An Editor’s Note on Recently-Posted “Rant” Against Walker Hayes & His Album “Boom”




Dear Saving Country Music readers, country music listeners and lovers, fellow journalists, and especially fans of Walker Hayes and the work of country music producer, Shane McAnally,


On December 18th, 2017, I wrote a “rant” entitled, “‘Boom’ By Walker Hayes Is The Worst Album In ‘Country’ Music History. Full Stop.” The point of the rant was to voice my vehement displeasure with the Walker Hayes record—an exercise Saving Country Music takes part in occasionally beyond the regular routine of publishing news, music criticism, and commentary. In that rant, I expressed many inflammatory opinions using outrageous language, employed unsavory swear words and inappropriate expressions, conveyed incredible disgust with the subject matter that brought into question objectivity, and even went as far as to express that I would rather have my genitals cut off and carried away by a carrion bird than listen to the record again.

Though obviously many of the opinions and assertions of the rant were conveyed in jest, and purposely embellished for entertainment purposes, since the posting of the rant there has been some uproar over it by fellow colleagues in the press corps and industry, fans of Walker Hayes, and other concerned parties. This includes Shane McAnally—who I labeled the ‘Country Music Anti Christ’—who addressed the rant on social media with the caption “You mad bro?” And Wide Open Country, who boiled down the arguments made by myself and others against Walker Hayes and Boom as being solely “because Walker Hayes sounds different.”

After taking much time to reflect on the words I used and how I expressed them, including over the observance of the Christmas holiday when much time was spent with family and loved ones, the passing of the New Year which gives natural rise to personal re-evaluation and reflection, and the cooling winds of time in general that have blown over me since the rant was composed and the Walker Hayes record was released, I have decided, after much inward thought and soul searching, many hours of self-judgement and estimation, that I, The Triggerman of Saving Country Music, with all sincerity and honesty, slump shouldered, and with my hat in my hat in my hand . . . stand by every fucking word of that rant, with no regrets, no remorse, and no second-guessing whatsoever, aside from where it could have been even more pointed and poisonous to the cultural rot contained in that wretched Walker Hayes effort.

Whatever integrity was lost by posting the rant against Boom by Walker Hayes, it was well worth it, and worthy of the sacrifice to help slow the spread of that audio pestilence, however marginally so.


Kyle “Trigger” Coroneos

(pronounced Coronas, like two Mexican beers)


Owner/Editor/Founder/Benevolent Dictator –

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