Album Info on “A Bitter Harvest”

When I first heard that Rachel Brooke and Lonesome Wyatt from Those Poor Bastards were teaming up on an album, I just about fell out of my chair. Though this pairing kind of came out of left field, it made complete and perfect sense to me, and this immediately became my most anticipated 2009 album release, in a year when some heavy hitters have been releasing albums.

Since the news first came out about this project, my anticipation has only grown. Both Rachel and Lonesome seem really happy with how the project turned out, and when I talked to Rachel’s squeeze Rick Ness from the .357 String Band a their show a while back, he said they’d been listening to it on the road, and it was mind blowing.

I can’t express to you how geeked out I am about this release. Two great songwriters with Lonesome Wyatt’s creativity with recording can only be good.

Well they just announced today that the release date will be July 6th, and they also released cover art and a track list:

A Bitter Harvest

    1. This Painful Summer
    2. Poor Desperate Fools
    3. Scars
    4. Someday I’ll Fall
    5. Crippled Farms
    6. Only the Booze
    7. Darkness
    8. Never Forget (These Nightmares Are Mine)
    9. Empty House
    10. Give Up And Die

They also said:

“There will be a limited edition/hand numbered version of the LP that will be pressed on white vinyl with a black haze effect. Only 100 of those awful nightmares will be made. There will also be the regular black vinyl edition so don’t you cry.”

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