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Wayne Hancock on SCM LIVE / Ruby Jane on ACL

February 19, 2011 - By Trigger  //  Podcasting/Radio  //  20 Comments

TONIGHT, Saturday (2-19) on Austin City Limits, PBS will be re-running the episode from 2009 of “Willie & The Wheel”, the mashup of Willie Nelson, and the legendary Western Swing band Asleep At The Wheel. At that time, my tip top, rising artist to watch right now Ruby Jane, was a member of “Willie & The Wheel” and performs and is showcased throughout the episode. Only 14-years-old at the time, she not only holds her own on a stage filled with legends like Willie Nelson, Ray Benson, Mickey Raphael, at times she steals the show! You can only imagine where her talent is now, two years later!

You don’t want to miss this episode, if not for Ruby Jane, than for Willie and Ray Benson, but if you do, you can watch the archive of the entire episode.

And then THIS SUNDAY, 2-20-2011, none other than Wayne “The Train” Hancock will be on Saving Country Music’s live streaming channel, aka SCM LIVE, for a streaming video concert, with his full touring band at 6 PM Central! That’s right folks!

This is a special edition of Jashie P’s Outlaw Radio, and it will be coming LIVE from Chicago. Hancock is in the midst of an upper Midwest swing (check dates below) and is stopping by for a performance and interview.

So after your done watching Dale Earnhart Jr. get his ass kicked at the Daytona 500, get a big bowl of popcorn, the refreshment of your choice, duct tape the kids to the bed post and get your ass over here for a FREE Wayne Hancock concert from Jashie P’s living room to yours!


Wayne Hancock tour dates:

Midway Tavern
Mishawaka IN
The Brass Rail
Ft. Wayne IN
Grand Rapids MI
Berwyn IL
Oneida Bingo Casino
Green Bay WI
Oneida Bingo Casino
Green Bay WI
High Noon Saloon
Madison WI
Beachland Ballroom
Cleveland OH
Circleville OH
Nashville TN

Interview w/ Leroy Virgil of Hellbound Glory

September 3, 2010 - By Trigger  //  Podcasting/Radio  //  12 Comments

Last Sunday in Chicago an amazing show went down featuring Six Gun Britt, Last False Hope, and one of the fastest rising bands in country, Hellbound Glory. Afterward Jashie P. of Outlaw Radio Chicago (and Last False Hope) sat down with Hellbound Glory’s Leroy Virgil for an interview. I have transcribed the meat of it below, but you can listen to it in is entirety on Episode 109 at

Outlaw Radio broadcasts LIVE every Wednesday night at 8 PM Central on, and each show is archived right here.

Outlaw Radio: You’ve had some write-up from some pretty good sources. What do you think of all this attention your new album has been getting?

Leroy: I don’t know, I dig it man. I don’t write the songs just to sit there and sing them for my old lady and friends back in Reno. You know I write them because I want people to hear it, hear my story and what I think of the world, you know. And hopefully try to connect with people in some way. So yeah, I’m honored and extremely proud.

Outlaw Radio: It seems like the songwriting has gotten more intense and in depth from Scumbag Country to Old Highs and New Lows. Is there anyway to explain that at all, what happened in your life?

Leroy: Some of the songs on Old Highs are older than the songs on Scumbag. I’ve been writing country songs for so long, you have them stored away. I wrote “Hard Livin’ Man” when I was 19, and I wrote “Hank Williams Records’ when I was 21 and had recorded them prior, and yeah, I just didn’t like the recordings. So I wanted to put together all my best songs about a period in my life with a divorce, a heavy drug addiction, heavy drinking, and just a rough patch in my life. Old Highs is really looking back and saying “Man, I was really messing up.”

Leroy Virgil Hellbound GloryOutlaw Radio: Do you think you guys will ever kick it into the mainstream scene at all?

Leroy: I try not to think about it all that much man. Trying to write better songs all the time. My whole thing is I just want to write the best songs about my own life that I could possibly. So whether it sounds Nashville or anything like that, its just me. In terms of just the craft of songwriting, I don’t want to sound like anybody. I want to make my own sound, my own words, sing my own stuff. We get a lot of comparisons to Hank Williams III because of the lyrical content, but to be honest with you I’ve been writing about drugs and booze since I was 16 because drugs and booze have always taken a pretty big part of my life. Now that I’m older, I’m not trying to settle down, but there’s more to life than just being self destructive, and there’s more to life than writing about that sort of stuff. You know, trying to learn to think about things a little more deeply.

Outlaw Radio: You’ve got a kid on the way you told me yesterday so congratulations on that. What does your wife think about you being on the road and everything else.

Leroy: My wife is just the coolest woman. She’s a music fan. She’s a fellow lost soul like me. Any talk of quitting music she’s like “no fucking way.”

Outlaw Radio: This is a question I ask most first-time interviewees. What do you think of the state of so called country music right now?

Leroy: I think it’s all about the songs, I don’t care whose singing them so much. If its a good song its a good song. A lot of these Nashville hits that come out, if it was just some dude playing an acoustic guitar and singing in your living room you’d say “Man, that’s actually a pretty good song.” One thing I will say is, where’s the outsider, other than Jamey Johnson? Having said that Alan Jackson can bring me to tears man. He’s just a guy writing about his own life. That is what country music is supposed to be about.

