Beefy Lineup Announced for Willie Nelson Makeup Show

Yeah remember a couple of weeks back when the 85-year-old Willie Nelson had the runs so bad he couldn’t perform in Charlotte, throwing his hat out into the crowd before sauntering off, and some fans felt the need to throw a hissey fit because they felt screwed out of a performance? Well we knew the whole time there would be a makeup date because that’s how these things work, and the promoters Blackbird Presents and LiveNation said as much as soon as the cancellation was announced. And sure enough, a few days later they announced a makeup day on June 20th.

Now they’ve announced additional performers for the makeup date, and all of a sudden what was supposed to be a simple makeup performance for Willie has turned into a pretty badass show all unto itself. Just announced as support performers for Willie Nelson’s Charlotte show are North Carolina’s own The Avett Brothers, country traditionalist and regular Willie Nelson tour buddy Jamey Johnson, and possibly most importantly, Sarah Shook and the Disarmers. Sarah Shook is also based in North Carolina.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but this should be the biggest audience the Shook Show will have played for up to this point. The PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte holds 19,500 asses, and the place will probably be filled due to this beefy lineup. There are still tickets available for the show starting at $35.00.

Also appreciate that original ticket holders for the event on May 26th still got treated to performances by Old Crow Medicine Show, Sturgill Simpson, and openers The Wild Feathers and Mitchell Lee before Willie bailed. In fairness, originally Brandi Carlile and Elvis Costello were also supposed to play the date, but canceled weeks before for personal reasons. Still, those original ticket holders will be able to redeem their stubs for what basically is an entirely new lineup for a show they’ve already paid for, and get their Willie Nelson rain check on top of it. If anyone is in a position to bitch at the moment, it’s people who chose another date on the Outlaw Fest circuit this year who won’t have the opportunity to double dip.

Yeah LiveNation can be a bunch of bastards, and perhaps Blackbird Presents could have communicated about this particular show better. But anyone complaining now they were shafted by Willie Nelson when he walked off that stage that night should now be thankful instead.

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