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Saving Country Music’s 2014 Song of the Year

December 30, 2014 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  43 Comments

Every true music fan craves those moments when a song and story truly disarm you and make rudimentary rubble of your capacity to keep the saline fountains at bay. Fiction can sometimes achieve these results, but there’s something deep inside the listener that is sparked when they intuitively know they’re hearing a true story being told by the one who lived it.


Pokey LaFarge, Rev. Peyton, & Banditos All Sign to Labels

November 13, 2014 - By Trigger  //  News  //  8 Comments

The past 24 hours has seen some big signings by some worthy artists to record labels. The old-school throwback St. Louis singing and strumming song man Pokey LaFarge has signed to the prestigious Rounder Records. Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band has signed with Yazoo Records, and the Alabama-bred gritty and greasy Banditos have signed to insurgent country label Bloodshot.


Whitey Morgan to Release Live Album – Hear New Song

November 11, 2014 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  12 Comments

Fans of the hard driving, honky tonkin’ throwback country band of the new generation known as Whitey Morgan & the 78’s have been waiting a very long time to hear something new since the release of their self-titled Bloodshot Records debut in 2010, and the floodgates are about to open, beginning with the long-awaited release of “Born, Raised & LIVE from Flint.”


Justin Townes Earle Releasing New Album ‘Absent Fathers’ 1-13-15

October 21, 2014 - By Trigger  //  News  //  21 Comments

That’s right, don’t rub your eyes or adjust your monitors. Justin Townes Earle, who just released his latest album Single Mothers on September 9th, is doing a quick turnaround and releasing yet another brand new full length album Absent Fathers on January 13th, 2015—a companion to his September release that takes its theme from the Single Mothers title track.


Ryan Adams: “I Do Not Like Fu!$ing Country Music”

October 13, 2014 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  100 Comments

Ryan Adams was one of the unquestionable leaders of this punk-infused country music conquest, and that is why it was so disconcerting to read recently that apparently he not only does not like country music, but he apparently never has, never really cared about it even when he was playing it, and certainly doesn’t want anything to do with it now.


Album Review – Justin Townes Earle’s “Single Mothers”

September 9, 2014 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  18 Comments

This release might mean just a little bit more to Justin Townes Earle. The harder you work for things, the more value they tend to hold. After concluding a five-album contract with the scrappy and street-accredited independent label Bloodshot Records, Justin Townes Earle moved on to what he hoped would be greener pastures, and quickly got his nose pushed in.


Dex Romweber’s Influence Lingers on “Images 13″

June 22, 2014 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  3 Comments

All the silly talk about who was first and who ripped off who is mute when you bury your nose in the music catalog of the prototype of that predatory, aggressive, two-piece sound that blends blues, rockabilly, rock, country, surf, and a cavalcade of other obscure influences into the wild-eye concoction Dex Romweber has been throwing down for going on 30 years.


Justin Townes Earle to Release ‘Single Mothers” Sept. 9th

June 3, 2014 - By Trigger  //  News  //  22 Comments

The wait by both Justin Townes Earle and his fans for new music is finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Announced earlier today, Earle will be releasing a new album in the fall on Vagrant Records. After the resolution of Earle’s five-album Bloodshot contract, he found himself in the midst of an intense battle with the British-based label Communion Records.


Lydia Loveless – “Somewhere Else”

February 23, 2014 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  23 Comments

Her latest album and second LP from Bloodshot Records Somewhere Else is decidedly a more dark project with moments of real depth not seen before in Lydia’s young career. Lydia Loveless shows great maturity, depth, and diversity in her songwriting that really shines through whatever shortcomings, and makes Somewhere Else a project certainly worthy of your ears.


