All Hank III Albums to be Released on Vinyl LP !!!

Strait To Hell LPAccording to Curb Record’s New Releases page, all three of Hank III’s albums prior to Damn Right, Rebel Proud are going to be released on vinyl on April 18! There are also a couple of Hank Jr. albums to be released on vinyl. We first heard about this on an interview Hank III did with Big G.

Lovesick LPYes vinyl albums are cool to display, but us lovers of vinyl music will swear that the music sounds better without all the digital compressing, regardless of the occasional spit and crackle. What albums I’ve been able to find on vinyl, I record them digitally and then dump them on my music player with as little compression as possible, so you have the great sound of vinyl with the convenience of digital.

Risin Outlaw LPI think that in the coming months and years you are going to be seeing more and more vinyl records. People appreciate their sound, and it is a creative way for record labels to continue to sell music that is not just a digital download.

I’ll be keeping my eye on when these releases become available for pre-order and let you know! I’ll be picking up all three.

There’s a TON (100+) great pictures of the Hank III show in Lubbock, TX on Spotted Lubbock for you to oogle at.

There are also some pictures, videos, and commentary about Hank III’s show in Lubbock, TX on Christophe’s blog. Lots of YouTube videos from the country, Hellbilly, and Assjack sets. Good stuff!

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