Tim McGraw Slaps Woman Across The Face At Concert – UPDATED

July 18, 2014 - By Trigger  //  News  //  75 Comments

tim-mcgraw***UPDATE (7-21-14): Tim McGraw has finally responded to the incident, and Atlanta police have weighed in.

This story has been updated.

Tim McGraw is in hot water with some fans after video surfaced of the country star aggressively slapping a woman in the face at a concert in Atlanta on Sunday (7-13) at Aaron’s Ampitheatre at Lakewood. Footage of the incident has spread across the internet on sites such as The Huffington Post and TMZ, and has Tim McGraw in hot water with some fans in a genre where laying your hands on a woman is considered forbidden.

But McGraw slapping the female fan only tells part of the story. Clearly seen in the video, a woman in the crowd reaches out to touch Tim’s leg twice before grabbing Tim’s jeans near his left pocket and causing a large rip, potentially looking for a threaded souvenir, or trying to touch Tim. Some also discern from the grainy videos available that the woman was trying to touch Tim’s genitals. The woman either didn’t let go, or her hand gets caught on Tim’s jeans, and when he goes to pull away is when the “instinctive” slap occurred according to Tim’s spokesperson. Tim was singing his song “Truck Yeah” as an encore performance at the time.

“At the end of the night during the encore, Tim was singing out in the audience and someone firmly grabbed onto his leg and wouldn’t let go as he was moving through the crowd,” says McGraw’s publicity firm The GreenRoom. “He instinctively swatted to try and keep them from ripping his jeans (which they succeeded at doing), and so he could get to more fans who were trying to slap hands with him before the end of the show. He didn’t know who had grabbed him and was trying to keep his pants from being torn.”

The woman was later escorted out of the concert by a security guard.

Though the woman was clearly being aggressive and putting her hands on Tim, the question for some fans remains why Tim felt the need to slap the woman, and so aggressively, instead of waiting for security to diffuse the situation. As can be seen in both videos of the incident, security arrives very shortly afterwards. At the same time, Tim was clearly reacting to the situation, and not acting out against the woman unilaterally.

READ: Tim McGraw Responds to Fan Slapping Incident & Police Weigh In

UPDATE (7-18-14 11:00 PM CDT): Yet another video has surfaced from the incident, showing the woman who was slapped in a blue top smacking Tim McGraw on the butt multiple times as he walks down the walkway.

75 Comments to “Tim McGraw Slaps Woman Across The Face At Concert – UPDATED”

  • My $.02. Non-issue but music is horrible

    • Agree- Drop it & let him continue to suck.

  • I’d have done the same thing. Not an issue for me. I don’t put up with anyone touching me unwanted. Mainly because of my time I spent as a corrections officer. It would be my first instinct.

  • He should have just let Faith Hill take care of her.

  • I think that was completely uncalled for. He swats the lady’s hand away and then he proceeds to reach down into the crowd to slap her head after she already backed off. The dude should’ve just walked away.

    • That’s pretty much what I saw “Ranger”. He actually PAUSED before he reached down to smack her.Nothing “instinctively” about it.

      It seems like him and his wife have an awful lot of problems with fans.”Don”t touch me,eww”.. Stay up on the stage then and don’t go down by the pits ya dopes

      • I keep seeing this sentiment:

        “He really needs to stop going out in the pit if it upsets him and Faith so much though. Take away the temptation for probably drunk fans and it will help cut down on it significantly if not completely.”

        And I think that’s a terrible sentiment to have. That’s akin to, “Hey, if she didn’t want to get molested, she needs to stop wearin’ them booty shorts.” It’s ignorant thinking. We have to hold PEOPLE, en masse, to a higher standard. The fan should, in no way, feel it is her right to grope, grab, fondle, etc the performer simply because she paid the price of admission. Sorry, sister. That’s not part of the show.

        People are far too concerned with the behavior of Tim McGraw re: all this “not being a real man” talk. It’s ridiculous. He was shown classless behavior. Sure, the better part of valor would be to move on and not give it any attention, but maybe Tim is in the same place as many other people right now. Maybe Tim is tired of a society which is starting to reject consequence. We’re going to a place where people believe they’re entitled to get away with anything they want, damn the response, and that if you question them or react to them negatively, YOU are in the wrong. That’s ridiculous thinking. SO, Tim reacted. Tim decided that there IS a consequence for reaching up and grabbing and fondling and tearing the pants of the performer, and it isn’t just the dressing down by security. It’s the public humiliation she’ll receive at having been such a classless individual.