Outlaw Radio: What on the horizon for Hellbound Glory?

Leroy: I’m writing all sorts of new stuff. For the Hellbound Glory thing, and stuff on my own, maybe a little bit more laid back. Hellbound Glory is gonna go in and start recording a new album. I’ve got so many songs just sitting around. We just don’t have the money to record all the songs basically. We’re limited by our funds. Because if we had the money we’d have a new album out about every six months.

Outlaw Radio: Is there any label interest in you guys?

Leroy: We’ve talked with a few labels and its not really panning out right now. Who knows if we want to go with a label?


Tops So Far For 2010

July 6, 2010 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  56 Comments

2010 is turning out to be a bumper crop year for REAL country music, and no, I’m not just saying that to be a cheerleader for the “scene.” I’ll be the first to admit that last year was a terrible year for new releases, save for a few great ones from the Bloodshot Record’s gang (Wayne Hancock, Scott Biram, & Justin Townes Earle). And with all this great music, we still have a half year to go with new ones from Justin Townes Earle, possibly two new ones from Hank III, and many more on the way.

So here’s my Top 5 albums and songs so far, and note this is just from albums I’ve already reviewed, and doesn’t include the new one from Jayke Orvis (haven’t got my copy yet), or Those Poor Bastards (review coming). These are just my thoughts. Poke holes in them and leave your own prognostications below.


#1 – HELLBOUND GLORY – Old Highs & New Lows

It’s going to take a monster to knock this one off the perch.

#2 – OUTLAW RADIO – Outlaw Radio Compilation Vol. 1

Remember, it was a compilation Wanted:The Outlaws that took the Outlaw movement national, and that one was previously-released material. This is 22-previously unreleased tracks. If you want to hear some of the best songs of 2010, you have to get this album. (purchase here)


I thought the top songs on his last album were better, but this one is the better album. Press play and let the good times roll. And how can you go wrong with duets from Wayne Hancock?

#4 – .357 STRING BAND – Lightning From The North

Don’t overlook this album. Just because Jayke Orvis’s dreads aren’t involved doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain some of the best .357 songs so far.

#5 – RAY WYLIE HUBBARD – A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment

Another one that is easy to look over but hard to top. The best, most relevant, and freshest album to come from an Outlaw legend in years.


#1 – HELLBOUND GLORY – “Be My Crutch”

Yes, I know this gives Hellbound a #1 sweep, but it is much deserved.

#2 – HANK III – “Karmageddon”

Even the naysayers of Rebel Within have to admit Hank III hit a home run with this one.

#3 – THE BOOMSWAGGLERS – “Run You Down” (from the Outlaw Radio Comp.)

Simple and straightforward, yet deep and beautiful all at the same type. I reserve the right to change my mind and name this the Song of the Year in six months.

#4 – REVEREND DEADEYE – “Chased Ol’ Satan” (from Trials & Tribulations)

Again, simple, but with undeniable soul that makes this song stick to your bones.

#5 – HELLBOUND GLORY – “Another Bender Might Break Me”

Masterful songwriting in an accessible format. This is what REAL country music is all about.


Bob Wayne Signs w/ Century & New Album

June 25, 2010 - By Trigger  //  News  //  24 Comments

Bob WayneProbably the best pure songwriter in underground country, one Bob Wayne, has announced that he has signed with the record label Century Media, and will be releasing an album through them called From The Camper to The Cadillac.

“I just turned in the album and it sounds killer. All my other CD’s–’Blood To Dust’ was kinda a fluke, we just did it for fun, I didn’t really know what I was doing. At that point I was just techin’ for Hank III and those guys helped me out. And ’13 Truckin’ Songs,’ we just kinda threw that one together too. ‘Driven By Demons’ we kinda took our time on but most of that we recorded in the motorhome behind clubs. The songs were there, but this record we actually had money and time.

“I did it with Andy (Gibson) but we actually took our time, and actually revisited some of the old songs that were kinda half-assed recorded. So we re-visited some of the old greats, and there’s some new ones on there too. And the old ones are WAY better sounding, so it’s gonna be awesome, but its not coming out till February, because they need time to press.”

“I would’ve never went with them (Century) if I didn’t already have some family roots with them. I have some close friends and stuff that work there, and that’s how it all kind of happened.

Bob Wayne made his announcement on Outlaw Radio’s 100th Episode, where you can hear the rest of Bob’s interview, as well as words from many other artists who called in to congratulate Jashie P on #100.

Previously it had been announced that Joe Buck singed with Century, but it sounds like that might be up in the air. We still might see his Demon in My Head CD, but it may not be released by Century.

Another good nugget from Outlaw Radio Episode 100 was that Jayke Orvis, Rachel Brooke, and James Hunnicutt are planning a tour together. Stay tuned.


Outlaw Radio’s 100th Episode!

June 23, 2010 - By Trigger  //  Podcasting/Radio  //  26 Comments

Outlaw Radio ChicagoToday (6-23-10) Jashie P of Outlaw Radio Chicago celebrates his 100th episode of podcast gold. I’m not exactly sure what this episode is going to entail, it’s all going to be a big surprise, but apparently there’s going to be guests and call ins and all sorts of other stuff being done by people of questionable sobriety.

