Sturgill Simpson’s “Metamodern Sounds” Now Available for Pre-Order

April 17, 2014 - By Trigger  //  News  //  60 Comments

sturgill-simpson-metamodern-sounds-in-country-music-1We’re less than a month away from the release of critically-acclaimed rising country star Sturgill Simpson‘s sophomore solo release called Metamodern Sounds in Country Music on May 13th, and the album has now been made available for pre-order on CD or vinyl and Sturgill has released the first single from the album “Turtles All the Way Down” on iTunes and Amazon. He’s also just premiered the video for “Turtles All the Way Down” through NPR (see below).

“I just reached a point where the thought of writing and singing any more songs about heartache and drinking made me feel incredibly bored with music,” Sturgill tells NPR. “It’s just not a headspace I occupy much these days. Nighttime reading about theology, cosmology, and breakthroughs in modern physics and their relationship to a few personal experiences I’ve had led to most of the songs on the album.

Don’t get too flipped out country fans, Simpson also told The Washington Post that he grew up with his grandfather religiously watching Hee-Haw, and being obsessed with Waylon’s Dukes of Hazzard theme. This strange dichotomy is what gives Sturgill Simpson his unique brilliant streak that shines through in his music that is both fiercely traditional and forward thinking. “I expected to be labeled the ‘acid country guy,’ but it’s not something I dwell on,” he tells NPR. “I would urge anyone that gets hung up on the song being about drugs to give another listen … to me “Turtles” is about giving your heart to love and treating everyone with compassion and respect no matter what you do or don’t believe. The cosmic turtle is from a much quoted story found in publications throughout modern physics and philosophy, even ancient theology, that now essentially serves as a comedic picture or expression of a much grander idea.”

Read The Entire NPR Interview & Watch the “Turtles All the Way Down” video.

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60 Comments to “Sturgill Simpson’s “Metamodern Sounds” Now Available for Pre-Order”

  • Already have the single and I love it! Sturgill is so damn unique and “Turtles All the Way Down” is the perfect example. What I find interesting about his songs is they get better the more you listen to them. When I first listened to “Turtles” I didn’t know what to think, but after a few more listens I completely understood where he was coming from. I can’t wait for the album!

  • Yes!!! I hope the snowball effect continues now.. He said on an interview “who wants to listen to a country album about Metaphysics?” ( In a joking shy way) I say anyone with any Sand will see this album is nothing less than honest and profound.

  • Pretty cool. I don’t buy singles, I buy albums. I went over to iTunes and played the preview of Turtles and was not impressed. The clip ends shortly after the reptile aliens and marijuana line haha, so I guess I just need the entire song to appreciate that. Can’t wait to hear the whole album.

    • You can hear the whole album right now in the player above. Also if you pre-order, you get an immediate download of the album, or you can just simply download it on BandCamp.

  • A true breakthrough in Country Music would be somebody like Sturgill getting nominated for a grammy or other big award. The Grammy’s do go outside of the mainstream sometimes and I really would like to see Sturgill get a lot of love out there in the music world. Hoping this album makes Sturgill Simpson a little bit more of a household name.

    • I’m hoping for this too. Jamey Johnson wasn’t getting a lot of mainstream love when he was nominated three times for a Grammy. Kacey Musgraves was in the same boat this year and won two Grammys. Let’s hope lightning strikes again with Sturgill.

      • I almost mentioned Jamey in my post, because that is the exact example that I was thinking of. I think those two comparisons are right on, both of them have a very raw sound. On a lesser level Kacey is like that I think. She has excellent lyrics and song choice, but to be honest she very much has the physical looks of what mainstream is always looking for. She was getting huge mainstream support from people like Katy Perry immediately and it was not surprising at all she won like she did. Sturgill Simpson looks like he just rolled in from deep in the hills of Kentucky to cut an album, with a sound that is so original and genuine. I really hope he finds success. I mean can you imagine him getting a performing spot on the Grammy’s like Kacey did, that would be awesome. I don’t think Jamey go to sing when he was up for all those awards, that is where Kacey’s beauty helps her with the industry I think. I almost think they look at guys like Sturgill and Jamey and think that sounds a little too raw right there.