        I get that people believe Stars should love and respect all fans – but if they aren’t shown the same respect, that theory doesn’t hold water. Respect is a two-way street, and when one lane is closed, most people take the nearest exit to a Down-and-Dirty detour.

        • wow there is a whole difference in what you wear and if you are grabbing at someone…your logic sucks and makes no sense…start critical thinking and maybe you will get it

          • I think he makes perfect sense. I don’t, however, understand your response.

    • Looks to me like part of his schtick is to get close to the largely female crowd so they can fawn all over him, wave their arms, reach to him, etc. etc. As such, he’s more than a little bit asking for one of them to get grabby — part of the schtick, not to mention flattering. So he needs to sack up and behave about it.

      • wow really….so women that walk around with their boobs hanging out with some of the clothing they wear are asking to be groped. Really….you are a hyporcrite with your double standards and the sad thing is you don’t even know it lol

        • I don’t think anyone should be groped, even by fans. But at the same time the way a celebrity responds to situations like this will help shape the public’s perception of who he is. If he was not in actual physical danger the smart thing to do would be to let security deal with an unruly fan.

          The bigger problem is that his reaction in this incident doesn’t fit with his image. Is this the same guy who has often been heard on country radio singing lines such as the following?

          “My mama and daddy tried to teach me courtesy
          But it never sank in till that girl got a hold of me
          Now I’m holding umbrellas and openin’ up doors”

          And I don’t think Taylor Swift would have slapped the fan in the same situation …

          • It will. I doubt he’ll ever recover from this.

    • There’s no excuse. His security should be near him and in the crowd at all times to prevent incidents like this one. But what do you expect from a middle aged man wearing a wife beater shirt? Cheese ball.

  • I kinda wanna slap that woman who’s screaming like a banshee over Truck Yeah, one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. ;p I’m not a dude, though. (And I don’t actually condone violence towards anyone.)

  • He should have slapped the writers of that song while he was at it.

    • (yanks iPod from McGraw as it is playing a Lil Wayne song and demolishes it) ;)

  • If the situation was reversed (male fan grabbing female singer) I don’t think this would be news at all.

  • who is Tim McGraw? thought he played baseball??

  • Maybe the woman wanted her jeans back.

    • Good one.

  • Man that song is just awful. Just by watching his performance you can tell how country has gone down the toilet. The whole time he’s singing he’s pointing his finger and motioning just like I’ve seen rappers do.

  • I think that she was just trying to get him to stop singing that horrible song.

  • “in a genre where laying your hands on a woman is considered forbidden.”

    And in what genre of music is laying your hands on a woman acceptable?

    • I think it has been pretty well documented that Klezmer is a haven for wife beaters.

    • rap

      • I refuse to accept that.

  • … and has Tim McGraw in hot water with some fans in a genre where laying your hands on a woman is considered forbidden.

    It’s sad that ALL genres of music don’t consider this to be taboo. On another note, why are 95% of the comments about the song? Okay people, we all know that “Truck Yeah” is an abomination, but it’s old news. It isn’t in the top 40 anymore and it’s been out for over a year. Good grief, can we please discuss the issue at hand? Like the fact that our genre is seeing its morals rapidly corrupted and corrugated into trends of others? I’m not saying that Tim is wrong or right, but this is only one more negative that will sweep through country music. It’s bad enough that some people still think that ignorant hillbillies are the only people that like or are “dumb” enough to listen to country. I’d rather not have abuse against women added into that ignorant cliche.

    • In seriousness, I don’t know the circumstance of what happened here enough to comment on it. I don’t want to rush to judgment or have Tim get a rep as a woman abuser if he doesn’t deserve it. While the song is an easy mark, I wonder if this kind of music does help contribute to bad behavior. I’m trying to picture this scene taking place with him singing say, “Everywhere” or “Where the Green Grass Grows.” NOT that I’m blaming either of their behavior on a song… not by a long shot… but music does dictate the culture somewhat.

      • Melissa, I went to this show and his set list includes Just To See You Smile, Please Remember Me, Where The Green Grass Grows, Red RagTop, Everywhere, etc. A few rowdy songs doesn’t do this – booze and bad breeding do.