The rumor is too that the show before Outlaw Radio, Stink Finger Radio also has some big plans to celebrate #100, so you will want to tune in early. Stink Finger broadcasts live at 8 PM Eastern on, and then Outlaw Radio follows at 9 PM Eastern. Me and many other familiar faces will be hanging out in the Live Chat room as well, so don’t be afraid to poke your head in and say hello.

This is one you don’t want to miss, but as always if you do you can catch it archived the next day at the newly revamped If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve now added a new MP3 player so you can easily scan through all the episodes and see the guests for each show, and as always you can still download each episode by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

See you in the chat room!


Review – Outlaw Radio Compilation Volume 1

May 17, 2010 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  43 Comments

I picture a post-Apolcolyptic scene: ghost towns full of crumbling buildings and rubble, smoke filling the sky and blocking out the sun, the result of a society that gave no value to art, heritage, and truth; a vast wasteland of grayness. Then all of a sudden in the midst of all the death and decay, there’s movement: a lone being protected by the elements by a big black, robotic-like suit. Maybe it is one of the few survivors, or an alien sent to investigate the fate of this once beautiful place.

He goes sifting through the rubble of a bombed out structure, looking for evidence of what went wrong. He finds a shelf whose contents of CD’s and DVD’s have been belched out onto the dusty, rubbage filled floor in a pile. A big black glove pushes aside CD’s by Brittaney Spears and Taylor Swift, DVD’s with pretty movie stars adorning their covers. Then he sees something curious: a black disc with crossed guns on the front. What is this? He pops it into a media player attached to the side of his helmet, and all of a sudden a new world is presented to him: The picture of a collection of artists fighting against society’s homogenization and creative vapidness unfolds through music. A resistance. Outlaws, fighting a rebel war against the mainstream, and carrying forth a long line of traditions from the past.

Outlaw Radio Compilation CD CoverI normally hate compilations. This one is different. No, this does not have all the “hits” from our insurgent country scene that you’ve already heard compiled in some way to try to squeeze more money out of worn out songs. And it’s not the odds and sods and leftovers for other projects either. It is a collection on good, fresh, original, previously-unreleased material that is fun to listen to, and also acts as a primer for artists you may have heard of, but never heard their stuff.

But in another way this is so much more than that. This compilation DEFINES our movement. It gives it clear edges, and at the same time illustrates and celebrates our diversity. Our diversity is what makes us strong: men and women, gothic country w/ Those Poor Bastards, New Outlaw country with Roger Alan Wade, REAL bluegrass with the .357 String Band. Sure there’s maybe a few signed artists missing like Hank III, and the Bloodshot Record’s gang like Wayne “The Train” Hancock and Scott Biram. But you already know those guys. This is a jump start for the fresh blood, the up and comers.

I’ve got comments on specific songs below, but in closing let me just say that if you do not buy this compilation, you deserve to have your genitals dry up a whither.

Outlaw Radio can be heard every Wednesday night at 8PM Central at Show are archived, and you can purchase this compilation at

1. The Dad Horse Experience–Gates of Heaven (Vinyl Version): How ironic is it that there’s more appreciation for American roots in EUROPE than in the US? Dad Horse might be one of many European bands we see crop up in the coming years. Love the German accent here, glad he didn’t try to hide it.

2. Old Red Shed–Another Round: Great song from a band whose about to put out their first album Country Fury on Arjuna Records. Get in on the ground floor with these guys and watch them rise, they’re great!!!

3. Black Eyed Vermillion & Andy Gibson–Death Don’t Have No Mercy: Not my favorite BEV track ever, but a great example for those who think Gary Lindsey is all blood and guts, just how soulful he can be. And Andy Gibson, well, he is the master. Our generation’s Tompall Glasser. Hats off!

4. Bob Wayne–Ain’t No Diesel Trucks in Heaven: INSTANT CLASSIC! Bob Wayne proves once again that he is the best lyric writer in underground country, and maybe in current country period with this Cash-eque song tastefully arranged and witty. Great song!

5. Rachel Brooke–Closer Still: BEST TRACK OF THE ALBUM! Amazing. Rachel’s voice is somewhere between sublime and perfection. I said in my review of A Bitter Harvest:“Rachel has a big bag of tricks, and though this album highlights some that have never been seen before, there are more that my ear yearns for that I know are lurking within her. She can tear into bluegrass.” Well this is Rachel tearing into bluegrass. A++

6. Ted Russell Kamp–My Heart Has a Mind Of Its Own: Shooter Jennings’s bass player is more than just Shooter Jennings’s bass player. This song highlights his tight songwriting skills and a strong, soulful, smoky voice.

7. Ronnie Hymes–Sea of Sin: Good song from the best artist on the Pint of Happiness Record Label.

8. Joey Allcorn–Gone, But Not Forgotten Blues: An excellent neo-traditionalist artists that seems so easily “forgotten,” and I am to blame as much as any. A solid track.

