Agridustrial & Free Music from the Shack Shakers

Th' Legendary Shack Shakers For years Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers and their fans have used the term “Agridustrial” to describe their unique rock/country/punk/blues sound, and now they have decided to etch the term on their latest long player, due to come out on April 13th. Agridustrial will be the bands 7th album, and they are releasing the first single “Sin Eater” free to anyone for the asking.

Go to their myspace site or, look for the “Free Download” buttons, cough up your email addy, and it’s yours.

The verbage the band has put out about this album is intriguing to say the least. Though certainly written by a sympathetic party, it speaks in a lost eloquence of the post-apocalyptic themes that the Shack Shakers music embodies.

“Picture it: the rustic grind of rural America. The cacophonous crunch and wheeze of motor-driven rock songs accompany the sound of corroded farm implements awakened to service once again. The soundtrack of a time when strip malls will choke with ivy and the vestiges of overdevelopment will be razed and plowed up for acreage. The Legendary Shack Shakers confront an America that is in decay on their seventh full-length album, AGRIDUSTRIAL.”

Th' Legendary Shack Shakers Agridustrial Agri Dustrial“AGRIDUSTRIAL is the statement of an American band fighting back against a society gone mad with greed and the usurpation of basic human dignities. The southern ethos is set on high, as the band explores the stories and values of those that have trod the path from our agrarian past, as testimony to those that will have to live it again . . . Even the sound of AGRIDUSTRIAL is a direct response to the present day recession in foreshadowing the looming collapse that awaits to return us back to self-sufficiency.”

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Over the past few years, with projects like the Seven Signs Film, the front man of the Shack Shakers, Col. JD Wilkes, has begun to position himself not only as one of the best and last true frontmen in modern music, but as a full-blown Southern intellectual, with a fresh and wise perspective, and an eye for the rabid dichotomy of Southern living and land.

JD and The Shack Shakers have my ear, and this album is on the short list for must have albums this year.

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