It is said that in this world of ours 1% of people are actually pushing the cart, and the rest are just riding in the back. Well Darren of Montana Section 08 Productions is one of that 1%.

This guy is a promoter up in Montana, but in truth he’s done so much more for Outlaw Country, Punk ,and Roots Music. I found out about Bloodshot Bill and Rachel Brooke from this dude to name a few.

YOU NEED TO ADD THIS DUDE AND SUPPORT WHAT HE’S DOING! If true music is ever going to survive, or futhermore, break out, it’s going to be because of dudes like this working ’till their dick’s dragging in the dirt behind the scenes; the dudes you never hear about working their asses off to promote the music and the people.

I would say more, but one of the members of Broom wrote this a few weeks ago, and its so spot on I decided I wouldn’t try to top it:

“BrooM just wants to give there respect to another fellow Montanan who busts his ass to promote music that deserves to be heard. His name is Darren and he recognizes talent as well as the atrocity of the top 40 music scene. Never before has someone spent so much energy getting the true players out there since the outlaws were recorded. Nashville is supposedly the home of country music, honky-tonk, western swing, and all that is good about American roots music. The problem is that there is such a monopolizing cold blooded commercial control on the music that is released.

The record companies publicize only the glamorous pretty faces that they have produced. I had first hand experience with this when I worked at a local country radio station. I wanted to play what I knew would be popular and catch on, however; the station like many was being payed off to play what all of the clone stations were playing, nothing new unless the top of the house recognized them. I personally love Hank III, and Wayne Hancock, and every old school outlaw country lover appreciates them as soon as I let them listen. The constant following question is always “Why haven’t I heard this before, why isn’t this on the radio?” The reason is they don’t want the blood sucking conspiracy to profit off of their originality. If you want to know what you have been missing and wonder what happened to country; I encourage you to go to my brother’s page and witness it for your self.

Follow the links of the Artists he supports, do internet searches and YouTube searches and see what you have been missing. Fuck top 40 Pop bullshit, find out who the Artists are that are really out there doing something on there own personal energy and really riding the bus to get there music out there. I salute section 8 productions!!! Add this wonderful god send to your friends so you will know where the real music is at in Montana. Go out and support the real deal.”

This blog and a few other blogs I’m going to write in the next few days are set up to a series of blogs I’m going to write in the future called ‘Let’s Go Save Country Music,’ so stay tuned. And if you like what you’re reading here, please leave comments or kudos to help promote these blogs and the causes I’m trying to support. AND ADD MONTANA SECTION 08!

Thank You Darren !!

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