9. Those Poor Bastards–The Minister’s Doom: The Kings of Gothic country never cease to amaze me with how deep their bag of tricks is. This track isn’t for everybody, just like Those Poor Bastards isn’t. But it nonetheless exemplified Lonesome Wyatt’s adeptness at arrangement, and his expertise at setting a mood to tell a story in.

10. Dave Smith and the Country Rebels–Price to Pay: This song may come across as “too mainstream” for some, but I personally think we need more accessible artists in this scene, and Dave & The Rebels prove why. Fun, tight song.

11. Last False Hope–$2 Pints: Gothic punkgrass from the mastermind of the Outlaw Compilation himself: Jashie P and a few close friends. When I first heard this track, I was amazed at the complexity and depth of songwriting, and how clean and pro it sounded. I guess I had just always envisioned Jashie as more of a hack ;). Seriously, good song, and keep your eyes out for a full length release from them coming soon.

12. Izzy and the Kesstronics–Gotta Do What I Wanna Do: Nothing replaces seeing Izzy and the boys live. Their energy level and astuteness are mindblowing. But this track comes very close at bottling that live energy. It’s a goofy song, but it’s what they do. You may hate Izzy Zaidman, but the simple fact is he’s a better musician than you are, and probably gets laid more often too.

13. The Fisticuffs–The Ballad of Bill Blizzard: We can’t forget that we owe the roots of our roots to the folks in the British Isles over the pond. This is a band worth checking out if you like an Irish attitude with a punk approach.

14. The Boomswagglers–Run You Down: LOVE THIS SONG! Only reason this isn’t my favorite song on the album is because Rachel Brooke is hotter, but The Boomswagglers are one of the best kept secrets in this scene. Crude, dirty, lo-fi, but their songwriting prowess is undeniable, and this might be the best song they’ve ever cut. Hopefully these boys can keep their asses out of the pokey and we’ll hear much more from them in the future. This is one of those songs that you love the first time you hear, and you play it over and over. A++!!

15. Roger Alan Wade–Breakfast At Audrey’s: Just the name Roger Alan Wade adds legitimacy to this album, and this song adds a solid singer/songwriter track with endless soul. What I really like about this song is it is clearly just Roger and a mic. You can even hear him flip the paper the verses are on while he sings. Some artists spend thousands of dollars trying to bottle that raw sound, and Roger did it just by being himself. Good track!

16. Little Lisa Dixie–Cheating Games: If I was going to cheat on my music love Rachel Brooke, it would be with Little Lisa. This song has a good slow grooving rockabilly feel to it. Little Lisa has enough talent that she should take her music to the next level, and proves that WOMEN are a big and beautiful part of this music revolution.

17. .357 String Band–Restless Man Blues: Known for bluegrass, this is a pretty straight country-feeling tune. Not their greatest track ever, but a solid offering.

18. Six Gun Britt–Hard Habit To Break: Damn. Six Gun could melt a rock. She is just amazing, and this is a beautiful, sad song. Every time I hear Six Gun sing, it makes me angry. That’s right. Because in a perfect world she would be a superstar. Her talent is that worthy. And if her music wallows in obscurity for the rest of time, what an atrocity that would be. If you’re reading this right now, consider yourself deeply blessed, because you’re one of the few who knows who Six Gun Britt is.

19. Hellbound Glory–Livin’ On Pabst Blue Ribbon: Leroy Virgil is the fastest rising star in Insurgent country, and that is the fault of his unbelievably adept songwriting, built on a solid foundation of REAL country appreciation and study. All one hell of a backing band, and Hellbound Glory might be the best apostles for REAL country we have right now. Not Hellbound Glory’s best, but a good, fun song.

20. The Goddamn Gallows–Waitin’ Around to Die (live): Great cover of the Townes Van Zant classic spiced with the Gallow’s gotic circus freak sow punk billy grass that is all their own. SEE THESE GUYS LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE!

21. Joe Buck Yourself–Big River (live): This song comes from a recording Jashie P did of an entire Joe Buck concert in Chicago a while back. He played the whole show at the end of one of his podcasts, and I listened to it probably a dozen times, and it remains my favorite recorded Joe Buck experience, more than his albums. Joe Buck is just such a unique experience live, I think that is what his next release should be, a live CD.

22. Lucky Tubb & The Modern Day Troubadours–Thanks A Lot (live): Lucky has a spellbinding singing cadence that is all his own. It’s there in his recorded material, but even more present live. He’s dripping with talent, and puts the “traditionalism” back in neo-traditional. Good track. Love the steel guitar.


#5 Roger Alan Wade–Breakfast At Audrey’s

#4 Six Gun Britt–Hard Habit To Break

#3 Bob Wayne–Ain’t No Diesel Trucks in Heaven

#2 The Boomswagglers–Run You Down

#1 Rachel Brooke–Closer Still


Outlaw Radio – New Station & New Time

January 27, 2010 - By Trigger  //  Podcasting/Radio  //  2 Comments

Well I’m finally back in the States, and I’m happy to report that I made it out of Mexico with my life, limbs, possessions, personal wealth (what little of it there is), and still creating solid stool. I’m not sure what was more scary, or exciting: the ever-present potential of kidnapping and muggery, or the oversaturated presence of 16-year-olds with M-16′s and grenade launchers on the backs of tanks deployed throughout the country to protect the public from the former. But one thing is sure, its a beautiful country with beautiful people, and I saw more cowboy hats in the average Mexican town than you’ll see on the streets of Nashville. No, I wasn’t hanging out in Kenny Chesney’s Cancun or Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo. I was in search of REAL Mexico, and I’d like to think I found it.

