Video Premier – Bob Wayne’s ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’ EPK

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On Tuesday (5-22-12) Bob Wayne will be releasing his brand new album through People Like You Records called Till The Wheels Fall Off, and Saving Country Music is excited to premier for you the EPK introduction video for the album.

It was shot at the house of Andy Gibson, Hank Williams III’s steel guitar and dobro player, and the man who recorded Till The Wheels Fall Off and all of Bob Wayne’s albums.

When I recorded my first album Blood to Dust, I had about 30 songs written to choose from.” Bob tells Saving Country Music. “The next two albums I recorded were a lot of older songs that I had in the bank. Then with the Century Media release of Outlaw Carnie we made kind of a “best of” album. I can tell you this, this album is EXACTLY where I’m at right now in life!”

Pre-order Till The Wheels Fall Off  directly from Bob Wayne at CM Distro. 

…or on Amazon.

14 Comments to “Video Premier – Bob Wayne’s ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’ EPK”

  • a w e s o m e

    One of the best things about our genre is following the trajectory of the bands we are so into. Bob Wayne is one of my favorites and I’ll be one of the first downloaders after midnight Tuesday to experience where life has taken him on this tour. And until the day I die “I’ll Get There When I Get There” will give me Muddy Roots memory goosebumps.


  • way better than taylor swift


  • i really admire the guys DIY attitude and grit but just based off this clip and a couple others i got off youtube i really dont get why youd bother to promote him on your website. almost all of the bands youve featured on your website have been at least good and usually much more than that so maybe i shouldnt bitch but i did anyways.

    ps- i like new hank and i love the Pogues so its not just me hating on the kind of music wayne is playing.


    • Dude. What the fuck is your point? I know it isn’t that Bob isn’t “at least good.”


    • Bob Wayne is a hard sell to some folks, and I have been up from and honest about that over the years. Other folks love him. Since there’s two sides to his music and the one that’s easy to pick up on is the hellbilly, bandana pulled down low persona, this turns some folks off. But I’ve always asserted that Bob is a great songwriter if you dig into his discography. He may not be for everyone, and that is OK. It’s also OK that some folks do like him even if you don’t. The reason I released this EPK is because his label asked me if I would. This is a courtesy I would extent to any artist who fits the format, regardless of what I personally feel about the artist or project.

      I’ll have a review of his album in a few days where I’ll elaborate more on these points.


    • i really did like the guys attitude and drive so now i feel like a dick for what i posted. i should have been more careful of the wording or better yet just kept my mouth shut. im sure wayne has heard worse and probably could care less what i think of his music but i am sorry for posting negativity based on just 3 random youtube clips.


  • I have to admit, I bought outlaw carnie and thought it was just ok…but every song ive heard off this new album (all 3 of them) have been solid gold, songs I actually want to hear again and again. I’ll definitely be buying this one the day it comes out.


  • Holy shit, it gets funnier everytime. How old is Bob?

    Another album of “fuck you, fuck the cops, fuck the world, I’m trouble stay away girls, blah blah blah….fuck fuck fuck”

    If there is so much more to Bob Wayne, where the fuck is it? I think the wheels have come off…motherfucker.


    • How the fuck old are you? How many times are you gonna talk shit on bob wayne? If you don’t like him, and you’ve made that clear a LOT, Why the fuck would you even click on this post? Further more why leave a comment? Bob has plenty of fans, Dude. Theres plenty of people that love his songs and live shows. So go suck jamey johnsons balls some more you negative prick!


  • i think the new record is amazing its his best yet his songwriting skills keep getting better and better


  • By now, we should know what Bob Wayne is all about. And first of all we know he is one of the really hard working artists in any genre of music. It’s our luck he makes country-music. The other thing we know is that he is one of the greatest story-tellers in country-music. There is a limitation in the themes of the stories, but that’s alright. If you’re not into his themes by now, I don’t think you ever will be. And that’s alright too. Just don’t complain that he only writes songs about the devil, drinking, drugs, trucks and one-night-stands. Because it’s all there on the new cd, and it’s damn good. I’ve been listening to it for about a month now (European release was late april), and I’m waiting for the review here.


    • Michiel,
      I appreciate your perspective and the facts you present. I agree he is hard working, but I don’t know that any more credit should be given to him as if he is the only hard worker out in the music biz and sometimes that is the vibe that comes from his fans and even from him. Because an album is put out that might fall short, it really doesn’t make it better that someone put a ton of “work” into it. Great effort, but…

      I agree there is a limitation to true country music themes as a whole, not just Bob’s themes. (this is actually a great point you bring up and hasn’t been discussed much. It certainly should be when we try to debate, what is true country music. There is some limits on themes.) With that, those themes have limitations on every true country artist. But, not many other artists are dropping the F-bomb every other line, or reminding us just how tough/rough/bad ass their life is/was. Take a look at Justin Townes Earle. He sings a lot of drinking/drugging/life on the road. But I don’t hear a ton of F-bombs in his music.

      It is a circle jerk to debate this I guess, but honestly, even the true Bob fans have to see that it is a bit much with the “fuck the law” and “stay away from fucked up guys like me” every single tune. It has nothing to do with the themes/topics, it is the presentation, and I guess I expect more as an artist develops. I would have the same critique of my favorite bands.

      I’m interested to see how Trigger sees it with this album.


      • Well, the record didn’t fall short for me, I really like it, and I guess I have become a true Bob Wayne fan since I first heard him on III’s cd. It’s true, presentation is a big part of the deal, but an artist needs a good presentation. Everybody knew how the Ramones would look when they played live. Same with Bob. And the first time I saw Bob Wayne live, I guess I was willing to fall for that image, and believe that part of the stories he told could have happened for real. So he introduces Fuck the law: “I just got kicked out of Canada, for good. True story”. But it’s also a very fun singalong after a hard day’s work, and it’s also the language people will use when someone tells them a real true story about an encounter with the law. In that perspective I won’t let all the bad language and the bad guy image stand in the way of enjoying this new cd. It’s part of life that you sometimes feel like kicking against the pricks, at least I do. Bob Wayne for me is the perfect soundtrack, cause I really love the kind of country-music he plays. Other artists for other moods or circumstances, like Justin Townes Earle, Scott H. Biram, just name them. I don’t play Bob Wayne all the time, but when I play him, I know why I play him.
        By the way, part of the reason I put out Bob working so hard, is that I have more chances to see him over here in Holland, so I’ll enjoy it till the wheels fall off, for Bob or for me. We’ll see.


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