Bloodshot Records an Official Sponsor !

Bloodshot RecordsI am happy to announce that the home of insurgent country, and pound for pound the best independent record label for artists AND fans Bloodshot Records has signed on as an official sponsor of!

This is very exciting for me, that a label that I have been following for years and that has such great talent would be willing to put there name behind what I am doing.

For those of you that don’t know, Bloodshot is the label for names such as Wayne “The Train” Hancock, Scott H. Biram, and Justin Townes Earle to name a few. To see their full artist list CLICK HERE.

And while we’re on the subject, if anyone is interested in becoming a sponsor, don’t be shy. You can be a sponsor for as little as $10 a month. Outlaw Radio is looking for sponsors as well.

Both and Outlaw Radio take all proceeds earned through what we do and put it back into the project. If we were out to make a living at this, the joke would have been on us a long time ago. We just want to continue to be able to bring you the info and music, and improve on what we do all the time!

The best way to support or your favorite podcasts is simply to just listen and read. This is the most important thing to us. And leaving a comment, positive or negative, always helps as well. I have stopped trying to guilt trip people into leaving comments on At this point I have more readers over there than I do on the MySpace site, yet do not get nearly the same amount of comments. I think the more comments there were, the more people would not feel shy about commenting over there.

Having said that, there are a few ways you can support The easiest is to use the portal on the top right side of the website to do all your Amazon shopping for music or anything. It doesn’t cost you a penny more, but it kicks back 4% to 6% of the purchase to I also want to say THANK YOU to all who have been doing this! I can’t see who you are, or I would thank you all individually. At this point it is only generating a very small amount of fundage, but every little bit helps to pay for server space and to keep my webmaster a wash in PBR!

Another way you can help is by going to the store. Yeah, I know the prices are ridiculous, that is because gets a big nut for everything that sells, but this is a way to both help spread the word about the website, and throw a buck or two towards expenses. Sorry, but I don’t have the time, money, or inclination of produce my own T-shirts, so is how I am going to have to roll for now.

And last there are donate buttons on both the MySpace site and, so if there is some Daddy Warbucks out there that is willing and able to drop a bill on me, don’t be shy. And again, the more money I make from all of this, the more time I can spend on it and the better can be!

OK, so I have whored myself enough to last me for a month or two hopefully, thanks for indulging me. And a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my readers. Your beedy little eyes staring at these words I type keeps me going!

Unfortunately Nashville, I’m not planning to lay my poison pen down any time soon.