Bob Wayne & .357 to Extend Tour

Joe Huber .357 String BandOn the latest episode of the It Burns When I Pee podcast, Joe Huber of the .357 String Band let it be known that the high octane bluegrass band plans to continue touring and backing up Bob Wayne once the platoon gets back from a stint in Europe this month.

“Bob is one hilarious dude man. He’s probably one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met. He definitely keeps you entertained all the time, and one of the most noble people I could possibly meet. . . . Within two weeks into this first tour with Bob we already decided to extend it to the West Coast, so in May and June, we’re already planning another month of West Coast tours and shows with Bob.”

Huber also talked about other tour plans for the rest of the year.

“We’re trying to hit up some festivals this year, either within Wisconsin or throughout the area, just kinda like bigger shows where we can get out, instead of playing rock clubs you can try to hit a festival, you know, get more people seeing you within one day, playing a show to more people than you would in a rock club.”

You can get the whole interview with Joe Huber, as well as an earful of IBWIP’s, um, “adult” humor as well as quite the anatomy lesson on It Burns When I Pee Episode 38.