Sturgill Simpson Goes Godzillabilly In “Railroad of Sin” (Video Premier)

June 25, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  17 Comments

sturgill-simpsonCountry music savior and critically-acclaimed songsmith Sturgill Simpson has been making waves all over the country with his new breakout album High Top Mountain released on June 11th, and now he threatens to take the high-flying act international by boarding a puddle jumper and puttering over to the Land of the Rising Sun to record the video for his heart-pounding, hot plate, house on fire, country as hell, soon to be hit single “Railroad of Sin.” ‘Godzillabilly’ is what’s he’s patterning the theme, as the Kentucky native and Nashville resident takes a high arching swan dive deep into culture shock.

Johnny Cash may have not been born in Nagasaki, and bullet trains may not be equipped with lonesome whistles, but the Orient is where Hank Jr. picked up his official nickname for Waylon Jennings: “Watashin!” which means, “old #1″ and you’d be hard pressed to find a more modern resemblance to Waymore than one Sturgill Simpson. So keep clear of the closing doors, strap in tight, and get ready to speed away on Sturgill Simpson’s “Railroad of Sin.”

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17 Comments to “Sturgill Simpson Goes Godzillabilly In “Railroad of Sin” (Video Premier)”

  • Sweet!

  • He’s really got his own unique style, while managing to respect country music 100%
    Love this dudes music

  • God damn, if that ain’t some knee-slapping country, I don’t what is. I’m ready for this sonuvabitch to get his ass in the Carolinas so I can show some people what real country sounds like live.

  • Excellent!!

  • I was expecting some cool ass american hobo /immigrant video for this song , this took me back but made me smile just as much as it could have. I imagine son fans might have something negative to say about it , but Sturgill being the man he is ain`t gonna care much about gets said .

    Good on you brother
    Cheers man

    • imagine some* not son and what gets * …..sorry folks

  • Great music video. Thanks for posting it.

  • Unique video for some real country music

  • Love this song Mr. Simpson. Domo arigato : D

  • I’ve had this album on constant repeat since I bought it. I loved him in Sunday Valley but I think Sturgill has taken it to another level.

  • It works. Right now Sturgill has a golden touch. Unexpected and perfect.

    • Perfectly said.

      • Nah, “perfectly said” fits the High Top Mountain lp, not anything that tumbles off my keyboard. We gotta maintain standards.

  • I wish he could hook up with Hank III and do some duet stuff in this style. I think the music would work for both and the contrast in vocal tone would be killer. Great vid.

  • Just saw Sturgill in Rock Island, IL a couple of days ago. Great music, great guys, good time!

  • Great as always but honestly I just didn’t get the video. It’s not what I would have expected.

  • Sturgill’s voice is a dead ringer for Waylon.

    And he plays the guitar, with other musicall accompaniment, just like Bocephus.

    He is the real deal for sure.

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