The Death of Wayne Mills 10 Days After (Update & Analysis)

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  • Wayne Mills funeral will be held on Sunday, December 8th. A memorial service will be held in his hometown of Arab, Al at the Arab High School auditorium. Visitation will be held from 9AM until 1PM CST, with the memorial service beginning at 1:30PM, followed by a private burial.
  • Investigation into the Mills death is ongoing. Investigators have met with District Attorneys.
  • Autopsy conducted on Wayne’s body. Results could take weeks or months.
  • Wayne Mills shot three times, once in the back of the head.

wayne-mills-3Fans and friends of fallen country music songwriter and performer Wayne Mills gathered on Saturday (11-30) at the Somewhere on the Lake Resort on the shores of Lake Guntersville in Alabama for a remembrance of the artist that was shot and killed November 23rd at the Pit & Barrel Bar in Nashville. The 44-year-old Wayne Mills was originally from nearby Arab, AL, and was once a walk-on for the University of Alabama football team. Fellow native Alabaman Jamey Johnson was one of the notable attendees of the gathering, and a silent auction was held with the proceeds going to the Mills family. Other benefits are set to transpire on December 4th at the Tin Roof in Nashville, and the Knotty Pine
in Cincinnati. The Wayne Mills funeral is set to occur on Sunday (12-8).

Weighing heavy on the minds of the Wayne Mills family, friends, and fans attending the remembrance was the still unresolved nature of his passing. Ten days after, and still no arrest has been made, and no resolution to the death that Chris Ferrell, the owner of the Pitt & Barrel Bar and the man that fatally shot Wayne Mills, says happened in self-defense after an altercation erupted when Wayne was smoking in a non-smoking area. It was 5 AM and The Pit & Barrel had been closed for hours. The two men were hanging out together after attending the George Jones Memorial Concert at the Bridgestone Arena in downtown Nashville earlier that night.

Chris Ferrell is the only direct witness to Wayne Mills’ death. There is no other story corroborating Chris Ferrell’s claims, and Wayne Mills is unable to defend himself either in the justice system or the court of public opinion. Information and details about the killing remain scarce, with more questions than answers so far for those searching for closure and resolution. Why has Chris Ferrell not been arrested or been charged with any crime, or at least been named as a suspect? Why for nearly 10 hours after the shooting and for many hours into the investigation were police working under the pretense that the victim was another Nashville songwriter Clayton Mills, and not Wayne Mills? Why did the witnesses that called the police misidentify Wayne, and why did it take so long for Nashville Police investigators to discover the mistake?

Chris Ferrell Mug Shot from Previous Arrest

Chris Ferrell Mug Shot from Previous Arrest

According the the Nashville Police Department, the death of Wayne Mills is considered a homicide investigation, and that investigation is still ongoing. On November 25th, investigators from Nashville’s Central Precinct Department met with the District Attorney’s office to discuss the evidence gathered, and determined that no charges would be brought at that time. Central Precinct detectives remain in close contact with District Attorneys to determine if charges need to be filed as the investigation continues. On November 26th, the autopsy of Wayne Mills was performed, but according to the Medical Examiner’s office, it could be as long as 8 to 14 weeks after the death before any final conclusions are made, and the Medical Examiners Office does not release preliminary conclusions.

Saving Country Music has also confirmed that the fatal shot to Wayne Mills was to the back of the head. Reports that he was shot additional times are unconfirmed. This is the piece of information that many Wayne Mills fans and friends feel clears Wayne from being implicated as being killed in self-defense. How could someone with their back to a shooter be a threat to their life?

Though this may make sense intuitively, forensics and crime scene investigation is a much more complex science, and a shot to the back of the head may not equate to the smoking gun investigators and prosecutors need to make an arrest. If the two men were engaged at close range in a physical altercation, if Wayne Mills was pinning Chris Ferrell around the abdomen, a shot to the back of the head may have been Ferrell’s only option. But Saving Country Music has also learned that the fatal shot to Wayne Mills was fired across the Pit & Barrel bar itself, meaning the two men were on opposite sides of a physical barrier, making an explanation of how a fatal shot to the back of the head was done in self-defense that much more difficult to resolve.

But Nashville Police investigators still need to have probable cause to make an arrest. If Chris Ferrell had made an effort to flee, if he had tampered with the evidence, or otherwise attempted to conceal exactly what had happened, if he had not been cooperative or forthright with the investigators, then the police would have some merit of culpability against Chris Ferrell—that Chris believed he was guilty and was trying to cover his tracks with a self-defense story. But none of that occurred, and there’s no reason for officers to not believe that Chris Ferrell, who was very emotionally distraught after the killing, felt he was in fear for his life.

