2012 Muddy Roots Festival LIVE Blog

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the Saving Country Music LIVE blog from the 2012 Muddy Roots Festival! This will be a running timeline of pictures, observances, news, festival updates, and funny quips from the Muddy Roots site for festival goers and the folks that can’t make it and wish to live the experience vicariously.

A few housekeeping items: I’m starting the timeline early with the setup days so posts might be sparse to begin, but please check back over the weekend as things heat up. And if this page gets too long, I might launch subsequent blogs for each day or something; we’ll figure it out as we go.

For more detailed information on the fest and to purchase tickets, please visit the Muddy Roots Website or check out Saving Country Music’s Muddy Roots Field Guide.

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9/3 12:35 PM – On Suday of the fest I was completely unable to connect to the internet, and then the rains came and I was pressed into full-time duty for the fest. So as you can see the “live” blog suffered, but here’s a few more pictures. I will be posting a full recap of the festival in the coming days!

Adam Lee w/ Kody Oh! of the Calamity Cubes and Beth Chisman

Don’t ask…

My Graveyard Jaw

Pine Box Boys w/ Husky Burnette

The Queen of Underground Country, Rachel Brooke

Pine Hill Haints in the crowd

Dr. Ralph Stanley braving the rain to play Stage 2

The Everymen on the main stage after the rain.


9/2 12:15 PM – Joe Buck amongst a sea of fans.

9/2 12:10 PM – All the talk of rain and Issac spoiling the weekend, except for two passing light showers, the weather has been mostly dry. Friday was very hot and muggy, but Saturday was about as good weather as you could wish for this time of year in middle Tennessee. Sunday there’s a better chance of rain, but so far all the big stuff has passed north and south. Here’s Saturday night headliner The Reverend Horton Heat on the main stage.

9/2 12:00 PM – If you want the best story from the 2012 Muddy Roots Festival, this one might be it. Word got out to the festival that 80-something blues legend Robert Belfour had been in a bad wreck on the highway and wouldn’t be able to perform. Right before another band took the stage as a replacement, he showed up. In a tow truck. With the tow truck driver carrying his guitar and amp. Now if that ain’t the blues, I’ll eat my hat. The tow truck driver stayed through the whole set and attended to the needs of Robert, and when he was done, chauffeured him off. Pictured below Robert Belfour is is his friend L.C. Ulmer who regaled the crowd by chicken walking across the stage and playing behind his back.

9/2 4:30 AM – Well my ability to connect to the internet Saturday night went from deplorable to impossible. I have many stories to tell, but let me first tide you over with some pictures.

The Calamity Cubes! on the main stage.

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Stage 2 headliners Saturday night.

Restavrant, who closed out the night at 2:45 AM

9/1 6:55 PM – That bus pulling up at the top of the hill belongs to tonight’s headliner The Reverend Horton Heat.

9/1 6:20 PM – Unfortunately Left Lane Cruiser had to cancel, so we plucked Ray Lawrence Jr. out of the crowd and put him on stage!

9/1 6:15 PM – Hellfire Revival after their set on Stage 2.

9/1 6:10 PM – Don Maddox congratulates Dad Horse Experience  on a great set!

9/1 5:18 PM – Dad Horse Experience came out all the way from Germany to play Muddy Roots. He’s a avant-guarde bajor-playing weirdo with a thick German accent. So how did it go over? Amazing. He took two encores.

9/1 5:15 PM – Now THAT’S dedication. Check out the Muddy Roots ink:

9/1 3:35 PM – One of my biggest takeaways from 2012 Muddy Roots will be the Defibulators from New York. Excellent songwriting and substance from this band without sacrificing the fun factor. Loved these dudes.

9/1 3:28 PM – Muddy Roots Lunch Day 2: Fish Tacos

9/1/ 3:15 PM – The beautiful Pearls Mahone on Stage 2

9/1 1:10 PM – Lunchtime counts for early morning at Muddy Roots. Peewee Moore got things kicked off on the main stage this morning, and if that won’t wake you up, the Celtic country punk of Cuttthroat Shamrock will.

9/1 11:10 AM– Just getting moving around after a night of music that didn’t end until 3 AM. Jayke Orvis was the final show of Friday on Stage 2, and even thought he didn’t start until about 1:45, the crowd was huge. Two great moments when JB Beverley and Rachel Brooke came up to sing tunes. Got some great video of the Jayke/Rachel duet “Hold Me Tight” I can’t wait to share. At 2:30 AM they shut the sound off, so Jayke and the band just went out into the crowd and played acoustic. It was a pretty memorable moment.