But I digress.

The real news here is that the weekly REAL country podcast Outlaw Radio has moved to a new station, and a new time. It can now be heard on Scrub Radio Wednesday nights at 8 PM Central. The show will be archived now at on Thursdays.

The last episode is now up there, delayed slightly by my Mexico junket, and tonight’s installment is going to be a special One Band Band episode. You can also participate on Scrub Radio in live chats during the podcast. You might even see me hanging out there.

And if that ain’t enough podcast action for you, the latest White Trash Revival Episode has an interview with Edwin Clarence Graves.

Stay tuned to Saving Country Music, because I’m going to be doing a lot of new and exciting things in the near and long term (details coming), and as soon as I get some photos and such uploaded I’ll put a link up on the message board.

It’s time to take this thing to another level.


Outlaw Radio from Nashville !

January 11, 2010 - By Trigger  //  Podcasting/Radio  //  No Comments

Well there is some good news and some bad news in regards to the Outlaw Radio Chicago podcast. Bad news first: The network that it was broadcasting on live every Tuesday has apparently gone belly up. The good news is you can still listen to every episode at, and I will begin posting the podcasts on Tuesday nights at 9 PM in the regular Outlaw Radio time slot, at least until the podcast can find another network, or I can figure out how to broadcast it live here.

Even better news is that this week’s episode includes interviews and audio from Jashie P’s visit to Nashville to see Hank Williams III play at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn. It is a special 80 minute-long episode that includes interviews with of course Hank III, steel player Andy Gibson, bassist Zach Shedd, and various semi-famous people who were also in attendance, including Cathy’s Reinstate Hank Bandwagon.

Part two of Jashie P’s Nashville junket will air next week, featuring Josh Hedley and Corey who play with (or used to) Justin Townes Earle.

And stay tuned on where and when you will be able to hear Outlaw Radio broadcast live in the future.


Outlaw Radio Compilation in the Works

January 4, 2010 - By Trigger  //  News  //  7 Comments

Outlaw RadioMan. If you like REAL/Underground country music, than this upcoming compilation from the Outlaw Radio Chicago podcast should get you pitching a tent in your music pants. This compilation is going to include ALL PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED MATERIAL. And the names are a who’s who of the underground movement. Check out this laundry list of contributors:

And there might be more to come from that!

At the moment it is slated to come out in April 2010, and the cost will ONLY be around $8.00. The idea is just to recoup the capitol to put out to make the CD’s, and help promote the artists, so this is not some for-profit hosing. Can you imagine pop country doing this? This again proves that Jashie P. of Outlaw Radio is a man of integrity and good ideas, and that as a community, the REAL country movement is stronger than most, if not all. Artists are ponying up the songs, Outlaw Radio is ponying up the dough and time to make it happen, and I’m sure you will pony up for a copy.

I’m usually not much for compilations, but this CD is already near the top of my list for most anticipated 2010 releases in an already VERY strong field.

Outlaw Radio is heard every Tuesday night at 9 PM Central, and all the shows are archived the next day at This week Pearls Mahone will be co-hosting, and he will be debuting a song from the new Jayke Orvis project.


New .357 Album – Lightning From the North

November 30, 2009 - By Trigger  //  News  //  4 Comments

The .357 String Band has announced that their new album will be called Lightning from the North, and that it will be released on February 12th, 2010. They made the announcement on last week’s Outlaw Radio Episode 71.

At the very moment that your beady little are eyes are reading these words, .357 is at the home of Hank III’s steel guitar player and our generation’s Tompall Glasser, one Andy Gibson, recording the album.

Rumor has it Bob Wayne might be hanging around helping in the recording process as well, and sporting a new limousine. Appearances will also likely be made by large piles of empty beer cans, bare chests, dancing girls, rubber chickens, plastic bananas, and blow up dolls with smeared lipstick.

At this moment in the calendar, this is my most anticipated album for 2010, as their 2008 offering Fire & Hail was voted my Best Album of 2008. Stay tuned for info on a tour with them w/ Bob Wayne!

And speaking of Outlaw Radio and .357, Outlaw will have Highlonesome on this Tuesday’s episode, which includes Joe Huber, the banjer player for .357. And speaking of crazy hardcore bluegrass bands, It Burns When I Pee has Split Lip Rayfield on their latest edition. And speaking of podcasts, here’s a new one.

–Triggerman out.


New Rebel Rouser Podcast & Izzy Zaidman is Back

November 10, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Podcasting/Radio  //  1 Comment

Tim Pop LiveWell tonight is a pretty big night in podcast land. First I am happy to announce that one of my favorite podcasters, Tim Pop of Tim Pop Live is debuting a spanking new podcast tonight called Rebel Rouser Country. It is going to air weekly on, Tuesdays at 7 PM EST.

And for his first show Tim Pop is going to treat us to a Hank Williams tribute, which only seems fitting. Tim Pop has been a big supporter of the Reinstate Hank movement, and though he’s always been a punk podcaster first, he was one of the FIRST to recognize the cross appeal of REAL country music and the punk scene.