        • I definitely agree that Kacey’s beauty has certainly helped her catch more attention. But it can hurt her too. Before I found SCM, I saw her name pop up in the country section of iTunes and didn’t even bother listening. Why? Because I immediately thought, “Oh boy another Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood. Why should I take her seriously?” It’s wrong to have that mindset, but mainstream country brainwashed me to think this way. After I saw the love she was getting here, I checked her music out and I’m now a huge fan.

          I agree about Jamey & Sturgill too. Their look and raw sound are almost too real for mainstream music to get behind. But Jamey’s talent shone through in the end (I still see his name pop up in the comments section of mainstream crap on iTunes where people wonder what happened to him). I want to say Sturgill is so damn good that he has to get more attention eventually, but you just don’t know in today’s industry.

      • You have to appreciate though that both Kacey Musgraves and Jamey Johnson, despite their independent spirit and critical acclaim, were still on major labels. Industry Awards are just that, awards meat to highlight the industry. I’m not trying to throw cold water on the idea because I would love to see Sturgill given some greater accolades, but I also think we must be realistic.

        What we could see is a nomination under Americana at the Grammy’s which regularly nominates independent artist (though they inexplicably passed over Jason Isbell last year). Also the Americana Awards could definitely be within reach for Sturgill, he’s up a couple of Lone Star awards next weekend, and maybe these things could be stepping stones to even bigger industry accolades in the future.

        • Don’t worry Trig, I’m not getting my hopes up too high. I know what the realistic expectations of someone like Sturgill getting to stand up on that big of a platform and perform. I was just saying if something like that happened, it would be a huge step forward for country music. I would like for those people like Blake, FGL and some others to have to sit there and listen to him sing a song.

          • “I would like for those people like Blake, FGL and some others to have to sit there and listen to him sing a song.”

            Exactly. I agree 100%.

  • You know, as much as I want to listen to this, I’m going to wait until the official release date to listen and review it, if only so I can pointedly make Rascal Flatts and Brantley Gilbert wait their fucking turn.

    • Mark that is respectable but You have never heard anything quite like this my friend….download that shit

    • If you pre-order, you get immediate download of the album and don’t have to wait until May.

  • Man, that’s some great stuff!!

  • Great track. Christ how can this guy not be freakin’ huge??? Wasn’t crazy about a couple tracks on High Top Mountain but who am I to judge. I nearly died the night he was here and I had my own gig to do so I had to miss out . Damn I can’t wait for the full release.

  • This is so good. I mean. It’s so, so good.

    Trigger, it might be worth changing the headline so people know you can stream the whole album. This needs to be heard right now by everyone who comes to this site.

    • I’m kind of in a strange position here where I want to get the word out, but I also want to get people moving towards Sturgill’s internet properties to pre-order and purchase the album. I may try to clarify a little more that you can listen/download right now.

      This pre-order is very important folks! The more people buy the album, the more metadata will be collected and the greater potential it has to make waves on the charts when it is released!

      • Agree and kind of figured that’s why you had the headline you do. But then again if he didn’t want people to stream it then he wouldn’t have put it up.

        Also, in case I wasn’t clear, this is really, really good. Crazy good.

  • If I had any trepidation after hearing this album’s title and description a few months ago, it was completely dispelled when I saw Sturgill play in DC earlier this month. Great stuff, and the man just plain knows how to connect with people through his music.

  • I was just listening on bandcamp and on comes “The Promise.” When it came to the chorus I realized that I already knew those lyrics and the original song popped into my head. That tune works so good as a country song.

    I had to hit up the google to remember who recorded the original version (When In Rome). I have never been much of a pop music fan but for some reason I always liked that song.

    • I was showing this album to a coworker this morning and he did the exact same thing before he made the connection. He showed me the original version and I just started laughing.

      I don’t know why it’s so funny to me that Sturgill Simpson covered a When In Rome 80s pop song, but I love it.

      • Sometimes cheesy pop songs can be great covers when done properly. Deano from the Waco Brothers had a side band called ‘Dollar Store’ and they recorded “Believe” by Cher and it was awesome. With the Cher song I had to listen a few times before I figured out what I was hearing and make the connection.

  • I remember reading where Sturgill said this album might piss off a lot of people who wanted “High Top Mountain Part 2.” I don’t think it will, because this album is excellent. Sturgill could sing the phone book and still convey mounds of feeling and personal experience. Looking forward to the review, Trigger.

