2nd Accuser Further Implicates Jimmie Allen in Sexual Misconduct

The situation for disgraced country music star Jimmie Allen has gone from bad to worse. On Friday, June 9th, a new lawsuit was brought against Allen by a second alleged victim claiming battery, assault, and invasion of privacy. It comes on the heels of the allegations made public on May 11th that Jimmie Allen raped and sexually assaulted his day-to-day manager over a prolonged period. Both lawsuits have been brought by lawyer Elizabeth Fagan of the Chicago Law Firm FeganScott and were filed in the United States District Court of Tennessee.

Furthermore, according to lawyer Elizabeth Fagan, other victims and lawsuits may be revealed in the future. “Since Jane Doe filed her case last month, we’ve heard from others who share similar experiences,” Fagan says in a statement.

The new alleged victim going by Jane Doe 2 claims that she met Jimmie Allen on a flight. Afterwards, Allen’s bodyguard Charles Hurd followed her into the airport and told her that Allen wanted her phone number, which she provided. After months of calls and text messages between Allen and Jane Doe 2, they agreed to meet in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in July of 2022. Jane Doe 2 voluntarily met Allen in the bedroom, but allegedly told him she was not on birth control and repeatedly said she did not want him to ejaculate inside of her.

According to the alleged victim, Jimmie Allen said he wanted to get her pregnant, and ultimately did ejaculated inside of her despite her requests. Distressed by the incident, Jane Doe 2 said she became desperate to get a separate hotel room and to find a morning after pill. As she was gathering her belongings to leave the room, she discovered a cell phone set up in a closet focused on the bed and recording their interaction.

“She had not consented to being recorded and did not know what he intended to do with the recording,” Jane Doe 2’s lawyers say. “Plaintiff grabbed the phone, stopped the recording, and hit delete. However, she could not further access the phone without his passcode and knew that the video would still exist in his deleted items folder.”

While Jimmie Allen was passed out, Jane Doe 2 took the phone with her, booked a new flight to her home in Sacramento, California, and gave the phone over to the local police when she arrived. The local police then told the alleged victim to report the incident to the Las Vegas Police Department. At this time, the Las Vegas Police have not confirmed whether there is an open investigation into the matter, but it’s the Las Vegas Police Department’s policy to not make reports available on pending investigations.

Though it appears the initial interactions between Jimmie Allen and Jane Doe 2 were consensual, the alleged incident implicates Allen even further when combined with the original allegations from Jane Doe 1. Allen’s day-to-day manager claimed that one of the reasons she did not come forward initially was due to Allen taping certain interactions and photographing her nude, then then using these images as blackmail over her. A second allegation of Jimmie Allen taping sex acts strengthens this claim.

In response to the initial allegations, Jimmie Allen admitted to a relationship with his day-to-day manager, but claimed it was consensual. Allen’s wife left him shortly before the allegations surfaced, and he apologized to his wife, alluding that the incident was isolated. Further alleged victims would complicate this claim from Allen.

In response to the second set of allegations, Jimmie Allen’s label BBR has officially dropped the country singer, who previously had only been suspended by the label. “BBR Music Group has dissolved its relationship with Jimmie Allen,” the label told Variety. “He is no longer an active artist on its roster.”

Allen’s management, booking agent, and publicist have all dropped the 37-year-old as well, and most events Allen was previously scheduled to appear at have cancelled his performances.

Jimmie Allen won the 2021 CMA Best New Artist award, as well as the 2021 ACM Best New Male Artist award, and was considered a fast rising star in country music with three #1 radio singles.

Jimmie Allen has not addressed the second set of allegations, and despite his claims of innocence, has yet to launch a counter suit against Jane Doe 1.

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