Amazon’s 50 $5 Country Albums For August

The best way to buy records is directly from artists at the merch table, or directly from their website if possible. This way the biggest chunk goes directly to the artist. The next best thing is to buy from one of the last of the dying local record stores, though this is becoming less of an option for most people. And if you really want to support the band, buy merch.

But in lieu of these options, and CD Baby have created a mainstream distribution channel for independent artists that years ago would have had only one option for distributing their music: record labels.

Amazon also goes out of their way to promote not just the most popular music, but the cool music as picked by critics and underground fans, and then make creative ways to get that music to people. For all of August, Amazon is offering 50 MP3 country albums for $5. Yeah there’s some Keith Urban crap, but there’s also smaller artists that they put right beside the bigger artists, unlike country radio which only caters to the big boys. Even if people don’t by the albums, seeing Hank III and Ray Wylie Hubbard right beside Eric Church and Tim McGraw gives ALL artists equal footing. No I’m not whoring myself out, I just think its really cool Amazon is doing this. Check it out:

One of the most significant and influential albums of our generation, though the rest of country hasn’t realized that yet.

A Saving Country Music Album Of The Year candidate featuring blazing fast bluegrass. Read my review by CLICKING HERE.

Another Album Of The Year Candidate from a living legend. Read My Review.

Why the super hot, highly talented, alcohol swigging supergirls known as Those Darlins do not get more mentions around here, I don’t know. My REAL country license should probably be revoked for this offense. At $5 this album is a no brainer. Don’t miss the live show if its rolling through your town either.

Other gooduns:

Also not part of this promotion, but Th’ Legendary Shack Shaker’s Agridustrial is only $5 for a limited time.

Check Out All 50

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