Audio Interview w/ James Hunnicutt

James Hunnicutt

If you do not know who James Hunnicutt is, then you need to take care of that. This is one of the premier guitar pickers out there, and a good singer/songwriter in his own right.

You might remember talking about him in my review of the Wayne Hancock show last week. He is out on tour right now with The Train handling lead guitar duties, filling tremendously big shoes that have been worn by people such as Eddie Biebel in the past, and not missing a beat.

He has also just released a solo album All By My Lonesome which I have been listening to. The album is just him, an acoustic guitar, his songs, and a classy amount of room reverb. Seeing him live w/ Wayne, you would never guess at the strength and old-style rockabilly feel of his voice, or his songwriting skills; you would have thought he would’ve had to have put all his music eggs in the lead guitar basket since he preforms these duties better than most, if not all. But James Hunnicutt is a full boat musician.

And my guess is we will be hearing a lot from him in the future. One thing I like to see and hear from artists, especially upcoming artists, is that they are willing to put that dedication and sacrifice into the music to make it happen. There are many excellent musicians that are mired with their everyday situations that are never able to bust out into the national consciousness because they are unwilling to take those leaps of faith. But James is moving to Austin, and is trying to do whatever he can to get his name out there.

I caught up with James behind the Mesa Theater in Grand Junction, CO on 9-12-09 for a quick 15 minute interview.


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You should check out his MySpace site for more info and to sample his songs. There’s even a really cool cover of The Misfits “Hybrid Moments” on there for all you punkers.

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