91 Year Old Willie Nelson Makes Return to Stage After Prolonged Illness

Willie Nelson performing at the Luck Reunion in March

Thank goodness.

We’d be lying if we didn’t say it’s been a tense couple weeks of nail biting and refreshing news feeds for many fans of Willie Nelson and country music. The 91-year-old was forced to cancel multiple shows on his current Outlaw Festival tour due to an unspecified illness, and even though the cancellations came with assurances that he was expected to make a speedy recovery, at 91, all illnesses feel touch and go.

It also didn’t help that on a couple of occasions, official missives set a future return date for Willie, only to be pushed back once again. Willie Nelson missed seven stops total on the Outlaw Festival, with disappointed, but understanding fans getting fill-in performances by Willie’s son and heir apparent to Nelson’s legacy, Lukas Nelson.

But all is right in the world on the night of July 4th, unless you’re a dog with a strong aversion to fireworks. On Tuesday (7-2) when announcing that Willie would miss yet another Outlaw Festival stop in Mansfield, MA, they assured that Willie would make the stage for his annual 4th of July Picnic in Camden, New Jersey. Lo and behold, this time the promises held, and Willie took the stage to a standing ovation.

It’s still worth emphasizing that Will Nelson is 91 years old. Most humans don’t live that long, let alone go traipsing across the country on tour, while also releasing albums at a two-per-year clip like Willie has been doing. His latest album The Border was just released on May 31st.

Don’t take for granted what a marvel it is to see Willie, and if you care about such things, don’t pass the opportunity up. Some have been seeing Willie every year for the last decade plus, worrying it might be the last time, and then he defies odds once again.

From Camden, NJ to around the United States and world, Willie Nelson fans can breath a sigh of relief, at least for now. All is right with the world, and Willie is still around and singing.

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