After 2 Year Delay, Garth Brooks to Finally Release “Fun”

Leave it to Garth Brooks to figure out how to finagle life to make sure he has some product to place on an end cap come Christmastime. This year it will be a re-release of his Triple Live Deluxe package, which is a 30-song, 3-CD set from the Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood originally released in June of 2018, that also will include some new tracks from his recent stadium tour. Brooks is the master of selling you the same songs two, three, four, or seven, or eight times in separate packaging, and this November 20th release fits the profile.

But most importantly, Garth Brooks will finally be letting loose of his latest studio album Fun on November 20th as well, which some fans have had money tied up in via pre-orders for nearly 2 1/2 years. The 14-song record will include 7 songs already released intermittently beginning in 2018, as well as a rendition of the song “Shallow” with wife Trisha.

Garth’s latest studio album was put up for pre-order as part of his exclusive distribution deal with Amazon way back on June 19th, 2018. When the album was posted for pre-order, a lead single was also released called “All Day Long,” as well as a B-side called “The Road I’m On.” Aside from these two tracks, fans had no further details on the album, not even the name, let alone hints on the style, the scope, a cover, or a track list for the record to peruse over. And if you wanted to receive both of the new Garth songs, you had no choice but to pre-order the record through Amazon.

And so many people did, expecting to get the new record in the coming months. After all, this was Garth, and Amazon—not some fly-by-night up-and-comer with a crowdfunding campaign. But the final six months of 2018 passed without a word of when then new record fans had already pre-ordered would be released. It wasn’t even until January 21st, 2019—over six months later—that Garth finally revealed the title of the new record as Fun.

It should be out probably sometime this spring,” Garth said at the time. He meant to spring of 2019.

Garth says the reason for the delay is because of the “trying and difficult times.” But of course, that wasn’t the case throughout 2019 and into the spring of 2020, as he kept filibustering while fans became more an more unruly about the matter. If you want a good cross section of the sentiment (and a chuckle), check out some of the 1-star reviews from Amazon.

But Fun is finally here. Leave it to Garth to wait over two years to release a record fans pre-ordered, and when doing so, act like he’s doing us all a big favor by finally releasing it. We still don’t have a track list, but we do have a fairly creepy cover.

Man this guy makes it so hard to be an apologist for.

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