them except Willie and he wrote an entire song about Willie. Love Your Love The Most is a refreshingly original love song and is nowhere near anything else that is put out. I didn’t care for How Bout You but it’s still something different. The guy is trying to give you what you say you want and yall complain some more. Like it or not, he’s carrying the flag for Outlaws and he may be the only true one that’s a top tier artist. Minds as well show the guy some support.

        • Also Mr. Trig, I’m interested in your views on Randy Houser’s new cd Call Me Cadillac. And how do you feel about Ronnie Dunn? I could care less about Kix, he rode on Dunn’s coattails far too long by just playing in the background. I have Dunn’s new album and I like it a lot. So how do you feel about Houser?

          • I would not, not will not alter any statements I have ever made in the past about anything. That is just not my style. When I said that stuff, I did it with 100% honesty and conviction, and I stand behind it. Besides, the slight amount of appreciation I can find in Eric is from his new project, and for the most part, does not extend to his previous works, or his personality.

            Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with Randy Houser to comment on him. I was planning on seeing him at Willie Nelson’s 4th of July picnic, but was conducting an interview when he played. I have not heard the new CD, but am not opposed to him generally speaking or hate the small amount of music I’ve heard from him. I’ll put his album on the review list, though I’m about 20+ albums behind on that at the moment.

        • Okay, I just have to say this becuase I have seen a bunch of people commenting about eric church’s song “Country Music Jesus”. He has said in an interview that this is not a literal song, he’s being sarcastic. He wrote it to all of those people out there who bitch about how country music doesn’t sound like Johnny Cash and all of those guys anymore. Like there waiting for a country music jesus to come and save us all. Not gonna happen people! Being an artist is about taking risks, not sounding like everyone that has come before them.

  • This is all one big fight between people who are very much in the country music system. The people who are really doing the fight the right way are the Justin Townes Earle’s of this world. Dude goes out, plays his music, writes it from the heart, and whenever he actually gets media coverage, he fights the good fight. I’m going to see JTE this weekend in Charlottesville and he’s actually the opening act for some band called Hold Steady.

    I agree with Bend them Strings. If this was really supposed to be an attack, it wouldn’t be up for “song of the week” on CMT. Does anyone here really think they don’t “get” the joke? This is about as real as Shooter playing into that Alex Jones garbage… it’s all for show.

    • First, Black Ribbons is about a hell of a lot more than Alex Jones.
      Second, you are wrong.
      That is all.

      • I don’t think I mentioned Black Ribbons… at all… which I thought was a fine album, and I would be interested in discussing a lot of the themes that run throughout it. Unfortunately that would be jogging completely off from the topic at hand.

        What I’m more referring to is this debate that’s going on of how serious Shooter is being with these criticisms. Up until Black Ribbons, every single one of his records was released from Universal South. We had catchy songs like “Fourth of July”, “Daddy’s Farm” which played beautifully into the very music being criticized so vehemently. Even if Shooter has since bucked the “record label sound”, he certainly got his start with it. The point I’m trying to make is that accepting Shooter’s explanation for why he did what he did with the song is difficult, especially when looking at the track record.

        Regarding Alex Jones, I’m referring to Shooter Jennings’ Sirius XM radio show where he cites Jones and his theories a lot. I’m referencing appearing on Jones’ radio shows, and this whole New World Order, one world government nonsense. I apologize if my bullsh*t detector goes off when I hear about people associated with these fringe people (I’m a libertarian btw, before attacks come)

        Next, I’m assuming you think I’m wrong about my Justin Townes Earle point…which confuses me a bit.

        Maybe I’ve misunderstood you. That might happen if, ya know, an argument is presented.


        • I ‘m gonna need a proper keyboard for this one. Hang on.

        • Correct on Justin Townes Earl. Wrong about Shooter just showin for show. When Shooter and the .357s performed Daddy’s Farm, you can actually see and feel real musical emotion. Some other acts put together some real snappy sounds, execute it to perfection and look good doin it. The soul is missing though. Any pretty fella with a voice could do it. Shooter is always being asked to explain stuff. Maybe he should just say if you gotta ask, you won’t understand.

          Alex Jones is a bit of a quack. I listen to him regulary. Ignore his hype. Though he speaks of many things that are very in fact real. As a Libertarian myself, I would expect an open mind from you on these issues. Black Ribbons conveys many of these issues perfectly.

          Thanks for the chance to spout off a bit. I’m off the soapbox now.

