Brent Cobb Reveals New Song & Album ‘Keep ‘Em On They Toes’

photo: Kyle Coroneos

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Just about nothing will be able to salvage the train wreck that is 2020, but a new record from Brent Cobb will surely make it a bit more bearable. The Georgia-bred singer and songwriter announced late Tuesday night (7-14) that he has a new album called Keep ‘Em On They Toes on the way October 2nd, and has released the title track co-written with Layne Cobb to froth us with anticipation. The record will also include the timely song “The World Is Ending” that Cobb co-wrote with Zac Lyle released back in late March.

“’Keep ‘Em on They Toes’ is a mantra that I live by,” says Brent Cobb. “One that I hope anyone could live by. If it’s good for your own heart, and you got a good heart, do it. Do it whether folks see it coming or not.”

The ten song record also includes another song some have heard before in “Shut Up and Sing.” Expect it all to be infused with that that honey-dripped, back porch easy feeling with a strong injection of funky country indicative of Jerry Reed that makes Brent Cobb hit the spot like a tall glass of iced tea. The new album is produced by Brad Cook.

“To me, listening to this album feels like I’m sitting there with somebody, having a conversation,” Cobb says. “I would hope that it feels like sitting with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. There’s nothing like being alone and listening to an album that is quiet and conversational—like those old records by Jerry Lee Lewis, Roger Miller, or Willie Nelson. I hope my music is that way to somebody now.”

Also interesting to note about the new album is that Brent Cobb is no longer on Elektra Records or his cousin Dave Cobb’s imprint Low Country Sound like he was for his first two big records, the Grammy-nominated Shine On Rainy Day from 2016, and 2018’s Providence Canyon. Instead Brent is now working with Thirty Tigers, and his own label called Ol’ Buddy Records.

Cobb first formed Ol’ Buddy records to reissue his first album No Place Left To Leave from 2006, which he did earlier this year. Cobb says the new label in part is to help strike a better balance between his music, touring, and spending time with his family. He’s used the phrase “ol’ buddy” for years as an affectionate nickname for good friends and kind-hearted strangers alike. “It’s how I describe the folks that warm your heart when you talk to them, which is what I try to do with my music.”

Keep ‘Em On They Toes is now available for pre-order.


1. Keep ‘Em on They Toes
2. Shut Up and Sing
3. Good Times and Good Lovin’
4. Sometimes I’m a Clown
5. This Side of the River
6. Dust Under My Rug
7. Soapbox
8. When You Go
9. The World Is Ending
10. Little Stuff

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