Pit & Barrel Bar

Pit & Barrel Bar

There is also the fact that the shooting occurred at 5 AM, after both men had been up for hours, and likely drinking. Both men also have prior arrest records. Chris Ferrell has been arrested twice for driving on a suspended license, though both charges were later dismissed. He was also arrested in July for domestic violence involving a bartender he was dating, and a vandalism charge that is pending. Wayne Mills was charged with driving under the influence and for reckless endangerment when he grazed a police officer on the highway in 2010. Then there was the unfortunate airing of the Spike TV episode of Bar Rescue that ironically featured the very Pit & Barrel Bar where the killing occurred, airing on the same week of Wayne’s death and showcasing a belligerent and high-tempered Chris Ferrell. Then FOX 17 in Nashville surfaced a picture showing both Wayne Mills and Chris Ferrell in the same frame, with Ferrell proudly flashing his handgun.

But since most, if not all of the on-the-ground investigation has been concluded, and it could take weeks or months for the full autopsy to conclude, it is hard to see where the breakthrough in the Wayne Mills case could come from. It’s beginning to feel like this may be a case that could take weeks, months, or longer to resolve. Investigators are trying to piece together an evidence puzzle while relying on a potential suspect as their only witness. The fact that the other witnesses, the ones that heard the shots and made the 9-11 call, were also where the misidentification of Wayne Mills originated is also not an idle fact. The mistaken identity of Wayne Mills may be where this homicide investigation hinges, but police must find more evidence or information to make an arrest, or to fully excuse Chris Ferrell from investigation.

Other questions from the investigation still remain. Did Chris Ferrell show any physical evidence, any physical harm done to him—bruises, cuts, etc.—to corroborate that Wayne Mills was being physically threatening? If Wayne Mills was acting aggressively, why did he need to be shot in the back of the head? Wouldn’t another, less fatal part of the body be more appropriate? Was Chris Ferrell drunk at the time of the shooting? Was he on drugs? Was Wayne Mills drunk or on drugs? Why did Chris Farrell not call 9-11 when the situation seemed to be escalating out of control? Why was it the witnesses outside that called 9-11, and not Ferrell after he shot Wayne? Why was Chris Ferrell not able to help resolve the identity discrepancy earlier in the investigation? And why did Ferrell re-open the Pit & Barrel so quickly?

Website The Class Action Lawsuit has looked into the particulars of the Wayne Mills case as they are known at the moment, and has offered some clarifications on how a self-defense claim could be handled in a bar scenario. “Self-defense gives a person the justified right to counteract violence or force, to prevent an injury or harm and to protect oneself,” says the website. “Though a bar room brawl seems like a natural context for self-defense, there are a number of circumstances that must exist before self-defense can function as a valid justification for shooting someone in a place of business.”

The website gives requisites for Chris Ferrell to claim self-defense as:

  • Ferrell was not the initial aggressor;
  • Ferrell had a reasonable and honest belief that he was in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury;
  • Mills never retreated from the fight;
  • Ferrell did not consent to Mills’ force; and
  • Ferrell used a proportional amount of force.

The Class Action Lawsuit website also says, “It’s unclear whether the amount of force used by Ferrell was proportional to the type of force it was meant to prevent. He went for the jugular, so to speak, when he shot Mills in the head. Ferrell won’t be able to claim self-defense if the gunshot to Mills’ head was excessive. Killing someone with a gun in response to someone who was verbally insulting you, for example, would never suffice as self-defense. But if Mills was also wielding a gun, the ‘fighting fire with fire’ rationale may apply.”

If the case remains at a stalemate, that doesn’t mean that investigators, or the friends and family of Wayne Mills, don’t have options. A Grand Jury could be called to consider the evidence and potentially hand down an indictment. The Grand Jury system is sometimes employed in cases where the evidence and circumstances are complex, and District Attorney’s have difficulty assigning charges. Tennessee is a Grand Jury state, and the Grand Jury / indictment system was just used on another murder investigation in Nashville where a mother was indicted in the death of her 3-year-old son. However, as another indication that the Wayne Mills case may take a while to resolve, the indictment was brought 7 months after the incident.

The Wayne Mills family could address Wayne’s death as a civil matter and pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Sometimes wrongful death is easier to prove than criminal charges. There was no obvious premeditation in the Wayne Mills killing, at least from what we know, but maybe manslaughter charges are more appropriate in this case, seeing how lethal force was used on what we believe to be an unarmed man, when Chris Ferrell may have had other options to subdue Wayne Mills if Wayne was in fact acting aggressively.

The case could also be elevated to the state level.