Catching Up With Whitey Morgan & The 78’s

February 16, 2014 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  11 Comments

One of the questions that comes up often in country music is “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?” There’s a lot of industry country stars that would love to tell you they’re the ones, and they record songs, print up merch, and proselytize at every turn for their candidacy to fill in for the lost country greats. But beyond the glitz and the market-driven image campaigns …


Justin Townes Earle Is Battling With Record Label

December 19, 2013 - By Trigger  //  News  //  28 Comments

Songwriter and performer Justin Townes Earle has been on the warpath as of late through his always-entertaining Twitter account, taking to task a record label for standing in the way of a new release. On October 19th, Justin seemed to allude through Twitter that he was done writing the material for a new album…


Lydia Loveless Goes “Boy Crazy” On New EP

November 14, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  26 Comments

Ahead of a new full-length album promised from Lydia in 2014 is a quick little EP called “Boy Crazy.” It is a straight ahead power pop album with punkish and country undertones that draws you right in with it’s juicy hooks and melodies, witty lyrics, fun themes, and general good-timedness. It really wets your appetite for what Lydia might have coming with her new full-length project.


Robbie Fulks is Back with Stunning “Gone Away Backward”

September 1, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  8 Comments

With a gift for poetry like Townes Van Zandt, and a penchant for the whimsical, progressive approach to bluegrass akin to John Hartford, Robbie Fulks releases a stunningly entertaining, brilliantly-balanced, deep, yet instantly-engaging comeback album called Gone Away Backward through longtime associates Bloodshot Records.


Outlaw Country Music Hall Of Fame Coming

August 15, 2013 - By Trigger  //  News  //  47 Comments

Fans of Outlaw country music are about to get a big wish granted, as plans have been announced to form an Outlaw Country Music Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame will be located in Lynchburg, TN, with Jack Daniels coming on as a primary sponsor. A space for the upcoming Hall of Fame has been acquired in Lynchburg and an architect is currently working on design plans.


Eddie Spaghetti Is Trying To Leave A Legacy Of Good Songs

July 18, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  7 Comments

You may have been a little shocked to read the above title in reference to the wild-assed, ribald-laced, gonzo front man of the legendary West Coast punk rock band The Supersuckers, but die hard fans of Eddie Spaghetti don’t need to be sold on the idea that when Eddie wants to wipe the smirk off of his face, he can pen (or sing) a pretty heartfelt composition.


Eddie Spaghetti Is Back with “The Value Of Nothing” (Album Stream)

June 12, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  6 Comments

Notorious Supersuckers front man Eddie Spaghetti is back with a brand new solo country rock record out 6/18 on Bloodshot Records called The Value of Nothing, and for the first time for one of his loner country projects it includes all original tunes. The West Coast country punk rocker recorded the new album in his adopted hometown of Austin, TX with help from musician/zombie killer Jesse Dayton.


Album Review – Deadstring Brothers “Cannery Row”

April 14, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  13 Comments

Separating themselves from those with only a half-sense for the early 70’s vibe and hipsters who see it as trendy, the Deadstring Brothers have been proving they have an unadulterated sense for that coveted heroin sweat sound and how to mix it with their own original expression since their first album on Bloodshot Records in 2003. Simply put, Cannery Row is a pleasure to listen to.


Nashville’s New Independent Nucleus

March 29, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  25 Comments

Forget all your stuffy old outmoded notions of what Nashville is. Right now Nashville is the center of the music universe in so many more ways than what is represented by the few city blocks of old houses and mini-rise office buildings on Music Row. Right here, right now, Nashville is the place to be for independent music. It’s Haight Ashbury circa 1965. It’s Guy Clark’s kitchen in the movie Heartworn Highways.


Wayne Hancock New Album “Ride” Out 2/26 & Best Of Out Now

January 6, 2013 - By Trigger  //  News  //  16 Comments

The King of Juke Joint Swing, The Viper of Melody, one Wayne “The Train” Hancock will be releasing his first album in nearly 3 years on February 26th called “Ride” through Bloodshot Records. And that’s not the only new Wayne Hancock album out. On the day after Christmas, Bloodshot Records released “Choice Cuts: Best of Wayne Hancock.”


EXCLUSIVE: Rosie Flores “Working Girl’s Guitar” Full Album Stream

October 9, 2012 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  5 Comments

Rosie Flores is rockabilly royalty. You can draw a direct line from Rose Maddox, to Wanda Jackson, to Rosie Flores, and she takes her role as the “Rockabilly Filly” seriously. Here she is releasing her 11th full length album “Working Girl’s Guitar” through Bloodshot Records on October 16th, a raucous and rebellious collection of songs.

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