    • I believe that to be a fair disclaimer. This is a far cry from anything he’s ever done. You’re right, one thing he’s never failed to do is convey deep feeling and emotion. I couldn’t name a single song he’s ever given a boring performance on.

      In all honesty, this ones going to take a few listen-throughs to fully grasp and appreciate for me. But, I have high hopes, because albums that require that usually end up being some of my favorites.

      • I agree. While this album is excellent, it’s going to take a few listens. Loving a few songs, skipping others. They should grow on me with time.

    • Actually it’s a little bit of a letdown after High Top Mountain, but that just speaks to my taste. This is quality music and I don’t regret buying the album. Who knows, it might grow on me and surpass HTM in time.

  • did not know that will preorder.

  • Let’s not forget, there’s a 10th track on this album that’s not part of the stream (mine at least). Guess he didn’t want to give the WHOLE thing away haha.

    I’m probably reeaallllyy late to get this, but does everybody notice the album cover is really a turtle with arms, legs, and a head made of stylized ‘S’s? I never looks past the tin type photo because I thought it was so awesome.

  • Pre-ordered on vinyl. Ordered High Top Mountain on vinyl. Ordered Bastard Children. Left tip. Anyone that comes across this site and does not pre-order Sturgill does not care about saving country music at all.

  • High Top Mountain is one of my favorite albums ever, and this blows it out of the water IMO. Sturgill Simpson is the real deal folks.

  • This shit is too freakin weird for me. Besides, if I want to hear Waylon, I’ve got plenty of his CDs.

    • Honestly the only song I thought was genuienly “weird” was Turtles (I actually liked it).

      • I’m not much on turtles, either. Lyrically, anyway. It Ain’t All flowers, while it’s a cool song, gets a little too trippy for me as well.m

        What I think is cool is how he throws so many styles and ideas at you, sop stokes all at once. Love the surf rock vibe of Life of Sin.

  • It’s good to see an artist as capable as Sturgill working to be as prolific as he can without sacrificing quality.

    He needs to let Jamie Johnson know that it’s okay for someone creative to keep working hard to produce.

  • This album is awesome! I was a little leery when I first read about the off the wall subject matter, but man does it kick ass! Sturgill pushes the boundries without being so ridiculous that country fans would be turned off. It is so unique. Can’t wait to see what he does next

  • Does #9 feature DJ Tiesto?

  • Don’t like It Ain’t All Flowers, but the rest of it is excellent. I’m in…

  • Not to steal any of the thunder away from this post, but the pre-order for this album has been up on Amazon since the first day (and that’s where I have mine saved). Are you highlighting outlets that specifically benefit Sturgill, Trigger?

    • As soon as Amazon knows that a title is going to be available and they have a release date, they will set up a pre-order. This particular pre-order was done through Sturgill and I was asked to help spread the information, so I did. If people have a preferred outlet they like to get their music through, that’s fine. The most important thing is that fans pre-order titles from their favorite artists so that info can be aggregated and potentially result in chart performance.

      • How do the charts track purchases made through the artist’s site? Are the figures submitted for approval or something?

        Either way, I hope this release charts. It would be something if we had another Out Among The Stars situation with this one. Granted, Sturgill isn’t Cash and probably won’t ever be held in that high of regard, so maybe another Straight to Hell charts situation would be more applicable (I was simply going with the more recent of the two).

        • Most or all outlets that sell music link to a database that aggregates an artists metadata in one place. Whether you purchase something on Amazon, stream it on BandCamp, listen through SoundCloud, or watch a YouTube video of a song, it all gets aggregated by MediaBase and others, and goes into charting data.

  • I preordered the T-Shirt/CD Bundle (the shirt is badass) and listened to the album dozens of times already. I’m absolutely blown away by how awesome it is. Simply a masterpiece. I didn’t think High Top Mountain could be topped, but this album topped it. Sturgill is the man!

  • I know this is not an album review or anything like that but I will weigh in here on the record and say that “It Ain’t All Flowers” is one of the most bad ass songs I have heard in a while. When folks talk about country music needing to evolve or progress, this (well, the whole album, really) is what they ought to have in mind, not the ‘chew tobacco, spit’ tripe trip Shelton and cohorts continue to spew.