Aside from the obligation of investigators to presume innocence and prove guilt, the climate surrounding claims of self-defense has never been more favorable, with stand your ground laws, concealed weapons permits (which Chris Ferrell had), and other laws governing how authorities must handle self-defense claims giving deference to the individuals claiming self-defense.

Most notably the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida resulted in an acquittal of all charges against neighborhood watch coordinator George Zimmerman, despite some evidence that deadly force was not necessary. On November 29th, a Georgia man fatally shot a 72-year-old Alzheimer’s patient 4 times after he knocked on his back door at 4 AM. He has yet to be charged with any crime.

Musician Carter Albrect who used to play in The New Bohemians and was a member of the Dallas-based band Sorta was shot and killed in 2007 after becoming disoriented after drinking and taking an anti-smoking drug, and mistakenly banging on the door of his girlfriend’s neighbor, resulting in a warning shot being fired through the door that struck Albrect. No charges were ever filed against the homeowner.

But none of these cases fall under Tennessee law or are being handled by Nashville District Attorneys, and they all fall under individuals protecting their homes and private property. In a place of business, and specifically a bar is where this case falls into a gray area that may make it hard for prosecutors to bring charges.

10 days after the death of Wayne Mills, and there’s still much anger, confusion, questions, and worry amongst friends, family, and fans of the fallen artist. They want answers and closure. But the story of the death of Wayne Mills, and the path towards its resolution, may have just begun.

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  • Here in Tennessee it must go to a grand jury. Where I live, Grand Juries meet once a month, though a special Grand Jury could be empaneled by the prosecutor. It may take a long time. Don’t read anything into the length of time it take to indite someone in TN.

    They just returned a “True Bill” on a shooting in my area from 2012.


  • Thanks for the update on the investigation. Did yall happen to find out whether or not Chris had to submit to a alcohol drug test as well?


    • I was unable to obtain that information. I would hope that since there was a death involved, the incident occurred in a bar, and the bar owner is claiming self-defense, that a toxicology report was ordered, and that it was ordered in a prompt manner, before whatever the chemistry of Chris Ferrell’s blood was had time to change.

      What I do know is that the autopsy of Wayne Mills will come back with a report of every single substance that was in Wayne Mills’ system at the time of death. So it is only fair that the other person involved in the incident should have to submit to the same scrutiny.


      • A drug or alcohol test was not done on Chris.


        • That seems utterly impossible. That cannot be legal process in a shooting.


          • It would be really, really bad police work if they didn’t do a toxicology for Ferrell, or for that matter get a doctor to immediately assess his injuries or lack there of, but there is no “legal process” that they must take certain steps to investigate a crime. There may be some statute in TN , but most places these things are just governed by internal procedures and common sense.

            I hope they used them here.


          • Let’s just appreciate that they had the victim’s name wrong for nearly 10 hours after the shooting. Clearly there were some lapses in procedure there. What is worrisome is the concern that the misidentification wasn’t the only lapse in procedure, or that it could have hindered the other evidence gathering. Maybe they did do a toxicology report on Ferrell, I don’t know. You would think in a case like this that transpired in a bar with someone claiming self-defense, this would be a very important tool to the investigation.


      • I hope they took a toxicology test. The one thing I haven’t heard anything about is video surveillance. Did the bar owner have a surveillance system, and if so, did the police retrieve any video?

        I also agree with the other posters. It is great that you are keeping the issue alive. Please keep it up and don’t get discouraged by the length of time it takes.


        • I’d put money on there not being video on site. Too much he wouldn’t want seen…. case in point, the fight with a girl that led to his arrest just months ago. That bar happens to be across the street from residential buildings that DO have cameras though. Their footage was used when McNair was killed.


  • This an informative, well written, excellent article. Thank you for being a voice in this whole thing. As media attention dies down so does the urgency for authorities to get at the truth.


  • the police department totally botched that investigation too.


  • Has anyone published that he is a drug informant for Nashville metro yet?


  • Theclassactionlawsuit site looks like some failed attempt to try to sell ads for trial lawyers and is technically wrong. Mills does not have to prove that was justified in using self defense. The prosecutors need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was not justified.

    Assuming that Ferrell shot mills 3 times including in the back of the head, Mills was unarmed (though, if Mills even had a broken beer bottle, that makes things more iffy), and that Ferrell was not that seriously injured, and nothing crazy comes out, he still has an uphill battle.


    • I’m not trying to portray theclassactionlawsuit as some final legal word on this matter, but I wanted to present a third-person voice with more legal expertise than myself to help give some more insight and perspective into this case, and I think the logic used in their assessment is sound, and similar to other opinions I have seen on this case.

