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5 Antidotes to Country Rap / Checklist Songs

September 24, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  20 Comments

There’s nothing worse than inadvertently coming within ear shot of one of those songs—the idiotic country music laundry list / checklist ditty, or even worse when the performer is inclined to get all hip-hop on your ass and start rapping the lyrics over a drum machine beat. If you find yourself bent over and fighting back a gag reflex from Class A country checklist exposure, these songs will help cure what ails you.


Left Arm Tan Video – Ghost of Lila Pearl

February 21, 2012 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  5 Comments

I understand my obsession with the Ft. Worth-based band Left Arm Tan is a bit of a weird one, but they just bring such tremendous heart to everything they do, and they do everything for the right reasons, endowing their music with this unique warmth that just makes you feel better about life after listening to them.


Saving Country Music 2010 Song of the Year is “Wish”

February 11, 2011 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  31 Comments

There is an alarming trend in the American culture right now. People are ashamed of who they are. People are embarrassed to be “normal”. But average people are the majority; that’s what makes them average. Modern-day mainstream music is fueling a trend of people wanting to be something that they are not, instead of being thankful for who they are.


Album Review – Ronnie Hymes “UnIncorporated”

October 21, 2010 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  25 Comments

UnIncorporated is a fun album with great songs that is not afraid to get too deep, or at times to be refreshingly immature.

The beauty of this album is it’s roots in truth. When so many Nashville products try to sing about the common man’s common struggles, they have to do it from the outside looking in. What Ronnie is doing is getting what is inside out, to keep his sanity.


Left Arm Tan Has a Hit With “Wish”

September 2, 2010 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  14 Comments

I think it is important when we talk about saving country music, that we don’t work from a position of envy. In truth the joke is on them. They may have the big money, the control of the radio stations and the media. But we have each other, and true themes mined from real life experiences. Let them have their fake world, we have real music…

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