Charles Wesley Godwin Gets Big Boost Opening for Zach Bryan

Ever since being honorably discharged from the United States Navy and hitting the road full-time earlier this year, Zach Bryan has been setting the world on fire with a similar ferocity that followed the release of his homespun debut album DeAnn in 2019. Defying all odds, Bryan is selling out nearly every show he plays, and as attendees will attest, crowds are incredibly engaged, younger than expected, and singing along to every single word of every single song.

Zach Bryan continues to be a musical phenomenon of the likes we just haven’t seen in independent country. It’s like the popularity of Tyler Childers mixed with the rabidness of K-pop fans.

There’s also been a secondary recipient to all of this attention. Charles Wesley Godwin was the opening act for many of the recent Zach Bryan shows, and has not only found a kinship with Zach Bryan himself, he’s found a deep reception with Zach Bryan’s loyal fans. There’s opening slots, and then then there’s an opening slot on Zach Bryan’s tour where fans show up two hours early, and listen to every single song from the opener.

Godwin addressed the rabid fandom surrounding Zach Bryan recently on the Whiskey Riff podcast, saying, “My dad has told me throughout my life about what it was like when The Beatles came to America. And, just the die hard fandom that they had. I’m here to say, and I’ll die on this mountain, I think Zach Bryan… like the energy that his fans have for him… it’s gotta be like some modern day version of thatWhen he steps out, and him and his guys go on stage and they’re about to start their show, you feel like you need hearing protection. Like, it is electric. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

And Zach Bryan has been reciprocating the love back to Charles Wesley Godwin regularly during the tour. “I feel like we’re all witnessing something really beautiful in music that I will tell my grandkids about,” Bryan said on Twitter recently, prefacing a video of Godwin and his band performing. “Thank you Charles Wesley Godwin for letting us sit in on the best show in music.”

With the way things have been going for Godwin while opening for Zach Bryan—and the positive reception Godwin’s receiving for his recent album How The Mighty Fall that’s up for Saving Country Music’s Album of the Year—Godwin could be selling out his own big shows in front of his own energetic crowds sooner than later. In fact, an upcoming show at Silverados in Black Mountain, NC on December 17th is sold out, which should be a warning to fans to see Godwin in smaller venues while they still can.

Just how Parker McCollum inadvertently lit the spark behind the Zach Bryan phenomenon when Parker shared one of Zach’s early videos, Zach is now helping to pass the torch to Charles Wesley Godwin. And so goes independent country music, where radio and awards won’t be lending these artists a hand anytime soon, but they’re more than happy to lend a hand to each other.

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Zach Bryan is set to play Webster Hall in New York on December 20th, and Royale in Boston on December 21st.

Charles Wesley Godwin has upcoming shows at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte, NC December 16th, Silverados in Black Mountain, NC on December 17th (sold out), and the Bell Theater in Pineville, KY on December 18th.

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