          • I get where you’re coming from and I would agree that there is an aspect of emotion which is intrinsic to the kind of music I think we both would enjoy. But I think there’s another aspect to it entirely, and that’s from the writing. I’ve read a few articles by the Triggerman where he discusses kind of this check list, mad lib approach to country music today, and I personally hear a lot of that in Shooter’s EARLY music. Right now I think we’re two ships passing in the night. I think a lot of what you’re going for is live performances of songs, and I’m talking more about the music they’re putting out for public consumption. A great example is Pat Green, who is likely a pariah here. His most recent studio albums are sell outs to the nth degree. But his live shows are just the same awesome shows he did back in college.

            When it comes to Black Ribbons, like I said, I thought it was a good album, but it’s certainly not a country cd. But I’ve always been a fan of concept albums, and I thought he did well with this one.

            Re: Alex Jones, and I’m not interested in really debating this too much…

            I have no patience 9/11 truthers and anti-vax people, and Alex Jones intentionally gives fodder to these people. Penn Jillette is likely one of the staunchest Libertarians out there, and he’s dedicated tv shows to Jones’s lunacy when it comes to 9/11 truthers. Just because you’re a Libertarian doesn’t mean you have to be in favor of Alex Jones.

          • @ gilmoreag

            Now there’s the head of the nail right there: why must an artist such as Pat Green sell out for his label’s happiness and keep his live show true to himself? Keep your music real and true from the get go and then we can get down to talking about the music instead of the bullshit.

          • @Denise

            Exactly! We’re on the same page here.

    • For the record, I really like Justin Townes Earle, and have been a big supporter of him, aside from my mixed review of his last album. But he’s from a different world. Nobody is name dropping Steve Earle, and Steve Earle is not dead.

      • I don’t mean to derail the conversation in a JTE discussion because I think that would be to miss the point. And I read your last review of HRB and I thought it was spot on, though my caveat would be even with what for him was a miss of an album, it was still better than just about anything anyone else in country music can do. I think that says a hell of a lot about him as a songwriter/performer.

        But I think what I was going for is he taking the fight to the street and not playing by the rules of the industry. Even if Shooter is pushing music out through his own label, simply trying to get air time on CMT perpetuates that industry through advertisement dollars, higher viewer ratings, and people increasing their ad revenue by going to their website to vote for his video. This move is playing right into the hands of what the main stream country industry wants.

  • I’m just glad to see Blake Judd getting good work. He can shoot anything and make it cool. I don’t care for the song or,but anything Judd’s involved in I have to stand behind.

  • I respect the sentiment behind the song as well as the method used to ensure it receives CMT airplay. The song, however, is not for me.

    The thing is though, I’ve heard the song about five times now and it really sticks in your brain. I’ve been waking up the last few days with it stuck in my head. I’ve been listening to a lot of Earth and Across Tundras lately, and I’ve been waking up with Outlaw You in my head. For me, this is not a good thing, but if it’s doing the same to all the pop-country fans that are seeing and hearing it on CMT, then Shooter’s mission is a success.

  • this cat can’t sing have you ever heard him live?im telling you an you have to agree that if shooters last name was smith rather than jennings he would be like the rest of us working a 40 hour week ,get over it shooter you a far cry from an artist ,an you know it so get the silver spoon out of your mouth an do something different because an artist your not ,same goes for your mom ,listen to one of her records an you will agree

  • I just saw the video on CMT, listened to the lyrics, and liked what he was saying. Country music is deep with pretty boys and formulaic cowboys. Brad Paisley is a prime example to me, a metrosexual cowboy ripe with name dropping in his music, as if he has some sort of ownership of the genre. To me, it’s insulting to see this “pretty, plastic cowboy” acting like he has some real appreciation, or a clue. Give me something raw and real, show me some talent that touches on a nerve. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just real.

  • Shooter Jennings is just a bitter, dope smokin’, non singing piece of trash if you ask me. I realize that not all of todays country music is good but its ALL better than ANYTHING this punk has ever done. He needs bitch slappin and I’m one COUNTRY boy who would love to be the one to meet him in an alley!!!!

  • I don’t think Waylon done it that way… this guy is an embarrassment. A real hypocrite. Long live the Church.

  • I think Shooter should have hit the treadmill a bit before this. He was clearly gassed and out of breath about half way through the walk.

  • Shooter’s got a CMT single here, and good for him. We harp on him because he’s not Waylon. No sh*t! 
    There was only one, he’s dead, and he’s not coming back. I can’t imagine the pressure Shooter must feel, having a father who was the most prolific country music artist since Hank Williams. I’m all for the message the song sends even if the packaging ain’t award worthy. There’s some cheese there, but there is just as much truth. 
    Country music (hell, all music) is about being true to yourself. Nail on the head! That’s why we see these amazing artists sharing their music without Nashville or it’s checkbook.
    As for Eric Church and Jamey Johnson, the horse sh*t on my boots is more country. Mustard on
    my fries?!? C’mon. Someone would have to pay me good to whisper that in a song. And I saw Johnson singing at some show with: beard, long hair, and hard stare (DAC ripoff); guitar with an absurd amount of signatures (Willie’s Trigger); and the icing on the cake, his name on his leather guitar strap in black and white (need I say). What a crock!

