All Charges Dropped Against Jesco White.

Jesco has learned, even through complete lack of local media coverage on the matter, that on Monday morning The Dancing Outlaw Jesco White appeared in court, and all charges against him were dropped.

Jesco was arrested on Monday April 27th. He was woken up at his residence in Madison and charged with “Conspiracy for delivery of a controlled substance.” Jesco’s sister Sue was also arrested. The arrests were made after police received a tip that Sue and Jesco had “participated” in buying cocaine. When Jesco was arrested, he wasn’t found in possession of any cocaine. Police said that Sue was found with drugs.

Two days later (April 29th) producers from MTV, who have a new documentary out on the White family called The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia bailed Jesco out of the Southwestern Regional Jail.

When Jesco was arrested, there was much suspicion over the charges, and the potential that the arrest had less to do with the actual sale or possession of drugs, and more to do with unhappiness by local authorities about the drug use depicted in the trailer for the upcoming White Family movie. There has also been some suspicion that the movie, which was produced by Johnny Knoxville, is exploitative of the White family.

Apparently friends and associates of Jesco looked into getting him a lawyer, but Jesco had a lawyer volunteer to represent him, and that lawyer was able to get all the charges removed.

Since then the sister Sue has gone on the run.

I feel compelled to point out that even though the local media in West Virginia was quick to run stories about Jesco’s arrest, they have been silent up to this point on his exoneration. I am not surprised, because during the initial arrest, they seemed more interested in the celebrity factor of the story, rather than doing their job in getting the facts straight, and policing the police, which is the media’s job. Jesco’s lawyer was able to get all the charges dropped, so there must have been at least some holes in the charges.

Jesco White will be appearing on Outlaw Radio tonight, which can be heard at 9 PM CENTRAL on And if you miss it it will be archived later HERE.

You can also read a previous article I wrote about the upcoming White documentary HERE, and a commentary on if the movie is edification or exploitation HERE.

Like I’ve said before about the documentary, in my opinion we should consider it innocent until it has proved itself guilty. Many have decided that the film is a ploy by Johnny Knoxville to exploit the Whites for money. But just like in Jesco’s case, when the facts come out, they might tell a different story.

I want to thank Tiffani and Storm for help on info for this story.

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