Can’t tell you how excited I am about this show.

Also tonight at 10 PM EST Outlaw Radio will have none other that Izzy Zaidman of the new band Izzy and the Kesstronics as a guest.

Izzy Zaidman Izzy and the Kesstronics Wayne HancockIzzy is the former lead guitar player for Wayne “The Train” Hancock and played all of the lead guitar on Wayne’s latest album Viper of Melody. He was kicked out of the band in April after an altercation with steel guitar player Tony Locke. Whose fault the fight was depends on who you talk to, but we can all agree that Tony, who was put in the hospital, received the worse end.

Izzy is a wildly talented guitar player without question, and so far what I have heard of the new band is good stuff. But when I interviewed Wayne Hancock in August, he told me Izzy was black balled from the scene. So the big question is, will Izzy’s reputation precede him? We might get some answers tonight, and I have a copy of the album on the way and will be seeing them live myself in a couple of weeks. If Outlaw Radio doesn’t throw him some hard balls, I just might have to.


Hank III’s Upcoming Album: The Rebel Within

November 1, 2009 - By Trigger  //  News  //  4 Comments

Hank IIIOn Oct. 20th, Hank III granted a rare interview with Outlaw Radio Chicago and let slide quite a few tidbits of interesting information, including that he wants to tour Canada and Japan again soon, and he talked at length about his upcoming album, which we now know is going to be entitled The Rebel Within, after a song that he’s been playing recently at live shows (see below for video.)

To listen to the entirety of the interview you can click here and scroll down to Episode 66, but since I have has a lot of questions about the upcoming album and some are not wired for podcasts, here’s the info from the Head Hellbilly himself.

As for the status of it:

“We got one more country record before I get to get “independent” of Curb. By Nov. 1st it should be turned in with all the artwork and be coming out sooner than later. I’ve heard through the grapevine that once I turn it in that there’s a clock that’s gonna start ticking and they have to let me go after 10 or 11 months or something like that. Hopefully they’ll see that I gave them a good record. I could have gave them nothing but static and noise and been like “Ah, here ya go, it’s been nice knowing you.” But I gave them a good record man.”

The Songs, and Compared to Straight to Hell:

“I honestly don’t think it tops Straight to Hell. It’s got a couple of moments. It’s got a strait up country song called “Drinking Ain’t Hard to Do.” Then of course you have “The Rebel Within” that has a little bit of the screamin’. And then you got a little more of the hellbilliy, psychobilly track on “Let’s Party.” Both of those songs are already on YouTube and you can check them out. It goes through some different kind of moods, like there’s some slow ones like “#5″ it’s the big gut wrencher. It’s written for one of my friends whose gone through the hard times with the heroin man, and made it through the other side. It’s got the slow ones its got the fast ones and a little attitude. But I still don’t think it tops . . . I still got another 4 years before I come close to knocking that one (Straight to Hell) down.

What Will He Do Next?:

“It’s hard to say right now. I probably just go with a good distribution company and see how that works. That’s advise from Henry Rollins and people like that. And if it’s an artist, let’s say Buzz from The Melvins starts a record company or if I go with Jello Biafra at Alternative Tentacles or something. I would definitely do it with someone that I respect and who’s a fellow musician. I just want to have the freedom to have fun with my friends and make music out there, and we’ll see if I can go DIY. With our foundation and the internet, it should be interesting.

Another interesting tidbit from the interview was Hank III said his two favoirte female signers were Janis Joplin and Gillian Welch.

There’s a lot more info from that interview so you should check it out when you get a chance, and here’s the title track of The Rebel Within:


Halloween Primer for the Hellbillies

October 27, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  2 Comments

Want to hear something scary to get you ready for Halloween? No, I’m not talking about Taylor Swift without her Pro Tools auto tuners. Hell, I’d rather have a suburban angster take a baseball bat to my head like it was Jack-O-Latnern on Nov. 1st than to listen to that banshee yawp. What I’m talking about is THIS:

First off, who is better at creeping you out all year long than Blake Clayton of It Burns When I Pee, so why would Halloween be any different? IBWIP has just released their 3rd annual Halloween Special, with featured guest the Sons of Perdition. (insert sounds of ghastly moans here. . . No . . . no I said “ghastly” moans, not those kind of moans. Oh forget it.)

It Burns When I Pee Sons of Perdition HalloweenAnd who is the REAL country King of Halloween? Well I can’t think of anyone better than The King himself, Unknown Hinson! Unknown, who is reported to be a 2,000 year-old vampire will be sinking his teeth into Outlaw Radio TONIGHT (10-27-09) at 9 PM Central on And if you miss it, all together class: “You can find it the next day at”

I’ll tell you; since Elvira went MIA after her bags full of goodies started sagging toward the Underworld, Unknown Hinson might be the best candidate to become the official mascot of Halloween!

And while we’re dwelling on spooky characters, I have to stop down to give some fun size Snickers to The Slow Poisoner, who I saw last Thursday with Joe Buck and the .357 String Band. This guy was great. He’s a one man band who is like Lux Interior of The Cramps, if Lux was a substitute teacher, which is not entirely off the mark, because The Slow Poisoner sunlights as a substitute.