      “Mills does not have to prove that was justified in using self defense. The prosecutors need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was not justified.”

      I don’t understand this. Do you mean Chris Ferrell does not have to prove he was justified in using self-defense? And even if that’s what you meant, I’m not sure if I agree.


      • He doesn’t. Burden of proof is on the prosecution, which is a moot point until there are charges.


      • I looked up the case law in TN on this. State v. Sims 45 S.W.3d 1 (TN 2001) The state has a “burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant had not acted in self-defense”

        In practice, they rarely make this standard quite that strong, but that’s TN law.


        • One other legal point. Self Defense is a “justification” (i.e. you admit you otherwise committed the crime, but say it was justified) and so it is not a given that the state has a prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you used self defense.

          In some states, the burden for self defense is on the defendant, or if it’s on the prosecution, it’s not beyond a reasonable doubt.

          So, this is something that can be changed if people think it’s too permissive


          • Thanks for the info Mike.


      • Jeeze this is tough but based on Trig’s reporting the defense will paint an unfavorable picture of the deceased starting with his willing defiance of the smoking restriction in place at the bar. The deceased is informed that he is not to be smoking in the area where is smoking, he refuses to comply, threatens the shooter, moves aggressively toward the shooter, the shooter shoots the deceased twice as he is moving forward, and then once more (in the back of the head) as the deceased is falling forward. I imagine this would be the shooter’s line of defense and if nothing new is revealed and the shooter remains the only witness there is a likelihood that this may never go to trail.


        • If there were no other witnesses to the altercation as stated above, Wayne obviously can’t defend any accusations Ferrell made, then how does anyone know the fight was really over Wayne lighting a cigarette in the first place? This part of the story doesn’t make sense to me. Is it all hearsay given to the cops by Ferrell?


  • I have 1 question. If Chris was charged with domestic violence against a former girlfriend, how is his carry permit leagal? That and in a bar (closed of otherwise), alcohol in the system (no matter how slight) a hangin is not permitted. Is it different with a Metro informant? Hmmmmm…..


    • Good points George, although if you are the owner of the bar I’m sure you can legally carry in your own business, and I would think with it being closed he would also be covered. However, if you have a single drop of alcohol in your system your permit is not valid, at least that’s how it is in my state concerning a carry permit.


    • The domestic assault charge was dismissed. The female bartender involved continued to work for him. The interfering with a 911 call charge was also dropped. The only charge bound over for trial was vandalism under $500 for his destruction of her car key as she was attempting to flee. So, the assault charge would not impact a right to carry. Having consumed alcohol, however, WOULD impact his legal right to carry. Likely, as he was on his own property, that was probably okay too. Sadly. That said, Chris does not own the property, only the business operating on it, and don’t think that who does own the property might be impacting the case as well.


  • This whole Nashville Metro drug informant thing has got me curious where this is headed. If there was an inquiry about this do they have to release that info? That’s OUR tax money payin him if he is.


  • I worked in that bar before it was sold and became the pit that is is. We had surveillance cameras inside and outside the bar, including the patio. This system was included in the sale.

    I am curious as to why his friends would go outside when things became heated. Was the gun drawn then and that’s why they left? Was it possibly a set up? Why did they give the wrong name?

    Prepare for a very lengthy wait for answers. The detective from Central Precinct that was working on a case of mine that involved the safety of my life took over 30 days to make his first call to me, the victim. After the actual report was written up under a wrong and lesser charge and sent to the wrong precinct many, many miles away. You can hold your breath if you want but I wouldn’t expect much in the way of effiency or accuracy out of central precinct. But they are real good at towing your car if you need that done.


    • I can’t see an establishment being completely renovated without upgrading video surveillance. Especially on 2nd Ave.


  • I predict the Nashville police will do nothing. Ferrell is familiar with the police department. Ferrell killed Wayne Mills because he knew he could get away with it.
    I predict Chris Ferrell will also be killed in a questionable manner.


  • I know you can’t always judge a book by its cover, but Chris Ferrell looks like a cookbook for basement meth.




  • Thank you for the update. I hope to see more in the future. Several questions I had were answered here. Several more created. The comments however, are QUITE interesting!


  • This article is speculative, at best!!! The statement that the one shot came from a distance is totally unsubstantiated. If that were true, that by itself would be PC for an arrest. This bothers me because people on here are stating that you have answered some of their questions about the case. No! You have speculated and wrote a fictional account of what the rumor mills are saying. This is NOT reporting, but merely stoking the fire and spreading more rumors. Fact #1: Wayne and Chris had an altercation. Fact#2: At some point Chris shot and killed Wayne. Fact#3: Probable cause has NOT been established to issue an arrest warrant. Conclusion: You know nothing more than any of these other people who were not there You can’t even print what the police have stated because they have not made any statements, beyond the facts listed above. Keep Guessing!!!!


