Beloved Texas Music Venue The Lumberyard Destroyed in Fire

via Roscoe, TX Volunteer Fire Department

Dubbed “The Luckenbach of West Texas” and likened to Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, The Lumberyard in the unlikely location of Roscoe, TX about 50 miles west of Abeline had gone from a good idea to a great venue beloved by many over the last decade. Country legends such as Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Charley Pride, and Crystal Gayle all played there, as did more modern legends like Lumberyard regular Dale Watson. And now it has been completely destroyed.

Fire ripped through the 100-year-old structure that used to house a legitimate lumberyard, and was converted into a music venue in October of 2010 by the City Manager of Roscoe, Cody Thompson. Since then it has gone on to not only be beloved by locals, but has become a destination spot for people in the area and beyond, and for many artists who like to work Roscoe and The Lumberyard into their touring plans, despite being such a small town of only 1,300.

The venue is given credit for revitalizing the small town after a bypass to Interstate 20 took most of the town’s traffic. The outdoor stage of The Lumberyard had a capacity of 2,500, and was named the “Merle Haggard Stage.” The south stage with the dance floor in front was called the “Ray Price Stage.” The Lumberyard hosted music most every weekend—outdoors when weather permitted, or inside when it didn’t.

According to the Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department, the building had become completely engulfed in flames by 1:20 a.m. early Friday morning (7-16). It has since been declared a total loss. No indication at the moment what started the blaze. Along with being a music venue, The Lumberyard also operated as a restaurant. Miraculously, one of the outdoor stages and the Texas flag as its backdrop survived the blaze. Otherwise, the building is completely gone.

No word at the moment what the future plans are for the business, or if they’ll rebuild.

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