    • I wish hillbillies were the only ones who ever liked Country music; then it wouldn’t suck so bad now. Urban interlopers are who ruined it.

  • Maybe his bronzer was starting to fade and he thought she had a little more than needed.

    • My working theory has been that the unhealthful chemical inoculations McGraw has been exposing himself to is at the heart of his recent irrational behavior.

  • I just want to point out the titles of the articles about this matter from country music’s two biggest blogs.

    Taste of Country says, “Tim McGraw Didn’t Slap Fan, Rep Says”

    The Boot says, “Tim McGraw Denies Slapping Female Fan at Concert”

    Where did Tim McGraw deny the slapping? Certainly the rep didn’t say that. The video clearly shows that he did indeed slap her. It also shows that the fan clearly instigated the physical contact. If Tim McGraw is truly denying that he slapped her, I haven’t seen it anywhere, and that would be quite stupid of him because we can all see that he clearly did.

    And by the way, for the people wondering why I’m running this type of tabloid stuff here, this is why. Clearly the mainstream needs someone to tell the story objectively.

    • I just wanted to offer my 2 cents on what it appears like in the video to me. It seemed like the woman was trying to photograph Tim McGraw as he was squated down (she had waved her hand as if to get his attention) but did not have her phone ready yet (the hand not holding the camera was flat, generally meaning stop) so when he turned to walk away she tugged his pants (not at the knee area where he already has tears but under the pocket area on his upper thigh) to get his attention as generally a smaller person would do when trying to get the attention of someone above them. Unfortunately at the time she tugged he moved which caused the tear. From the video I had seen http://youtu.be/XhhZM83_GpI when he turns she lets go of him because she is going to try to get the picture and then he reaches over, after she has quit making contact, and then smacks her face. As she is pulled away you can see that on the side/ pocket area is where the rip has occured. After watching the video multiple times I honestly believe it was an accident on her part ripping his pants and I do not think she was intentionally trying to invade his privacy. I see many fans do this same thing at shows and if artists smacked their face as a result there would be very few people left still attending shows. Just my take on what has happened in the video though.

      • This is an interesting analysis. I added that new video up top. It does give a lot more perspective into what happened. Going with your premise, I still think the lady may have been getting too carried away in her picture taking, but she very well could have given a gentle tug, and if there was already a rip in that portion of the jeans (which the style is to have rips all over them, so this is definitely plausible), and it was right as Tim was pulling away, it could have been completely inadvertent.

        The other thing is there is a security guard right there that puts his hands on the woman less than a second after Tim slapped her. I don’t have a problem with anyone defending themselves, even a man against a woman, especially if she is putting her hands where they shouldn’t be. But in this case, was such an aggressive slap called for, and couldn’t he have just waited another second and let the security guard diffuse the situation?

        These artists get very worked up for these concerts and the testosterone is flowing. I think Tim probably did act too aggressively. But again, you put your hands on somebody and make them uncomfortable, you can’t be surprised by a negative reaction.

        • After finally giving in an watching the video, the following are my observations:
          McGraw really had to reach for that slap. It wasn’t a swat at the leg of his pants like I initially imagined it.
          Most disturbing to me is the fact that McGraw looks like he’s rearing back to take a second swing, but a fans hand (and the quick work of the security guard) stopped the assault.
          I’m really surprised by the situations McGraw continues to find himself in while performing. Although not a fan since “Set This Circus Down,” I’ve had the opportunity to meet Tim McGraw (06, 08) through my work on two different occasions and he has always struck me as the nicest guy in the business –
          the last occasion his label got us in to a private pre-concert event for volunteer firefighters!
          Maybe it’s the bronzer, sobriety, the bro-country his promoting these days … I don’t know. But a man does not act that way.

          • I don’t think he was pulling back for another swing. I think he was opening his arm as if to say, “What the hell is your problem?”

            I don’t agree with the smack, but then again, I wouldn’t be clawing at someone if he was above me on stage even if I hadn’t had a chance to take the picture I wanted. I probably wouldn’t even stick my hand up for a fist bump. Let others do that and I’ll take pictures of it.

            I saw somewhere that the woman bragged about it on Twitter. Anyone have a link to that?

            Sad to see the lack of respect on both sides. An artist should feel safe walking out among the crowd like that, and the crowd he walks among should respect his safety enough to keep their grubby mitts off him (or her) and just be glad they were that close.