    • “The statement that the one shot came from a distance is totally unsubstantiated. If that were true, that by itself would be PC for an arrest.”

      Not true. Reading the entire story will tell you why.

      “You have speculated and wrote a fictional account of what the rumor mills are saying.”

      And exactly how have I done that? You seem to be focusing on one sentence in a 23-paragraph article that you personally cannot independently verify, and so you call the entire article into question.

      ” You can’t even print what the police have stated because they have not made any statements, beyond the facts listed above.”

      First, the crux of this article is based off of what the police are saying. Simple as that. Other information comes from confirmed and documented sources that strictly follow the Associated Press Code of Ethics. Other information is simply meant to give perspective on how the legal case might proceed, and why individuals may want to be patient and waiting on information from this case.

      The individuals and entities that have led to speculation are the Nashville Police Department by not releasing the details of the investigation of this case, especially after misidentifying the victim for as much as 10 hours after the investigation started.

      The way you combat speculation and rumor is with information and facts. That was the intention of this article. But since there remains many unknown facts because this article does not address many key, critical questions, the speculation remains. I personally would caution anyone and everyone from speculating on facts we do not know about at this time.


    • the only smart person with a reality check on this thread… you go .. truth of reality is all we know… everything else is mute and just wrong speculating on all levels…


  • Thanks for the info Triggerman. Respects and best wihes to all those affected by this tragic shooting!


  • Was he shot point blank in the back of the head? I am by no means advocating the bar owner as quite honestly I don’t have the facts to do so. But a gunshot to the back of the head does not necessarily mean it wasn’t done in self defense. If someone were to break into my house it is likely I will not stop shooting until my magazine is empty whether they are facing me or not. They may be initially facing me and turn and run and I will likely continue shooting. Again no one has all of the facts and hopefully more information will come to surface soon so Wayne’s family can have some answers. This is an awful thing to have happen and my prayers go out to them.


  • Sorry to see you poisoned a well-reasoned article with politics and misinformation at the end.

    Stand your ground does not address the 5 elements of lawful self defense. It merely relieves one of a ‘duty to retreat’ when confronted with a situation requiring deadly force. Imposing a duty to retreat raises serious questions of fairness in that the burden of proof can not be shifted to the defendant in a criminal prosecution. It may be difficult or impossible to show one was unable to retreat, or even that one did retreat. This is not intend as a comment on the instant matter, just the misinformation often published regarding ‘stand your ground.’

    Having said that, the known facts of this case do not appear to comport with the five elements of lawful self defense, and i don’t think stand your ground will play a role in this case.

    Mentioning it in the same part of the article as the Trayvon Martin case raises serious questions about the authors objectivity. I have yet to see a shred of credible evidence to suggest that George Zimmerman had any viable alternative, and even under the duress of having someone ground and pound you, and then try to murder you with your own gun, only one shot was fired. That seems pretty ‘cool under pressure’ to me.

    The wasted space you used spewing liberal talking points may have been better spent detailing evidential standards relating to the five elements of lawful self defense. The elements don’t change state-to-state, but the burden and degree by with they must be met does.
    They are:

    What these mean is explained in a blog which can be found at:

    Some states require a prima facie showing, some a preponderance of evidence.
    You might want to research this at:

    I predict the Wayne Mills shooting will not be excused as lawful self defense.


    • Stand your ground was mentioned in this article in passing as an example of the current climate surrounding self-defense laws. I in no way said or am saying that this is a stand your ground case, or have any desire to get into the particulars of those laws because they are not germane to this story that is already complicated enough.

      The only reason the Trayvon Martin case was brought up was again as an example of how these self-defense cases can be very complex and can take months to resolve. That was a controversial case, and simply mentioning it creates reactionary responses from folks, and I understand that. You may personally think it was cut-and-dry, but obviously there was, and still is controversy surrounding the outcome, and Zimmerman was eventually acquitted. That was my only point.

      “The wasted space you used spewing liberal talking points

      Yes, this is all about me asserting my political agenda. I think anyone who has been reading this site for years knows I go as far out of my way to make this as non-political of a website as absolutely humanly possible. And if you think that I’m a liberal , or conservative, all you’re doing is proving you have no idea where my true political compass lies, and you’re being reactionary.


