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Here we go!’s 1st Annual Country Music Football Fire Up!

Jessica Simpson & Carrie Underwood Get Nasty!

Well we love to hate both these girls for their fake pop country lip-sync over-modulated bullshit, but apparently they both love to hate each other! Seems Carrie Underwood was once upon a time getting her laundry peeled off by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, but now Jessica Simpson holds that distinction. This has caused a little trouble in pop country paradise:


I’d watch out Carrie, Jessica’s got a mean right hook, and her banshee screech can out crack the plumber’s union!!!

Somebody needs to stick a ball gag in that kisser.

If you ask me, they both should be penalized 15 yards FOR SUCKING ASS !!!!!

Waylon Jennings Snorting Coke in the Raider’s Locker Room

From the Waylon Jennings Autobiography. Check it:

“One half-time, we found ourselves in the locker room of the Oakland Raiders, who were down six nothing to Kansas City.

The pressure in the locker room was unbelievable. Coach John Madden came through the room, took a bottle of Maalox, and drank it straight down.

I was down there with a couple of friends. We got to tooting the Raiders up. We were in two stalls in the bathroom, and we kept hearing “I’m a big man, pass that over here.” We handed it back and forth until pretty soon it was all gone. Oakland went back out on the field and won 54-6.”

‘Dandy’ Don Meredith & Jerry Jeff Walker

Don Meredith was one of the Dallas Cowboy’s first quarterbacks, and after he retired, he became kind of an all-purpose celebrity. At least he did for a few years until he became a complete recluse and moved to a ranch near Santa Fe.

But Don Meredith was good friends with Willie Nelson, and a lot of Texas Outlaws, including Jerry Jeff Walker.

The following YouTube is not Jerry Jeff’s or Don Meridith’s finest hour, in fact there’s a lot that’s just wrong with this. Dinah Shore man, how did people watch that shit? But what I think is funny is when Don is introducing him, he pretty much bashes pop country music. He talks about how he likes country artists that actually write their own songs, and people that are ‘A little bit out of sync.’ Kiss my ass Mr. Roper.

Jerry Jeff is so lit in these videos. His eyelids are doing the half mast thing.

Jerry is most famous for writing ‘Mr. Bojangles,’ but he was also famous for NEVER wanting to play it and getting out right violent when people asked him to. He punched people out, and one time pissed in a potted plant on his way out the door when someone asked him to play it. Watch ‘Dandy’ Don try to soft pedal Jerry Jeff into playing it. It’s actually not a bad version of the song:

I’m picking the San Diego Chargers and Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl, with San Diego winning it.

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