9/1 1:05 AM – The Legendary Shack Shakers are living up to their legendary name under the second stage tent. I got a ton of amazing shots. Perfect combination of light, smoke, dust, and energy. I’ll share this one for now.

9/1 1:00 AM – One of the most authentic performers you will find. James Hand on the Muddy Roots main stage.

8/31 11:35 PM Bob Wayne murdering it on Stage 2 right now!

8/31 11:20 PM Another awesome picture. Dale Watson w/ Little Jimmy Dickens. Dale played right after Jimmy on the main stage.(Joe Buck in the forefront in second picture).

8/31 7:50 PM – Don Maddox on the Main Stage!

8/31 7:45 PM – Amazing moment w/ JD Wilkes, Avery from The Gallows, Kody Oh! from the Calamity Cubes, and others jamming on stage!

8/31 7:40 PM – Coolest picture of the fest yet. Little Jimmy Dickens and Don Maddox hanging out, getting ready for their sets on the main stage!

8/31 6:15 PM – While we were gone, Filthy Still drew one of the biggest Stage 2 crowds I’ve ever seen at Muddy Roots, Lone Wolf OMB absolutely rocked it, and Husky Burnette is throwing the filthy blues down right now!

8/31 5:55 PM – Alright folks, so after someone walked off with my camera, trying to post from my phone fried all my other posts from today. Finally found the camera, and got the posts restored. Sorry for the inconvenience!

8/31 2:45 PM – Muddy Roots has begun! Johnny Foodstamp has taken the stage!

8/31 2:35 – Fry Pharmacy that uses the original gear from Nashville’s famous Studio “B” will be out at Muddy Roots recording all weekend!

8/31 2:25 – My lunch was provided by Bayport BBQ’s Chris Johnson, the same man who founded the Deep Blues Fest. Two guns up!

8/31 2:00 – Well the music doesn’t start for another 30 minutes, but folks have been jamming on vendor alley and in the campround all last night and today. Lone Wolf OMB found some jamming buddies!

8/31 1:00 PM – HA! JB Beverly has been buzzing the campground in a Shriner-sized homade motorbike thingy with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. Music starts in 1 1/2 hours!

8/31 11:40 – Jack White’s Third Man Records mobile record store has arrived!

8/31 11:30 – Vendor row is just about full. I’m blown away by the variety of food here this year. Greek, Gator, Jamaican, World Famous Bayport BBQ all the way from Minnesota, a hippie bus serving up who knows what, I just hope there’s enough time to sample it all before the end of the weekend.

8/31 11:15 AM: Fans and vendors came streaming in all last night and now the grounds are beginning to fill up. Only a few of the choice camping spots in the shade of the tress are left. Folks are pumped for the music that will begin at 2:30 PM on Stage 2.

8/30 9:15 PM: Folks have been rolling in like crazy here. The site is really filling up and the fest doesn’t officially start until tomorrow. Have seen Viva Le Vox, Filthy Still, Rusty Knuckles Records, J.B. Beverly, and a bunch of other folks roll in through the front gate.

8/30 3:00 PM: The dignitaries keep rolling in. Just saw Chris Johnson, the Godfather of the Deep Blues Fest and his entourage show up. And Rachel Brooke, fiance Junk, Rachel’s brother and traveling party just pulled up in Rachel’s grandmother’s Class C RV.

8/30 2:45 PM: The Voodoo Kings Car Club volunteering to build the doors for the cabins. These are some good dudes!

8/30 12:50 PM : Have seen some concerned about weather. The Issac remnants are scheduled to go significantly west and north of the fest at the moment. The forecast may say 30% chance of rain, but more than likely it will rain a bit for maybe 15-20 each day and then pass. Please special provisions have been made for rain this year.  Stage 2 and Stage 3 are on higher ground, and the tents are bigger to accommodate more folks. Don’t let weather be the reason you don’t make it to Muddy Roots!

8/30 12:30 PM: Muddy Roots ain’t just about music, it’s got kick ass food too. The Gator man just finished setting up!

8/30 11:155 AM: Cabin city is almost complete. A crew has been working for weeks to provide air-conditioned cabins. Put the doors on and they’re done!

8/30 10:35 AM: The Dad Horse Experience, the performer trekking the farthest away (Germany) is the first to arrive and is helping with setup!

Wednesday night 8/29: We’ve been working all day getting the site ready to go. Tents are in the air!

A couple of things worth noting: In the Field Guide I said that the word was AT&T phones were working, but I found reception on my AT&T smartphone VERY spotty. The older yout AT&T phone is, the more likely you will have reception. Also if you notice from the pictures below, Stage 2 has been moved farther back than last year so it is on higher ground and because it is a much bigger tent, so plan for longer walks between Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 3 is in the middle.

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