Song Review – Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah”

July 4, 2012 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  52 Comments

Really Tim McGraw? Really? After 20 years of slaving under the oppressive control of puppetmaster Mike Curb, this is what you do with your new found freedom? Wow.

With the first single from the Big Machine Records-era of Tim McGraw, the country music mega-star pulls off the biggest sellout move of his career, and one of the biggest sellout moves ever seen from an established country music franchise name. Yes friends and neighbors, Tim McGraw has fallen prey to the hyper-trend of the country music laundry list truck song. “Truck Yeah” is such an overt outcry for relevancy and commercial acceptance, I feel embarrassed for McGraw simply from writing about it.

When you boil this song down, it’s a rap song, and a bad one at that, just like so many of these country checklist songs. There’s no story. Instead the song just spews out stereotypical artifacts of culture while hanging on one single monotone vocal note with minor variations. This song is a product of the mono-genre. It’s a club dance song. Countryisms and urbanisms are belted out by McGraw with no delineation between the two. He talks about crew cabs and clubs downtown. DJ’s and rednecks. And then there’s the line, “Got Lil’ Wayne Pumpin’ on my iPod.” And add on top of all of that the stupid cornpone title lyric and the fact that it’s yet another mainstream song about trucks and you have a super-fecta of pop country suckitude.

And I hate to be a hypocrite and cite the morality of the situation, but since this song is being put out on the public airwaves, why not ask the question of where the line is? Kids aren’t stupid, despite the best efforts of public schools and popular media. Kids know what McGraw is implying here. And in the live version, he even thrusts his fist in the air like he’s flipping the bird at the crowd. Most people see the country station as a refuge when the kiddos are in the car. Or at least they used to. It’s bad enough most of the music young brains are being barraged with is in such poor taste. Now we have to worry if it’s morally straight.

The worst part about this song is Tim McGraw knows better. We expect this dumb shit from the Justin Moore’s and Brantley Gilbert’s of the world, but from Tim McGraw? Say what you want about his music, that it’s boring or country’s version of adult contemporary, but aside from his idiotic “Indian Outlaw” song, his career has been marked with depth. And in McGraw’s defense, we haven’t heard all of the new material he’s been recording for Big Machine, and this may be the worst of the lot. But man, I just can’t see how anybody can look at this song and not say “sellout”.

This is an embarrassment for country music, this is an embarrassment for Tim McGraw, this is an insult to all the folks fighting for creative freedom for country artists on Music Row, and this is even more validation that Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Records is indeed the Country Music Anti-Christ.

Somewhere Mike Curb is sitting behind a desk, maniacally stroking a cat sitting on his lap and cackling. There’s a reason country labels see it necessary to hold such a heavy thumb on artists. This song could perform like Kip Moore’s “Something About a Truck” which became a #1, or it could be like Track Adkin’s “Brown Chicken, Brown Cow” or Craig Morgan’s awful “Corn Star” and bomb. I think there will be high initial curiosity about this song, but it also runs a big risk from both being controversial and polarizing, and for venturing so far out of McGraw’s established demographic.

And why? Why this? Why now? Tim McGraw is selling out arenas and has songs climbing the charts on country radio. Does he not have enough money or attention? Why risk being labeled a bit singer like Trace Adkins or a douche like Brantley Gilbert?

Just be yourself Tim.

Two guns down!

52 Comments to “Song Review – Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah””

  • I lost my shit laughing when I saw the link to this.

    • And also… TRUCK YEAH!

  • But I like the song Indian Outlaw…

    • “Indian Outlaw” could never be released today. “Truck Yeah” could have never been released back then.

    • It was co-written by rockabilly legend Jumpin’ Gene Simmons.

  • i got 38 seconds in before i gave up. a truly piece of crap tune. what’s up with the chorus line shit? i’m thinking it’s all the stray PVC stuff from his hat and it’s finally caught up with him.

    • Perhaps he should wear a tinfoil hat instead, to keep the evil record company executives from beaming mind control waves at him. The review is far more entertaining than the song, which will no doubt soon be used as an advertising jingle by one of the big three (or maybe Toyota or Hyundai. Perhaps Renault could make a truck (Le Truck!) and use it), netting even more cashola. If it is not already put to such purpose. I haven’t been watching much TeeBee lately, either.

      • a tinfoil hat would be a good idea. or maybe an old WW2 steel pot so when he hits the trenches to fight for decent music with the suits he’ll be ready. oh, yeah. never mind.

        • Tim would shoot himself in the foot and get out of that battle.

          • Tim should shoot himself right in the face.

  • truck tim mcgraw and his butt brother kenny.

    and neon is the only decent song on radio right now.

  • Wow…

    So, Tim McGraw sees himself getting over the hill and decides it’s time to try to recapture his youth with something that sounds like it was written by Colt Ford or Brantley Gilbert?