        • There was a rip in the jean pocket area before. There is a before and after picture that has been circulating that I would post if we were able to upload pictures. You can see that the tug did cause a big tear that is close to being very revealing, which I could understand making him very uncomfortable. I do however believe the tear was mainly due to the jeans being worn out and the hole already obtained. A couple of years ago, I decided to purchase a pair of “holy jeans” and ripped a bigger hole in them when they caught on my seat belt buckle the first time I wore them and had to throw them away. I definitely agree with you that the fan was a little over aggressive in trying to get her picture but that has become the standard at these shows. Women go crazy over the male artists and do what they can to get as close as possible to get a hand grab, a picture, or even eye contact from them. It has become almost normal and expexted to see that behavior.

          As for the security guard, that was the part that made me the most upset. The security reacted almost immediately so the smack to her head is just too much to overlook. The security personel are paid to handle those situations and Tim should have let them. With them stepping in as fast as they did, on top of the fact that he had to completely turn out of his way to smack her after she had already let go, I just cant justify the smacking. I felt that was too harsh. I do feel like Tim felt threatened and acted mainly on adrenaline but I also think now that this has passed and now that it has become public knowledge, he should issue an apology and take some of the accountability for this instead of letting news outlets spin the story to place most of the blame on her.

          • I think Tim should address it publicly beyond what the publicist said, even if it is prefaced with how she reached out and he was reacting. Since this took nearly a week to come out, maybe they were hoping it was water under the bridge. Now it is all over the place, and he may have to make a public statement.

      • Here is another view. The woman is in the foreground with cell phone in her left hand. She is slapping him on the ass. (and it looks like she is taping her hand hitting his ass) Then she follows him down the walkway and stands in front of him when he stops again, out of camera range, but you get glimpses of her blue top. She reached toward his leg and then his head when he squats. He turns to move down the walk way and she grabs him hard enough to make him stumble and to rip a sizable hole in his jeans.

        I think he was wrong to hit her but I understand the reaching out in anger because I would punch someone who grabbed me like that. But he seriously needs to work on that. He should have caught himself when he was free of her grip and turned her over to security.

        I have no sympathy for her because she posted on twitter what fun it was to get a grab on him and even said her jail time was fun. He is getting skewered and this will hurt him a lot and dog him until the end of time.


        • And I agree on the public statement. They knew there would be video of this. The statement should have been made today. He did apologize to the audience at the end of the concert, but this needs to be addressed now.

        • Thanks for the video link Liza, I have added it above to the main story. It adds two bits of info: 1) That she clearly wanted a piece of Tim and was willing to engage in contact even before the incident occurred. 2) From that angle you can tell that Tim did NOT reach down and try to slap her a second time and was restrained like it looked in some of the other angles.

          Yeah, this woman looks to have had some sexual proclivity or something to want to touch Tim that much. I also think one of the reasons security was on her so quickly is because they were probably already monitoring her.

          • That video has been up for a bit and was posted on Tim’s fan board. The woman’s name isn’t Beth, though. I think person who posted the video was filming her friend named Beth and may not realize what she captured.

        • She went to jail for that?!

          • She said jail, but I have a feeling she was in a security holding area at the venue.

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaDdhZ599lA

        This woman was being inappropriate prior to the incident. She seemed to be recording him and following him. Possibly even recording herself slapping his rear. Then she follows him to get herself some more touchy time. When he goes to leave for whatever stupid reason (maybe she didn’t get her high 5), she grabs his fitted jeans hard enough to cause him to stumble pretty good. It seemed like he caught himself on another fan or accidentally swapped them when he stumbled. I’d also like to point out the very real possibility that she got skin when she grabbed those jeans. The jeans aren’t loose and she obviously had quite a grip. If she did get skin too, then I’m sure in addition to him being mad about the rip, it hurt! He swatted her hand away, she didn’t remove it. Then he swapped her upside the head. He didn’t slap her across the face. I think he was justified in his actions. He obviously didn’t injure her, hopefully knocked some sense in her! If it as a man doing the grabbing to a woman people would cheer her. I’m not really a fan of his, but she was in the wrong. He reacted honestly with restraint. If a man had done that, he probably would have punched him in the face. Lose the double standard.

  • http://youtu.be/XeQGcG_LrvA

    Enjoy the hypocrisy.

  • slappin a women…you must be out of your fuckin mind.

