Bob Wayne Signs w/ Century & New Album

Bob WayneProbably the best pure songwriter in underground country, one Bob Wayne, has announced that he has signed with the record label Century Media, and will be releasing an album through them called From The Camper to The Cadillac.

“I just turned in the album and it sounds killer. All my other CD’s–‘Blood To Dust’ was kinda a fluke, we just did it for fun, I didn’t really know what I was doing. At that point I was just techin’ for Hank III and those guys helped me out. And ’13 Truckin’ Songs,’ we just kinda threw that one together too. ‘Driven By Demons’ we kinda took our time on but most of that we recorded in the motorhome behind clubs. The songs were there, but this record we actually had money and time.

“I did it with Andy (Gibson) but we actually took our time, and actually revisited some of the old songs that were kinda half-assed recorded. So we re-visited some of the old greats, and there’s some new ones on there too. And the old ones are WAY better sounding, so it’s gonna be awesome, but its not coming out till February, because they need time to press.”

“I would’ve never went with them (Century) if I didn’t already have some family roots with them. I have some close friends and stuff that work there, and that’s how it all kind of happened.

Bob Wayne made his announcement on Outlaw Radio’s 100th Episode, where you can hear the rest of Bob’s interview, as well as words from many other artists who called in to congratulate Jashie P on #100.

Previously it had been announced that Joe Buck singed with Century, but it sounds like that might be up in the air. We still might see his Demon in My Head CD, but it may not be released by Century.

Another good nugget from Outlaw Radio Episode 100 was that Jayke Orvis, Rachel Brooke, and James Hunnicutt are planning a tour together. Stay tuned.

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