      • Trigger,

        I appreciate your objectivity and one of the reasons that I like this site so much is that you avoid politics. However, I do have to quibble with you constant use of “reactionary” as a pejorative and with negative connotations. Many great writers, poets, statesmen, and public figures have been reactionaries, including T.S. Elliot, J.R.R. Tolkien, Donald Davidson, Hilaire Belloc, G.K. Chesterton, George Bernanos, and many more. The seed of the idea that being “reactionary” was negative, was planted by warhawks in the years and months leading up to World War II, where non-interventionists such as Charles Lindbergh, Gore Vidal, Sinclair Lewis and other America Firsters were slandered as “reactionaries” and “isolationists” because they did not want to see American blood and treasure squandered on foreign soil for the second time in 25 years and they didn’t think that exporting “democracy” at the point of a bayonet was in the interest of Americans.


      • I have never been to your site before and this is the first post i have ever read.

        I care less where your political compass lies.

        It is clear from your postings the mere fact that you mention stand-your-ground and the Zimmerman acquittal, and continue to assert it was somehow ‘controversial’ that you have issues with it, likely issues with second amendment rights and stand-your-ground (which means you likely don’t understand it.)

        Generally, people construe such opinions as political. i may agree with some points, or vehemently disagree with others. While often argued in vitriol fashion on the internet, i find very little conversation about it with friends from all different backgrounds when we meet face to face.

        I suspect you misconstrued the links I have provided as articulating stand-you-ground. They do not. They provide detailed information on what forms the basis for self-defense, which is an affirmative defense to murder or manslaughter, or other charges where deadly force may have been used.

        And if you bother to read them, you may well understand why i feel Mr. Ferrell will ultimately be prosecuted for this shooting.

        BTW: I find it much easier to have a debate or conversation whether we agree or disagree when you refrain from labeling me personally, and merely address or articulate your talking points.


  • All of the people who had the pleasure of knowing Chris Michaels aka Ferrell know that he is an absolute psychopath. I would not be surprised if he has killed many before this. With the serial killer gaze, weapons at every corner and body targets all over his house, this comes as no surprise.


  • Trigger, I appreciate your stayin on top of the few details coming out of this investigation since the local media in Nashville has apparently decided that follow ups on this investigation are as news worthy and salacious as the initial headline. You may have already posted it here but the first big artist/songwriter/friend benefit and memorial here in Nashville is tonight at Tin Roof in Nashville. Starts at 8 and goes till 2am. Huge lineup of artists a silent auction, etc. There is no cover but donations are quested and 10% of the bar will go to the Carol and Jack. Expecting in the neighborhood of 4-500 people. Anyway…just thought I’d let you know for yourself and any of his fans in the area.


    • Hey Tex,

      I gave a shout out to the benefit in this article, and have an ad for it up in the right hand column of the site near the top. I’m also going to be blasting out a reminder about it momentarily through social network. Wish I could be there to cover it, but I’ll be there in spirit!


      • Thank you man! I thought it was a perfect balance of tribute, memorial, party and pissed off. Still haven’t wrapped brain around it. Kept somehow thinkin Wayne would walk through the door.

        Consistently, what so many of us just can’t understand is this: If you weave a little at 3am, ya get pulled over, ya blow over, ya get arrested. If you’re involved in a domestic violence call and someone’s been physically harmed, usually someone get’s arrested. ETC…. What SO many of us just can’t believe, is that if there are two people and no other witness’ and one of em pulls out a gun, as long as that person has a carry permit and claims self-defense, he can put two in the chest and one to the BACK of the head, and when the police get there, they’ll get a few details (which in this case they didn’t even do well) haul the body away, pat on the back, and just say “we’ll be in touch” It just makes no sense! Both Chris and Wayne had ARRESTS for less… Ferrell wasn’t even DETAINED. Doesn’t make any sense.


  • First I would like to commend you on your consistent coverage of this story. I feel you have remained as unbiased as possible amongst all the other media outlets.

    I have a few opinions about this entire issue, First let me say I am deeply saddened by this loss of life. It is a tragedy for all involved and my opinions are directed towards the many people in this town that have jumped on the bandwagon against the shooter Chris Farrell.. my opinions are not intended to disparage the memory of the deceased in anyway, shape or form. Like I said.. It is a tragedy.

    There are no witnesses in this case because all the ‘friends’ left the building so we cannot speculate anything except the facts.

    The two men knew eachother
    One was an a**hole
    One was pretty large
    There was alcohol involved
    There was an altercation
    There was a shooting
    There was a death

    We do not know what transpired during this altercation. We do not know if Farrell was in fear of his life. One could feasibly argue that if a 6 and a half foot man (who is not slender by any stretch of the imagination) was kickin YOUR a** and you were in fear of your life or he was reaching for your gun to use on you, you would shoot in self-defense and ‘sure’ several times, if you indeed were in fear of your life.