The Slow Poisoner Joe Buck .357 String Band Johnny B'sNothing I could say about the guy could convey how entertaining his live act is, so you will just have to take my word that if he comes haunting your neck of the spooky woods, he’s worth dropping a dime on. Dimes that is, not pennies. Only thing worse than getting pennies in your Holloween bag is getting a toothbrush.

The Slow Poisoner also writes comics and books and does his own illustrations, and God honest sells snake oil out of a suitcase for $3.

So what will The Triggerman be doing on Halloween? Well the day before I’m going to see the Gothic murder bluegrass band The Pine Box Boys. But on Halloween, I will do what I do every day: haunt pop country as the Ghost of Country Was.

Happy Halloween Hellbillies!

The Slow Poisoner Joe Buck
(Joe Buck admiring the work of the slow poisoner.)


Hank III on Outlaw Radio & 1st Roundtable

October 20, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Podcasting/Radio  //  4 Comments

Outlaw Radio ChicagoTONIGHT (10-20-09) none other than Hank Williams III will be on Outlaw Radio Chicago, having granted Jashie P. an ever increasingly rare interview.

You can hear it LIVE on at 9 PM CENTRAL, and because a Hank III interview has been known to crash servers from demand, they are going to rebroadcast the entire episode again at 10 PM. The episode will also be available for listening and downloading the next day at

Also I am happy to announce that on Wednesday, another brain child on Jashie P. will be hatched. We don’t have a proper name for it at the moment, but what is going down is a first ever “Roundtable” of REAL country music media personalities. The roundtable will include your one and only lovalbe, huggasble Triggerman, Jashie P of Outlaw Radio, Blake Clayton from It Burns When I Pee, Big G from Big G’s Texas Roadshow, Joey Fuckup from the Hayride to Hell, and Howard from the Bootleg Asylum Radio Show.

This is the moment Nashville has been dreading for years; when the forces of REAL country collaborate toward the common purpose of raising up the grass roots until they strangle Music City’s ivory towers. I have no idea where this idea will go from here, but it can only be bad for corporate Nashville.

In the future this might be broadcast live through UStream, but for now we will be releasing this first Roundtable on Saturday 8-24, right here on Stay tuned. Future Roundtables might include more and different attendees as well.

And if you have any suggestions for what the name of the Roundtable should be, pipe in below.


Stock Rising For Lucky Tubb & Joey Allcorn

July 20, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  3 Comments

Lucky Tubb

Like him or not, Hank Williams III has one of the most rabid and loyal fan bases out there, and that is why the opening act on a Hank III tour is such a coveted position. But landing it doesn’t guarantee you anything.

I remember back in ’07 when Jim Goad, author of the The Redneck Manifesto took a local band from Portland out on the road and opened for Hank III. I personally thought they did a pretty good job, but that opinion came from knowing Jim was a writer first, and that this was a secondary thing. But the reviews were mixed, with some complaining the music was “hokey,” and we have never heard from the Jim Goad music venture again.

Vice versa can be said for Lucky Tubb. I have yet to read a review that hasn’t praised his performances, and praised Lucky as a person. I’ve also seen nothing but high marks for his latest album DAMN THE LUCK. Because of this, you now see his name coming up much more, his music being played more. Lucky has been around and playing music for years, but it is exciting to see a brand new face busting out on the national scene playing TRUE country music. Fresh talent is a sign of a healthy movement; it makes you wonder who else is out there just waiting to be discovered. This also speaks once again to the importance and class act nature of Hank III.

If you missed Lucky Out on tour, here are some excellent videos that just popped up:

And with Hank III:

Joey Allcorn All Alone AgainAnother neo-traditionalist whose stock keeps rising is Joey Allcorn. Joey has a new album out, All Alone Again, and from what I have heard so far, his sophomore offering is just as solid as his first album 50 Years Too Late. I’ve got a fully copy waiting for me back at the hideout, and might have a review for you coming up soon. Joey will be on Outlaw Radio tomorrow (Tue. 7-20-09) at 9 PM Central. It can be heard LIVE on, and if you miss it you can listen or download the next day right here on on the Outlaw Radio Page.


Lucky Tubb – New Video & Interview

May 12, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Podcasting/Radio  //  No Comments

Lucky TubbLucky Tubb, kin to Ernest, and the one picked for the coveted opener slot for Hank III’s upcoming East Coast Tour is going to be on Outlaw Radio TONIGHT (5-12-09) at 9 PM Central! Tune in at, and if you miss it of course all his previous shows can be listened to or downloaded on the Outlaw Radio Page of

I just received Lucky’s latest CD Damn the Luck in the mail a few days ago, and have been really digging it. I’ll have a review up for it hopefully pretty soon.

Lucky also just released a new video, which I have to say was very well done.

“I’m backsliding, cause Nashville’s just a shame.”


Outlaw Radio Now On !!!

April 13, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Podcasting/Radio  //  2 Comments

Outlaw RadioFor the past 38 weeks, Outlaw Radio has been playing REAL country music every Tuesday night at 9 PM Central, and interviewing guests like Hank III, Wayne “The Train” Hancock, Joe Buck, Roger Alan Wade, the .357 String Band, and many others. The show is aired live on, but in the past, if you missed the show, you were out of luck.