  • Women are allowed to wear basically nothing and if a man had grabbed Miranda or Carrie….Katie bar the door. The body guard would be all over them like stink on stink. How many photogs get their faces smashed in every year for invading somebody’s space.

    It is a double standard. Look but don’t touch a man or woman.

    When you’re a celebrity, you don’t want anyone laying their hands on you. You have no idea what they have in their purse or hand. It’s very creepy.

  • the real scandal is the lipsynching

    • Don’t know if that’s sarcasm or not and I have been surprised to see a lot of posts about that. His band kept playing and the ones who sing back vocals kept singing. That’s clearly not Tim’s voice.

  • I wonder where Faith Hill is in all of this? It was her husband who bitch slapped a woman after all.

    It is obvious he does not like people touching him so WHY does he go out there and let them do it. This isn’t the first time somebody has grabbed him like that. He should be expecting this by now.

    • Oh, you can bet your “Last Dollar” that Classicalite and Enstarz are going to have quite the field day in the next couple of weeks seizing this angle! ;)

      Gosh, it’s almost admirable how insistent they are in trying to make a McGraw-Hill divorce a reality! ;)

  • I watched the video (without the sound). I’d say it’s much ado about nothing.

    • You should really watch with the sound on. Everything seems much more horrific when “Truck Yeah” is playing in the background.

  • what the hell are those jeans made out of?

    • Are they those Pajama Jeans?

  • I have no real feelings either way. He probably shouldnt have done it, but if someone was grabbing at me and ripping and pulling at me I would probably have done the same. All in all I would say this is a fairly minor deal that will die down quick enough, if he had punched her harder or used a closed fist it would be a bigger deal in my eyes. As it is both parties seem to be at fault, McGraw probably should have used more restraint and the fan should have let go or not even grabbed him in the first place.

    He really needs to stop going out in the pit if it upsets him and Faith so much though. Take away the temptation for probably drunk fans and it will help cut down on it significantly if not completely.

    Also, Truck Yeah is terribly and really the last Tim McGraw album as a whole was bad. That said, I actually havent minded his last two songs he has put out though. “City Lights” and “Back At Mama’s” wont be mistaken for high art anytime soon, but compared to his previous half dozen or more singles they are a step up. Granted the bar for decent at Country radio is about as tall as Justin Moore so that isnt saying much.

  • This may seem like a matter of semantics, but that’s not what I’d think of as a slap. I was expecting some sort of impact with the side of her face. He reaches down, and shoves the side of her head.

    Now that I look like a complete a-hole (I’m really more like 50% a-hole) it was still an over-reaction by Mr. McGraw here. The fan was out of line, and if it was a dude I’d love to see McGraw plant a big palm across his face. But it wasn’t a dude and McGraw knew it. I think he just got pissed off and acted in anger.

    • Regardless of whether or not he was justified in reacting as he did, I don’t think this incident will be good for Tim’s brand. He is a popular singer not because he has a great voice, but because Ladies Love Tim, because he’s cultivated an image that he’s such a nice guy and he’s such a perfect husband. He may have burned a little bit of the good will he’s built up with female fans over the years with songs like “It’s Your Love” and “Don’t Take The Girl”.

  • If I was at a Tim Mcgraw concert, I would want to be slapped in the face.

  • Just stuck in traffic started reading this out loud to my husband (who is driving) & yelled “nuts yeahhh!” then I continued reading & found it happened during truck yeah & busted out laughing. Ahahahaha. I’m crying.

  • I have a link to the twitter posts by her, but won’t post it anywhere. I think she is an ignorant ass, but if that is posted his rabid fans will make her life more miserable than anyone deserves.

  • She must have stolen his meth. That is the only reason I can see why he pimp slapped her….

  • Not to make light of the situation, but man… Tim looks like a goober in that tank top/ cowboy hat/ pre-ripped Abercrombie jeans combo. Something about his outfit and demeanor give the sense that he’s not acting his age.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m being judgmental. Feel free to slap me in the face. ;)

  • I have nothing new to add to the discussion itself.

    But I am disappointed in you Trigger. I expect to see a snarky comment like “Maybe his bronzer was starting to fade and he thought she had a little more than needed.” and consider the source. But when the author of an article comments “My working theory has been that the unhealthful chemical inoculations McGraw has been exposing himself to is at the heart of his recent irrational behavior.” it becomes a continuation of the article and holds more weight. I just feel like it is irresponsible because you have absolutely no way of knowing.

