Wade Bowen to Release Self-Titled Album October 28th

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wade-bowenTexas country star Wade Bowen is set to release his 5th studio album on October 28th, and the self-titled affair will see Bowen break away from the bonds of a major label to reclaim his creative freedom. The album is said to be a new beginning for Bowen, and finds the Waco, TX native at “…the turning of the page to a place where the music becomes a little bit freer, a little bit looser, and a lot more intimate. This is the sound of catharsis, of Bowen released from major label bonds to find himself on his own again – ragged from the storm, but finally, back on shore. In short, this is the Wade Bowen, the real thing.”

Bowen says of the new music, “The focus was to talk about what I’ve been through—to get personal. Everything I’ve been through lead me to this.”

After Bowen released his last album The Given on BNA Records in May of 2012, fans were treated to some new music in late August of 2013 in the form of “Songs About Trucks” written by Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally. It was anti “Bro-Country” before being anti “Bro-Country” was cool, and went on to be nominated for Saving Country Music’s “Song of the Year.”

wade-bowen-self-titledSince Wade left the band West 84 in 2001, he has become a staple of the Texas country airwaves and radio charts, and a leading member of the strong community that exists around the music in Texas. His Wade Bowen Classic golf tournament and concert has become the standard-bearer for celebrity charity events in Texas msuic, and the 16th Annual event in 2014 drew over 4,000 people over the June 1st weekend to raise a quarter of a million dollars for Wade’s Bowen Family Foundation.

As part of the announcement of the new album, Wade Bowen has released a new song called “When I Woke Up Today” (listen below). “I just started analyzing the road and my passion to put up with so much to ‘make a dream fly,” Bowen says about the track. “I’m still here! It’s like I tell people, the road has tried to get rid of me but I’m still here!”

Listen to New Song “When I Woke Up Today”

Bowen is also currently on tour.

18 Comments to “Wade Bowen to Release Self-Titled Album October 28th”

  • Glad to see WB get a mention here. Might not have the truest country sound, but he just makes damn good music.


  • When I first heard about Wade’s “major label deal,” I had reservations and while I tried to be happy about his success, I had a bad feeling about it. Nice to see he is back where he belongs–talented, plus he works hard, and is one of the nicest guys on the Texas music scene you will ever meet.


    • Don’t know if you actually got that album but if you didn’t, it actually wasn’t a bad album and in my opinion it was the same Wade Bowen I heard from “If We Ever Make it Home” that said his newest song is actually good but my reservation about this one is if he’s performing this live in a higher chord pitch like he does with “Trouble” I’m gonna start laughing.


      • I agree with you EO. I thought ” The Given” was good and sounded like most of his previous stuff. Maybe it wasn’t as rowdy as the sound like maybe from a live album like ” Live at The Blue Light ” but still sounded like Wade. Plus him and Guy Clark on TVZ’s ” To Live Is to Fly ” was dang good too.


        • You gotta admit though, that album was very heavy on the ballads but very good ballads especially on the last track “Before These Walls Were Blue” but I prefer to not explain reasons why out of respect for people’s opinions on a certain subject matter.


      • Yes, I do have that album, but as I recall, he felt it was “incomplete” because he had to force the record label to release it after a delay and a full album was supposed to come out later which never happened.


  • Nice can we get Jack Ingram back too please?


  • Love Wade Bowen. He has one of the best voices in country music today, in my opinion. He also sang a part in an anti-bro song with Will Hoge. The live version from Musicfest was awesome.


  • Wade is probably my favorite texas artist. I’ve met him a time or two and is always super nice and seems to be a very genuine guy. Every time I’ve seen him live he always sounds great and on point. Being from Alabama his stuff is not that popular here, but when I do introduce him to people they always say ” I can’t believe he’s not on the radio.” Can’t see myself ever not being a fan of his.


  • If We Ever Make it Home is easily one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Lost Hotel and The Given are solid but they don’t even touch it. I hope this new album can bring me back to the feeling I had when I first listened to If We Ever Make it Home.

    Best artist on the Texas scene, in my opinion, and I think it’s because he has a better balance between sappy and happy than most other Texas artists.


  • Couldn’t agree more with some of you.

    Bowen is loving proof you can have a “new” sound but still have so much substance to your music. I cannot take his CDs out of my truck since I discovered them.


  • I’ve been pretty critical of a lot of the Texas country stuff for being very anti-Nashville but being very pro “sounding like Matchbox 20 with a fiddle” but I like Bowens stuff a lot. Even that last album had a lot of good songs on it.


    • You gotta admit, Matchbox 20 have a very interesting sound. I think it’s great that they’ve influenced some Texas artists like Casey Donahew.


      • I think that Matchbox 20 has just about the least interesting sound possible. Their sound is the most vanilla, straight-forward, bland rock I can think of.


        • Well, you’re overlooking something. Their first two albums, particularly Mad Season, have a ton of interesting instrumental additions in songs.

          And simple isn’t a bad thing if it’s as good as “Real World” or “Push” or “Long Day” or “Black and White People.”


  • Very sincere nice guy. Who does lots of good things for folks. The last album was mellow but good. Perhaps this one will be a little more hard charging looking foward to finding out.


  • I got his I think debut album when he was still with West 84, honestly when I bought it I didn’t even know he was part of that group. I just bought the album because it looked good, and it was! The when I was reading the liner notes I saw he was the lead singer. Wade has several really good songs and I like When I Woke Up Today. Somewhat modern sounding but lyrically it is stronger than most of the stuff Nashville has been putting out, so long live Texas Country/Red Dirt!


  • I’ve always loved Wade Bowens music. It’s definitely not hardcore country, but it’s just good music. And in the end, that’s all that matters to me. Wade has always delivered on his albums. He never leaves you with that “what the hell was that?” feeling when you hear his new material for the first time. He is very genuine and honest in what he does. He’s not out there trying to be something he’s not, and in today’s world, that means a hell of a lot.


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