Blood Harmonies of The Brother Brothers to Return in ‘Calla Lily’

photo: Shervin Lainez

From Peoria, IL and now based out of Brooklyn, The Brother Brothers are the closest thing you can find to Simon & Garfunkel in this century. Both Adam and David Moss were renown and accomplished musicians before they started singing together under this funny name, releasing a well-received EP in 2017, and a LP in 2018. Now they are back with their sophomore record called Calla Lily, ready to be released on Compass Records on April 16th.

The multi-instrumentalists have re-connected with that original magic of music that compels you to stop, take a deep breath, shove everything else to the side, and truly give yourself to a listening experience. Where most modern music is getting louder to command your attention in a distracting world—ripping through torrents of rhythmical stunts and layers of production to vie for your attention—The Brother Brothers work across the grain, stripping it all back, slowing it all down, exposing the bones and roots of sound and story, demanding you lean in to listen, and compelling you to clear your mind to focus lest you miss a single moment of the magic they conjure.

Produced and mixed by the Grammy-nominated Ryan Hadlock known for working with The Lumineers and Brandi Carlile, Calla Lily was recorded at Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville, Washington. Ahead of the album they have released the song “On The Road Again,” which no, is not a reinterpretation of Willie Nelson’s old traveling ode, but carries much of the same inspiration as lockdowns and lack of touring leave one pining for time time to travel.

There’s no denying that life in motion can leave a person lonesome or aimless, but so can sitting still,” says David Moss. “The same part of our beings that gets homesick aches for life on the road. This song’s an exploration of that duality — a celebration and a lamentation in one.

Both of the two previous releases from The Brothers Brothers received unprecedented perfect scores here at Saving Country Music, making Calla Lily a highly-anticipated release, even if it’s likely to live more in the folk world, though evoking the same magic of all the blood harmony lineage in country music, from The Louvin Brothers, to the Everly’s.

Calla Lily is now available for pre-order.

Calla Lily Track List
1. On The Road Again
2. Sorrow
3. The Calla Lily Song
4. The Road Runner Song
5. The Chase
6. A Poquito Doina
7. Waiting For A Star To Fall
8. Circles
9. Seein’ Double
10. My Holy Way

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