A savingcountrymusic.com Forum?

When I first started savingcountrymusic.com, I thought about adding a forum, a message board, but for a few reasons I decided to delay it. Well recently I have had quite a few people mentioning the idea to me, and with the rapidly increasing traffic to the website I am exploring the idea.

The main appeal to me to have a forum would be that there is so much info out there about Insurgent/Outlaw country, and I just don’t have the time to cover it all. Also, some things are not worthy of full articles or blogs. So this would give me, and more importantly, all of you, the ability to get, give, and share information, and even better, that information would be archived so people could find it in the future. It could be a place for bands to get info out to their fans as well.

One reason I was reluctant to do this is because I am a member of a few message boards, and don’t want to eat into their traffic or discussions. But none of those have a place where people can talk about causes like Reinstate Hank, Free Hank III, and the movements to put legends into The Hall of Fame. Some of them are not particularly friendly to bands using them as well, something I would want to focus on. And I would want it to focus on ALL country that is not mainstream, and also include blues, rockabilly, psychobilly, cowpunk, etc.

So what I need from you is suggestions. This would NOT be my forum, it would be OUR forum, YOUR forum. We are ALL Saving Country Music. Do you think it is a good idea, or a bad one? What would you want it to include? What would you want it NOT to include? What do you like/dislike about other forums? Do you think there would be enough people involved to make it worth it? Don’t be shy, and if you want you can send me a private message through MySpace if you don’t want to comment publicly.

The other thing I would need to know is how many people might really want to be involved in it. All the good message boards always have a core group of people involved that keep the thing going. And depending on how much traffic we get and what kind of problems we have with spam, I might need a few moderators to keep the forum clean. It would be an “anything goes” forum, but I don’t want it getting bogged down with junk. So if you want to be a forum moderator or in any other way help out with it, let me know.

Lastly it will cost me a little time and $$$ to put it together, so don’t be shy using the Amazon portal on the website to do your shopping, music or otherwise, to help pay for the project and the additional server space I will need. You can download MP3’s there too, and they’re cheaper than iTunes, and aren’t corrupted with “no share” crap like iTunes has. Using the Amazon portal kicks back a few pennies to the website, and it doesn’t cost you one penny more. Also if you have a business and want to become a sponsor, get in touch with me through MySpace.

So let me know what you think !

–Triggerman out.

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