  • Of course this song will be a hit. Big Machine and Clear Channel will see to it.

    Advancing the mono-genre is only one of the dangers, though. This will hurt future fights for creative freedom.

    Tim McGraw has devalued freedom by recording a song that embodies everything that’s wrong with corporate country music, from the lyrics to the production to the delivery. Why would any label risk money letting a lesser known artist do things his or her own way, when Tim McGraw, a proven hit-maker, used his freedom to do things the corporate way? Tim has just validated Music Row’s corporate dictatorship.

    This also makes me call into question Tim’s motives. If this is the music Tim wanted to record, why did he fight Curb? I can’t honestly see Curb turning down this song. This song IS Nashville 2012. He could’ve avoided all the legal battles, accepted a position as one of Curb’s dancing chickens, and recorded songs like this for the remainder of his career.

    Tim McGraw IS a sellout.

    • I’m not so sure it’s Tim that’s advancing the mono-genre as much as it is Clear Channel.

      I guess the question is, among all of those in bed with each other–Clear Channel, Music Row, the singer–who’s got the biggest stroke? I’m inclined to say Clear Channel—they’re (well, not “they” but a research group the provides the data for them) the ones surveying the target audience via phone with 10 second song snippits and throwing out the songs that are polarizing.

      • Clear Channel just signed a huge deal with Scott Borchetta who just singed McGraw. It’s all one big happy inbred family!

  • “Indian Outlaw” was not just idiotic, but patently racist. “Truck Yeah” can hardly be considered a sellout; this man had no artistic integrity left between “Indian Outlaw” and “Where Corn Don’t Grow”, at the very least. McGraw has spent his entire career chasing the biggest cliché possible.

    • And now my husband informs me I’m getting my crappy proto-country cred songs mixed up. Gah.

      • Yes, “Where Corn Don’t Grow” was by Travis Tritt. But I really liked that song. More so than “Where The Green Grass Grows,” which is the song you’re thinking of, to be sure. I wish Tritt had done more songs like that

        • Well, I knew it was talking about some plant. There’s a reason I got into rock music my senior year of high school, & it wasn’t because Third Eye Blind was particularly compelling.

        • Where corn don’t grow was originally recorded by Waylon on his album, The Eagle, the song was written by Roger Murrah and Mark Alan Springer.

  • Triumph the insult comic dog would poop in that smelly black hat

  • Post Curb scoreboard.

    Tim McGraw- 0-1

    McGraw’s priorities are his family, clearly the music is just something he does for fun now.

    • There’s nothing wrong with focusing more on his family, but I can’t see how recording “truck yeah” could be fun.

  • I can’t believe I just watched this video…I’m afraid my IQ just dropped. Ridiculous.

  • […] and Trigger both reviewed “Truck Yeah” HERE and HERE, so check those out if you are curious about how shitty they thought they were…but I guess I […]

  • I actually like quite a bit of Tim McGraw’s old stuff — it’s not art, but it’s good for country and a sort of guilty pleasure — but this is the biggest piece of crap I have ever heard.

    He is going to be doing an Austin City Limits taping this summer. What is the world coming to? I think we should show up and protest.

  • Did you review this song based off the video or have you heard an actual studio recording? Im not saying that the song is good by any means, but I hope that you didnt base it off of a crappy recording of a live concert on youtube.

    • I’ve heard the single. They’re playing it on radio and it is available on Amazon/iTunes. I wouldn’t use YouTubes with the music unless they are authorized by that label or artist, so in lieu I used a live video to give at least some representation of the song.

  • yall should take a listen to this song my mom just played me.


  • Is that the hipster version of Nick Lindsay on bass???

  • I enjoy reading your blogs about music like this as it doesn’t even get released in my country. Even more disturbing than the song is Tim’s outfit. Elizabeth Hurley called and she wants her jeans back, Tim.

  • *sigh* And to think, I was country when country wasn’t crap.

  • Triggerman-

    Long time reader, first time commenter. I completely agree with your review. Tim knows better and hasn’t recorded many “radio friendly” songs in the past couple of years. Wasn’t Curb’s argument that he wasn’t producing good albums- aka not radio hits? Perhaps this first single is a huge F You to Mike Curb? He releases exactly the kind of song Curb would’ve wanted and it goes #1 (possibly) as soon as he’s on his new label? Or perhaps that’s wishful thinking on my part. I hope the rest of his new stuff makes up for this.

  • Tim Mcgraw has never had any talent… His vocal range is limited and his voice is less than average… Funny how he came along the same time as Daryle Singletary. Singletary will outsing him anyday and Singletary stayed country, yet his career fell quickly…Mcgraw on the other hand created an image and sang trending songs with his shitty voice and is still topping the charts.

