.357 on Outlaw / Free Joecephus Download

.357 String BandJust a couple of quick things:

Tonight (11-24) Outlaw Radio Chicago will have the greatness of the .357 String Band on the show. You can listen LIVE at 9 PM Central at punkandbeansradio.com, and as always if you miss it you can listen or download it the next day at savingcountrymusic.com/outlaw-radio.

There are so many new podcasts popping up and doing cool things that I can’t keep up, so I’m working on putting together sort of a podcast TV Guide so to speak, so that people can easily see when podcasts are being aired or released, and what the content is. Once done it will probably live on the savingcountrymusic.com/podcasts page. You can also check out the Radio & Podcasting forum on the Saving Country Music message board for more podcast information.

And while you’re getting your listen on, Joecephus &The George Jonestown Massacre, who describe themselves as the link between Merle Haggard and Motorhead, are offering their self-titled album for FREE DOWNLOAD. You can download it by CLICKING HERE and choosing your price as $0.00. They’re only offering it free THIS WEEK, so get that done.

–Triggerman out.

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