    Let me reiterate here.. I am not defending murder, I am defending self defense rights, which we ALL have. Being a lifetime a**hole does not negate your rights to self defense.

    These two men were friends or at the very least business aquaintances (there are pics of Farrell on Wayne’s bands facebook page). I don’t feel it would be easy to murder someone in cold blood that you have known or could possibly be friends with. All these people saying he murdered Wayne? Well, that is a reactionary statement and not really based on fact.

    I have seen all kinds of things written about this and everyone has acted like Chris is some horrible person and Wayne was some angel, well, I am gonna go right down the middle here and say both were probably equal in their abilities to be angelic or an a**hole -as all mankind is, and it is very sad to me that we now live in a society where we just destroy someone’s livelihood and life because of rumors that have not been verified.

    Granted, if it comes out that Farrell did ‘murder’ Wayne (which the evidence has not shown or he would be in jail right now) I will stand corrected but I will not condemn someone just because it’s the trendy thing to do.

    In America you are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. If it comes out that it was self-defense how many of these bandwagon jumpers will renounce their opinion and state that they were wrong? How many will help this man to regain what he has lost? How many will pay to open his business back up? Is he entitled to sue anyone for defamation of character? My guess? None and No.

    I understand, everyone wants to be part of something.. Oh I knew Wayne.. Me and Wayne once.. I’m so sad Wayne.. You get to be part of the group, you get to be ‘someone’ and no matter what you are not in the ‘wrong’ because regardless of what the outcome is you were standing with the family that suffered a horrible loss.

    But the problem is.. you are wrong already if you are condemning already with no facts. I personally have no issues with being proven wrong, because I would be wrong for the right reasons. I stand with ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

    Yes, Farrell may be an a**hole, that doesn’t make him guilty of murder. Anyone who thinks it does needs to study the law and not make decisions based on emotions

    Why did these other people leave? These people I have a big issue with. What? Didn’t want to get involved huh? Good enough guys to party all night with but y’all couldn’t hang out for the long haul? I hold these people responsible in this death as well. The people did nothing to stop the situation, they may have even escalated it. Anyone holding them accountable for the bit they played? Now we have no witnesses to this. Terrific.

    This situation is tragic, needless and ridiculous.. If people want to keep their rights in tact they need to defend other people’s rights as well. Especially the people you disagree with most, because if they can be taken from the least of you.. They can also be taken from the most of you.

    Self-defense is a God-given right and if he truly was in need of self defense then he had every right to use it, and until it is proven that Wayne was needlessly killed you HAVE to respect innocence until guilt is proven and the rights to self defense.. lest you find yourself living in a world that takes away that God-given right.


    • Don’t confuse a..hole.. with being just immature and selfish…… He also would go out of his way for you… just to help .. i have known for 25 yrs… don’t know the story.. no one does except Chris…so wait for the whole story to come out from the authorities.. then decide based on facts discovered by the professionals.. not opinions and passed on stories that change with each translation… It is a tragedy across the board… for everyone involved


      • OK….I’m gonna call opening your establishment for business, the same day you put three rounds into your friends head, while he’s on life-support at the hospital…..self-defense or not….MORE than immature and selfish. Just sayin


        • I find it pretty hard to open an establishment that serves alcohol when you do not have the permit anymore. Do you not think it was open the next day because they were conducting an investigation? Why do you think it was open for business anyway?


    • I don’t think Chris is an a** I have known him for 17 years..

      Other people think he is, but he never has been to me at all. I have seen him be that way with others. So if people do think he is, they may have justification in thinking such.. That doesn’t mean I do and of course even if I did.. That does not make him a murderer.. it merely makes it harder for the public opinion to skew in his favor the fact that indeed he may have been in fear of his life and had to use the defense in which he did.


  • I have been interested in this since a friend of mine was a friend of Wayne’s. This is such a horrible story. I saw the show about the pit two days after Wayne’s death. Chris comes off as a hot head and from what I have heard from Wanye’s friends he was a loveable good man. Not sure what is wrong with someone who sots someone in the back of the head and calls it self defense. the first two shots maybe a shot to the back of the head was a kill shot and nothing threatening about a man who has been shot two times. I cant believe there is no video and the fact that he was in the bar with these people and they “identified” him as the wrong man…really. I don’t understand why that and I use this word very loosely Man isn’t in jail until they figure it out anyone else would be. I feel so bad for his family and son. I also feel sorry for Chris’ parents they are victums as well. They seemed like very good people. Too bad their son was a hot headed douche bag.


  • Shooting someone in the back of the head is not self defence. It might have been at first but as soon as someone turns his back or running away etc it is no longer self defence.


