A BIG Thank You to ALL! (+ other stuff)

First Off:

I was going to write a proper roasting of this year’s CMA’s, but the Hank III Coalition did such a proper job, there’s not much more that can be said.

IBWIP has a new podcast up, with interviews with Blake Judd and Keith Neltner from the Metal Farm release party in Cinci! Gotta go listen to it!

Hank III continues to be at the top of the Billboard Country Charts despite virtually NO mainstream radio play. To be in the top 25 three weeks running with little promotion and no radio support is one hell of an accomplishment my friends.


I feel like it is time to take a moment and really spell out what you, my readers, mean to the Free Hank III / Saving Country Music movement, and these blogs specifically.

I feel like I don’t say thank you enough, and I’m always scared of starting to thank individual people because there are so many people who contribute so many different things to this that I’m afraid I will leave someone out.

I get comments on the blogs and emails from people saying what a wonderful blogger I am, and I appreciate these comments, but you have to understand that these blogs have just as much to do with YOU as they do with me. I’m just the conduit, so to speak. YOU write these blogs just as much as I do. I write about OUR interests, OUR struggle, and the energy you give me, from comments, kudos, or even simply just reading is ESSENTIAL to putting these blogs together. I could NEVER justify the time and energy I put into them if I did not have some of the best readers in the WORLD.

Even when people disagree with me. Even the people who read these blogs because they think it is like watching a train wreck, you all contribute to making these blogs happen. For everyone that reads this blog and comments, there are 6-10 people that don’t comment, but I know you’re there, and the energy you bring to the thing is no less diminished by your silence.

If you see a good blog written here, you should pat YOURSELF on the back. Like I’ve said from the beginning Free Hank III is not me, some dude sitting behind a keyboard, it is ALL OF US.

And the appreciation and love I have for all of you cannot be put into words. To be put in the position to be able to speak for all of you is an honor I will cherish for the rest of my life, even if this is the last blog I ever write.

Nashville might look at us as a bunch of hayseed, hick, redneck, white trash, smelly, drugged up psychos, and Nashville might be right. But all of you low-lifes are like brothers and sisters to me, and whether we win all of our battles or not, the brotherhood we have forged here can never be destroyed.

So in the truest sense of the word.


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