Well I am happy to announce that Outlaw Radio and have teamed up, and now you will be able to listen and/or download previous episodes HERE, on a permanent page on! You can also find the episodes by clicking on the “Outlaw Radio” button in the menu bar at the top of every page!

At the moment we only have the last episode archived there, but the new shows will be added after they are broadcast, and we are working on archiving ALL Outlaw Radio episodes there for listening and downloading.

This is just in time as well, because THIS Tuesday (4-14-09), Outlaw Radio will have Dale Watson as a guest. Then the next week there will be an interview with (4-24) Justin Townes Earle. And then the week after that Wayne “The Train” Hancock will be making his second appearance on the show.

Put a boot through your radio people. It is so permeated with pop country nowadays all it does is anger the blood. Podcasting is the way to go!


IBWIP / Reinstate Hank Video Contest Update

February 15, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Causes  //  3 Comments

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately. Been under the weather and busy, you know. I’m working on some great blogs in this upcoming week, but here’s a couple of quick things:

I had a BLAST last Thursday, hanging out in the chat room as the It Burns When I Pee podcast held a vidcast of their taping of the upcoming episode 24, scheduled to be released on Feb. 27th.

Glad to see a few of the other Free Hank III faithful there as well, and even Jahsh from Outlaw Radio was there IN PERSON. You can check out the recorded vidcast and all their previous vidcasts HERE.

IBWIP is the BEST monthly podcast and features REAL country music, great interviews, and lots of funny stuff. They’re also running a contest, for fans of the show to take pictures in their bathrooms. Here’s my entry:

Beat that bitches!

Reinstate Hank Video Contest:

Though there has only been two entries in the Reinstate Hank Video Contest , I haven’t given up hope yet. Hooter has supplied us with a big ol’ stack of webcams, so if you want one on loan to make a video, shoot me an email.

Here is an updated list of the booty:

–Mary Robbins CD, Jimmie Rodgers CD, and merch stickers from Rachel Brooke, Metal Farm Magazine, & The Honky Tonk Hustlas from me.

–Sealed, spanking new 4 CD Hank III Collector’s Edition from Hooter.

–Brand new DVD of Seven Signs from Cathy and Wayne.

–CD’s from the GREAT Brigitte London of Outlaw Magazine.

And a T Shirt from File 13 Clothing’s Rebel Rouser Line.


Hank III Videos / Podcasts / IBWIP / Joe Buck / Randomness

January 24, 2009 - By Trigger  //  News, Podcasting/Radio  //  5 Comments

Just some quick random stuff . . .

New Hank III Videos !!! has just posted three exclusive video performances of Hank III and his very young and impressional banjer picker Daniel Mason, so roll over there and check them out. Good stuff!

And for you Hank III merch nerds:

Can be purchased HERE.

At 50 bucks it’s a little too rich for my blood.

Podcast News:

It Burns When I Pee has released a new episode:

I had heard through the rumor mill that Big G of the Texas Roadshow was involved in this episode, but I had no idea to what extent. Two of my favorite record spinners collaborated to make one of the funniest IBWIP episodes yet! Great interview with Bob Wayne as well, and shout out’s to a few of the Free Hank III faithful!

Also Outlaw Radio is going to have Joe Buck on the show this Tuesday the 27th at 9 PM Central!!!

And last but not least, stay tuned to this blog because in the next one (barring any breaking news) there will be a chance for you to actually WIN something!

Details coming.


Roger Alan Wade + Bob Wayne = Good Podcasting

January 13, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Down with Pop Country, News, Podcasting/Radio  //  No Comments

TONIGHT (Tue 1/13) on Outlaw Radio at , the great Roger Alan Wade will be interviewed LIVE, 10:00 Eastern, 7:00 Pacific.

If you don’t know, Roger Allan Wade is the cousin of “Jackass” nut Johnny Knoxville, and has written songs for Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Hank Williams Jr, and others. He also released the album All Likkered Up on Johnny Knoxville Records in 2005.

Also if you CLICK HERE you can see the video for Wade’s “The First Time I Saw Waylon,” which was directed by Johnny Knoxville, and includes never before seen footage of Waylon.

I’m not going to say I’m a huge Roger Alan Wade fan, but he’s definitely a character and a funny and good songwriter, so I’ll be tuning in tonight for sure.

PS: Johnny Knoxville has also been involved in projects with Jesco White, and is friends with Hank III.

Also in Podcasting News:

Yep, that’s Bob Wayne, and the It Burns When I Pee Podacst has announced he will be the guest for Episode 23, “Carnies are a Girls Best Friend.”

They will also be doing a live vidcast of the taping of the show THIS THURSDAY (1-15) that you can watch live and even participate in through the magic of the chatroom at the IBWIP UStream Channel. You might even see me hanging around the chatroom, you never know.

I’ll tell you, the last few months it seems like the Bob Wayne news has been coming hard and heavy. First the duet with Hank III on Damn Right, Rebel Proud, then a European Tour, then he got his music online. This might be the year we see ol’ Bob take the next step in the underground country music scene.

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