“Aquaman” Actor Jason Momoa Is a Massive Colter Wall Fan

photos: Greg Homolka / DC Films

It’s always cool to see a worthy country and western artist gain the attention of a huge celebrity, especially when they’re otherwise burdened by obscurity due to the massive apparatus of mainstream music not giving them even as much as a sniff of attention. Such is the case with Saskatchewan native and incredible country and western artist Colter Wall. Adding the the “western” to “country” isn’t deprecated language when it comes to Colter and his haunting voice that awakens the moan of the wind across the open Canadian plains, and the howl of the lone wolf burdened by lonesomeness and hunger.

This week well-known American actor Jason Momoa was singing the praises of Colter after seeing him perform at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, Canada on Saturday night (1-19), and later hanging out with him backstage. The native Hawaiian is best known for portraying Aquaman in the DC Comics universe, including in his own dedicated movie on the Aquaman character released in 2018. Jason Momoa has also starred in Game of Thrones, Stargate Atlantis, and the Netflix series Frontier.

“What a weekend I got a lot to post,” Jason Momoa said on Instagram Sunday. “Let’s just start with backstage with the legend Colter Wall. A true artist and gentlemen. All my aloha to the band. Amazing group of men.”

Jason Momoa also shouted out Ft. Worth songwriter Vincent Neil Emerson who opened the Vancouver show, and Kentucky songwriter Ian Noe who is also touring with Colter, known collectively as the Scary Prairie Boys. Look out for Vincent Neil Emerson and Ian Noe, a couple badasses on the come up,” Jason Momoa said.

This isn’t the first time Colter Wall has received high profile shout outs. Multiple wrestlers and other celebrities have sung his praises after hearing his voice and his primitive country songs. Steve Earle once said of him, “The best singer-songwriter I’ve come across in years is a Canadian. His name is Colter Wall. He’s from Saskatchewan, and he’s incredible. His songs are stunning. He’s been listening to the right stuff, and he gets it.”

Colter Wall’s latest record Songs of the Plains was released in October of 2018, and was named a Saving Country Music Most Essential Album.

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