Banjer Dan Needs a Hand . . . man.

Banjer DanThose of you who know me know that I have an affinity for the superpicker sidemen that make good country music great. One of these is Banjer Dan Mazer, who plays with JB Beverly & The Wayward Drifters primarily.

Well Banjer Dan needs our help.

It all started on Halloween. Apparently Banjer lost sight of the holiday and had no treats. So the neighborhood kids kidnapped him and tortured him by throwing tennis balls full of Screaming Me-Mes at his privates. Then they dressed him up in a bridal gown and pushed him down a ski slope and through a life-sized birthday cake with Mr. T hiding inside. After all this a disgruntled Banjer drank his body weight and was arrested for humping a flagpole and while in the drunk cooler, he got shanked by a crude prison instrument that punctured one of his breast implants which began leaking H1N1 into his bloodstream.

It’s true.

Actually that’s all crap, but what is not is that Banjer Dan needs a hand, man. Some ass stole Dan’s Deering banjer on Oct. 18 in our nations crime capitol, DC. It was a $7,000 instrument of real country revival, and now its gone.

I know your hard earned J Cash Dollars are getting tugged on all four corners these days, but if you have any desire to help Banjer Dan procure a new banjo, there’s a few ways you can do that:

1. JB Beverly has set up an eBay auction of a signed CD, with all proceeds going to the banjerless Banjer Dan.

2. You can go to the home page, and use the paypal donate button to donate electronically. I’ll collect all the money generated from the donate button this month and give it to Banjer Dan.

3. Send checks, monies, MO’s, IOU’s, LSD-laced lottery tickets, naked fan pictures (femme only please, sheesh) to:

BFDBF c/o Mike Kerr
79 Indian Church Road
Buffalo, NY 14210

Banjer Dan is one of the great unsung sideman in the REAL country movement, and he deserves our support. And talk about skins on the wall, who is he picking with here back in the day, is that Gordon Lightfoot or somebody?

Banjer Dan Bill Monroe

Here’s Banjer Dan and his banjer, and his Dan, rocking out, man:

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