    • Libby,

      I appreciate your concern.

      First off, understand that virtually nowhere else on the internet will you find the author of an article conversing with readers in the comment section. This is something very unique to savingcountrymusic.com, something many people have tried to discourage me from doing, but it is also one of the things that has resulted in one of the most robust, active, interesting, and health comment sections on the internet. One of the reasons I respond to so many comments is because I want people to know I care about their opinions and insight too, even if they disagree with me, and because I want to foster dissent and the free exchange of ideas. I used to try and respond to every single comment if possible. These days there’s so many of them, and so many stories, I just don’t have the time. But I read every single one of them, and always will. At the same time, this proactice has made me a laughing stock of many of my journalistic peers, and so nothing I say in a comment will ever change that or make it worse.

      ” I just feel like it is irresponsible because you have absolutely no way of knowing.”

      Obviously Tim McGraw hasn’t been poisoned by bronzer. This is clearly sarcasm, and even if McGraw read it, probably would take it in stride. This is a stupid, tabloid story, and like I said in a comment above, the only reason I reported it was because clearly a spin job was on. The two biggest blog sites in country music both said Tim McGraw “denied” slapping the woman, which never happened. THIS is the outrage, because it is a straight up misrepresentation of the facts. My idiotic snark in the comments in no way changes my reporting on the facts as they stand. If we were dealing with more serious subject matter, maybe I would take a more reverent stance. But this was a weirdo fan and Tim McGraw. They both deserve to be ridiculed quite honestly, and both were in the wrong.

    • First of all, it was a joke by me. Second, it was clearly a joke by Trigger, so lighten up. You’re like the people that leave serious comments under the blatantly obvious parody articles.

      Clearly he shouldn’t have made contact with her, but I’m not going to comment seriously on a topic that began on TMZ.

  • Love the track still playing in the background while he was supposed to be singing… .,?! I love it when people talk about how all the older country singers still sing great at an older age… Uhh..well.. That’s because they could actually sing in the first place without auto tune.

  • A man should never put his hands on a woman, just a crazy fan who probably paid way too much to see the out of control Tim McGraw. He walk right in to that and failed to handle it like a true man ! Notice he is wearing a wife beater and and his true self just came out.

  • I wouldn’t even call that a slap. I would definitely call that much more of a face push off, but he’s doing it from a distance, so he has to reach out more. I’ve seen people slapped and it doesn’t look like that. I think he thought he could reach her easier, but he barely could and couldn’t really get his hand solid on her, so the push almost looks like a slap. I am not a McGraw fan at all, but the only wrong in this video is an out of control fan. You cannot under any circumstances get that aggressive with a performer, let some guy rip the corner of Kacey Musgraves dress and see the hysteria that follows. You have no idea what someone could do and the more things like this happen, the more bold fans could get.

  • I think this is Staged.

    Why wasn’t Mcgraw quick to slap the girl that grab his balls a few yrs back?

  • Tim McGraw is a jerk. There is no way he was justified in slapping the woman. He could have just told her off. The truth about someone comes out in these spur of the moment situations and it proves he’s an abusive narcissist. What she did is no big deal and I hope she sues the pants right off him

  • I don’t know why some Tim McGraw’s fans are condoning his behavior or siding with him on this. I live in Nashville, TN and I see the country music stars ALL OVER the place b/c they live here. Trust me, they are… at the end of the day …just people… who grocery shop, go out to eat at local restaurants, drive thier kids to school,etc….they just happen to have a talent that affords them to entertain people and make alot of money doing it…but I say money or fame or not… a man …NO MAN…should not hit a woman. He could have easily had her restrained or removed. I have a hard time seeing how a 200 pound 6 foot or so man could justify smacking a woman in the face because she grabbed his jeans at a show : o I went to tons of concerts in the 80’s when metal bands were playing..very rowdy shows…where the singers and band members had women grabbing at them all over the place…I never saw a band member or singer smack a chick in the face. EVER. Country music has been sucking lately with all it’s pop studio creation songs and this brings it to a new low : ( Think I will break out my traditional country music CD’s and change the channel when Tim McGraw’s songs are played. Bad choice on his part (and yes he did have choices here) I hope he gets the help he needs if I were Faith I’d get the heck out of that relationship and be running for the “hills”…no pun intended.

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