Blackberry Smoke’s “Holding All The Roses” Hits #1

blackberry-smoke-holding-all-the-roses-coverYou had a sense going into Blackberry Smoke’s new album Holding All The Roses that this could be a big one for the Atlanta-based band, and now were seeing all of the hard work and the good will they’ve sewed with their fan base over the last 15 years or so paying off big. Holding All The Roses shipped 19,614 copies in its first week of sales, which is good enough for #1 on Billboard’s Country Albums Chart. It also showed up on the Billboard Rock chart at #7, and the all-encompassing Billboard 200 at #29.

The band’s previous album The Whippoorwill peaked at #8 upon debut.

“All of us are very proud and thrilled to be partners with Blackberry Smoke,” says John Virant, president of Rounder Records. “Their continued growth and success are a true testament to the deep connection they have with their fans.” Blackberry Smoke moved to the legendary Rounder roots label after Zac Brown’s Southern Ground dissolved.

blackberry-smoke“Blackberry Smoke continues to be one of the most hardworking, accessible, and engaging bands working today,” says Trey Wilson of Vector Management. “They know their fan base, and who supports them. They are establishing a body of work that will serve as validation for a long time to come, but having a number one album sure helps.”

Holding All The Roses finds Blackberry Smoke forging a definitively more rock sound than on previous efforts. Paired with Grammy Award-winning producer Brendan O’Brien, for the first time we find the band totally unfettered from superfluous obligations to labels and overbearing business lackeys, and in this space they’re simply allowed to be themselves.

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The band has also just released a new video by JuddFilms for one of the more country offerings from the albums called “Too High.”