    • REALLY???…. her is a scenario you seem to not be able to comprehend… now i have not a clue what happened… but here is how
      I get into a fight..
      i am knocked to the ground
      they get me on my back and start beating my face in…
      while they sit on me basically sitting on my stomach….
      i happen to have my gun in my belt in back… i reach behind … pull the gun… since he is on top of me i cannot bring my arm up…
      i pull me arm away from my side and point up… that shot will probably hit somewhere on the back of the head…
      there you go,,,, i do not have a clue if it happened this way or another way that could explained… but evidently the police think there is much more to it… that is why we do not see it as a blatant murder..since no arrest yet…. at least that is what we know… which is nothing until they tell us


      • Exactly! Apparetly.. there are only 4 people I have seen since this happened that actually have respect for the way LAW actually works.. You, me, the guy following this story and one person on Facebook. Thanks for being you.


  • Chris Michaels aka Ferrell, might as well have shot himself in the back off the head, because his life is over. I predict Chris Ferrell will either be in jail or dead in a years time. Oh well. Anybody wanna buy a barbecue joint?



    According to this link, the autopsy has been released and that Wayne was shot once and that it will go to a Grand Jury. Can anyone confirm this?


    • I don’t think the information in this story is correct. WHNT is saying they got that information from NewsChannel 5 in Nashville, but NewsChannel5 is NOT reporting that, so I’m not sure where they got it. According to Nashville police, they can’t confirm it’s been handed over to the Grand Jury, and there has been no press releases from either the police or the district attorney saying so. It very well may get handed to the Grand Jury. I kind of expect it to. But I’m seeing no information that has been done at this point.


  • I was just reading the same article. I guess he was only shot one time.
    It really is a shame that they didn’t drug test him that night. I heard that Chris whateverhislastnameis is a coke-head. I knew something was off about him when I watched the episode of Bar Rescue. After talking to my brother and some friends in the music industry, they told me that it’s pretty much known around the music business that he’s a coke-head.


    • Again, I would NOT trust the information in that WHNT report. Nobody is reporting the case has gone to the Grand Jury, the police say they do not have that information, and WHNT is citing NewsChannel 5 in Nashville as their source, and NewsChannel 5 is saying it is still under investigation by police, not a Grand Jury. Also, the autopsy has not been released to my knowledge.


  • Ferrell just turned himself in and was charged with 2nd degree murder.


  • Oops I accidently responded to myself,
    so sorry for the repeat..

    I don’t think Chris is an a** I have known him for 17 years..

    Other people think he is, but he never has been to me at all. I have seen him be that way with others. So if people do think he is, they may have justification in thinking such.. That doesn’t mean I do and of course even if I did.. That does not make him a murderer.. it merely makes it harder for the public opinion to skew in his favor the fact that indeed he may have been in fear of his life and had to use the defense in which he did.


  • good to see many ppl concerned u should b ur missing the big piic here cops r bought n pd 4 by nashvll clubs every place on broad n vicinity has rude aggressive bouncers cops always on side of money all are scumbags involved in this except wayne wayne was ah good man this is tragic ferrellis a poser shitbag buddies with shitbag cops who didnt do a tox report on this trigger happy slug like trig hap pigs u see apattern here wake up itll come out but cops n court rats work as hard as the pressure that public puts on there sorry asses so keep outcry up if not for justice atleast 4 a 7 yr old boy whose dad wont be comin home rip mr mills


    • Chris didn’t have enough money to pay off any cops.. He was going broke. That’s why Bar Rescue was even helping him with his business. If you knew him.. you would already know that.


  • Just for the record, everyone should take a step back and let the law complete the investigation. This bar owner could have feared for his life and shot across the room after a scuffle. The person who was shot could have said any number of things to make the shooter feel in direct danger such as, ” I’m going to get my gun and come back and kill you” Or Let me get my gun. etc. The shooter then could have fired a few rounds missing the person and then as the person turned away from the firing, could have been hit in the head.

    Also for the record, a safe distance to start telling someone who threatens you, to back away is about 21 feet or 7 yards. You do not have to be upclose to use deadly force. in fact it is preferred by law enforcement and by operators to un-holster at 7 yards minimum in order to attain a clear distance. Why? Because a knife attacker can still reach you at 21 feet and be deadly without a person ever getting their gun out, and ready to fire. You never know what a person has said or has hidden on their body. The best way to avoid conflict is to not say a word and leave. Not sure who is guilty here, but please people. Give the police some time to do their work and let the facts speak for itself. A man is dead, two families are likely very upset and distraught over this. They are both victims until otherwise proven guilty. Speculation at this stage is not only uninformed, it is actually working against a positive outcome. That doesn’t help either party.


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