  • Awesome album…I bought the version of Album, CD, t shirt etc signed……. this is great album!
    We have an opportunity to be heard on the charts via this new release by Sturgill…
    Best Country Album of 2014 unless something else comes out…….DOUBT IT!!….but we have to “all” unite around this effort…

    Louisville, KY

  • What’s the deal? I did the pre-order last night and I’ll I got was Turtles for download and all I’m seeing in Bandcamp is Turtles. And that’s all I’m seeing above where is says listen in its entirety. Still happy that all new music will be out in a few weeks. Turtles is awesome by the way, but bummed seeing others comment about listening to the entire album. Trigger, if all songs are no longer available, this article needs updated. It’s the reason I purchased the pre-order.

    • They must have changed something yesterday. Everything was there earlier in the day. I will try to figure out what is going on and update things accordingly. Sorry for the misinformation!

      • Not a problem. Just excited to hear all the songs.

        • Just changed the article. Apparently “Turtles” is the only available song at the moment.

          • Oh man, that blows! I pre-ordered as soon as Sturgill announced it on twitter and got the whole album. And all I can say is it is pure genius and it will be worth the wait when everyone gets it.

            The Turtles song is incredible, love the whole Pink Floyd-ish, trippy vibe with the great country voice. Biggest surprise to me on the album is “The Promise” which is a cover of a very catchy 80s dance song, but he completely re-did it into a slow country ballad.

            Sturgill is now my favorite artist, at least until Blackberry Smoke comes out with a new album. Everyone – please please please support Sturgill!

  • I got my download on the second day and after that they cut out about four songs from the streaming playlist. The next day only “Turtles” was made available. I actually thought this may have been the “nugget” Sturgill spoke of saving for Trigger when he replied on here a while back? Maybe those of us who were on here and got to it first were rewarded a little treat? What do you think Trigg?

    • The Bandcamp stream wasn’t released to Saving Country Music, they just made all the songs available on Bandcamp, and then I embedded the Bandcamp player.

      Not exactly sure what the full scoop is, but I actually think it’s smart of them not to stream the entire album before the release date, unless they wanted to do an exclusive stream the week before like most artists do these days. I was surprised they released the music on Bandcamp last year, and even more surprised with this project, seeing how there’s so much more interest in Sturgill now.

  • Oops, my bad, I misquoted him. Here it is: “Besides, I’m holding a special bone aside just for you.”

    If this was it I sure as hell want to say thanks! I’ve played the album nonstop since I got it.

  • I pre-ordered before Bandcamp offered the shirt and signed album packages, but oh well, at least I got a download of the full album.

    On a side note – loving Sturgill’s solo releases I decided to go buy Sunday Valley which was his band’s name when he first got rolling. Turns out, Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby no longer sell it as a download and its long out of print. So what’s a poor Sturgill fan to do? Well…. I wouldn’t condone or even say anything if it was still for sale, but if your like me and want to hear everything Sturgill has done, and since you can’t buy it… if you go to RapidLibrary (google it) and do a search for Sunday Valley Heaven, the first link that shows up is the album available to download as a rar (zip file). Shame on me, I know, and I won’t say a word if Trigger deletes this post.

  • I pre-ordered early and got the 9 track download. Love the album, especially taken by the passion displayed in “The Promise”.

  • Man, this album kicks ass. SCM album of the year, 2014!

  • Man, I get the feeling that Sturgill is actually breaking through, and it’s satisfying to see it happen. When the first album came out, I think I’m not the only one who thought he seemed like the kind of artist who could potentially appeal to listeners beyond the underground / independent country pigeonhole. And I think that’s already happening. In the last couple weeks, Sturgill has been popping up in Esquire, NPR, Paste, as well as the Grand Ole Opry, WSM, and so on. I really can’t think of any independent country artists (besides the offspring of country legends) who have garnered that kind of attention so quickly, if at all.

    I think it is a big strength that SS can appeal to both traditional and nontraditional listeners. For instance, the guys on the NPR Music Podcast can marvel over the novelty of a country dude singing about reptile aliens, while at the same time Sturgill can get up on the Opry stage and do “Sitting Here Without You” and get a big response. Also, I think the nice thing about an out-of -left-field song like “Turtles” is that it’s not a gimmick, just something genuinely unique that has served as a natural hook for people who don’t usually listen to country to go, hold on, what is this?

    Oh, and obviously the music kicks ass, which doesn’t hurt!

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