Billy Joe Shaver & Willie Nelson Release Wacko From Waco

Now that the ink has dried on the acquittal of Billy Joe Shaver for shooting Billy Coker with a .22 pistol outside Papa Joe’s Saloon in Lorena, TX, (just outside of Waco) on March, 31st of 2007, he can now have a little fun with the story, and with a little help from old friend Willie Nelson.

Billy and Willie have just released a duet called, “Wacko From Waco” about the incident, and I have to say, it is pretty strong, and pretty funny.

I’m a wacko from Waco, ain’t no doubt about it, shot a man there in the head but can’t talk much about it.

He was trying to shoot me, but he took too long to aim. Anybody in my place, woulda done the same.

I don’t start fights I finish fights, that’s the way I’ll always be. I’m a wacko from Waco, you best not mess with me.

Willie Nelson and actor Robert Duvall acted as character witnesses for Billy at the trial, and Billy pays tribute to them in the song, along with high profile lawyer Dick DeGuerin who worked for Shaver pro bono, and his hometown of Corsicana. Willie once again comes to Billy’s aid by lending a few lines. Shaver has been dealing with an ailing shoulder that has limited his ability to perform.

The wacko from Waco is still on the run. A writer, a singer, a son of a gun.

Don’t cross him, don’t boss him, stay out of his way. Don’t give him no trouble ’cause you’ll just make his day.

The song can be purchased for $1.29 through paypal. Make sure to click “Return to Billy Joe Shaver Fan Club” after the purchase to access the download. It was recorded in Nashville and being released on Shaver’s “Shaverback Records.”

Of course this isn’t the first song about Billy’s infamous shooting. Dale Watson wrote “Where Do You Want It?” inspired by the rumor that this is what Shaver asked Billy Coker right before he shot him. The song was subsequently given to Whitey Morgan & The 78’s who released it on their self-titled debut with Bloodshot Records.

Thanks to AJ Davis for sniffing this story out!

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