  • Thank you. I got blindsided by this mess at the Brothers of the Sun tour my wife dragged me to, first time hearing the song, and stood among thousands of screaming fans, slackjawed. As if his duet with Kenny Chesney wasn’t bad enough…

    • This is horribly awful, but I think that “Southern Voice” is hands-down the worst Tim McGraw song of all time.

  • I used to like Tim until I heard the first forty seconds of this song. WOW I thought it was bad when we started getting Pop country, but this is Rap Country and even to put country behind Rap is an insult. You should be ashamed of yourself Tim McFlaw. I guarantee some of the greats like Waylon and Johnny Cash rolled over in their graves when this piece of garbage hit the Country airwaves. At least where I live we have true country stations that would never play this Garbage. LONG LIVE TEXAS COUNTRY you &^uckers from Nashville stay out of Texas, You are screwing up a great thing!

  • Note to Tim & Scott at Big Machine:

    Name dropping everything from trucks to women in a song DOES NOT make the song sound anymore country than what other mainstream artists like Taylor Swift or “look at me” Carrie Underwood put out to radio. Where are the fiddles, mandolins, and steel guitar that Tim used to have in his past material, as they’re barely there, if not at all. It only makes the song sound that much worse. This new single from Tim is terrible and the writers of this garbage should be humiliated and fired. If Tim really wants to make an impressive comeback to radio, he should stick with own advice by putting less “pop in my country.” However, being that he’s signed to a country pop label (Big Machine Records), that may not happen after all.

  • To everyone who commented on this song…..apparently none of you truly enjoys music….I enjoy all types of music from classical to rap and just about everything in between…..I think it is a good thing that different genres are starting to come together…..take it for what it is……..a good song!! Tim will go on making great music long after you people are forgotten! I would really like to see any of you do any better!!!

    • “Tim will go on making great music long after you people are forgotten!

      That’s my favorite part of your comment!

    • If he wants to make this music fine, but don’t label it country. Put it on a pop station where it belongs. If he has fans, fine, but it is not in the REAL country genre. Don’t mess it up for the country music fans. I know he is making tons of money but that doesn’t mean it’s genuine country music. That’s what this site is about.

  • First time reader and commenter here.

    I had a meeting with one of the bigger publishers in town and this song came up. His take on it was that it’s Tim’s bid to stay “caught up with the kids” and relevant in an age of truck songs and stuff that’s beyond his experience age-wise. Does anyone really believe that Tim listens to Lil’ Wayne? This song is commerce, nothing more, just like the duet between him and Chesney, which was used to basically promote their tour.

    Country has become hip hop. You’ve got a bunch of guys from the suburbs pretending to be these big hicks that they’d probably make fun of behind closed doors, and videos full of beer, bitches (I’m not gonna lie, I don’t mind watching the women in the videos, but still..), and trucks. The songs are written so that someone listening in the car can miss the first half of the song and still know what it’s about, which is why we have endless songs about trucks and beer.

    • “The songs are written so that someone listening in the car can miss the first half of the song and still know what it’s about, which is why we have endless songs about trucks and beer.”

      Interesting. This would explain why so many of the country songs today lack a coherent storyline.

  • my name is brantley gildoosh and i approve this song

    • yeahyeah

  • Tim Mcgraw sucks and always has..he tries to hard to appease blacks and liberals..he voted for Obama for Christ sake. LiL Wayne?? Are you F’ing kidding me?

  • Tim McGraw is a piece of shit like his old man was (ask many former MLB players will confirm that notion). Eddie Rabbitt (God rest him) turned over in his grave when McGraw released Rabbitt’s classic 1980 hit “Suspicions”. McGraw and all of the “Country Stars” today all suck big time. I’d rather have my old record player and old country records from Vern Gosdin and Alabama than listen to the modern crap that country produced and that includes the douche bag Tim McGraw.

  • I haven’t read all comments so I may be repeating. Hank Willams is rolling over and vomiting in his grave. 99 percent of new “country” ” music” is a disgrace.

  • So…… Why can’t Tim McGraw listen to Lil Wayne? I’m confused and before you respond give me an educated answer without the racism.

  • This is an abomination! Does anyone really believe Tim listens to Lil’ Wayne?!!! It’s actually pretty sad once you consider the fact that this is the same guy who wrote really sincere songs like “Live Like You Were Dying” or “Grown Men Don’t Cry.” This made me spit out my bland Mtn Dew Game Fuel.

  • I’m surprised that everyone is so surprised that Tim McGraw put out a dump song. Isn’t that what he’s been doing from the beginning? He’s sung some decent lyrics from time to time, written by talented songwriters, in his obviously overdone and fake twang. He’s always sounded like a moderately talented bar karaoke artist at best. Tim McGraw should thank his lucky stars–he’s done pretty well given his talent.

  • Oh, also, I just want other people to score a hit when they google, “Tim McGraw sucks.” So there it is, and yes he does, and he always has.

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