  • First of all where does Shooter Jennings come off thinking he decides anything with country music hell he looks like a damn tree hugging hippie so what because his dad was somebody well all he has is an opinoin and like a lot of peoples opinion to me it doesn’t mean shit his little song ain’t going to change a damn thing with country music and on a personal note if the song was directed at me I would show you outlaw and kick your ass so if I was Jason Aldean or Blake Shelton Or Eric Church or Justin Moore I would call your ass out and maybe write some bullshit song saying that just because your daddy was outlaw that don’t make you outlaw and name dropping in a song you done a whole lot of that in your little statement so what the fuck you trying to say shooter sounds to me like you was talking shit about yourself and didn’t know it

  • Just another shining example of a lazy, no-talent offspring living (leeching) on his famous parent’s name. It is really quite pathetic as is this song, this video, and Jennings’ voice. His feeble attempt to make some kind of point about today’s country music by taking jabs at its SUCCESSFUL artists rings extremely hollow, but his raging envy and jealousy come through loud and clear. What this song and video DO show is a spoiled brat with a false sense of entitlement who expects success because of his father’s. Thank God for those baseball cap wearing country music pretty boys who can actually sing and put on amazing concerts, otherwise, if there was only Shooter Jennings and his cronies, no one would be listening.

  • 4 months later…
    I just heard this song, saw this video and read this blog for the first time today. I also hate country music for the most part. Why? Most country music fucking sucks. I sure do listen to me some country though. My wife loves it. Every song is the same. Slow, shitty, dumbed-down and twaaaaangy as haayyuulll. Thayyuurs uuhhh teeeaarrrr in my beeeeerrrr cause I’m cryyyyiiinnnn for ya deeeeeeaar. Oh my god. And you silly fucks eat it up. If that’s what you like, why are you here reading this? I only stumbled across it because of Shooter’s new video for The Deed and the Dollar, which is an awesome country song with an awesome video.
    Why can’t you at least hear what this dude is saying. If you’re too stupid to see past the fact that ALL MUSIC ARTISTS MUST MAKE THE CHOICE BETWEEN BEING SUPER FAMOUS AND BEING TRUE TO THEMSELVES, then there isn’t any hope for you. Country music has to have good looking people willing to sing whatever trash is handed to them, written by whoever wrote it and wear the new boots, designer jeans, and blah blah bullshit that their record label tells them to; learn to dance the way their record label tells them to; perform barbie doll puppet shows onstage at the CMA’s like their record label tells them to or they would be out of Nashville and out of country music. YOU PEOPLE MADE IT THIS WAY. YOU PAID BIG MONEY FOR IT. IT’S HERE. IT’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE. PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP AND ENJOY IT AND GET OFF SHOOTER’S BACK, ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS THE BALLS TO MAKE REAL MUSIC INSTEAD OF A 7 FIGURE PAYCHECK.

  • The old style of country is dead…literally. Most but not all of those great men and women are gone now but we still have much to remember them by. We have their music of course. We have their children. Everyone considers their children to be their legacy. Why would Hank or Jr. or Waylon be any different. Oh yeah…because they’re famous as shit and everyone is constantly in their kids business. Their kids didn’t necessarily ask for it but they grew up with it. Sure some of them make the choice to have a career in the limelight but look at the ones that don’t. I saw Johnny Cash’s son cooking seafood gumbo the other day with that chick from Crook and Chase. What choice do they really have? Even if Shooter hadn’t chosen to pick up a guitar, there would still be a TV reporter with a camera asking him what he thinks about this “New Wave Outlaw” phenomenon and then he’d have to cook seafood gumbo and talk about it. Have any of you naysayers ever considered a life like that?
    Somewhere down the line the paradigm shifted from WANTING to hear Hank yodel to WANTING to hear about the Grundy County Auction to WANTING to fill up my Red Solo Cup. The music keeps changing and you vote for what you like with your dollar. That concept seems simple to me. Those greats…the innovators and creators had something, where country music is concerned, that no one will ever have again. THE PEOPLE THAT CREATED COUNTRY MUSIC WERE DOING WHAT THEY WANTED…WHAT THEY FELT…WHAT WAS TRUE TO THEM…THE LINE WAS BLURRED BETWEEN COUNTRY AND ROCK JUST LIKE IT IS NOW AND PEOPLE LIKED IT. IT COULD STILL BE THAT WAY IF PEOPLE LIKE YOU WOULDN’T SHIT ALL OVER THEM.

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